As long as these crooks do not want to deceive you from the money – Sohu news

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As long as these points from where you don’t want to cheat cheat money – Sohu [] the third national special news network safety publicity week remember: be sure not to disclose personal information and communication numbers; don’t covet cheap, there is no free lunch; it relates to the funds, to verify, and then trading; all 1, about as long as a bank card, will hang up 2, so long as it comes to winning all 3, as long as it comes off the phone calls, hang up the security are 4, all the messages, let me click on the link, will be deleted, WeChat sent 5 people who do not know the link will be 6 and the mention of "security accounts" are all 1, who claimed to defraud public security requirements The 2, who called you the remittance remittance to the "security accounts" of the 3, who, you should receive notification of winning the first pay 4, who informed the "family" the accident should first remittance 5, who on the phone for bank card information and verification code 6, which allows you to open online banking inspection of the 7, those claiming leadership required remittances 8. All the strange website to register for telecommunications fraud means of bank card information相关的主题文章:

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