At about one hundred thousand discount, these cars do not buy up sister God also take a look at the www.8008205555

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At about one hundred thousand discount, the car did not buy God sister Liao also look at the Sohu with the continuous auto subdivision of automobile market, automobile industry competition is becoming more and more serious. To this end, a variety of entry-level car prices have been lowered around the 4S terminal market is the introduction of a variety of concessions to attract consumers to seize the market. In this environment, more than ten million can proceed with a good intermediate car or SUV · · · · · · even, even the sports car market price also dropped a lot, the discount is tens of hundreds of thousands. Today Xiaobian bring you several nice fashion sports car, drove them both out of business occasions or her sister are more than sufficient, or want to start to see the buddies don’t miss. Audi NO.1 TT official guidance price: 54 28-61.78 million market: the highest preferential 150 thousand as the Audi brand in China a big star, here mainly to recommend Audi TT hardtop version. About the TT, you have to mention its design, the world’s top industrial design award — the red dot award winner is not the general goods; vehicle dynamic and beautiful, clear lines of language, "the lamp factory" reputation is not Langdexuming, a new matrix LED headlamps, and can be adaptive in the camera software with the help of light the way at the same time, improve the driving safety at night, full sense of science and technology. Power, the 2.0T engine can burst out 230 horsepower, less than 6 seconds one hundred kilometers acceleration time also proves that it is a hundred-percent cannon. However, Audi TT selling more show in the car, the console canceled some complex operation buttons, but the electronic instrument panel and driving computer using a new function be made one LCD instrument, is mainly arranged in the button on the steering wheel, high playability. There are S models dedicated sports seats all standard, sitting in the car, will be surrounded by a movement of the atmosphere, at the same time to experience technology brings Supreme enjoyment. Technology and the combination of the car, coupled with the current maximum 150 thousand discount, Audi TT is full of sincerity. NO.2 Chevrolet Ke Mailuo official guide price: 45.58-49.98 million market: the maximum discount of 150 thousand if Audi TT is selling technology, so the biggest selling point is the feeling of the hornet. Shape, is always the first factor touched potential customers. As for the interior, it can not be denied that a little Low, see the visual field of plastic, rough details of all kinds of work, the continuation of the United States Department of muscle car style. But as an American muscle car, the interior is not not to stick at trifles, so difficult to accept, in addition to the hornet’s feelings, in the street, Ke Mailuo is so cool, eye-catching, high return rate is definitely able to imagine. Power, Ke Mailuo equipped with 3.6L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum 328ps 377N.m, while in low adhesion road started as long as you step on the accelerator can show coquettish!相关的主题文章:

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