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Automobile exhaust inspection has artifact? Experts say the new network will increase fuel consumption in         experts say will increase fuel consumption, engine damage environmental protection department said the move to       resort to deceit;   the Guangzhou Daily reporter Zhang Lu, Du Juan         recently, called a "fire Lotus", known as the is the "annual artifact of the automobile exhaust filtration products in a large number of online sales, and that no matter how the automobile exhaust conditions, as long as the installation of this product, I can through the exhaust gas detection. Recently, an environmental organization for the production of this artifact and the company’s sales of electricity supplier website filed a civil environmental public interest litigation.         yesterday, reporters in the online search found that this product is currently mostly off the shelf, there is still a fish escaped through the seine. Have the shelf products in shops, stores claim if customers are still in need or can be shipped. Experts said that this product will increase fuel consumption, and cause damage to the engine, "I’m afraid artifact change weapon". The environmental protection department said that the provisional measures, through the exhaust gas detection resort to deceit, is a violation of the air pollution prevention and control law.         in October 26th this year, Shenzhen US Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. is an environmental organization to initiate civil environmental public interest litigation, claims billion yuan. The organization believes in the complaint, Shenzhen United States environmental protection company in resorting to help exhaust substandard vehicles to avoid the annual automobile exhaust detection, which exceed the standard of vehicle exhaust to muddle through to the road, the serious illegal behavior.         recently, reporters call the Shenzhen US Environmental Protection Co., the official telephone, a staff member told reporters: "not to say what products you must pass (detection). Exceed the standard and condition is mainly to see the exhaust. In the condition of good cases, you can use some inspection products, that will be good through." He further said that buyers need to detect a single over, we look at how governance, if you do not have a single test, we can not manage."         in fact, the prosecution not only Shenzhen US Environmental Protection Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Taobao network company, the person in charge of the environmental protection organization explains, "Taobao as the third party trading platform, supervision work is not done".         "fire Lotus": most of the shop shelves have but there is still       a fish escaped through the seine;   the so-called "fire Lotus" looks like a wire brush the ball pan, "said the goods, it is three yuan catalytic protection, suitable for all three element evolution vehicle, it is through the so-called professional technology to make fuel not completely burning.相关的主题文章:

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