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Autumn snakes frequent   workers dug up 32 pounds in Python – Fujian Channel – original title: Autumn snakes frequent workers hole dug up 32 pounds constrictor excavator push, a snake hanging on the machine; moving furniture, a snake came out…… These days, one after another the forestry staff received a report to the police about snakes. Forestry staff to remind, although already autumn, but the snakes still dispatched frequently, because they are doing to prepare for hibernation foraging. At 3 yesterday afternoon, on the road around the island a residential building on the ground, 3 excavators are working. Suddenly, the foreman Mr. Wang saw the excavator shovel hangs a flower shaped tail. Mr. Wang was shocked, hurriedly stop. The excavator stopped, Mr. Wang recognized it as a python. Worry about boa injured, he put on the flower cylinder in python. Forestry personnel to check and found that the snake is 32 pounds, the tail slightly injured, after the rescue, have been released yesterday. At 1 pm yesterday, forestry personnel received two alarm. One of them is in Wuyuan Bay near the second-hand flea market, workers in moving furniture, a couple of pounds of water ran out. Nearby, also some people report that saw a snake in the fight and two cats. The snake lost cat claws, went away. Many people believe that the recent cold weather, snakes are about to hibernate, they should go out is less. In fact, the fall is the season of snakes frequent activities. Forestry personnel, the recent frequent cold air to Xiamen, ready to enter the dormancy of snakes. Now the temperature is not too cold, snakes will often go out foraging, preparing to hibernate. If people see snakes do not panic, the alarm can be as soon as possible. (reporter Peng Yijun) (Wu Zhou, commissioning editor: Zhang?) 秋季蛇类活动频繁 工人洞中挖出32斤大蟒蛇–福建频道–人民网 原标题:秋季蛇类活动频繁 工人洞中挖出32斤大蟒蛇   挖掘机一推,一条蟒蛇挂在机子上;搬动家具时,一条水蛇跑了出来……这几天,林业人员接二连三接到有关蛇的报警求助。林业人员提醒,虽然已入秋,但蛇类出动仍然频繁,因为它们正在为冬眠做觅食准备。   前天下午3点,在环岛路一处居民楼空地上,3台挖掘机正在作业。突然,工头王先生看到铲起的挖掘机上挂着一条花皮状的尾巴。王先生吓了一跳,连忙喊停。挖掘机停下后,王先生认出这是一条蟒蛇。担心蟒蛇受伤,他把蟒蛇放在花缸里。林业人员查看后发现,这条蟒蛇有32斤,尾巴受了轻伤,经过救助,昨日已经放生。   在昨日下午1点,林业人员又接到两起报警求助。其中一个是在五缘湾附近的二手旧货市场,工人在搬动家具时,一条两三斤重的水蛇跑了出来。而在附近,也有市民报警称,看到一条蛇在和两只猫打架。小蛇不敌猫咪利爪,灰溜溜跑走了。   不少市民认为,近来天气转冷,蛇类即将冬眠,它们应该较少外出活动才是。实际上,秋季也是蛇类活动频繁的季节。林业人员介绍,最近冷空气频频来厦,蛇类已经准备进入冬眠前期。趁着现在气温还不算太冷,蛇类会经常外出觅食,做好冬眠准备。市民如果看到蛇不要惊慌,尽快报警即可。(记者 彭怡郡) (责编:张?、吴舟)相关的主题文章:

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