Ayumi Hamasaki and the second year old husband of the end of the 3 year old man married little man ( vstart

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Ayumi Hamasaki and his second foreign husband after 3 years of marriage at the age of 10 young man [Abstract]9 month 11 days, Ayumi Hamasaki fans through the official toll network, said the decision had been married for 3 years with the other half of the go the road, although the text did not mention "divorce" two words, but that the other side has its own way to go, I have to step and walk alone, admit the marriage was over. Ayumi Hamasaki took her husband to Hongkong divorce Ayumi Hamasaki announced that the Japanese media exposure Ayumi Hamasaki and American husband separated because of the shape under dispute Tencent entertainment news September 11th news, according to Hongkong media reports, Japan second days after Ayumi Hamasaki with her husband Tyson many times in recent years as foreigners came divorce news, today through the official toll of Ayu fan has announced the first bad news. Decided to marry 3 years half go their separate ways, although the text did not mention "divorce" two words, but that the other side has its own way to go, but Ayu have to walk alone, that marriage is doomed. Ayumi Hamasaki is currently working for the concert tour began rehearsals, but also busy for the new song recording, she has been in the social network. Before the unhappy, and when performing suspected feelings tears, today finally confirmed that she and her second husband Tyson still escape the fate of divorce, many fans were worried about her, encouraged in the online message, that will always support her. In January 2011, Ayumi Hamasaki and Austria model Manuel · Schwarz (Manuel Schwarz); married, the man was in her MV and she played a couple, two people are married in the United States registered in Las Vegas. But a year later in January 16, 2012, Ayumi Hamasaki announced a divorce in a personal blog. Ayumi Hamasaki’s current husband is 10 years younger than her, is an American doctor, this marriage did not escape the fate of breaking up.相关的主题文章:

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