B intelligence Aoeben season home court lost 7 ball and nearly 4 rounds have lost the ball-4000dy

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B: intelligence Aoeben season home court lost 7 ball and nearly 4 rounds had lost the ball on Sunday 021             B; VS Berlin   United AOE   2016-10-23 19:30;           the status of home court combat team Aue on Saturday morning the Second Division League away 2 to 1 over the end of the league team Pauli, three rounds extremely. AOE team in the opening three minutes against the use of penalty opportunity to break the deadlock and launch the attack and competitor at the end of the first half equaliser in the second half of the battle with rivals well-matched in strength and at the end of the game before failure will lead the score by the opponent’s defense, the final away 2 1 win game AOE coach Dochev said the team in the game behind and stabilize the situation in the equaliser in the second half and make unremitting efforts to eventually win the game. The home court Sunday ushered in Berlin joint team, AOE coach Dochev said the strength is very strong opponent is the second division of the top teams and four victories in the last five rounds of the league, the team will face a tough challenge AOE, team will take an important victory in the last round of league team to continue excellent condition and in the home court to grab points. From the injury situation, substitute goalkeeper Mennell, attacking midfielder Rahm is better rehabilitation, replacement, backup center attacking midfielder J Ruf Te injured Wegener, rightback Rizzuto back injury. The status of the road of Berlin united team on Sunday in the Second Division League home court 2 1 Lectra Jiangban Bundesliga 96 team Hannover, achieved three consecutive victories in the league in home court. The Berlin united team after the opening and the opponent immediately launched attacks in the first half but did not get too many chances in the second half to withstand the opponent’s strong attack to seize the opportunity and even into the two ball, eventually in stoppage time at the end when the opponents scored 2 to 1 victory after the home court, after Berlin United coach J. Keller said the team in a fast-paced and high level against second division is very intense competition from the opening of a good performance in the game and successfully implemented their own tactics. This Sunday’s Challenge Team Berlin United coach Aue, J. Keller said opponents are in good shape and is still in development, the game will be a tough game, Berlin team will be adjusted according to the opponent’s performance and find out his way. From the injury situation, the bench, bench left back Parensen attacking midfielder B. Kohler injured rightback Kaiser, striker Brandi is back in training, the main defender Shaun Haim, midfielder M. Steele is the main attack condition adjustment, other players can play. The field lottery SMG out Shengping Fu played a fixed bonus 2.60 3.25 2.30, the transferee 1 ball Shengping Fu fixed bonus is 1.45 4.20 4.95, slightly optimistic about the road.相关的主题文章:

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