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"Ba culture" seminar held cultural and history experts gathered in Sichuan Dazhou – Beijing in the new network, November 6, (Liu Ting Zhou Xia) 5, to promote the development of enterprises, by the city of Beijing will jointly organized by the cultural industry in Sichuan Province Chamber of Commerce "China Dazhou? Ba Culture Seminar" held in Sichuan city of Dazhou. Experts and scholars from Sichuan, Beijing, Chongqing, Hubei and other places were gathered in-depth discussion when the development foreground, chin culture of Ba culture and historical significance and contemporary value of protection and development and utilization etc. It is reported that the formation of Palestinian cultural in Shang and Zhou dynasties. The ancient Ba people fighting bravely, so called "magic", and who, in the barren Daba Mountain, Qinling Mountains, in the unremitting self-improvement extremely living conditions, difficulties and hardships, from generation to generation. Dazhou as the birthplace of Pakistani culture, deep inside, a large number of intangible cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage, Pakistan’s cultural resources are broad, Pakistan’s cultural and creative industries show a gathering trend. Ba culture is one of the components of Chinese culture. It is the culture that we study and develop." The seminar, Chinese academician of the Academy of Social Sciences Zhang Haipeng affirmed the Ba culture value, but he believes that the maturity of the Chengdu plain and the ancient Shu culture pedigree study compared, due to lack of archaeological materials, is far from enough research on BA culture. In the opinion of Tan Jihe, former deputy director of Sichuan Provincial Committee of the CPPCC history, only the excavated part, let the experts on the Ba culture as the acme of perfection. Xuanhan archaeological Luojiaba relics, Quxian County city dam sites found that they lived in the scene. According to reports, is located in Xuanhan County, the site of Luojiaba No. 33 large tombs, unearthed bronze reached more than and 180, may belong to the level of the king Hou tombs, unearthed in Fuling xiaotianxi similar Pakistan’s tomb, Chengdu sheep mountain 172 Shu Hou tomb, ma king tomb Xindu Jiashu princely level noble burial tomb a similar combination of bronze. Tan Jihe believes that this fully shows that the Warring States period in this area has shown that the Ba culture is dominant, and the genetic relationship of Shu culture to culture, and at the same time, adjacent to the East and North Chu Qin influence each other, but also reflects the open and inclusive of BA culture. Ba culture should be how to protect the development and utilization of Peng Bangben, Professor of history and culture, Sichuan University, first of all should change their ideas, to have a comprehensive understanding of cultural resources, in particular to a profound understanding of it for a development of the economic and social value, and from the resources effectively transformed into capital. To extract the profound and unique cultural symbol system from local resources, to urban and rural environment, seeking to achieve world expression of Ba culture, build the city and regional brand, so as to enhance the integrated construction of Pakistan City distinctive cultural image and visibility, enhance the comprehensive strength of the city, especially the soft strength, core competitiveness, sustainable to promote the development and prosperity of economy and society. How will the most dynamic part of the Ba culture transform into the daily life of the material form, enhance the people’s happiness index and quality of life, the people of ancient wind into modern people’s daily life, the academic experts and industry representatives, both challenges and opportunities. )相关的主题文章:

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