Bank credit card super red Friday to increase the oil door with Hui strikes 3u8813

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Bank credit card "super red Friday" to increase the "oil" articles Hui strikes in October 21, 2016, bank credit card super Friday once again return to the red. In 2016, oil prices continue to rise, the new season of "super red" will join nearly 2000 gas station, for the cardholder to send 50% card bonus, the highest return of more credit card payments of up to 500 yuan, increase the "oil" for the cardholder sent preferential benefits! "Super red" plus the amount of the fare? Preferential strength since 2012, bank credit card has become the most red Friday super credit card marketing "a gilded signboard", the high popularity, the transaction amount is rising. Last year, super red refueling over 3 million 500 thousand registered users, the activities of the day the amount of consumption of nearly 400 million, an increase of 20% over the previous year. According to the scene of the gas station staff described in the same day in the form of credit card spending, almost all of the use of bank credit card, the amount of consumption is to achieve the usual 4.5 times the same period. While continuing to increase, the Bank of Communications credit card super red Friday’s efforts are also constantly upgrading. This time, super red will join more than 180 cities in the country nearly 2000 in the oil, Sinopec gas station return card payment, the amount will be the first time exceeded the limit of $200. Bank credit card center according to cardholders in the "super red" activities during the period of consumption gradually accumulated ranking "overweight" from the amount of return, the return of 100 yuan, 200 yuan to the highest 500 yuan gold card.   first "Kaiyou" and "Overlay" online and offline credit card in addition to the traditional carnival "super red card" 50% gold return, in 2016 a new season of "super red gas" will introduce new ways to "overlay". First, from September 1st to October 15th for the first time to apply for a new credit card bank of communications, just registered activities can be obtained on the same day in October 21st to return to the qualifications. Secondly, in the third quarter of 2016 to pay the union enjoyment index ranked the top 200 thousand customers will add an additional $100 credit card. In addition, with the deepening of mobile payment, this super red refueling will be derived from the scope of the activities of the online consumption. Bank of Communications Credit Card Center and more than and 10 mainstream car class electricity supplier cooperation, in the super red day for the participants to provide a designated commodity credit card spending preferences of 50%, together to create online and offline owners carnival. From a single credit card marketing activities, and now super red has gradually expanded to a full range of marketing platform. The future, this "super red brand linkage model set up the stage, singing" will further expand the scope of radiation, with the help of bank credit cards and the "super red" brand appeal, and the integration of community resources to enhance the influence of the acquisition can also further broaden the scope, thus forming a virtuous cycle, to achieve the "super brand effect red" marketing platform.相关的主题文章:

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