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The Bank of Tokyo is about to launch its own digital currency MUFG Coin from WeChat, the original title for the public to share financial "the Bank of Tokyo will soon launch its own digital currency MUFG Coin" if the assets of MITSUBISHI UFJ Bank of Tokyo was once the world’s largest bank. Given that the Bank of Tokyo is part of the MITSUBISHI UFJ financial group, their new digital currency name will be MUFG Coin. The development of this concept, as well as the related prototypes, began in 2015, and will soon launch a work demonstration. The runaway Prince Gong bitcoin protocol and its underlying block chain technology, unexpectedly become a surprise gift of traditional financial industry. Digital money may change the global financial services, whether it is the existing infrastructure provided by banks or the government. The bank decided to go deep into the technology and eventually issue its own digital currency, perhaps just a matter of time. Bank of Tokyo MITSUBISHI UFJ is preparing to issue its own digital currency. The benefits of digital money and block chains, which have long been active in bitcoin and digital currency communities, have always been aware of the advantages of this new financial technology. Not only is digital money solutions able to reduce costs for existing financial participants, but it also helps to build a financial system that can speed up the pace of transactions. For traditional finance, one big disadvantage is that it takes a long time to transfer money between people. Transfer between banks, which is the most common way to transfer funds, may need one to five working days, which is completely unacceptable in this era. At the same time, high fees are needed throughout the process, especially when international remittances are made. Banks have been trying to find a solution, trying to find a convenient way to solve these two problems. And eventually they turned their attention to the digital currency. From the beginning, this technology can miraculously help reduce costs, provide instant trading, and can work globally. Despite the prospect of optimism, traditional financial actors have been fighting against digital currencies for years. Of course, in the early stage of bitcoin, there is still much doubt about whether the technology can really develop. As time goes on, they begin to pay attention to the technology, and the financial institutions do not want to be left behind. As time goes on, the MITSUBISHI UFJ bank in Tokyo is seeking to issue their own digital currency, and the main reason is the opportunity to greatly reduce costs, thereby changing the way financial transactions are managed together. The distributed Book technology will make the whole process smoother in the long run, and the bank will eventually benefit from it. Complete MUFG Coin prototype, in view of the Tokyo bank is part of the MITSUBISHI UFJ financial group, their new digital currency name will be MUFG Coin. The development of this concept, as well as the relevant prototypes, began in 2015, and in the near future

东京银行即将推出自己的数字货币MUFG Coin   本文来源于微信公众号 共享金融   原标题为《东京银行很快就会推出自己的数字货币MUFG Coin》   如果以资产计,三菱东京UFJ银行曾经是全球最大的银行。鉴于东京银行是三菱UFJ金融集团的一部分,他们新的数字货币名称将会是MUFG Coin。这一概念的开发,以及相关原型从2015年就开始了,并且在不久之后将会推出工作演示。   翻译:暴走恭亲王   比特币的协议和其底层区块链技术,没想到成为传统金融行业的意外礼物。数字货币也许将会改变全球金融服务,无论是对于银行或者政府提供的现有基础建设。银行决定深入研究该项技术,并且最终发行自己的数字货币,也许只是时间问题。东京银行――三菱UFJ正在准备发行他们自己的数字货币。    表明数字货币和区块链的好处   那些长期活跃在比特币和数字货币社区的人们,一直以来都知道这个全新的金融技术所带来的种种优势。不仅仅是数字货币解决方案能够为现有金融参与者来降低成本,它也会帮助建立一个金融系统,能够让交易完成速度极大的加快。   对于传统金融而言,有一个很大的劣势就是在人们之间传递资金需要很长的时间。银行之间的转账,这是资金转移最常用的方式,可能需要一到五个工作日,这是这个时代完全无法接受的。与此同时,在整个过程中还会需要高昂的手续费,特别是在进行国际汇款的时候。   银行一直努力在找解决办法,试图找出一个便捷的方式来解决这两个问题。于是,最终他们将目光投向了数字货币。从一开始,该技术就能够奇迹般的帮助降低成本,提供即时交易,并且可以在全球范围内进行工作。   尽管前景乐观,但是传统金融参与者一直在这些年里反对数字货币。当然,在比特币的初期,对于该项技术是否能够真的发展下去还是有很多疑问的。随着时间的推移,他们开始对该技术的关注开始持续升温,金融机构不希望被落下。   当时间进入到今天,东京三菱UFJ银行正在寻求发行他们自己的数字货币,而且其中最主要的原因就是有机会极大的降低成本,从而改变金融交易共同管理的方式。分布式账本技术从长远来看,会使整个流程变得更加顺畅,而银行最终将会在其中受益。    完成MUFG Coin原型   鉴于东京银行是三菱UFJ金融集团的一部分,他们新的数字货币名称将会是MUFG Coin。这一概念的开发,以及相关原型从2015年就开始了,并且在不久之后将会推出工作演示。   通过创建MUFG Coin,东京银行已经在研究和开发相关数字货币上投入了大量的资金。但是,现有金融参与者来需要在一个恰当的时机来拥抱这个全新的创新技术。最终,这个投资将会获得回报,就是通过部署分布式账本技术来降低成本。   关于MUFG,目前还没有更多细节在此时宣布,还不清楚该种数字货币是否有总量的上限。但是根据目前披露的信息,应该不是类似于仅仅于某种代表日元的数字货币,应该是完全不同的东西。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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