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Bank remittance mandatory anti fraud tips? Some customers questioned the privacy leak – Li Lisheng (chemical) to bank transfer, was informed of the need to fill in the anti fraud report, including the payee’s name, account and other information. For fear of disclosure of personal information, to fill in, but was told the bank’s notice and request made by the public security organs, "do not fill in the form can not transfer". "Don’t fill not to transfer the Li Lisheng children studying abroad, recently, he went to a bank in Beijing for their money with cash. Lobby manager came up with an anti fraud report, the above must fill in the payee’s name and account number. Do not fill out the remittance." Li Lisheng said that due to fear of information leakage, he refused to fill. The bank said it was issued by the public security organs and requirements. I have to call the police if I insist on not filling in the remittance." Li Lisheng said that the bank really called the police officers, the other told himself, fill in the specific information is to facilitate the case. The two sides deadlocked for nearly an hour later, the bank finally compromise, in the absence of a single case for its handling of remittances. Li Lisheng believes that the original intention of the letter to prevent fraud, is to remind the object not to be fooled, in itself is a good thing. "But don’t fill not to transfer with obvious mandatory, rather against his will. In addition, many such an intermediate link, payee account and other personal information, there may be leaked. The experience of many banks are required to fill in yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to a number of banks found that visit, the Agricultural Bank, industrial and commercial bank, industrial bank, Huaxia Bank, Bank of Beijing, the implementation of cash remittance transfers need to fill out the fraud case of this book. In a bank of Beijing branch, the staff that the reporter to carry out the counter cash remittance, first asked, do you know each other?" Then came up with a Beijing City Public Security Bureau to guard against telecommunications fraud security tips, to reporters look carefully again, and then fill in the required. "Does this have to be filled?" In the face of doubt, the staff replied, this is the rule, you can not fill the remittance, but also in order to prevent customer fraud." In the vicinity of the ICBC, the lobby manager also come up with a single note, and told, this is the money order, and now are like this, do not need to fill in the other list after filling out." Huaxia bank staff said, whether it is remittance or transfer, as long as it is at the counter, to the other people outside of my money, you need to fill in. "Basically, all banks in Beijing have been implemented, the bank itself has the responsibility to remind customers to prevent telecommunications fraud, and this is the banking system requirements." The staff member said that his work for three years, this list from his entry from the. Will some people worry about the disclosure of personal information and refused? She replied that if the other party to implement fraud, it is also convenient to find each other’s information, of course, there will be people who do not want to fill, do not want to have to fill in, at least have to sign a word, as a proof". In response to telecommunications fraud yesterday afternoon, the reporter finally came to Dongcheng District, a Chinese agricultural Yan相关的主题文章:

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