Baoqiang Wang divorce Song Zhe was picking hackers tell you what personal information needs to be pr

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Baoqiang Wang divorce Song Zhe was picking hackers tell you what personal information is needed to protect the Olympic Games as a dare to grab headlines man, Song Zhe suffered dogged. This is not only a national ‘entertainment carnival, science and technology circle God into chaos for a moment: if not the hacker technology enthusiasts to participate, paparazzi seems unable to within a few days of Bachu Song Zhe’s life, hobbies, address, open room records, used to describe the injured all over the body is not too much. Summary of the user’s personal information Song Zhe (to protect the privacy of citizens, sensitive information has been coded) in fact, hackers are serious to catch up, can get a lot of surprising strange information off the jaw. Lei Feng decided to consult the top hackers, temporarily put aside the legal and moral factors, exactly how a person? Or from the opposite, if you accidentally fell in love with the star of the daughter-in-law and become public enemy, how to avoid being human misery? Song Zhe, I interviewed the Lei Feng network has a proud entertainment temperament and professional hacker spirit of security researchers – 360 network attack and defense laboratory boss Lin wei. The following is the dry cargo. A, iPhone – carry a time bomb to speak up, take out your iPhone. (if any): open Settings – Privacy – location service system – Service – frequent locations to see, let me guess, you go to the local number most is your home, and ranked second, is your company. If you don’t think it’s enough, go in and get a map. It is so scary. Apple mobile phone will default to open the frequented locations feature, a complete record of your life if the hacker got your iCloud account, login with any iPhone, you can get the common location information. So if you become a public enemy, not surprised for what the second day it was in your downstairs to block your way. Of course, things can not be so complicated, see "find my iPhone"? However, all the information is built on the basis of your iCloud. The iCloud’s security, depends largely on the strength of your password and security mailbox password strength. If you close the mailbox is NetEase, ha ha. Song Zhe’s mailbox to retrieve the password for security mailbox using a weak password the same, which leads to the hacker can easily modify his mailbox password this isn’t funny, Song Zhe is the commonly used e-mail NetEase, one of the key points is that he is a breakthrough. Ma Rong customers from the spread of the Internet, the source of these pictures is likely to be Ma Rong or the Song Zhe iPhone mobile phone. It is said there may have been hacked two people at least a mobile phone. Lock the real world two, weak passwords – paper paste in case, within a few days all mail,, Jingdong Song Zhe account seems to have been compromised. How do hackers do it? According to the burst of information, Lin Wei for us to sort out a simple way he was social worker steps: 1, cell phone number, ID card information is leaked through the social worker library. The ID card contains the address, but later proved that the home has been sold 2, the NetEase mailbox password has been cracked, implicated out behind the security post.相关的主题文章:

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