Bear Chaojing color 2 string 1 Kazan win Sampdoria away only decadent aptana studio

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Bear Chaojing color 2 string 1: Kazan win Sampdoria away ended Monday 003 decadent Russian VS Tomsk 2016-09-27 00:30 Rubin Kazan last week in Chita defeated Rubin Kazan in the Russian cup away, the last three games to win two foot, the only defeat or defeat the powerful Ze nits, the state of the team and compared to the start of the season have improved, with the race deeply, at the beginning of the season Roach and Ronald Tas introduced that new signings are gradually integrated into the team’s tactical system, in addition to the home court Rubin Kazan consistent performance stable, coupled with the recent 6 times against Tomsk and made 5 wins 1 negative overwhelming advantage, the home court advantage under the condition of Rubin Kazan is confident to win the opponent. Last week in Tomsk State of Mato is promoted in the cup away draw sinotel, the team’s recent two games 1 wins, 1 unbeaten, defense without losing a ball during, swept away after losing the haze, but need to pay attention to the team this season’s offensive performance is relatively weak, the last 5 games the team scored a total the 1 ball, but not good at Tomsk always away from home, 4 of the season league away 1 flat 3 negative without a win, averaging 2.25, the game is difficult to escape from the road. SMG Shengping Fu played a 1.56-3.35-5.30 payment combination, Shengping Fu three index cards collocation is reasonable, the strength of Rubin Kazan on Tomsk, the disc to the Lord for half a high water starting data belongs to the rational category, Tomsk the last two games did not defeat the state performance, there are signs of recovery, but the note after the plate water level slowly decline, and the scale trend is consistent, the footwall shuban Bo full many funds involved in the case, the disc is not afraid of payment may, the game Rubin Kazan get three points, SMG found Shengping Fu played is worth a try. On Monday 017 Serie A Cagliari VS 2016-09-27 03:00 Sampdoria promoted Cagliari new season in Serie A performance more generally, at present only 5 rounds zhanba 1 wins score of 1 flat 3 negative, but the team lost three games are on the road to attack, two League 1 wins 1 flat during the home court, also draw a strong Rome, the team the last 6 times in the home court and Sampdoria played 3 wins and 3 draws unbeaten psychological advantage is sufficient, but need to pay attention to the Cagliari new season defending is bad, the League averaging reached more than 2, the game losing streak to the home court against Sampdoria, Cagliari has no stable grasp. At the recent state is very low, in the last week in the away game against Bologna after the recent League encounter losing streak, was at the beginning of the season winning streak period style, from the data, the offensive firepower decline is the main reason for the team score lower, the last two games lost, fortunately Argentina playmaker Alvarez of the game lifted back, face weak Cagliari, Sampdoria broke the offensive end is expected to recover. SMG Shengping Fu played a 2.09-3.10-3.05 compensation combination, pertinent reflects the home court advantage,.相关的主题文章:

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