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Beijing frequent "men in black" deduction was   the reporter unannounced visits to threat: if you have a death wish? — Society — original title: Beijing frequent "men in black" deduction: do you want to be threatening the reporter unannounced visits to die? Chinese according to the voice of "news" reported that recently, there have been people to the central broadcasting news hotline and China highway traffic radio reported, since March this year, has been entrenched in a car without a license in Beijing Chaoyang District Shibalidian Township, once through more than 20 trucks, dressed in black uniforms, armed with sticks, unidentified people will go forward to question if it is blocked, pull building materials, the car will be deducted fine, if the driver will obey the command, intimidation, threat. This group of black people claiming to be from the local city integrated management and supervision departments. However, the reporter found that they are neither police nor urban management. So, who are these people dressed in black? Seized the vehicle so frequently what is the purpose? The driver said to reporters reflect, "has been found in the car near the island of black people" half a month, hand picks, iron, sometimes with glue stick, when the car stopped out, "we don’t know why they check the car." The villagers also said that he had checked the three penalty thousands of Yuan: "we complete formalities, why not let the truck pull goods?" The villagers also said they had seen the black man to take the car keys, the driver did not give the driver, the results were pulled out to play a meal". Refer to this group of long entrenched in the area, black people, businesses and nearby drivers are always on tenterhooks. The reporter saw a roundabout at the intersection of Shibalidian area, several patrol car without a license, the three car roof is also equipped with lights and sirens, the body printed with comprehensive supervision of more than 20 words, wearing black uniforms security guards stand on both sides of the road, the traffic investigation, found the building will pull, pull off the driver. In this process, a car driver was stopped, but black people refused to pull the car, then an unlicensed van flashing siren off, down 9 men, armed gold will surrounded the driver, the entire process, no documents, did not inform the driver, see each other a lot, even the car, must let the take away the goods. A person familiar with the situation of the truck driver told reporters, "these people come from the city’s comprehensive management Shibalidian regional Supervision Brigade", subjects only gave some "fine", can the car away, "if you stop you have stopped", "feel kinda with" may be less punishment a little more than 500 yuan; if the car did not stop waving check, will be fined three thousand to five thousand yuan, but also a week before the treatment. Why get a car? A lot of past truck drivers feel puzzled. In addition, more than the driver said the car detained after many were transferred to the bus station, the village demolition vacate headquarters across, and finally were asked to "Shibalidian Regional City Comprehensive Management Supervision Brigade". The reporter went to the city comprehensive management area Shibalidian Supervision Brigade, see the outside is anxiously waiting for the detained car driver. The guard on duty shut them out, and made it three days later相关的主题文章:

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