Beijing sector three budget than the budget fell 22.3% hit the biggest decline – China

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According to Beijing Department of three accounts more than 22.3% budget drops hit the biggest decline – Beijing official reception fee of 23 million 520 thousand yuan more than the budget reduction of 62.1% has just released the municipal accounts in 2015, in 2015 the municipal government agencies and full funding institutions three financial allocation accounts for 642 million 450 thousand yuan, down 22.3% over the beginning of the budget, the largest record drop. Among them, the official reception for the largest decline, the number of accounts in 2015 23 million 520 thousand yuan, compared to the beginning of the budget number 62 million yuan fell 62.1%; going abroad (border) of about 120 million yuan, 150 million yuan compared to the beginning of the budget number reduced 30 million yuan, down 24%. According to reports, the annual municipal going abroad (border) groups 1378, a total of 4772 people, per capita going abroad (border) costs 24 thousand yuan. Last year the city’s party and government organs, the full funding of public institutions to update the purchase of 10 vehicles, official car purchase fee of $3 million 290 thousand, the car are the purchase fee of 329 thousand yuan. Last year, the purchase of official vehicles and operating maintenance costs 500 million yuan, compared to the budget to reduce the number of 610 million yuan, 110 million yuan, down by 17.9%. The main reason is the implementation of official vehicles in Beijing reform measures to strictly control the use of official vehicles, a full suspension of official vehicles to update the purchase, vehicle operating costs further reduced. Three total accounts for 642 million 450 thousand yuan, down 22.3% over budget official reception 3.65% going abroad (border) accounted for 18.65% of the bus purchase and operation of 77.70% going abroad (border) costs about 120 million yuan more than the budget down 24% (1378 group, a total of 4772 passengers, the average cost of 24 thousand yuan) bus purchase and operating costs 500 million yuan budget down 17.9% (the purchase of 10 vehicles, spent 3 million 290 thousand yuan, car purchase costs 329 thousand yuan Tourism Commission only accounts department exceed the standard Beijing morning news reporter combing found that most departments of public funds accounts were lower than the budget, but there are also individual departments over budget. For example, the Municipal Tourism Commission, in 2015, three funds budget number 4 million 138 thousand and 900 yuan, an increase of $883 thousand and 400 over the beginning of the budget of $3 million 255 thousand and 500. City Tourism Commission "that" shows that the budget is the main reason for going abroad (border) costs increase. 2015 final accounts of 2 million 362 thousand and 500 yuan, an increase of $917 thousand and 600 over the beginning of 2015 budget of $1 million 444 thousand and 900. City Tourism Commission explained that the main reason is that in 2015, three funds at the beginning of the budget is in accordance with the 2006, 2007, 2008, the average number of years abroad, the cost of compression of 20% after the compression of the approved 10%. But in 2011 the City Tourism Bureau into the Municipal Tourism Commission, the work functions also changed, to publicize the new tourism image of Beijing, the promotion of city tourism brand, increase the overseas promotion efforts to promote the innovation of forms and means, and pay more attention to the promotion of high-end tourism resources, 9相关的主题文章:

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