Beijing – VIDEO – strong typhoon landing in Xiamen, a number of high-rise buildings shaking people s-pgd-426

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Beijing – VIDEO – strong typhoon landed in Xiamen: building sway many power outages residents said a little afraid of strong typhoon landed in Xiamen: building sway many power outages residents said a little afraid [comment] this year fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" 3 am September 15th 05 landing in Xiamen Xiangan District, near the center of the largest wind to 15, strong typhoon level. In the early hours of the morning when typhoon, reporters saw at the street by the force of the wind and blown down in the Xiamen area, residents of the window creaked, high floor tenants and even the whole building shaking feeling, many urban power outages situation. More than 6 o’clock in the morning, the rain gradually smaller, the reporter went to Xiamen to see Lin Yue Road, within 1 kilometers of the road just on a mess. Ten trees of two storey trees down on the road spread all across in confusion. The iron lamp was blown down by the strong wind. Low lying on both sides of the road, there are 30 to 40 cm of water, so many drivers impassable. [the same period] Xiamen take away couriers Hu Rong very miserable, for the first time to see (this scene), all the road can not go, there is a lot of water, and then most of the trees in the fall, is very inconvenient. [comment] the road on both sides of the store, past clean completely disappear, shards of glass, leaves, billboards scattered on the ground, the whole street is the Su Binglin witness changes to a convenience store clerk, the day of the night he experienced a typhoon in the rest of life the biggest. Xiamen convenience store staff Su Binglin (Ling Chen) arrived at 3 o’clock, the wind is very large, and then there is the sound of broken glass everywhere, as well as broken trees, and then I quickly shut the door. [comment] Binglin Su said that the past has not experienced such a big typhoon, my heart is still a little nervous, but protective measures in place, spent the night in peace. [over] Xiamen convenience store clerk Su Binglin heart may be a little afraid, there will be more or less afraid, because have not encountered such a big wind, so the natural disasters, may feel a bit nervous. [comment] it is reported that the "Meranti" since this year is the world’s strongest typhoon, since 1949 is the strongest typhoon landed in southern fujian. The typhoon comes when the Mid Autumn Festival, the influx of wind and rain, will have a serious impact on Fujian. Reporter Li Siyuan Fujian, Xiamen reports相关的主题文章:

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