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Beijing – VIDEO – strong typhoon "Meranti" transit center in Quanzhou city is a mess of serious waterlogging strong typhoon "Meranti" transit center in Quanzhou city is a mess of serious waterlogging [comment] No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti this year" on the early morning of September 15th in Fujian Xiamen Xiangan coastal landing, landing near the center of wind up 15. Under its influence, with the adjacent Quanzhou province of high winds and heavy rain. Quanzhou downtown area waterlogging water, road closed. Is the day, the reporter visited the Quanzhou urban disaster situation, the Jinjiang river water and the central city of Quanzhou within the ditch water rose, and very muddy. In most of the urban roads have deep water, many vehicles anchored in the water. Some advertising light boxes have been blown away only frame. Road signs, on both sides of the road signs are blown down, many trees were blown off, even uprooted. Many roads in the middle of the green vegetation was blown. Falling branches cross the road causing traffic disruption. But still be able to see some people braved the wind and rain travel. Quanzhou people in the morning I was more than 6 points, I have nothing to do with the old man is more than 6 points out. I can’t walk in the morning. I can’t come up today. Look, there’s a car down there. [comment] Quanzhou city flood control office said, as of 11, Jinjiang, Nanan, Anxi and other places more than 14 people were injured, is currently the treatment, no danger; Huian, Taiwan District, Yongchun and other places flood danger, 44 people trapped, the relevant departments are organizing the rescue. Quanzhou city’s many road traffic disruption, slide, collapse of the housing, part of the regional power and communication interruption, no report of casualties. [Quanzhou] may be the same day yesterday (today) 4 in the morning, at the beginning of water (5), (water) has not been returned. Here on the whole road (all flooded), just before the electric car is also bad, there are bubbles in the water inside is all bad (). [comment] as of press time ago, the rain continues, the urban center due to heavy rainfall and severe waterlogging, at noon on the 12 high tide, water backwater, flood drainage difficulty. To this end, Quanzhou flood control and Drought Relief Headquarters issued an emergency notice to remind the general public as far as possible not to go out activities. Reporter Ning Ning Fujian, Quanzhou reported相关的主题文章:

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