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Beijing – VIDEO – Thailand Princess Sawari praised the "impression of Wulong": a fantastic show Thailand Princess Sawari praised the "impression of Wulong": a fantastic show [comment] recently, the Thailand Royal Princess and famous tourist presenter Sawari to the world natural heritage Chongqing Wulong natural bridge shooting, through personal experience the way to the Thailand national publicity China beautiful natural scenery in Karst. Sawari was born in the royal family of Thailand, his father is now the queen of Thailand’s Pro brother. Princess Sawari of Thailand movie star, is known to every family TV presenter and writer and film producer. She personally chaired the work in the travel series, everywhere can set off a wave of copycat tourism in Thailand. Princess Sawari filmed in Wulong tourism special column 4 days, traveled to Wulong major scenic spots, she hosted the show while out of the beautiful scenery of the mobile phone camera, also live online film process. The same period [] (Thailand Royal Princess Sawari) Wulong people are very hospitable, let me feel very warm, especially for the Thai people, Wulong is worth to tourist attractions in Thailand, in addition to the sea beach to see, can not see such a beautiful natural landscape. [comment] just 4 days of travel experience not only let the princess Sawari of Wulong enjoy the natural scenery of Karst richly endowed by nature, she also watched the "impression of Wulong" show, was jianghaozi intangible cultural heritage Chinese national performance deeply touched, praised it as "a very great show". The same period [] (Thailand Royal Princess Sawari) through these days of travel experience, so I think this place in Wulong tourism industry is quite rich, not only the natural landscape, as well as a rich historical and cultural, historical and cultural and natural landscape together, we will bring many surprises. Wang Kai, Chongqing,, key words: Social相关的主题文章:

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