Beijing will not meet the family planning policy of eight non registered permanent residence registr soojin

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Eight no person accounts Beijing will not meet the family planning policy in Beijing registration – Beijing morning news (reporter Zhang Lu) the city will be in accordance with the law for non registered accounts, including family planning policies do not meet no accounts staff 8 cases. The district government to find out the administrative region free accounts staff base, and registration materials of each filing. This is the office of the municipal government announced yesterday on the city to solve the problem of the absence of permanent residence registration account of the views of the proposed. "Opinions" clear, will further improve the city’s household registration policy, prohibit the establishment of any pre conditions do not meet the household registration regulations; comprehensive solution no account personnel registration account, according to the law to protect every citizen of a registered permanent residence, the registered permanent residence and citizenship number accuracy, the only authoritative target. "Opinions" put forward for 8 cases of no account registered accounts personnel in accordance with the law, including the non household staff do not meet the family planning policy; not for the "birth certificate" no person accounts; not the procedures for adoption in the adoption of no account; declared missing or dead after the account is canceled; in rural areas, due to marriage cancellation origin accounts personnel; no account personnel account migration certificate is lost or exceed the term of validity of the cause; no person accounts of our citizens and foreigners, stateless persons born out of wedlock; no other household staff. 8 cases are also corresponding to the conditions, requirements and methods. For example, both parents or one of the city’s household registration staff (Beijing office accounts, accounts, accounts and other post doctoral student collective except below), no account personnel policy, birth out of wedlock births, her or his guardian may be based on the "medical proof of birth" and a parent’s residence booklet, marriage certificate or illegitimate birth that, according to the mother’s father settled in the voluntary principle, apply to the father or mother of the account where the police station, after the approval by the registration account. For the father settled out of wedlock births without Hukou personnel, need to provide proof of paternity identification issued by the agency with the qualification. "Opinions" also suggested that the public security organs should strengthen the household staff portrait, fingerprint information registration and alignment verification, and can not find DNA on society abandoned children and children, to ensure that only the accuracy of the accounts and identity information. To resort to deceit cheat accounts, according to the law of the cancellation of the account; if the circumstances are serious suspected of a crime, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility.相关的主题文章:

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