Beijing’s largest public rental housing with rent minimum monthly rent per square 16 yuan starting t420s

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Beijing’s largest public rental housing with rent minimum monthly rent per square 16 yuan to start the original title: the city started the largest public rental with rent JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhao Peng) the city 29 projects, nearly 32 thousand units of public rental Yaohao 27 days to start, the city has a public rental housing to eligible families can participate in the record. City life insurance to do the same day the disclosure, which is the city’s public rental since the implementation of the overall allocation, the largest and most extensive coverage of the rent, the minimum monthly rent is as low as 16 yuan per square meter. Since 2009, the city has a total construction of 197 thousand units of public rental, the cumulative distribution of 113 thousand sets; 1 to September this year, the city has completed 54 thousand units of public housing allocation, public rental housing is more and more popular for families. 29 the project took part in this allocation with rent to forward delivery housing public rental, Gao Guogongzhuang five, regular public rental, Huihong Polytechnic University, No. 10, 31601 sets of houses. 20 projects for the construction of affordable housing in Beijing investment center operations, by the district government investment in the operation of the 9. In the past with the public rental housing in the housing conditions in the first 6 months before the start of the rent is different, with the rent part of the project is expected to be completed at the latest time for October 2017. All items are finished in others, housing has completed the basic hardware, kitchen facilities, can meet the needs of the daily life of the family. "Such a large allocation of public rental, and a portion of forward delivery housing distribution, intended to maximize as soon as possible to solve the city’s young people and families waiting for public rental housing difficulties, to protect the basic living needs. Also conducive to the diversion of commercial housing needs, to guide residents to establish a gradient housing consumption concept, the establishment of a hierarchical classification of housing supply system." City Living Security Office official said. Rent object is divided into three groups of the public rental with rent objects covering the city, October 31, 2016 (inclusive) before the three trial two publicity program to get the record qualifications, and yet placing affordable housing with rent of public rental housing waiting families can participate in. In the "meet the needs of the family, for the community unit Beijing Ji houseless families, new employees (including teachers, doctors and other groups) with rent housing workers etc.." The person in charge. In accordance with the principle of the district based, the city as a whole, for each municipal co-ordination project (ie, the city center to hold investment projects) will meet the conditions of the family is divided into three groups. The first order for the project area of the family; second order for the East, Xicheng District in December 31, 2015 (including) before filing the family; the order of third for other eligible families. In accordance with the current policy, each order is divided into priority families and ordinary families. At the same time, the district level project management with rent order policies formulated by the relevant district housing security management. The minimum monthly rent of 16 yuan per square meter from the rent, the rent with rent project pricing around the surrounding market rent of about 20 percent off square meters, from 16 yuan to 45 yuan / square meters month. Among them, the lowest priced project is Tongzhou District in the home town center A plots, the rent has been low 3相关的主题文章:

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