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Stocks-Mutual-Funds Every investor wants to know about the newest big money stocks, but how does someone go about finding those gems? While you need not be a financial expert to understand how to pick stocks on the rise, there are several financial factors that will lead to stocks that are set to soar with big moves. When looking for big money stocks, the first principle to remember is that you should follow the buying patterns of institutional investors. These investors manage money for large institutions, including cities, school districts, hospitals, and .panies. Just like individual investors, institutional investors buy stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. However, capital institutional investors also bring equity purchases to the market (or remove them when they sell), which greatly impacts the appeal of that stock to individual investors. Therefore, when a multi-billion-dollar institutional investor looks at a particular .pany, that .pany’s stock price will soon jump. Behind a hot stock, there should be a strong .pany with a balance sheet showing consistent profits. Before investing in big money stocks, investors need to do their research to make certain that they are investing in a .pany with strong growth and a stable financial base. The stock market shows biases toward strong sales growth, even when the rest of the .pany’s earnings report is mediocre. Therefore, sales growth should be an area for investors to concentrate on when determining where to invest their money. Forecasts of growth in earnings provide another piece of important information for .ing up with tomorrow’s great stocks, and there are right now excellent growth-to-price/earnings ratios that will be drawing in greater buying pressure from institutional investors. Momentum in earnings is also very important for big money stocks, particularly in light of the deceleration of momentum in the overall marketplace. Stocks that can sustain growth in earnings will always have institutional investors adding relentless buying pressure. Therefore, stocks that are in the position for big moves never show any sign of a slow down in profits. An increasingly recognized sign that a stock will move up its the ratio between its growth rate and its P/E ratio. Many energy and basic .modity .panies, thanks to high growth rates in China and elsewhere, are seeing high demand for their products and thus strong growth rates, while their P/E ratios are still among the lowest on the stock exchanges. When selecting hot stocks in the small- to mid-cap growth sector, it’s important to consider earnings surprises because additional buying pressure goes into effect when .panies earn more than analysts expect. While all these factors are important to help you find big money stocks, you should also consider other things, such as your desire to improve cash flow (which often brings greater dividends), increase return on equity, and expand profit margins. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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