Bilingual high frequency vocabulary analysis a review of the usage of get barcarolle

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Bilingual high-frequency vocabulary analysis: inventory of get usage summary, in the contemporary corpus of English statistics of 20000 commonly used words, get ranked thirty-ninth, in 450 million words appeared 992596 times. Today, let’s take a look at the everyday use of get. The highest frequency of Collocation: noun collocation: get + job> + get + get; chance> trouble > get + call> get+help> get+message> get sleep get better> get; other Collocation: home> get rid (of) > get ready> get marry> get involved> get sick> get closer> get married> get; worse: gets, got, morphological changes of got gotten lexical analysis: 1. (=obtain) get, get, buy, earn, win; How much did he get for his car? (= How much money did he sell it for?) How much did he sell for his car? Where did you get your shoes from? Where did you get your shoes? Received; obtained When did you get the news about this game? When did you get the news of the match? What grade did he get for the exam? How many points did he get in the test? Fetch, call Can I get you a drink? Shall I bring you a drink? Capture; capture He got the thief. He caught the thief. 2. (=reach) arrive at What time does he normally get home (from work)? When does he usually get home? [usually add adverbs or prepositions] to (a stage or point of time); in (a state) It got to Thursday and she still hadn ‘t heard any news. It’s Thursday, and she still hasn’t heard anything. Informal I ‘m getting to the stage where I just want to give up. Now, my song

双语高频词汇解析:盘点get的用法综述  在美国当代英语语料库统计的20000个常用词中,get排在第39位,在4.5亿个单词中出现了992596次。今天我们就一起来看看get的日常用法。  频率最高的搭配:  名词搭配:get + job>get + chance>get + trouble >get + call> get+help>get+message>get sleep  其它搭配:get better>get home>get rid (of)>get ready>get marry>get involved>get sick>get closer>get married>get worse  词形变化:  gets, got, got gotten  词义解析:  1。(=obtain)获得,得到;买到;挣得,赢得;  How much did he get for his car? (= How much money did he sell it for?) 他的汽车卖了多少钱?  Where did you get your shoes from? 你的鞋子在哪儿买的?  收到;得到  When did you get the news about this game? 你是什么时候得到比赛消息的?  What grade did he get for the exam? 这次考试他得了多少分?  取来,叫来  Can I get you a drink? 我给你端杯饮料来吧?  捕获;抓获  He got the thief。 他抓住了小偷。  2。(=reach)到达  What time does he normally get home (from work)? 他(下班后)一般什么时候到家?  [通常加副词或介词] 达到(某个阶段或者时间点);处于(某种状态)  It got to Thursday and she still hadn‘t heard any news。 都到星期四了,她仍然没有听到任何音信。  informal I‘m getting to the stage where I just want to give up。 现在,我几乎到了一心想要放弃的地步。  get far somewhere anywhere (否定句或疑问句中用anywhere)有进步;获得进展;有提高  She‘s learning English, but it seems that she doesn’t get anywhere with it。她在学英语,但似乎没什么进步。  3。(=become turn)变得,变成  Is your cold getting any better? 你感冒好点儿了吗?  Your coffee‘s getting cold。 你的咖啡要凉掉了。  get going moving (非正式)开始走;开始动身  We‘d better get moving or we’ll be late。 我们最好开始动身,不然就要晚了。  4。(=cause make)促使,使成为……  [ + 形容词 ] She had to get the kids ready for school。 她得帮孩子们收拾妥当好去上学。  [ + 过去分词 ] I‘m trying to get this dress finished。 我正在努力赶制这件连衣裙。  I need to get my hair cut。 我需要去理个发。  [ + 动词-ing] Were you able to get the copy machine working? 你还没把复印机弄好吗?  [ + to do不定式] I can‘t get my computer to work! 我的电脑没法用了!  5。(=understand hear)懂,理解;听见  I didn‘t get what he said because the music was so loud。 音乐声太大了,我听不见他说什么。  I told that joke to my friend, but she didn‘t get it。 我跟朋友讲了那个笑话,可她没有听懂。  常见俚语:  1。 get away with murder (非正式)被纵容做错事;做坏事而不受指责  He‘s so charming that he really does get away with murder。 他很讨人喜欢,所以做了错事也不会挨训。  2。 get it together (非正式)下定决心;振作起来,打起精神  After his failure in this competition, he has really got it together。 比赛失败之后,他真的振作起来了。  3.get in there!(英式) get out of there!(美式)(非正式)真走运!  4。 get over yourself! (非正式)得了吧;省省吧(尤用于当某人抱怨的时候,要求其不要自恃过高或自以为优于他人)  5。 not get over sth 对…感到惊讶(或震惊)  I can‘t get over his words——so impolite。我对他的话感到震惊——太不礼貌了!  6。 get your courage up 鼓起勇气  You should get your courage up to have a try。 你应该鼓起勇气尝试一次。  词组搭配:  1。 get along (英式也作 get on)相处融洽;和睦相处  I don‘t really get along with him。 我和他不怎么合得来。  (通常指成功地)对付,应付  He is getting along well in his new job。 他的新工作适应地很好。  2.get by 勉强过活,勉强对付过去  He can get by on his salary。他可以靠工资勉强过活。  3。 get up 起立;站起来;(风)变大,变猛烈  The whole audience got up and started clapping。 观众全体起立鼓掌。  The wind is getting up。 风越刮越大。  4.get away 走开,离开;逃脱  We walked to the next beach to get away from the crowds。 为了避开人群,我们向另一片海滩走去。  (常指因需要休息而)外出度假  I just need to get away for a few days。 我真的很需要出去度几天假。  5.get back 返回 get off 离开,出发,启程  6。 get ahead 取得进展;获得成功  It‘s tough for a woman to get ahead in politics。 一个女性在政界获得成功是很困难的。  7。 get around (英式也作 get about)各处旅行;广泛游历;(尤指老年人或病人)能四处走动,活动  My grandmother is finding it harder to get around these days。 近来我奶奶感觉走动不那么灵便了。  8。 get through 用电话联系上;打通电话  I tried to call her but couldn‘t get through。 我试图给她打电话,但就是打不通。 英语高频词汇 (High Frenqucy Words) 歌曲相关的主题文章:

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