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Outdoors Dooars is one of most underrated areas of India and deserves much more attention. After all, it has some amazing and unchartered destinations. Among the most stunning names you have heard about North Bengal must be Bindu. It is a small village located banks of a river named Jaldhaka and is beautifully nestled with the hills of Bhutan. For those who have been looking for destinations that promise to fun, endearing and close to the nature, Bindu has a lot on offer for them. There is something in the breezy air here that is supremely .forting to the mind, body and soul. Reaching Bindu is easy with the nearest city being Siliguri, which is 107kms by road. The travel from Siliguri to Bindu is quite an experience because once you are out of the city limits, the views are panoramic. Visitors will pass across the super strong Tista River at a bridge named Coronation, and right after that, you are actually in the pains in middle of the hills and jungles with stretches of greenery. Dont be surprised to find a few stunning birds on the trees or even sight a few rare glances of the wildlife. Being located with hills around, the views within this small village call for a silent escape! The people here are extremely warm with a smile onboard at all times, and there are some astounding things about the local life to check for. Cardamom cultivation is something that Bindu is known for, and a majority of the population is engaged in the cultivation of oranges. The locals have a love for vegetation, which is visible all throughout. While driving out of the village to another popular village named Godak, the splendid location and Cardamom and Orange plantations are worth a check. In fact, you can have a view of the many small villages in Bhutan, a pleasure worth a check. Among the other highlights of the village is the Bindu Dam where you can have unparalleled views of the Bhutan Himalayan Range with the snowcapped mountains around. Bindu Dam is built on the river Jaldhaka, and you can even take a trip of the foremost hydroelectric project of India named as Jaldhaka Hydel Project. However, visitors need to take requisite permissions for the same. Among the other attractions is Cardamom Curing Centre, where you can see the cardamom cultivation culture involving drying and processing of cardamoms. Godak Village is another attraction, which is around 15kms from Bindu, can be checked for Debi sthan, where the tribals hold the belief and faith with a small river. Originating from single rock, the river dries up. After all, it is faith that does most of the miracles in the world. For more information on Bindu and making booking, please get in touch with the sales team. We have exclusive stay and ac.modation choices and ensure the best vacations across all seasons. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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