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BlackBerry era is how to end? U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Blackberry mobile phone business executives was the standard, but its time has gone on, later attempts are powerless. Like NOKIA, its name will continue to echo. Sina shares in Beijing on the evening of 29 FT News BlackBerry (BlackBerry) mobile phone maker to make BlackBerry became history. It was all very proud to touch the keyboard CEO to BlackBerry as the ultimate commercial essential equipment. From the fictional character Martin Lukes (Martin – Lukes) to the ultimate power users like President Obama fans had to "worship" over the years, blackberry risked thumb spasm in the dream of writing a message on the keyboard, but on Wednesday, the Canadian manufacturers failed to create early after hot finally, shutting down the hardware sector. Although BlackBerry phones will continue to be sold in Indonesia, possibly in China and India, they will not be made or designed by blackberry. In fact, the BlackBerry era is over. Only a short while ago, many "addiction berry" back on his mobile phone set with Blackberry mobile phone around the office, also complained that the mad rush caused by email "BlackBerry thumb". This era is gone forever. Blackberry mobile phone at the turn of the century and the new Rolex watch or MontBlanc pen is a symbol of the enterprise status, but with 5 years ago, more iPhone and iPad appear on the desk in the office, now it has been out of favor, only hardcore users still insist on blackberry. The chief executive of Cheng Shouzong, under the leadership of the Blackberry mobile phone business is "executed" process gradually let BlackBerry company leave the mobile phone hardware market. Waterloo City, Ontario Province, is now a hotbed of start-ups, with the vigorous development of the technology industry, but in 1984 when not so, then the two engineering students Mike Lazaridis (Mike Lazaridis) and Douglas Fregi (Douglas Fregin) founded RIM (Research in Motion). This small company began to engage in wireless data transmission services. To the last century in 90s, it turned to the manufacture and sale of terminal, and the launch of Inter@ctive Pager in 1996, in order to compete with the Motorola mobile phone giant at that time. March had snubbed the pager area for the company across a step on the upgrade the handheld market paved the way for the formation of a data hungry habit in the modern intelligent mobile phone users, RIM has achieved success. In 1998, RIM developed a very suitable to write e-mail handheld devices, embedded in a compact Qwerty keyboard. The company was originally prepared to call it PocketLink or MegaMail, but the technology industry likes to name the brand with the fruit, when the brand promotion company Lexicon Br3相关的主题文章:

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