Bloody jiuxiao Ge Kyushu Sky City PVE

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Bloody jiuxiao Ge Kyushu sky city PVE play detailed [Abstract] war Chong jiuxiao! "Nine sky" namesake boutique Webpage Game PVE to create a new play "jiuxiao Pavilion", in the endless challenge to break through the limit, self defeating, honed fighting and winning the reward! CO produced by Penguin films and film media, Kyushu series first fantasy drama "nine sky" registered Tencent, exclusive video broadcasting; seventh avenue to build the namesake boutique Webpage Game, led the fantasy adventure game player experience! Under the blue sky on the poor world, war is straight jiuxiao, "nine sky" the name Webpage Game PVE to create a new play "jiuxiao Pavilion", lead the fans into the game player jiuxiao, battle fury day (grab in the new service) under! The whole network exclusive broadcast video Tencent! Kyushu · Sky City: the new PVE play – jiuxiao Pavilion [] witnessed Kyushu fantasy adventure "nine sky" the namesake boutique Webpage Game 100% reduction of the film and television works in the local customs and practices, exotic costumes host, stars Pavilion, magnificent scenic spots cream city. By Zhang Ruoyun, Guan Xiaotong, Liu Chang, Ju Jingyi et al as the wind, Fuling, Tianyi Bai Tingjun, etc. are all snow Feishuang characters in Avatar Kyushu gallant, and you wait for the meeting, together, the blood of kyushu! Is the man to challenge the 100 [jiuxiao] will break when gallant, "jiuxiao Ge" is a "nine sky" namesake boutique Webpage Game to create the new PVE play, the play to play a long yuange heritage, is to let the game player to have a place to continue to challenge themselves, by constantly challenges, find the limit then, a breakthrough! Now the "jiuxiao Pavilion" open to new difficulty and layers, only those powerful dragon customs yuange have the ability to challenge the GE jiuxiao game player. Kyushu witnessed fantasy adventure Rune Unicorn mounts [new PVE play – jiuxiao Pavilion Pavilion at PVE] jiuxiao play, the main role is to produce a variety of game player resources and experience, and provide different levels of difficulty to let the game player test stage of their combat capability, but also through the list to encourage the thinking of higher difficulty level game player the challenge, ultimately achieve the ultimate breakthrough objective. Challenge "nine sky" and the Dragon Pavilion can be jiuxiao yuange, l Lingshi, high grade of all kinds of precious stones etc.. Ryongyon jiuxiao, Ge, massive resources so you get [and massive resources. You with] angry red crown to Confidante, blood red jiuxiao battle! Think of the drama, the wind of the Fuling Tianyi love is so overbearing but gentle, Campanula CP feelings show amazing how many men and women, and child how many broken hearts single wang! Is the man in red, on the "sky city" Kyushu "jiuxiao Pavilion" 100 layers, a lot of experience, Lingshi and top jiuxiao Ge treasure waiting for you all! Super cool fashion play in addition to "is the man in the 100 layer, jiuxiao pavilion not only give generously massive rewards and resources. The game player "nine sky" jiuxiao Ge list, to prove their strength, when gallant, will break! Official website:相关的主题文章:

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