Brazil Government pregnant women cautiously go to Brazil Olympic Games will not be canceled because cagliari exchange

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The government of Brazil to Brazil Olympic Games will not be cautious: pregnant women infected with the virus to cancel the Xinhua News Agency Rio De Janeiro February 1st sports news (reporter Ji Ye) Brazil chief minister, "said the Palestinian Presidential Office of civil Jacques Wagner 1, said that given the current mosquito bites spread Zika virus in Brazil serious epidemic, and the virus could induce neonatal microcephaly, pregnant women should avoid going to Brazil to watch the Olympic Games and the Olympic Games, and will not be cancelled because of the virus. WHO also announced in 1, neonatal microcephaly and other neurological diseases in South America intensive constitutes a "public health emergency of international concern", these cases may be associated with the prevalence of Zika virus. Wagner in an interview with the Reuters said: "it can be said (Zika virus) is a very serious risk to pregnant women, obviously for pregnant women (during the Olympic Games in August to Rio) is unwise, because you don’t want to take such a risk." The Olympic Games will be due to rumors of Zika virus is delayed or canceled, Wagner said that this situation cannot occur, "we need to have people in Brazil, athletes to explain, if you are not pregnant, then (Zika virus) is zero risk." Zika virus is not a threat to the general population, infection is usually slight fever, rash and conjunctivitis and isothermal symptoms, these symptoms usually lasts 2 to 7 days, generally do not need special treatment. But the threat to pregnant women is great, if pregnant women infected, the fetus may be affected, leading to neonatal small head disease and even death. According to the WHO bulletin, Zika virus is America showing "explosive spread", it is expected that the region will have up to 4 million people infected with the virus, but since May last year, the region’s first report of Zika virus infections since, Brazil has now become the world’s disaster Zika virus. Although the relationship between Zika virus and microcephaly is not completely clear, but the World Health Organization director general Chen Fengfuzhen recently pointed out that there is a causal relationship between some evidence does point to the two. At present, Zika outbreak is the hardest hit by the Latin American to a wider spread of infection by the influenza type Zika virus caused by allergies and skin rashes have been spread to the United States and europe. A number of European and American countries have warned pregnant women not to go to the "epidemic area" national tourism. Some air carriers began to refund refunds to "quasi mother". (finished)

巴西政府:孕妇慎赴巴西 奥运不会因病毒取消   新华社里约热内卢2月1日体育专电(记者姬烨)有巴西“首席部长”之称的巴总统府民事办公室主任雅克・瓦格纳1日表示,鉴于目前蚊子叮咬传播的寨卡病毒在巴西疫情严重,而该病毒可能诱发新生儿小头症,孕妇应尽量避免前往巴西观看奥运会,而奥运会并不会因该病毒而取消。   世界卫生组织也在1日宣布,新生儿小头症和其他神经系统病变在南美密集出现构成“国际关注的突发公共卫生事件”,这些病例的出现可能与寨卡病毒流行相关。   瓦格纳在接受路透社采访时表示:“可以说(寨卡病毒)风险对孕妇来说是非常严重的,显而易见对孕妇来说(在8月奥运会期间前往里约)是不明智的,因为你不想冒如此风险。”   对于奥运会将因寨卡病毒被推迟或取消的传言,瓦格纳称不可能出现这种情况,“我们需要向来巴西的人们、运动员进行解释,如果你不是孕妇,那么(寨卡病毒)是零风险的。”   寨卡病毒对普通人群威胁不大,感染者通常出现轻微发热、皮疹和结膜炎等温和症状,这些症状通常持续2至7天,一般不需要特别处理。但对孕妇威胁极大,如果孕妇感染,胎儿可能会受到影响,导致新生儿小头症甚至死亡。   据世界卫生组织通报,寨卡病毒正在美洲呈现“爆发式传播”,预计这一地区将有至多400万人感染这种病毒,而自去年5月份报告拉美地区首例寨卡病毒感染病例以来,巴西如今已成为全球寨卡病毒重灾区。尽管寨卡病毒与小头症的关系尚未完全明确,但世卫组织总干事陈冯富珍近日指出,已有一些证据确实指向这二者之间存在因果关系。   目前,寨卡疫情正在由拉美重灾区向更大范围蔓延,由感染寨卡病毒引起的流感式过敏和皮疹已传到美国和欧洲大陆。多个欧美国家已警告孕妇不要去“疫区”国家旅游。一些航空运营商开始给“准妈妈”办理退票退款。(完)相关的主题文章:

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