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British scholar: China’s Internet and social development of science and technology – Sohu (Heiko Khoo) Qiu Haike? UK Third World Internet Conference will be held in Zhejiang this week held in Wuzhen. At last year’s meeting, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that China will be widespread in the remote mountain village broadband network to promote the development of rural areas. He affirmed the importance of shared economy, and the role of international cultural cooperation and innovation in China’s economic upgrading and improving people’s lives. This year, China has introduced a series of bold measures to develop the Internet economy. These initiatives have recognized the importance of effective use of the Internet to improve labor productivity and improve public services. June 24, 2015, Premier Li Keqiang at the State Council executive meeting, said: We used to say that in the field of information, especially the Internet, developing countries and developed countries stand on the same starting line. Now, we are likely to stand on such a starting line, and, in some ways, even greater advantage than developed countries." This universal interconnection gives China the opportunity to lead the world in this critical area of the internet. There is no denying the fact that language is the best tool for the development of social productive forces and the promotion of global interconnection and cooperation. However, the effective reorganization of the relationship depends on whether the progress of technology, science and culture can bring about the liberation of human beings. The integration of China and the global market and culture has created unprecedented achievements in the history of human development. China’s ability to absorb the world’s innovative ideas and technologies has led to decades of economic development and improved living standards. China has the largest number of Internet users in the world. The rapid development of Internet in China is based on two policies. First, its infrastructure is from public investment and public. Second, China’s management of the development of the Internet giant in china. If China meets the requirements of international Internet Co such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, YAHOO and YouTube, these companies will be able to make China’s Internet services in their interests and the U.S. national security agency. Edward? Snowden revealed Google and other companies willing to sell my soul to the national security agency and help them monitor the whole world, and Google’s corporate motto is "don’t be evil" (Don’t be evil). In fact, the U.S. National Security Agency has created the world’s most powerful monitoring network. America’s cyber hegemony is trying to take control of the Internet in its own hands and in the hands of a few companies. The development of science and technology in China is guided by several national development plans. But China’s innovation drive is hampered by cross sectoral interests. In order to reverse this situation, the 40 relevant government departments to coordinate and consolidate and restructure China’s scientific and Technological Development system. The changes in the structure of China’s population are becoming more and more like the developed countries, the rapid development of information technology means that even in remote places can be active use of the internet. This means that, in the Internet society, technical means to overcome the planned economy, the original information dissemination barriers. Internet to China News Agency相关的主题文章:

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