Cai Guoqing and Wang Han discuss parenting for small son into fathers-icesword

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Cai Guoqing and Wang Han discuss parenting by Cai Guoqing and son son recorded every day Sir Cai Guoqing’s figure Sina entertainment news on September 21st, Cai Guoqing participated in the recording of "every day". The show, Cai Guoqing and Wang Han not only talk about parenting, more self exposure will be carried in "4" Dad where to go. The show, Cai Guoqing called himself "Qing dad", and the same as the daddy Wang Han talk about parenting. Cai Guoqing said, when the son did not dare to dive in his encouragement had the courage to launch, the host Wang Han also can not help but’admitted "Dad is the child’s biggest patron." In addition, the "Qing dad" also admitted that his middle age children, because want to make full preparations, to protect the child pacifier. When it comes to decide "Daddy where the 4" reasons, Cai Guoqing said: "I decided to take her son on the" 4 "Dad where to go, I hope that through this program can let the children see a new world, let him know how to share and help others." At the same time, Cai Guoqing also admitted that he dotes on to his son, his son said, this "small ancestors" with Wang Han and EVA Wang Han hit it off, "said want to participate in the where Dad 6". It is reported that at present, Daddy where 4 program in terms of guests only announced Tian Liang [micro-blog], Sha Yi [micro-blog], three groups of father and son of the. (commissioning editor: Sammi-H)相关的主题文章:

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