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Cash on delivery or insurance 299 yuan mobile phone but he finally paid 2299 yuan of cash on delivery is not thought what risk, but recently, who lives in Jiaxing Pinghu Dushan town Xiaohua but still in the move…… Not long ago, she received a strange phone accident at the beginning of the 400, the other said he is China Mobile and old customers, the recent Mobile Corporation business, for old customers can now offer, to the price of 299 yuan can get a mobile phone. Xiaohua think I did is to move the old customers, 299 yuan discount to buy mobile phone is possible, but still hesitate. In order to dispel the doubts of Xiaohua, the other side also said that the mobile phone can be cash on delivery. When the goods arrived at the payment, little Wharton lifted the worry, readily agreed, anyway, there was not much money, so he told the address to the other side. The second day morning, Xiaohua received courier sent to mobile phone. Because of the busy work, to see the express packaging is not damaged, he directly sign the receipt and payment. Go home at night, when Xiaohua opened the package check found that the parcel of a mobile phone can not boot, then carefully found is actually a model machine, but a flow of mobile phone card here is true, indeed can recharge. Because only paid 299 yuan, Xiaohua didn’t seriously, when to buy a lesson, no longer ignore this thing. However, a few days later, she suddenly received a call from a strange man on the phone, said mobile phone is bought before the money had not been paid, the goods receipt only paid mobile phone traffic charges money. After listening to Xiao Hua Meng, get the model but also let their money. But he insists Xiaohua has spent their traffic card, if not to buy mobile phone to default, will affect personal credit on the grounds, as a threat, let Xiaohua immediately remit 2000 yuan, then the mobile phone. For fear of their own personal credit, plus 2000 dollars a mobile phone price is acceptable only in accordance with the requirements of the other, Xiaohua first exchange of money. However, after the exchange of money, the other side for a variety of reasons asked him to remit money, then he suddenly realized, feel that he was deceived, immediately reported to the police. Police remind the strange phone please don’t trust, enhance self-awareness, do not covet cheap, for the other sales were lower than the market price of the items, should be vigilant, if you need to buy mobile phone, please go to buy the regular business!

货到付款也不保险 299元手机他最后却付了2299元原以为货到付款就没什么风险,但近日,家住嘉兴平湖独山港镇的小华却还是中了招……前不久,小华意外接到一个400开头的陌生电话,对方称他是中国移动老客户了,近期移动公司推广业务,专门针对老客户优惠,现在可以以299元的价格就可获得一部手机。小华一想自己确实是移动的老客户了,299元优惠购买手机也是有可能的,但是还是有些犹豫。为了打消小华的疑虑,对方还称,手机可以货到付款。一听货到付款,小华顿时解除了顾虑,欣然同意,反正钱也不多,于是就把住址告诉了对方。第二天上午,小华就收到快递公司送来的手机。由于工作忙,看到快递的外包装没有破损,他就直接签收付了款。晚上回家,当小华打开包装一检查,发现包裹里的手机压根不能开机,再仔细研究发现居然是个模型机,但是手机下面留的一张流量卡却是真的,的确可以充值。由于只付了299元,小华也没当回事情,就当买了个教训,没有再理睬这件事情。然而,几天以后,小华突然又接到一位陌生男子打来的电话,说是之前买的手机钱还没有付,收货时只付了手机流量费的钱。听后小华懵了,拿到的是模型机却还要让其汇款。可对方坚持小华已经使用了他们的流量充值卡,要是不购买手机就属于违约,会影响个人信用为由,以此来威胁,让小华立马汇2000元钱,再把手机发过来。由于担心自己的个人信用,再加上2000元一部的手机价格也能接受,小华只能按照对方的要求先汇了钱。可是等钱汇了以后,对方又以种种理由要求他汇款,这时他这才恍然大悟,感觉自己被骗了,就立即报了警。警方提醒陌生的电话请不要轻信,增强自我防范意识,不要贪图小便宜,对于对方销售明显低于市场价格的物品,应保持警惕,如需购买手机,请前往正规的商家购买!相关的主题文章:

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