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"Catch the ballad" sequel scripts, rumor comes, go away! – Society – Zhejiang online news August 25th now network circle, piecemeal piece is very popular. We see, a smile can be easy, but do not take it seriously, that the whole thing is even the truth. At the G20 summit in Hangzhou, although the security was more strict, but the small cloth circle of friends is the blue sky and white clouds at night, firmly occupy the heart full of expectations, we can see that! You see the following piece, there is a small cloth…… Part 1 after dinner went to the supermarket to buy a box of milk to drink in the morning, along the way, the supermarket security, bus drivers, police, guard to drink milk for breakfast, so all finished. Encountered on the road for 2 piece patrol patrol told him to go by, drink soup, and then he sent to your hands. Put a box of wine piece 3 car trunk, security requirements of a drink bottle. Ready to go home after drinking, just started the car, the police did not let go drunk driving. The above piece has a certain degree of spread, small cloth to do this carefully about special confirmation was informed: "buy a bottle of milk, because the security is required to drink a continuous", "car trunk was asked to drink a bottle of wine in the mouth", "express brother asked soup" and many other related liquids the security of the rumor, confirmed by the public security organs, are not real information. The public security organ again, inspection of the liquid is the practice of security work, the public security organs will carry out inspection work in accordance with the strict norms, for high-speed rail, subway, bus and other crowded places, the proportion of sampling liquid will be increased. Public security organs to thank the masses for the understanding of security work, cooperation. At the same time, we hope to significantly perverse or ridicule spoof class information, do not believe, do not forward, the public security organs will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law, those rumors pass rumors. In addition to these scripts, some reliable online "roadside news agency" is ready to. The small cloth couldn’t help again, launched the "catch ballad" sequel. Once again called on small partners to polish their eyes, learn to say, "No". (commissioning editor: Cao Kun)相关的主题文章:

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