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SFC chairman Xiao Gang tie the pitching cage system let the power of standardized and transparent op 湖南文理学院校歌

Monday, November 13th, 2017

SFC chairman Xiao Gang: tie the pitching cage system so that the power specification and transparent operation of sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors are used according to the central leading group for the deployment of patrol, the central seventh inspection teams to inspect the situation of the Party committee will feedback special commission. The inspection team noted, Party Secretary of the Commission, chairman Xiao Gang said, to grasp the jianzhanglizhi, launch the mechanism to prevent conflicts of interest, strengthen monitoring and supervision ability, pay close attention to the development of the reform program, one by one proposed corrective measures, clear responsibility and rectification time limit and rectification requirements, with pitch system of the cage, let the power a standardized and transparent operation. According to the unified deployment of the Central Committee, from October 31, 2015 to December 25th, the central seventh inspection team conducted a special inspection of the Party committee of the commission. The inspection group to seriously implement the central inspection approach "and Chinese inspect the work of the Communist Party", according to political inspection requirements, focus on strengthening the leadership of the party is the fundamental, comprehensive focus strictly, the discipline is in the front, with "six discipline" as the ruler, from the strict supervision and inspection is carried out from. Through extensive individual conversations, conscientiously handle letters and visits, access to relevant documents, in-depth understanding of the situation, found the problem, forming a deterrent, the successful completion of the inspection task. The leading group of the central inspection work heard the inspection report of the inspection team, and reported the situation to the Standing Committee of the central political bureau. The Seventh Central Inspection Team Leader Liu Zu pointed out inspections, inspection teams found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly is to weaken the party’s leadership, responsibility and comprehensive measures to strictly implement in place, the two responsibilities of awareness and attention of "hot cold", and the effect of decreasing in efforts to implement some units of the power sector, an important step by step; the key and sensitive post supervision is not strong enough, lagging behind some subordinate units "three big" decision-making system construction; discipline and accountability efforts is not big enough to carry out responsibility and warning education less; integrity risk prevention is not in place, to prevent conflicts of interest mechanism is not perfect, there are corruption risks. Against the "four winds" is not complete, the implementation of the eight provisions of the central spirit is not strict, violation of discipline problems have occurred. The selection and appointment system is not perfect, job rotation system construction lag, the implementation is not in place, the daily supervision and management of cadres lost in the lenient soft tissue, some sense of discipline, major issues do not ask do not report etc.. At the same time, the inspection team also received clues to reflect some leading cadres, according to the relevant provisions of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, the central organization department and other relevant departments to deal with. Liu Zu, on behalf of the inspection team, put forward five opinions and suggestions to the Party committee of the csrc. The first is to strengthen the leadership of the party, and earnestly fulfill the political responsibility of managing the party and the party. The root cause of the tour inspection lies in the weakness of the party’s leadership, the lack of Party building, and the lack of comprehensive and strict party management. SFC party to the spirit of general secretary in eighteen and eighteen of the third, fourth and fifth plenary session seriously study and implement the party’s and Xi Jinping series of important speech, and resolutely implement the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the previous session of the deployment, lead a good team, with a good team, adhere to the party building and business with both hands, two hands on

证监会主席肖钢:扎紧扎牢制度笼子 让权力规范透明运行 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   根据中央巡视工作领导小组的部署,中央第七巡视组向证监会党委反馈专项巡视情况。针对巡视组指出的问题,证监会党委书记、主席肖钢表示,要抓好建章立制,推出防止利益冲突机制,强化监控手段和监控能力,抓紧制定整改方案,逐条提出整改措施,明确责任主体、整改时限和整改要求,扎紧扎牢制度笼子,让权力规范、透明运行。   根据中央统一部署,2015年10月31日至12月25日,中央第七巡视组对证监会党委进行了专项巡视。巡视组认真贯彻落实中央巡视工作方针和《中国共产党巡视工作条例》,按照政治巡视要求,紧紧围绕加强党的领导这个根本,聚焦全面从严治党,把纪律挺在前面,以“六项纪律”为尺子,从严从实开展巡视监督。通过广泛开展个别谈话,认真受理群众来信来访,调阅有关文件资料,深入了解情况,发现问题,形成震慑,顺利完成了巡视任务。中央巡视工作领导小组听取了巡视组的巡视情况汇报,并向中央政治局常委会报告了有关情况。   中央第七巡视组组长刘卒指出,巡视中,巡视组发现和干部群众反映了一些问题,主要是党的领导弱化,全面从严治党的责任和措施落实不到位,对“两个责任”的认识和重视程度“上热下冷”,落实力度和效果在有些单位逐级递减;对重要权力部门、关键环节和敏感岗位监督制约不够有力,部分下属单位“三重一大”决策制度建设滞后;执纪问责的力度不够大,开展责任追究和警示教育较少;防范廉政风险不到位,防止利益冲突机制不健全,存在滋生腐败的隐患。反“四风”不彻底,落实中央八项规定精神不够严格,违规违纪问题时有发生。选人用人制度不够完善,轮岗交流制度建设滞后、执行不到位,对干部的日常监督管理失之于宽、失之于软,有的组织纪律观念淡薄,重大事项不请示不报告等。同时,巡视组还收到反映一些领导干部的问题线索,已按有关规定转中央纪委、中央组织部等有关部门处理。   刘卒代表巡视组向证监会党委提出了五点意见建议。一是加强党的领导,切实履行好管党治党政治责任。巡视发现的问题,根本原因在于党的领导弱化、党的建设缺失、全面从严治党不力。证监会党委要认真学习贯彻党的十八大及十八届三中、四中、五中全会和习近平总书记系列重要讲话精神,坚决落实中央纪委历次全会部署,领好班子、带好队伍,坚持党建和业务“两手抓、两手硬”,强化党的领导核心作用,采取切实有效措施,坚决把守纪律、讲规矩的要求落到实处。结合巡视反馈指出的问题和提出的意见建议,召开专题民主生活会进行深刻剖析、对照检查,提出整改措施。二是加强对重要权力部门、关键环节和敏感岗位特别是下级单位及其负责人的监督制约,完善并落实廉政风险防控体系,细化并完善防止利益冲突的制度体系。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Detour to Hongkong to buy insurance worth – Sohu financing 巴普洛夫把妹法

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Detour to Hongkong to buy insurance worth? – the Spring Festival holiday financial Sohu, the mainland people to travel to Hongkong in addition to the purchase of luxury goods, lower premiums and higher amount of insurance products in Hongkong has become a hot grab object. According to the data released by the insurance supervision office of Hongkong, the total amount of new policy fees paid by mainland visitors to Hongkong in the first three quarters of 2015 amounted to HK $21 billion 100 million. Why do some people want to detour to buy insurance? Is there any risk in buying insurance in Hongkong? 80 ms. Xia engaged in foreign trade, and the family to Hongkong during the Spring Festival holiday, in the local purchase of a critical illness insurance products, the amount of $50 thousand. "Now the mainland consumers to buy a lot of Hongkong insurance products, the product that I buy, the premium cheaper than the mainland more than 20% major diseases and protection of 60 kinds, with mild hundreds, while mainland security usually only dozens of conditions, there is no guarantee of mild." It is understood that the current Hongkong open all kinds of products to the mainland insurance consumers, public data show that the first three quarters of 2015, mainland visitors to Hongkong to buy the total policy fees of HK $21 billion 100 million, while in 2010 this figure was only $4 billion 400 million, nearly 5 times in 5 years. Although the Hongkong policy has the advantages of price, scope of protection, but the risk can not be ignored. Ping An insurance company of Zhangjiagang branch director Zhen Shumei: "Hongkong is Hong Kong, we are using the RMB, because the insurance fee is a long-term process, so there is the question of exchange rate fluctuation, there are potential risks, such as no guarantee, policy setting rules and efficiency is certainly not the same, the main insurance as an emerging industry, the rate of complaints is Hongkong, 2014 the insurance industry has more than 700 complaints, because many people suffered declinature results, so I do not recommend people to the mainland or Hongkong to buy insurance abroad". At the same time, with the mainland to Hong Kong to buy insurance is increasing, all kinds of disputes are also increasing year by year, mainly related to the terms of the policy interpretation, exclusions, did not disclose the fact that the amount of compensation and warranties or conditions. Jiangsu Jun Qiao lawyer Zhu Kun: "in Hongkong signed the policy can only in accordance with the law of Hongkong, such as the claim does not happen in the mainland law is not binding on the Hongkong insurance company, the insured only in accordance with the laws of Hongkong. The request for judicial assistance. At the same time, some of the evidence in the mainland Hongkong may not get legal recognition, once the claims disputes, the insured may encounter outside the litigation, will pay the high cost and inconvenience". In an interview with reporters also learned that the Hongkong insurance market is fully market-oriented, the insurance company goes bankrupt, the insured may lose everything". The inland insurance companies must deposit insurance guarantee funds according to the provisions, and centralized management by the circ. If the insurance company goes bankrupt in accordance with the law, the fund can make the policyholder lose less than 10% of the insured amount.

“舍近求远”去香港买保险 到底值不值?-搜狐理财  春节假期,内地人去香港旅游除了购买奢侈品,保费较低、保额较高的香港保险产品也成热抢对象。据香港保险业监理处公布的数据显示,2015年前三季度内地访客到香港新买的保单费总额达211亿港元。为何有的人要“舍近求远”买保险?在香港买保险有没有风险?   80后夏女士从事外贸工作,春节期间和家人前往香港度假时,在当地购买了一款重疾险产品,保额5万美元。“现在内地消费者到香港买保险产品的不少,我买的那款产品,保费比内地便宜20%以上,并且保障的重大疾病有60多种,加上轻症有上百种,而内地的保障通常只有几十种病况,很多还没有轻症保障。”   据了解,目前香港保险各类产品都向内地消费者开放,公开数据显示,2015年前三季度内地访客到香港购买的保单费总额达211亿港元,而2010年这一数字仅为44亿港元,5年激增近5倍。   尽管香港保单有价格、保障范围等方面优势,但风险也不容忽视。平安保险公司张家港分公司主任甄淑梅:“香港用的是港币,我们用的是人民币,因为保险是长期交费过程,所以存在汇率波动问题,还有潜在风险,比如没有保底设置、保单规则和效率肯定是不一样的,最主要保险作为新兴行业,投诉率很高,香港2014年保险业有700多宗投诉,因为很多人遭受到了拒保的结果,所以不建议内地人到国外或者香港购买保险”。   同时,随着内地人赴港买保险日趋增多,各种纠纷也在逐年上升,内容主要涉及保单条款的诠释、不保事项、没有披露事实、赔偿金额和违反保证条款或保单条件。江苏君桥律师事务所律师朱坤:“在香港签署的保单只能按照香港的法律规定执行,如确实发生无法理赔的状况,由于内地法律对香港保险公司没有约束力,投保人只能依照香港的法律制度请求司法援助。同时,内地的一些证明材料未必会得到香港法律认可,一旦发生理赔纠纷,投保人就可能遭遇境外诉讼,会付出高额成本和诸多不便”。   采访中记者还了解到,香港保险市场是完全市场化的,保险公司一旦破产,投保人很可能“血本无归”。而内地保险公司必须按规定提存保险保障基金,并由保监会集中管理。假如保险公司依法破产,这笔基金就能使保单持有人的损失低于保额的10%。相关的主题文章:

Comments received three factors or hinder the rebound height 海南医学院图书馆

Monday, November 13th, 2017

Comments received: three factors or hinder the rebound height of hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina Hong Kong contest fiery recruitment: 300 thousand bonus for you to         Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance client Kanpan speed: the most profitable investors are in use   surprise: intraday limit monitoring accuracy of 86.7% flush today three major stock index again opened lower in early trading stock index finished slightly induce rising, then fluctuated downward trend, the early become heavyweights prop up the main current collective weakness, stock index fell 2700 points to 2638 points again after the low stage, near the late the index rebounded slightly. By the end of the day, the stock index fell by more than 1.5%, the gem refers to a small green harvest. Hot plate: "13th Five-Year" during the tourism industry will continue to be in the golden period of development, boosted by the news, tourism sector rose top stocks, Guilin tourism, Songcheng performing arts have soared; uncap taimukaiqi, St disk sector gains gratifying, *st Chang Linzhu, *st, *st, ST is the Dragon River *st Aetna paper, a strong limit; plasma product demand, the impact of this information of biological medicine and the trend of relatively strong, Boya bio was trading in early trading led the biopharmaceutical sector. News: analysis of 1, Guoxin Securities said, in part because the January new export orders index decline in offshore and exchange margin limits of arbitrage and false trade activities in the onshore RMB; RMB devaluation pressure and seasonal effects China Lunar New Year may lead to the central bank [micro-blog] a quarter to keep policy unchanged; China central bank over the past three months to maintain the policy unchanged is the main reason behind the economic slowdown. 2, the Central Bank of China carried out 10 billion RMB 28 day reverse repurchase, the winning bid rate was 2.6% 3, the official manufacturing PMI was 49.4 in January, and the non manufacturing PMI was 53.5. China’s official manufacturing PMI49.4 in January is expected to be 49.6, the previous value of 49.7; China’s official non manufacturing PMI53.5 in January, the previous value of 54.4. Chinese January Caixin manufacturing PMI 48.4, expected 48.1, the former value of 48.2, eleventh consecutive months below the line ups and downs. 4, the two cities financing balance of 21 down, approaching 900 billion. As of January 29th, the Shanghai Stock Exchange [micro-blog] financing balance reported 533 billion 34 million yuan, compared with the previous day to reduce 4 billion 366 million yuan; Shenzhen Stock Exchange [micro-blog] financing balance reported 374 billion 74 million yuan, reduce 1 billion 925 million yuan; two cities total 907 billion 108 million yuan, reduce 6 billion 290 million yuan. The overall strategy: from today’s trend, the market rebounded Friday once again become the current bull flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, faces three major dilemma: first, the market is in decline in the channel, since January 4th, the giant Yin breakdown average after all, the market has been in decline in the market; second, the Spring Festival approaching, investors holding cash at the last wishes more strongly; it is round down on the line 收评:三因素或阻碍反弹高度 热点栏目资金流向千股千评个股诊断最新评级模拟交易客户端 新浪港股大赛火热招募:30万奖金等你来      新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   惊:盘中监控涨停 准确率达86.7%   同花顺   今日三大股指再度低开,早盘出现诱多行情,股指小幅冲高后便呈现震荡下行的走势,前期成为托市主力的权重股今日集体走弱,沪指失守2700点后再度直逼阶段新低2638点,临近尾盘指数小幅反弹。截止收盘,沪指跌幅超1.5%,创业板指小幅收绿。   热点板块:   “十三五”期间旅游业将继续处于黄金发展期,受此消息提振,景点旅游板块涨幅名列前茅,个股方面,桂林旅游、宋城演艺纷纷大涨;“摘帽”大幕开启,st板块涨势喜人,盘面上*st常林、*st海龙、*st川化、st宜纸、*st安泰强势涨停;血浆产品供不应求,受此消息影响生物医药走势较为坚挺,博雅生物早盘一度涨停领涨生物制药板块。   消息面上:   1、国信证券分析称,1月份新出口订单指数下降的部分原因在于离岸与在岸人民币汇差收窄限制了套利交易和“虚假贸易”活动;人民币贬值压力和中国农历新年的季节性影响可能导致央行[微博]一季度维持政策不变;中国央行过去三个月维持政策不变是经济增速放缓背后的主要原因。   2、中国央行进行100亿元人民币28天期逆回购,中标利率2.6%   3、1月官方制造业PMI为49.4 非制造业PMI为53.5。中国1月官方制造业PMI49.4,预期49.6,前值49.7;中国1月官方非制造业PMI53.5,前值54.4。中国1月财新制造业PMI 48.4,预期48.1,前值48.2,连续第十一个月低于荣枯线。   4、两市融资余额21连降,逼近9000亿。截至1月29日,上交所[微博]融资余额报5330.34亿元,较前一交易日减少43.66亿元;深交所[微博]融资余额报3740.74亿元,减少19.25亿元;两市合计9071.08亿元,减少62.9亿元。   总体策略:   从今日的走势来看,周五反弹再度成为昙花一现的行情,当前多头主要面临三大窘境:首先市场明显处于下跌通道内,自1月4日巨阴击穿所有均线后,市场一直处于下跌行情中;其次,临近春节,投资者持币过节意愿较为强烈;最后便是本轮下跌行情中多轮抄底资金抄底失败后将出现解套资金派发的情况,多头持续做多意愿不强。因此短期来说,在节前交投清淡的行情中,轻仓、空仓投资者谨慎抄底,而对于重仓甚至满仓投资者而言,市场似乎已经出现跌无可跌的征兆,因此不宜过度斩仓出局。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The world bank’s top 500 brands released before the five line 3 from Chinese 绮户流年

Monday, November 13th, 2017

The world bank’s top 500 brands released before the five line 3 from Chinese financial times from the global situation over the past year, the international financial market volatility that many banks in global banking industry injured in the sinews or bones, the overall brand value growth is weak. Data show that the total bank brand value of the global bank brand 500 in 2016 increased by only 5.7% to 988 billion 300 million U.S. dollars. However, in contrast to the weak overall growth, the rapid rise of China’s banking brand value has posed a threat to its American counterparts. 2 month, the global banking authority magazine, the British banker released the latest "global bank brand 500 list" in 2016. From the global perspective, the past year volatility in the international financial market so many banks of global banking injured in the sinews or bones, the overall brand value growth is weak. Data show that the total bank brand value of the global bank brand 500 in 2016 increased by only 5.7% to 988 billion 300 million U.S. dollars. However, in contrast to the weak overall growth, the rapid rise of China’s banking brand value has posed a threat to its American counterparts. In the words of the banker, there is a qualitative leap". China banking brand value increased rapidly in fact, China banking brand value rapidly has become a significant trend in recent years, only in the Ranking Ranking Ranking jump forward China bank and brand value growth rate is impressive. At present, the US banking industry, which is listed on the top 500 list, still dominates the rankings, with a total brand value of about $225 billion, up 3.7% from the previous year. By contrast, Chinese brand value has increased by 41.4% to $206 billion 900 million over the past year, just a few steps away from American banking. The top three brands ranked among the top five countries were the United Kingdom, Canada and france. Among them, the British bank’s total brand value increased by 2.1%, ranking fourth and fifth respectively in Canada and France, respectively, by 11.9% and 1.6%. Japan’s banking brand value ranking sixth. As the most prominent brand value growth of China’s banking industry, "bankers" magazine analysts believe that the performance of China’s top banks Zhuo zhuo. This is a remarkable from the rankings, in this ranking, the world’s top five brands of banks in 3 from Chinese, respectively is the ICBC (No. second); Construction Bank China (third); the Agricultural Bank of China (fourth). Among the top ten banks with the fastest rising brand value, 8 came from China, and two banks grew in 2015. Agricultural Bank China rose four ranking in the 2016 rankings, increase brand value ranked first, an increase of $9 billion 600 million; followed by Wells Fargo ($9 billion 200 million) and Chinese Construction Bank ($9 billion). In fact, each of the top 500 global bank brands has improved its brand value. The theory that the Chinese banking industry is serving the Basic Banks

全球银行品牌500强出炉 前五大行3家来自中国   金融时报   从全球整体情况来看,过去一年来国际金融市场的剧烈波动令不少银行伤筋动骨,全球银行业的整体品牌价值增长较为疲弱。数据显示,入选2016年全球银行品牌500强的银行总品牌价值仅上升了5.7%至9883亿美元。然而,与这种整体增长疲弱形成鲜明对比的是,中国银行业品牌价值提升迅速,已对其美国同行构成赶超威胁。   本月2日,全球银行业权威杂志英国《银行家》发布了最新的《2016年全球银行品牌500强排行榜》。从全球整体情况来看,过去一年来国际金融市场的剧烈波动令不少银行伤筋动骨,全球银行业的整体品牌价值增长较为疲弱。数据显示,入选2016年全球银行品牌500强的银行总品牌价值仅上升了5.7%至9883亿美元。然而,与这种整体增长疲弱形成鲜明对比的是,中国银行业品牌价值提升迅速,已对其美国同行构成赶超威胁。用《银行家》杂志的话说是出现了“质的飞跃”。   中国银行业品牌价值迅猛提升   事实上,中国银行业品牌价值突飞猛进已成近年来的一个显著趋势,只是在此次排名中中国银行排名向前蹿升的位次和品牌价值增长的幅度确实令人印象深刻。眼下,入选500强名单的美国银行业仍然在排名中占主导地位,总品牌价值约2250亿美元,较上一年增长3.7%。相比之下,中国品牌价值过去一年增长了41.4%至2069亿美元,距离赶超美国银行业仅是几步之遥。 总品牌价值排名位居前五位的另外三个国家分别是英国、加拿大和法国。其中英国银行总品牌价值增长2.1%,排名分别为第四和第五的加拿大和法国则分别下降了11.9%和1.6%。日本银行业品牌价值排名第六。   作为品牌价值增长最为突出的中国银行业,《银行家》杂志分析认为,中国顶尖银行的表现功勋卓着。这一点从排名中可见一斑,在本次排名中,全球前五大品牌银行中有3家来自中国,分别是中国工商银行(排名第二);中国建设银行(第三);中国农业银行(第四)。而在品牌价值上升最快的十大银行中,有8家来自中国,较2015年增加两家银行。中国农业银行在2016年的排名中上升四个位次,品牌价值上升幅度排名第一,增加了96亿美元;紧随其后的是美国的富国银行(增加92亿美元)和中国建设银行(增加90亿美元)。   事实上,位居全球银行品牌500强之列的每家中国银行品牌价值都有所提升。“中国银行业正在向基本银行服务以外的领域开拓,并且致力于投资他们的品牌。”与《银行家》联合编撰该排名列表的英国品牌价值研究机构Brand Finance咨询副主管威诺斯・杰亚库曼表示。“在中国,银行在品牌内涵方面谋求创新已成流行趋势,目的在于提升在多渠道银行环境中的效率和效用。”   值得一提的是,中国银行业的品牌价值提升神话不仅仅是数字问题,其在品牌强度指数(brand strength index)方面的得分也很出色。“中国银行在典型的品牌衡量指标方面获得了最高分,这些指标包括客户熟悉度、考虑周全度、事项优先度、客户满意度以及客户推荐度等方面。”杰亚库曼表示。   货币贬值拖累部分银行品牌价值   从全球银行业整体品牌价值的表现来看,显然并不是所有银行都像中国银行业这样幸运。事实上,受货币贬值和市场条件趋恶影响,很多国家的银行遭遇了整体品牌价值下滑。这其中,巴西银行业受挫最深。   最新排名显示,巴西银行业总体品牌价值下降了57.7%,排名从第8位降至第14位。品牌价值下降幅度最大的五大银行中,有3家来自巴西。其中,排在降幅榜前两位的分别是巴西布拉德斯科银行和伊塔乌联合银行,巴西银行排名第五。但是,这些银行在其本土市场仍然占据主导地位。杰亚库曼表示:“布拉德斯科银行和伊塔乌联合银行的品牌价值下降主要受巴西雷亚尔贬值影响。但是两大市场在客户熟悉度和客户满意度方面仍然得到了高分。”   此外,希腊银行业总体品牌价值一年来下降了65.2%。其中,比雷埃夫斯银行是2016年品牌价值降幅最大的银行,位次下降了199位。这其中,欧元贬值固然是重要原因,希腊银行业总体净收入大幅减少更是致命原因。“希腊危机致使该国商业贷款数量剧减。比雷埃夫斯银行是希腊最大的商业放贷机构,同时也拥有最大比例的不良贷款。结果就是,该银行净收入大幅下降,导致品牌价值严重缩水。”杰亚库曼表示。   此外,加拿大银行的品牌价值也大幅下降,原因之一同样是货币贬值冲击,而另外一个原因则是这些银行对于石油行业风险敞口过大。Brand Finance分析师亚利克斯・柯林汉姆表示,总体来看,大多数加拿大银行的品牌价值平均下降了20%。“道明银行的情况较其他竞争对手略好,这主要是因为该银行对石油行业的风险敞口相对有限――油气行业贷款占其总贷款的比例不到1%。”他补充说。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

对于取得相关资质的房地产开发企业、房地产中介机构 内蒙古民族大学教务处

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

The Ministry of housing led rectification of Internet financial funds into the property market with the Ministry of housing led rectification of Internet financial funds into the property market Li Le being experienced in the real estate market, intermediary business such as a history of the most stringent rectification at the same time, the real estate market sources of funds will be faced with a constraint specification strong strength. At present, the official has defined the upcoming work as "clean up and rectify"". With the Internet finance, P2P as the source of the property market funds, placed in the "focus on care" status. The Ministry of housing and urban rural development (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of housing) has been set up with the financial supervision department of the people’s Bank of China and other financial supervision departments. In the near future, special cleaning and rectification work will be carried out specifically for Internet Finance and P2P violations. Prior to this, the people’s Bank of China headquarters have requested commercial banks to strictly control the financial products and other off balance sheet business to the real estate market funds. The Securities Regulatory Commission and other departments have also tightened the supervision of real estate enterprises refinancing, corporate bonds issuance, H-share listing and other regulatory caliber, the real estate market funds face, is facing reshuffle. "Clean up and rectify" has already had the basic nature of the work to be carried out, that is, "clean up and rectify"." On the morning of October 26th, a local housing and urban and rural construction system insiders told the China business news reporter, the Ministry of housing is taking the lead to prepare for Internet finance, P2P funds violations into the real estate market for special rectification work. The work will be carried out by the Ministry of housing and the people’s Bank of China, the CBRC, the local financial office, the Ministry of industry and other functions and regulatory authorities. Ministry of housing has recently in the housing and urban and rural construction system, in a variety of ways to convey this information, and carried out the work of the deployment. In late September, facing the mainland China multiple City real estate market showing the overheated market, the rapid rise in real estate prices trend, the central decision-making made to strengthen the city facilities strategy, classification regulation policy, has been more than 21 city introduced the relevant measures to stabilize the local real estate market. Among them, Beijing, Shenzhen and other cities stabilize local real estate market measures are more stringent. Three independent news sources confirmed to reporters, in the decision-making process in late September, the central decision-making, emphasizes three aspects of ways and means, one is the purchase, credit limit and other means through the situation, stabilize the real estate market; the two is to regulate the real estate market order, to guide market expectations stable the crackdown false news to drive up prices; three is the capital of the real estate market norms, to avoid potential systemic risk. At present, the Ministry of housing in conjunction with the people’s Bank of China headquarters, the CBRC, the local financial office to participate in the "P2P", Internet financial funds violations into the property market "straighten out" rectification work, that is, the central decision-making layer of the important part of the spirit of the main points. Prior to this, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Hangzhou and other places of housing and urban and rural construction departments, industry and commerce departments, around the specification of the real estate market transaction order, clean up and rectify a group of illegal sales, illegal advertising of real estate development enterprises, intermediary.

住建部牵头整顿互联网金融资金违规入楼市  住建部牵头整顿互联网金融资金违规入楼市  李乐  在房地产市场销售、中介等业务正在经历一场有史以来最为严厉的清理整顿的同时,房地产市场的资金来源渠道也即将面临一场力度极强的规范与约束。当前,官方已经将这项即将开展的工作定性为“清理整顿”。  以互联网金融、P2P等为来源的楼市资金,被置于“重点关照”的地位。住房和城乡建设部(以下简称“住建部”)已经会同人民银行总行等金融监管部门确定,近期将开展专门针对互联网金融、P2P违规进入楼市资金的专项“清理整顿”工作。  在此之前,人民银行总行已经要求商业银行严格控制理财产品等表外业务向房地产市场输送资金。证监会等部门也已收紧房地产企业再融资、公司债发行、H股上市等的监管口径,房地产市场的资金面,正在面临重新洗牌。  “清理整顿”  “上面已经有了对这项即将要开展工作的基本定性,就是要‘清理整顿’。”10月26日上午,一位地方住房和城乡建设系统内部人士告诉《中国经营报》记者,住建部正在牵头着手准备对互联网金融、P2P资金违规进入房地产市场进行专项清理整顿工作。  该项工作将由住建部会同人民银行总行、银监会、地方金融办公室、工信部等职能、监管部门开展。住建部近期已经在住房和城乡建设系统内部,以多种方式,对这一信息进行了传达,并进行了相关工作部署。  9月下旬,面对中国内地多个城市房地产市场呈现出的市场过热、房地产价格上涨过快的态势,中央决策层果断作出强化“分城施策、分类调控”的决策,至今已有超过21个城市出台了稳定本地房地产市场的相关措施。其中,北京、深圳等城市稳定本地房地产市场的措施较为严格。  三个独立消息源均向记者证实,在9月下旬中央决策层的决策过程中,强调了三方面的方式和手段,一是通过限购、限贷等手段,稳定房地产市场态势;二是对房地产市场交易秩序进行规范,引导市场预期平稳,严打虚假消息哄抬房价等行为;三是对房地产市场的资金面进行规范,避免潜在的系统性风险。  当前住建部会同人民银行总行、银监会、地方金融办等参与开展的针对P2P、互联网金融资金违规进入楼市问题的“清理整顿”整顿工作,即是上述中央决策层主旨精神的重要组成部分。  在此之前,深圳、上海、杭州等地的住房和城乡建设部门、工商部门等,围绕规范房地产市场交易秩序,清理、整顿了一批违规销售、违规发布广告的房地产开发企业、中介机构,力度颇大。  清理“接口”  由于近两年来,互联网金融、P2P等金融创新业务与房地产的结合愈来愈紧密,因此,互联网金融和P2P成为房地产市场资金输入的又一个重要接口。  三个独立消息源均向《中国经营报》记者证实,在中央决策层对本轮部分城市房地产市场过热、房地产价格快速上涨现象成因的判断中,“各类资金违规进入房地产市场进行炒作”占有相当比例的权重,而“各类”之中,即包含近年来热度颇高的互联网金融、P2P等为来源的资金。  目前,清理整顿工作的重点已经确定。一方面是对房地产企业、房地产中介机构利用互联网从事金融业务进行清理整顿;另一方面是对房地产企业、房地产中介机构与互联网合作从事、开展金融业务进行清理整顿。  记者了解到,一些底线性质的清理整顿原则,也已经明确划定。这其中包括:其一,房地产开发企业、房地产中介结构在未取得资质的情况下,严禁开展房地产金融业务。一经查实,按照有关规定,严肃处理、处罚。  其二,对于取得相关资质的房地产开发企业、房地产中介机构,对其开展房地产金融业务的合规性进行严格核查。一旦发现违反有关监管规定,迅速、严肃进行处理和处罚。与此同时,还要对取得资质的房企、中介机构合规从事房地产金融业务的过程中,是否遵守宏观调控政策等,并对此进行核查、检查和监督。  其三,在对互联网金融、P2P资金违规流入楼市进行清理整顿的过程中,对“众筹买房”等要进行专项规范;同时,首付贷及类似业务禁止开展,一旦查实,严肃处理、处罚。  从此前各地开展的围绕房地产交易秩序的清理整顿情况来看,针对互联网金融、P2P领域资金违规入楼市的“清理整顿”工作,也应“力度不小”。  资金面重置  资金面向来决定着房地产市场的基本走势。一般而言,房地产市场的资金面主要由三部分构成,一是银行发放的信贷,其中包括开发贷款、购房按揭贷款等;二是以信托、银行理财资金等为代表的“表外资金”;三是近年来逐步兴起的P2P、互联网金融为来源的资金。  除此之外,公司债、企业债、上市房地产企业再融资等,也为房地产市场注入资金,但相对规模较小,可控性也相对较强。  “首付贷的很多资金来源,其实就是互联网金融、P2P。”一位不愿具名的房地产中介机构高管告诉记者,“由于房地产市场正向预期存在,同时,房地产中介机构又明确掌握买房人的房产交易情况,因此,很多P2P、互联网金融机构愿意与中介机构或者开发商合作,开展首付贷或者类似业务,他们觉得安全,回报率也理想。”  目前,首付贷已经被明确定义为违规行为,一些此前开展首付贷业务的大型中介结构,也都已经停止了这项业务。而在此次清理整顿中,也再次明确了“禁止各类机构开展首付贷业务”。  而在此之前,除房地产信贷闸门通过地方限购、限贷、对二套及以上住房信贷政策进行调整之外,人民银行总行、银监会已经要求各商业银行对理财产品等资金进入房地产市场进行严格控制。与此同时,人民银行总行还将银行理财等表外资金,纳入“宏观审慎监管框架”进行严格监管。  房地产市场相关的资金面收紧也并未到此为止。据媒体报道,中国证监会已经开始严格控制房地产企业发行公司债、进行再融资以及H股上市等融资行为,置于房地产开发企业在国际市场发债融资,目前尚未有明朗态度。现在,事关房地产市场命运的资金面,正在悄然重置。(中国经营报)更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:

加央行要考虑的不是降息 前田千春

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Shi Jun: the interest rate inflation fell slightly on the United States that swinger obstacle dollar index Chonggao down Friday, an important support position of daily retracement of 96.50. The trend of non US currency differentiation, European currencies and yen relatively strong, although the commodity currency rebounded sharply in the late disk, but still failed to recover the day’s decline. The U.S. stock market was up and down, with the Dow Jones industrial average down 0.15%, closing at 16388.02, NASDAQ (micro-blog) index rising 0.37%, closing at 4504.22, and the S & P 500 index down 0.01%, closing at 1917.56. Gold received $1230.80 an ounce for a 0.4% increase. January U.S. inflation performance, data released on Friday showed U.S. January consumer price index rose to 1.4%, the expected level of more than 1.3%, January core consumer price index rate rose from 2.1% in December to 2.2%, core inflation rose a maximum of more than four years. The strengthening of US inflation data has eased the tension in the market since January, and the risk appetite has risen again, and the non US currencies have rebounded. The strengthening of inflation data clears the way for the Fed’s interest rate hike later. Canada’s inflation level in January has also been greatly improved, the consumer price index rose from 1.6% in January to 2% in the previous year, and the core inflation reached 2%. In January, before the Bank of Canada [micro-blog] rate decision mechanism with the central bank to cut interest rates further or speculation, however, Canadian inflation reached an important level of 2% in January, in the face of such a strong inflation data, plus the central bank to consider is not cut, but whether you need to raise interest rates to curb inflation. In the UK, the retail sales data in January were also strong, the retail sales month rate increased from -1.0% to 2.3%, and the retail sales rate increased from 2.6% to 5.2%, an astonishing increase. Sterling rose on Friday with strong data. On the weekend, British Prime Minister Cameron said after the cabinet meeting that the European Union referendum will be held in June 23rd. Back in Europe again reflected in the emotional pound on the morning opening, 100 points tiaokongdikai pounds. Focus on German manufacturing and services PMI in February, euro zone manufacturing, services and integrated purchasing managers’ index in February. The January Chicago fed national activity index and the January Markit Manufacturing Purchasing Managers index. Operation suggestion: gold and gold were dominated by shock on Friday, and the daily line was under 1230 pressure. In early morning after a slight opening lower further down, pointing below four hours figure entity support 1212 test. Trading in the way of shaking thinking, you can approach near 1228 short, stop 1235, target 1212, below in the 1212 approach to do more, stop 1208, target 1228. The Australian dollar Australian dollar rebounded on Friday, although the date is still recorded under the shadow line, but very long, that support below.

史俊:通胀扫平加息障碍 美指小幅回落   上周五美元指数冲高回落,日线回撤96.50的重要支撑位置。非美货币走势分化,欧系货币与日元相对强势,商品货币尽管在晚盘出现了大幅反弹,但依然未能完全收复白天的跌势。美国股市涨跌不一,其中道琼斯工业指数下跌0.15%,收盘报于16388.02点,纳斯达克[微博]指数上涨0.37%,收盘报于4504.22点,标普500指数下跌0.01%,收盘报于1917.56点。黄金以0.4%的涨幅收报每盎司1230.80美元。   美国1月通胀表现良好,上周五公布的数据显示美国1月消费者物价指数年率上升至1.4%,高于1.3%的预期水平,1月核心消费者物价指数年率则由12月的2.1%上升至2.2%,核心通胀涨幅创下四年多来的最大值。美国通胀数据的走强缓解了自1月份以来市场持续存在的紧张情绪,风险偏好再次抬头,非美货币均有所反弹。通胀数据的走强也为美联储之后的加息行动扫清了障碍。   加拿大1月份的通胀水平也出现了较大的改观,1月消费者物价指数由前值的1.6%上升至2.0%,核心通胀也达到了2.0%的水平。1月份,加拿大央行[微博]利率决议之前,有机构猜测加央行或进一步降息,然而,加拿大的通胀在1月达到了2%的重要水平,在如此强劲的通胀数据面前,加央行要考虑的不是降息,而是是否需要加息来抑制通胀。   英国方面,1月零售销售数据表现亦较为强劲,零售销售月率由-1.0%大幅上升至2.3%,零售销售年率也从2.6%上升至5.2%,增幅惊人。强劲的数据带动英镑在上周五大涨。周末英国首相卡梅伦在内阁会议之后表示将定于在6月23日举行退欧公投。退欧情绪再度体现在英镑的走势上,早间开盘时,英镑跳空低开100点。   日内关注德国2月制造业与服务业采购经理人指数,欧元区2月制造业、服务业以及综合采购经理人指数。美国1月芝加哥联储全国活动指数以及1月Markit制造业采购经理人指数的情况。   操作建议:   黄金   黄金上周五以震荡为主,日线上行承压在1230一线。今日早盘在小幅低开之后进一步下行,下方指向四小时图实体支撑1212的测试。交易时以震荡的思路操作,可在1228附近进场做空,止损1235,目标1212,下方在1212进场做多,止损1208,目标1228。   澳元兑美元   澳元上周五低位反弹,虽然日线依然录得阴线,但下影线很长,表明下方支撑力度较为强势。从四小时图形上看,澳元近期在0.7170到0.7180一线多次承压,日内需关注此处压制力度,若能有效突破0.7190,则可跟进澳元多单,止损0.7160,目标看0.7240,0.7310。   纽元兑美元   纽元今日早盘高开之后延续上涨的势头,四小时图在前一根K线上已经突破上周形成的实体阻力0.6648的位置,表明纽元将有进一步上行测试0.6710日线阻力的动能。操作时可在现价0.6650附近进场做多,止损0.6620,目标0.6710。   美元兑加元上周五美加冲高回落,未能突破1.3800关口。从日线图形上看,美加2月18日企稳1.3645的价位之后,与2月4日的低点形成了两次探底的走势,短线多单机会存在,日内等待1.3715尝试做多,止损1.3680,目标1.3830,1.3960。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:

face without any light 四平职业大学贴吧

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 strokes to save your night stay "missing face" lead: overtime Wang is sad reminder, not only the boss will give you look, the skin has not been able to rest, also give you some "color" look, dark, rough, face without any light! How can you find your spring with such a "missing face"?. (source: beauty female network) overtime Wang don’t Cry 3 ways to save your "lack of sleep face", the earth people know the importance of high quality sleep on the skin, but, for today’s professional women, especially overtime Wang, want to be a sleeping beauty is not! Can! Can! Obviously, now is already spring, but their spring is still so far away, this is the "lack of sleep face" to blame. Below, Amy teaches you to activate your skin. Now, as Wang you hurry to work overtime, check there is no lack of sleep these small problems: 1: often float powder powder out, need to spend more time playing makeup, makeup does not cover the pores, simply cannot be seen! 2: black eye gradually deepened, looking at no previous spirit; wrinkles have not yet appeared, but the eyes have been seen a little drooping, do not know when began to change into the eight character eye! 3: inexplicable long Doudou acne, a long time not disappear, not easy to heal, but fell a dark spot. 4: skin lacks luster, elasticity, feel old ten years old, see a good crazy, there is wood. "Lack of sleep" small trouble, never expect it? These symptoms are due to the long-term skin in "lack of sleep" excited state, oil, pigment, inflammatory factors are too active, resulting in drops. We are not tyrant, we can not resign directly, go home to sleep beauty bar! Don’t worry. Look down first! Love beauty Xiaobian teach you 3 kinds of situation amplification recruit, let you work overtime stay up late, lack of sleep face"! Sleep less? Improving efficiency is the key to the formation of "missing face", the most important plateau is to sleep less! What should I do? Our body and skin have their own rhythm, and we can be efficient if we follow them well. If you can only sleep 4 hours today, it is recommended to go to bed before 23, set the alarm clock, and get up in the morning to continue to struggle. Because midnight is the most active time for the body to renew itself and repair, and it’s critical to seize this time. Can’t sleep? Let the skin to sleep well the night Wang stayed overtime overtime is common, since this time can not sleep, do not let the skin to "sleep"? Even if one is working overtime, don’t forget to be nice to yourself. Point to a fragrant incense candle, you can smell to the brain "emotion processing zone", let your mood state has different changes, if you want to cheer up, choose grapefruit, lemon, mint best; and to relax, choose frankincense or chamomile right. Overtime work keeps our body and brain active for a long time, even if it is too tired to move a finger, but we can’t sleep when we lie down! Send you a sleep tips, a microwave oven heating small hot pillow, before going to bed at the shoulder and neck hot compress for 10 minutes, to ensure your night sleep and sweet incense. But Xiao Bian suggests that it’s better to have a hot bath before bedtime.

加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的熬夜“缺觉脸”   导语:加班汪就是悲催,不但上司会给你脸色看,皮肤一直得不到休息也会给你点“颜色”看看,暗沉粗糙脸上无半点光!顶着这样一张“缺觉脸”你怎么寻找你的春天。(来源:爱美女性网) 加班汪别哭 3招拯救你的“缺觉脸”   地球人都知道高质量睡眠对皮肤的重要性,可是,对于现在的职业女性尤其是加班汪来说,想当一个睡美人根本就是不!可!能!明明现在都已经是春天了,可是自己的春天却还那么遥远,这都是“缺觉脸”惹的祸。下面,爱美小编教你激活你的肌肤。   Now,身为加班汪的你,赶紧来自查一下有没有下面这些“缺觉”小困扰吧:   1:经常浮粉掉粉,需要花更多时间来打底妆,遮盖毛孔,不化妆简直就不能见人!   2:黑眼圈日渐加深,看着没有以前精神了;皱纹还没有出现,可眼角已经看出有点微微下垂,不知道从什么时候开始变成了八字眼!   3:莫名长了颗痘痘,好久都不消,好不容易愈合了,却落下一个深色斑点。   4:肌肤缺乏光泽、弹性,感觉老了十岁,看了好抓狂有木有。 “缺觉”小困扰   万万没想到吧?这些症状都是因为肌肤长期处于“缺觉”的亢奋状态,油脂、色素、炎症因子过于活跃所导致滴。我们又不是土豪,总不能直接辞职,回家睡美容觉吧!   别着急,先往下看!爱美小编教你分3种情况放大招,让你加班熬夜不熬“缺觉脸”!   睡得少?提高效率是关键   形成的“缺觉脸”最重要的塬因就是睡得少!怎么办?我们的身体和皮肤都有自己的节奏,好好遵循就可以高效率。如果注定今天只能睡4个小时,建议在23点之前上床,定好闹钟,在凌晨起来继续奋斗。因为,子夜时分是人体自我更新和修复最活跃的时刻,抓住这段时间至关重要。   睡不了?让皮肤先睡就好   加班汪熬夜加班是常事,既然这个时候不能睡,不如不让肌肤先“睡”呢?即使一个人在加班,也不忘对自己好一点。点一个香香的香薰蜡烛,能藉由嗅觉通往大脑“情感处理区”,让自己的心情状态有不同的变化,若想使精神振奋,选葡萄柚、柠檬、薄荷最好;而要放松情绪,选乳香或洋甘菊就对了。   加班工作让我们的身体与大脑长期处于活跃的状态,哪怕是加完班累得不想动一根手指头了,可是躺下了却已经睡不着!送你一个助眠小贴士,准备一个可以微波炉加热的小热枕,睡前在肩膀和颈部热敷10分钟,保证你一夜睡得又香又甜。   不过小编还是建议最好在睡前进行一个热水浴!冬春入睡时,人体的平均体温会下降,用洗热水澡的方式可以让身体跟舒适。当你从浴室出来时,身体会进入一个非常舒服的模式,更有助于睡眠。   加班熬夜?做到这5步就好   Step1: 泡泡洗颜摆脱灰头土脸   加班汪都有这样的经验:上洗手间时被镜子里的自己吓到,灰头土脸太丑了!其实这都是“自由基”搞的鬼,因为压力、烦躁等等都会使的体内自由基急遽窜高,脸色自然不好看,方便简单的泡泡式洗颜用起来准没错!   Step2: 淋巴按摩排毒素   肌肤制造的毒素、代谢的废物,都是经由淋巴排出的,经历一整天高压的工作,肌肤上的淋巴如果堵塞了可就麻烦了!保养前可以花一分钟先畅通淋巴,保养自然能够达到事半功倍的效果。淋巴位于肌肤浅层,位置比血管还浅,所以按摩时要轻柔,太用力推反而会拭去排毒效果的!   Step3: 两遍爽肤不怕肌肤闹干荒   熬夜易爆痘,不管你是有痘还是无痘,痘可以用化妆棉蘸取有水杨酸的化妆水轻轻擦拭(有痘的在痘痘处多擦一次),然后用精华水拍全脸,做到两遍水,先清洁,再保湿,为下一步打好基础!勤劳保湿再也不怕肌肤闹干荒啦~   Step4: 肌底导入   先别急着擦精华,给疲劳的肌肤来一个小甜点,那就是肌底精华,看似多了一步麻烦,但它可以为你的后续保养打好了通路,熬夜脸、缺觉脸不能好好吸收的困扰也解决了。   Step5: 重点精华加强   这一步完全可以按自己的需求来,根据自己的皮肤状态选择美白、保湿或者修护的精华,仔细涂抹就可以了,熟龄肌可以考虑看看成分更高逼格的高机能产品哦。   还在加班的友友们,记得不要偷懒不保养哦。相关的主题文章:

不定期推出各类“中银私享荟”主题活动 琼州学院教务处

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Wenzhou bank wealth management clients in the total financial assets of over 30 billion yuan – Beijing, Beijing, Wenzhou, September 13, (Yang Qing) as the forefront of reform and opening up, the rapid growth of Zhejiang economy in Wenzhou for many years, gave birth to a large number of billionaires, it also spawned Chinese bank branch in Wenzhou City, the high-end customers in the financial management business development as key. By the end of 7, the Bank of China Wenzhou branch of the financial assets of more than 2 million yuan, wealth management rank customers exceeded 8000, the management of financial assets total breakthrough of 30 billion yuan. According to the Bank of China Wenzhou branch responsible person, Chinese bank is a pioneer in the field of wealth management, as early as 2008 on the establishment of the system of Bank of China in Wenzhou, the first batch of the first local wealth management center, three wealth management system, the original 1+N, the private bank secretarial services to high net worth customers. After eight years of development, the rising of private banking value-added service brand, regularly launch various kinds of "silver sixiangjia Hui theme, through the integration of advantageous resources, strengthen the overall service capacity of private banks. At the same time, pay attention to education of children in private banking customers, launched the "silver sixiangjia? Hui elite" platform, carry out "the United Nations during the annual summer vacation: advanced culture ability China youth international affairs program; relying on the advantages of globalization China bank provide cross-border linkage for customer service, in order to increase the value of wealth, smooth transmission and other high-end customers and entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue, launched the" fortune global navigation plan, provide solutions covering family trusts, investment immigration, financial investment and real estate investment package. In addition, the bank also launched rolling wealth exclusive private line customers customized financial products, set up exclusive integration platform, including health care, overseas travel, the airport train station lounge, delicacy entertainment, life service, education and training, hotel accommodation, high-end gifts, magazine reading all kinds of intimate distinguished value-added services, more enjoy Beijing 301 Hospital expert remote medical consultation service, develop professional treatment. The Hurun Report and Taikang Life in Hangzhou "issued at the beginning of the 2015 China high net worth crowd of medical support in Hangzhou White Paper", as the representative of the city, Wenzhou Zhejiang, net worth of over 10 million Regal has about 14 million people in the country accounted for 12.07%, ranked No. 4. (end)

温州中行财富管理客户金融资产总额超300亿元-中新网   中新网温州9月13日电(杨青)作为改革开放的前沿,浙江温州经济多年来的高速增长,催生了大批富豪,这也催生了中国银行温州市分行把中高端客户的财务管理业务作为发展重点。截至7月末,中国银行温州市分行金融资产200万元以上财富管理等级客户户数突破8000名,管理金融资产规模总计突破300亿元。   据中行温州分行负责人介绍,中国银行是国内财富管理领域的先驱者,早在2008年就成立了中行系统内首批、温州当地首家财富管理中心,其独创的三级财富管理体系、1+N、私人银行秘书服务得到了高净值客户的好评。经过八年发展,该行不断提升私人银行增值服务品牌,不定期推出各类“中银私享荟”主题活动,通过优势资源整合,强化私人银行整体服务能力。同时,关注私人银行客户子女教育,推出“中银私享?精英荟”平台,在每年的暑假期间开展“联合国:中国青年国际事务能力高级培养计划”;依托中国银行全球化优势为客户提供联动跨境服务,针对如何保值增值、财富顺利传承等中高端客户和企业家最关心问题,推出“全球财富导航计划”,提供涵盖家族信托、移民投资、地产投资金融投资等一揽子的解决方案。   此外,该行还滚动推出财富私行客户专享的定制理财产品,搭建尊享积分平台,形成包括健康医疗、海内外旅游、机场动车站贵宾厅、美食娱乐、生活服务、教育培训、酒店住宿、高端杂志赠阅等在内的各类贴心尊贵的增值服务,更可享受到北京301医院专家远程医疗咨询服务,制定专业诊疗方案。   胡润百富与泰康人寿年初在浙江杭州发布的《2015中国高净值人群医养白皮书》显示,以杭州、温州为代表城市的浙江,身家超千万的富豪已有约14万人,在全国占比达到12.07%,位居第四。(完)相关的主题文章:

请购买过 HYBY 神雕之颠鸾倒凤下载

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

IKEA lamps fall and hurt incidents official announced the recall of 1 million 100 thousand IKEA   ceiling lamps; drop bar "Legal Evening News (reporter Li Shixiang) British" Daily Mail "reported recently, due to the presence of risk falling, the Swedish furniture and supplies retail giant IKEA Home Furnishing announced a global recall of about 1100000 ceiling lamps. Reported that IKEA said it has received some LOCK and HYBY ceiling light drop caused user injury report. Up to now, a total of 224 light recall incidents have been identified in the world, of which 11 have reported injuries, including broken glass by users. In addition, the State Quality Inspection Administration of defective product management center news, IKEA (China) Investment Company Limited recently to the Shanghai Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau submitted a recall program, decided to recall three ceiling lamps, which are HYBY (Heby), LOCK (Lao Ke) and RINNA (Lionel), the recall in the mainland to Chinese the number is 352849. The planned recall period will be from February 9, 2016 to June 9, 2016. Drop the risk may be cut and recall 840 thousand ceiling lamps according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released information, the plastic clip fixed ceiling glass lampshade may be broken, resulting in glass shade drop, resulting in danger is cut, cut the user. CPSC product recall information shows that all products are semi-circular white fog glass lamp, three plastic clips (clips) connected to the lampshade shell. The HYBY ceiling is 15 inches in diameter, LOCK ceiling is 10 inches in diameter, recall lamps shell is covered with a light bulb, product type and product names are displayed on the ceiling lamps trademarks. The recall model of HYBY ceiling lamp is T1011, and the model of LOCK is T0201. CPSC announcement pointed out that IKEA has sold LOCK ceiling light from 2002 to January 2016, and the price is 5 dollars. From 2012 to January 2016 sales of HYBY ceiling lamp, the price of 13 U.S. dollars. These two products are all made in China and sold in all stores in IKEA. CPSC said that IKEA had recalled 840 thousand ceiling lights in the United States and Canada, of which 427 thousand were sold in canada. "Daily Mail" reported that the two ceiling urges all users of IKEA buy, immediately went to the store to return, IKEA will be a full refund. When IKEA says refunds, consumers don’t have to provide proof of receipt. China placement user stitches Chinese website recalls of three ceiling lamps China reporter login IKEA’s official website found that IKEA in China in addition to recall HYBY, LOCK two ceiling lamps, also called a RINNA ceiling lamps also recalled in the list. IKEA said, please buy HYBY (Heby), LOCK (Lao Ke) or RINNA (Lionel) lamps customers immediately dismantled products and return to any a IKEA store, when IKEA on 宜家吸顶灯掉落伤人事件频发 官方宣布召回110万个   宜家吸顶灯 掉落“扎”人   法制晚报讯(记者 黎史翔)   英国《每日邮报》近日报道称,由于存在掉落危险,瑞典家具和家居用品零售巨头宜家宣布全球召回110多万个吸顶灯。   报道指出,宜家称已经接到了一些LOCK和HYBY吸顶灯掉落引发用户受伤的报告。截至目前全球共确认224起召回灯品掉落事件,其中有11起受伤报告,包括用户被破碎的玻璃划伤。   此外,国家质检总局缺陷产品管理中心消息显示,宜家(中国)投资有限公司新近向上海市质监局提交了召回计划,决定召回三款吸顶灯,分别是:HYBY(海比)、LOCK(劳克)以及RINNA(莱纳),此次召回在中国大陆地区涉及的数量为352849件。计划召回周期为2016年2月9日起至2016年6月9日。   掉落风险   用户可能被吸顶灯割伤   美加召回84万个   根据美国消费者产品安全委员会(CPSC)公布的信息,固定吸顶灯玻璃灯罩的塑料卡子可能发生破裂,导致玻璃灯罩掉落,从而造成用户被割伤、划破的危险。   CPSC产品召回信息显示,涉事产品全是半圆形的白色雾面玻璃灯,三个塑料卡子(夹子)连接灯罩外壳。HYBY吸顶灯直径为15英寸,LOCK吸顶灯直径为10英寸,召回的吸顶灯外壳附有一个灯泡,产品型号和产品名均显示在吸顶灯的商标内。召回的HYBY吸顶灯型号为T1011,LOCK的型号为T0201。   CPSC公告指出,宜家公司自2002年至2016年1月期间销售LOCK吸顶灯,售价5美元。2012年起至2016年1月销售HYBY吸顶灯,售价13美元。这两款产品均为中国制造,在宜家的所有商店均有销售。   CPSC表示,此次宜家在美国和加拿大总共召回84万个吸顶灯,其中加拿大销售有42.7万个。   《每日邮报》报道指出,宜家敦促所有购买了这两款吸顶灯的用户,立即前往门店进行退货,宜家将全额退款。   宜家同时表示退款时,消费者无需提供收据证明。   中国落点 有用户受伤缝针 中国官网召回三款吸顶灯   记者登录宜家中国官网发现,宜家在华除了召回HYBY、LOCK两款吸顶灯外,另外一款名为RINNA吸顶灯也在召回之列。   宜家表示,请购买过 HYBY(海比)、LOCK(劳克) 或 RINNA(莱纳)吸顶灯的顾客立即拆除产品并退回至任何一处宜家商场,届时宜家将全额退款。宜家已经收到顾客报告,反映吸顶灯的玻璃灯罩突然掉落。个别案例中,有顾客受伤并接受治疗,其中一位需要缝针。   宜家称,公司十分重视产品的安全性,公司的所有产品都经过质量测试,且测试过程严格遵循适用的测试标准及法律法规。尽管实施了严格的检测,宜家还是收到关于 LOCK(劳克) 和 HYBY(海比)吸顶灯灯罩掉落的报告。为保障顾客的人身安全并避免类似事件再次发生,决定召回这几款产品并提供全额退款。   HYBY(海比)和LOCK(劳克)吸顶灯目前在宜家所有市场出售,其中 LOCK(劳克)于2002年起售,而HYBY(海比)从2012年开始上架销售。2010年起,RINNA(莱纳)吸顶灯开始在11个欧洲国家及中国销售。   宜家称,顾客可将HYBY(海比)、LOCK(劳克)或RINNA(莱纳)吸顶灯退回至任何一处宜家商场,无需购买凭证(收据)即可获得全额退款。   此外,登录或拨打宜家顾客服务热线400-800-2345可了解更多信息。   记者发现,目前宜家中国官网已经将召回产品下架,无法查询产品的相关信息。   连续召回   仅仅时隔一个月   均涉及中国市场   《每日邮报》报道指出,此次召回距离上次宜家发布召回信息仅仅时隔一个月。就在上个月,宜家宣布全球召回LATTJO鼓棒和舌鼓玩具。   这些玩具均宣称适合6岁小孩,但是其连接鼓棒的橡胶球存在掉落危险,从而对儿童造成窒息风险。   宜家中国官网也于1月14日发布了召回信息,称宜家提醒凡购买过LATTJO(拉特奥)鼓棒或 LATTJO(拉特奥)舌鼓的顾客,立即把产品移至远离儿童的地方并退回任何一处宜家商场,届时宜家将进行全额退款。   此次召回为宜家自发采取的预警措施,原因在于宜家收到了六份来自商场员工的报告,报告中提出鼓棒前端的橡胶球会脱落或没有拧紧。松动的橡胶球可能引起幼童的注意,最坏的情况下,可能会导致儿童窒息。不过,目前尚未收到任何类似事故报告。   宜家称,经过测试和认证,产品符合适用的玩具安全标准。但是,在随后的调查中,公司发现了安全标准尚未涉及的风险。尽管已经通过认证的测试,但是为了避免出现任何意外事故,宜家自发采取了预警措施,决定召回LATTJO(拉特奥)鼓棒和 LATTJO(拉特奥)舌鼓。   LATTJO(拉特奥)鼓棒和LATTJO(拉特奥)舌鼓自2015年11月1日起开始在所有宜家市场出售。   在华召回吸顶灯型号   ◆00065204 LOCK 吸顶灯白色 AU CN 315530件   ◆10216373 HYBY 吸顶灯 AU CN 23553件   ◆20252469 RINNA 吸顶灯 25×9.5 多种图案AU CN 13766件   (责任编辑:李方) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

日本各路商家已经做好迎接新一轮中国游客高峰的准备 好视界自学网

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Japanese tourists are ready to meet the new round of the peak in preparation for the Japanese businessmen ready to face a new round of Chinese tourist peak for Zhang Jianshu for the lunar new year, spring tide surging stream of people toward home, more to the scenic spots at home and abroad. According to authoritative institutions, in 2016, China’s tourism market will grow in a comprehensive way, outbound travel, family tourism, cruise tours and other new travel will also usher in the outbreak. The National Tourism Bureau also recently released 2016 China tourism forecast data: expected domestic tourism 4 billion 380 million passengers, an increase of 9.5%; 263 million passengers inbound and outbound tourism. For people who travel on holidays, especially for those who travel abroad, it is especially important to travel safely and cheerfully. Therefore, this special edition of this group of articles, in order to provide reference for readers. In recent years, the upsurge of tourism to Japan is in the ascendant. According to statistics, the total number of foreign tourists to Japan in 2015 was about 19 million 737 thousand and 400, with a total consumption of 3 trillion and 477 billion 100 million yen. Among them, 4 million 993 thousand and 800 tourists from mainland China; 4 million 2 thousand and 100 Korean tourists; 3 million 677 thousand and 100 Chinese tourists from Taiwan; 1 million 524 thousand and 300 Chinese tourists from Hongkong. The consumption amount of these tourists in Japan was 1 trillion and 417 billion 400 million yen, 520 billion 700 million yen, 300 billion 800 million yen and 262 billion 700 million yen respectively. Obviously, China’s three places across the Taiwan Strait and South Korean tourists make the greatest contribution to Japan’s tourism market. The last stage of Japan, part of the media and the speech seize the world market and the international crude oil Chinese downturn and A shares of various factors such as turbulence, while wantonly mouthing Chinese economy, while visitors to Japan China worry might drop. However, with the arrival of the Chinese New Year holiday, Japanese businessmen are ready to meet the new peak of Chinese tourists. So, for the first time to Chinese tourists, how to spend a reassuring and comfortable journey to Japan? Here are some of the little things you can think of. The first is to ensure traffic safety. Every winter, Hokkaido, Nagano, new counties and other ski resorts favored. But this is often the weather changing, rain and snow disaster in high season, once the snow mountain blocking the road, reinforcements rescue difficult. Therefore, it is very important to choose reliable means of transportation to pay attention to the travel destination and the weather trends along the route. According to statistics, Japan last year due to traffic accidents killed 4117 people, the number of injured 665126 people. The accidents were distributed in all areas except Hokkaido. In January 5th this year, North Karuizawa, Jiujun Nagano, National Highway No. 18 line occurred in the sightseeing bus car accident, causing more than 10 young students at school were killed in the tragedy. Preliminary investigations revealed that the accident, the bus has owned enterprises management, the improper disposal of the driver, passengers not wearing a seatbelt to expand casualties plot. With the increasing number of foreign tourists, Japan is facing the shortage of travel vehicles and passengers. Next is to ensure good health. Japan’s beautiful natural environment, city clean reputation. However, Japan’s long, local customs and a natural and food allergens, but a lot of seasonal epidemic disease. For the first time tourists to Japan, on the theory of

日商已做好迎接新一轮中游客高峰准备   日本商家已做好迎接新一轮中国游客高峰准备   张建墅   农历新年将至,涌动的人流大潮奔向家乡、更奔向国内外风景名胜。据权威机构发布,2016年中国旅游市场将全面增长,出境游、家庭游、邮轮游等新旅行方式也将迎来爆发。国家旅游局也于日前公布2016年中国旅游业预计数据:预计国内旅游43.8亿人次,增长9.5%;旅游入出境2.63亿人次。对于节日出行的人们来说,尤其是对于到境外旅游的人们来说,如何平平安安、高高兴兴地出行尤其重要。为此,本版特辑本组稿件,以供读者参考。   近年来,赴日旅游热潮方兴未艾。据统计,2015年赴日外国旅客总数约1973.74万人,共消费3.4771万亿日元。   其中,中国内地游客499.38万人;韩国游客400.21万人;中国台湾游客367.71万人;中国香港游客152.43万人。上述游客在日本消费额分别为1.4174万亿日元、5207亿日元、3008亿日元、2627亿日元。显然,中国两岸三地以及韩国旅客对日本的旅游市场直接贡献最大。   近阶段,日本部分媒体和言论抓住世界市场和国际原油低迷以及中国A股动荡等多方因素,一边大肆唱衰中国经济,一边又担忧中国旅客赴日热潮有可能回落。   然而,随着中国春节长假将至,日本各路商家已经做好迎接新一轮中国游客高峰的准备。那么对初次赴日的中国旅客来说,如何度过一次安心而舒心的日本旅行呢?以下一些小要点或可放在心头。   首先是确保交通安全。每到冬季,北海道、长野县、新�县等滑雪胜地备受青睐。但此时往往是气象多变、雨雪灾害高发的季节,一旦冰雪封山堵路,增援救助难度较大。因而关注旅行目的地及沿线的气象动态,选择可靠交通工具尤为重要。据统计,日本去年因交通事故死亡4117人,受伤人数665126人。事故平均分布在除北海道以外的各个地区。今年1月5日,长野县北佐久郡轻井泽町国道18号线上发生一起观光巴士车翻车事故,酿成10多名在校青年学生遇难的悲剧。事故初步调查显示,存在巴士车所属企业管理不善、司机临机处置不当、乘客未系安全带导致伤亡扩大等情节。而随着外国旅客数量剧增,日本正面临旅游车辆与司乘人员不足的困局。   其次是确保身体健康。日本自然环境优美,城市卫生干净有口皆碑。不过,日本国土狭长,各地风土不一,自然与食物过敏源、季节性流行疾病却不少。对于初次赴日的游客来说,更需要从细节上保持自身健康。如遇感冒、水土不服、肠胃不适等,社区药店或便利店多有常用药可买。如需就医,则要尽可能赶在白天,因为日本大型综合医院不多,且小病需凭社区诊所医生开具的介绍书才接诊。而社区诊所也颇有点衙门派头,不论大小,上班时间都是固定的,周末还放假,根本做不到夜间随到随诊。   第三是避免无谓纷争。近年媒体报道的日本普通国民吸毒、偷盗、杀人等违法犯罪案件不在少数。另有报道称,截至2015年年初,在日外籍人员超过212万,其中非法居留者6.7万。2015年10月25日,土耳其驻日大使馆门口还发生了在日土籍人群殴事件。而日本一些传媒对涉外纷争事件高度敏感,往往有意无意地往国民感情方面拉扯,丑化外国人形象。因而,对外国游客来说,事前对日本法律法规与社会规范秩序做一些基本了解是必要的,远离纷争即是远离烦恼。另据记者观察,日本商家乃至社会整体对中国游客素养的误会与偏见在不断改观之中。外国游客在日引发的争执多因语言不通、习俗不同等引起,只要不刻意激化,并善意耐心地沟通,或者求助第三方,绝大多数可依理依规得到化解。   最后是理性购物消费。日本正规市场基本能体现“分钱分货”的消费理念,商品的保、换、退的条款也比较完备,确实比较省心。值得一提的是,日本商场里“Made in China”的商品特别多,电器、制衣等更呈现高端化趋势,市场认可度不断提升。日本普通国民的消费观已经变得十分理性,据说购买5万日元以上商品时,不管有钱没钱,都会根据必需、用途、偏好、财力等方面需求审慎权衡。前年中国春节期间,安倍首相一时兴起跑到银座购物,本想装作“接接地气”,带动日本国民消费者,结果却被网民痛批奢侈,说买了3万多日元的东西也叫“零花”?   实际上,人们从购物过程中也可以体会到日本不同的商业理念或文化心理。在日本普通国民看来,比如衣物,材质自然优良、色调拙朴淡雅、款式设计整体简约而细处别出心裁的产品往往更受欢迎。又如日本酒,酿造工艺和成本大体相近,但口感风味因原料产地与水质不同而存在微妙差异,价格更是千差万别。前年4月,美国总统奥巴马访问日本,安倍首相用他山口老家产的一款清酒款待。之后该酒价格一路飙升,甚至不时缺货。但在日本人对清酒的传统价值观里,该酒可能还不怎么入流。有日本朋友毫不客气地指出,那酒根本不值那钱。再如日式料理,在定价方面,除食材和味道,食器酒具、食店评级、厨师头衔、食店环境、服务等级等都是重要参考指标。游客品尝后觉得味道一般,“挨宰”之痛却十分明显的例子并不鲜见。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Vadher Jaydev Designer Cotton Kurtis Cotton Kurtis Designs Designer Cotton Kurtis 成都大学医护学院

Sunday, November 12th, 2017

Cotton Kurtis Manufacturers Enrich The Cotton World Posted By: Vadher Jaydev Ladies Cotton Kurtis Kurti Manufacturers In India Ladies Cotton Kurtis Spruce Up Your Wardrobe With Designer Kurtis Posted By: Vadher Jaydev Ladies Cotton Kurtis Indian Cotton Kurtis Ladies Cotton Kurtis Options Available In Ladies Kurtis For Different Seasons & Occasions Posted By: Vadher Jaydev One thing that you will always agree to is that fashion can never remain constant. Apparels and accessories that are all the rage today can be completely out of fashion tomorrow. And this holds true for Ladies Kurtis in every sense. Leaf through any fashion magazine or online fashion portal, you are bound to come across a new range of Trendy Ladies Kurtis almost every week. Well, the reason is quite simple behind this so swiftly changing trend in Ladies Kurtis. Women have always been and continue to be quite conscious of looking their best and the constantly changing trends in Ladies Kurtis testify their consciousness. Ladies Kurtis According To Season: Indeed, fashion keeps on changing and it changes with every season. Considering the same, manufacturers bring forth assorted collection of Kurtis For Women for all seasons. For instance, there are Woolen Kurtis For Winter and they further come in variations such as Woolen Long Kurtis, Winter Short Kurtis, etc. Likewise, there are Cotton Ladies Kurtis for summers and these Ladies Kurtis come in variations such as Designer Cotton Kurtis, Short Cotton Kurtis, Long Cotton Kurtis, etc.Ladies Kurti Manufacturer Kurti Manufacturers In India Ladies Kurti Manufacturer Unique & Stylish Designer Kurti: What You Desire For! Posted By: Vadher Jaydev Designer Cotton Kurtis Cotton Kurtis Designs Designer Cotton Kurtis 相关的主题文章:

the cost of hiring an employee to handle this information is relatively cheap. Small businesses 重生小保姆txt下载

Friday, November 10th, 2017

Outsourcing The growth of the Internet has allowed businesses to outsource many aspects of their operations. While many consider outsourcing as primarily intended for large businesses, many of these services can help small businesses reduce expenses and operate more effectively. In particular, small businesses should consider outsourcing their payroll activities. Online payroll processing removes the time small businesses must spend on the difficult task of computing and distributing their employees’ payments. Many small businesses do not have the resources necessary to hire an employee to handle payroll processing, and it is often the owner or a manager who must take up the task. By outsourcing payroll services, small businesses can free up management’s time and allow them to put their efforts toward more important tasks that help the company succeed and grow. Payroll management is unavoidable, but it does not have to be time consuming. By reducing the amount of time a small business’s management needs to spend on payroll tasks, small businesses can save money. As the saying goes, time wasted is money wasted. When management has time to focus on areas that help a company increase its revenue, they will likely be able to bring in far more revenue than the payroll service costs. Online payroll processing providers are large companies, and their systems are able to automate many aspects of the payroll calculation and distribution process; by using their services, small businesses can take advantage of their efficiency. By outsourcing payroll services, small businesses can offer services that they would not have been able to offer otherwise. Employees refer direct deposit; having money available instantly and reliably without having to deal with checks can help employees better budget their expenses and know when to schedule their shopping and trips. Attracting the best talent requires presenting a strong payment package for employees, and direct deposits are a major selling point. Outsourced payroll processors are adept at what they do. Their expertise ensures accuracy and a lack of headaches for both management and other staff members. Payroll mistakes can have a draining effect on small businesses, as late payments and accounting errors can hurt a company’s morale and lead to substantial penalties from the IRS. Small businesses using a online payroll processor can be confident that their calculations are correct and that tax filing will go more smoothly. Online payroll processing providers protect their clients’ information. The same cannot always be said of a company’s employees. When an employee is tasked with handling payroll procedures, he or she can take this information to their new jobs. By utilizing the services of an an outsourced payroll provider, small businesses can be assured that their payroll information will be protected from the prying eyes of competitors. Large businesses can often absorb the cost of managing their own payroll calculations and distribution; for them, the cost of hiring an employee to handle this information is relatively cheap. Small businesses, on the other hand, do not have this luxury. By hiring an online payroll processor, small businesses can ensure that their payroll operations are handled quickly, accurately and reliably. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Home-and-Family LED grow lighting is a revolution in terms vegetation is grown indoors. They have got countless advantages. For instance 混个神仙当当

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Home-and-Family LED grow lighting is a revolution in terms vegetation is grown indoors. They have got countless advantages. For instance, they have an inclination to last some time, and a few include a guaranteed lifetime inside range between ten and in many cases 10 years. These grow lights are highly high efficiency and promote plant growth in several ways and areas. In this context, they have a very low heat output and they also have another advantage, and that is that they are very economical. They are also very diverse in nature, because their light is so customizable. Of course the grow lights are not perfect and have their disadvantages, but here’s an interesting fact: the attractiveness of these lamps is so wide that even the NASA began using them. A recent breakthrough in the science behind LED grow lights led to the concept of the so-called Solid State Lighting (SSL). SSLs have shown that the capacity of both emit light very close to the visible part of the spectrum. What this means is that the data from light can be used directly or can converge easily when necessary. In addition, you can get free light if you use SSL technology; the usual harmful effects of many light sources are not there. It is here that we return to NASA, the famous Space Center that has started with this SSL technology in space agriculture programs. When NASA researched on agriculture, its goal would have been to develop artificial light sources that can help future astronauts be self-sufficient upon landing at colonies throughout the moon. The reason why NASA has begun to utilize LED lighting technology is which is very efficient, cheap and high-tech. That is contrary to fluorescent lamps and incandescent lamps which can be not really feasible, where energy is worried; there is certainly little efficiency due to the amount of electricity consumed. NASA scientists have therefore used LED lighting for the expansion of lettuce plants for instance lettuce and radishes grow encouraging, whilst in space. Used along with the soil, grow lights are blue and red for your rapid and optimal plant growth, they may be given to promote. Scientists are finding that out and wiped down all the wavelengths inside spectrum of white light, to make very efficient lighting. They found the vitality necessary for plants growing in reduced sunlight areas. This generated a dramatic drop in energy costs. Copyright (c) 2010 Bilal Chowder About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Joey Young Alcohol and drug addiction is a problem which affects our society for years. As reported by the 2006 National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health 内蒙古工业大学体育部

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Holiday Parties – Reason To Drink Posted By: Buford Andrzejczyk It is normally observed that people drink more during the holidays. For many, this is a superb and jolly way to enjoy the holidays. Nevertheless, this time is no less than a nightmare for an individual who is an alcoholic. If he really wishes to give himself and his loved ones a great gift then he should maintain his sobriety. And yes if he seeks the assistance of a California treatment center, then he can accomplish that. The most difficult situation arises for an alcoholic at a party, where the host or the hostess tries to maintain a plentiful supply of alcoholic drinks for their guests. The alcoholic might feel that saying no to a well wishing host would offend them. Unfortunately for the recuperating alcoholic, he must do so or risk lapsing back to a drunken existence. It is a habit of alcoholics to attempt to conceal their problem from their close friends and family. And the result is that they are asked to several parties where the host serves alcohol. An alcoholic would never be asked by his friend who realizes the alcoholic’s problem to a party where there will be alcohol.alcohol treatment center California alcohol treatment Adhd Drug Addiction In California Posted By: Howard Derkach Not all substance abusers in California are addicted to illegal drugs that are bought from the dark figure hovering on the street corner in seedy parts of California cities. An increasing number of addicts are abusing legal prescription drugs. A soccer mom may turn to her child’s prescription for ADHD treatment, which actually does help her child reduce injuries by making him/her better able to focus on the task at hand. The patients who follow their doctor’s orders when taking the medication are not in peril of becoming addicted to the drugs. Unfortunately, there are some ingredients in these medications that have a stimulating effect when over used. This gives the abuser a nice high and keeps them coming back for more and more. Drugs that have an amphetamine base are more likely to lead to abuse, but to the person who really needs the drug this is not the case. The stimulants in the drug actually have a calming effect on them. This is why the drug company developed the particular pharmaceutical to begin with. For those without ADHD, the drug can be addictive with all sorts of unpleasant side effects including addiction.attention deficit prescription meds drug addiction attention deficit prescription meds California Drug Treatment – What To Look For In A Facility? Posted By: PaxHouse Two facets should be taken into consideration when drugs are being talked about. The other one pertains to that which seeks to cure illnesses while the other is highly disruptive and addictive. It is the latter kind that alters the person of anyone who indulges in it. It is very often that we see and hear about people whose lives were shattered or whose careers eventually dwindled due to drug dependency and addiction. If the unfortunate event of California substance abuse happens, the only best thing to do is to face the situation head on and with acceptance. Treatment is the only way to face the dilemma. It is always recommended that when faced with this kind of situation, choose the best facility to enter into. Assess the Available Treatment Many kinds of treatment are available to cater to different kinds of need. The process commonly offered by treatment centers in California cover both inpatient and outpatient programs. This includes the medically assisted detoxification, dual diagnosis treatment and after care or continuing care services. In order to benefit of the best therapy, look for a rehab center that offer a variety of choices that can specifically cater to your needs.California Drug Treatment California Substance Abuse California Drug Treatment Addiction To Stimulants: Side Effects And Withdrawals Posted By: Joey Young Ritalin is usually recommended by medical experts to cure children who are suffering from ADD and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. But as the drug is a stimulant, it can be abused by users. Ritalin becomes addictive when it is used for an extended period of time resulting in critical health issues. Ritalin is a potent stimulant that induces a person’s central nervous system to enhance its activity, to speed up dopamine and activate the brain stem. This medicine is usually taken orally; however, those who misuse the drug may crush it into powder so that they can snort it like cocaine or inject the medication like heroin. This drug addiction will lead to some health issues. While there have been no studies conducted about the long-term effect of Ritalin on a person’s brain when utilized safely and as prescribed by doctors, there have been studies about treatment for prescription drug abuse that works in the same way as Ritalin. Addiction to Ritalin can lead to the development of a psychological disorder like schizophrenia in the later part of an addict’s life. Abusers of the medication may also go through hallucinations, nervousness and paranoia.prescription drug treatment in California California prescription drug treatment treatment for prescription drug abuse in California California prescr prescription drug treatment in California Misuse And Abuse Of Amphetamine Drugs Posted By: Joey Young Although it has been considered by many as less terrifying when compared to the other dangerous and addictive crystal meth, amphetamine drugs remains a great risk to adults and adolescents alike. They are usually used in their efforts to enhance concentration, obtain competitive abilities in sports, or combat fatigue. Such improper use and abuse of these drugs become a big problem in the modern society and the thin line between their misuse and abuse must not be taken lightly since they differ in the level of danger experienced by abusers. Misuse of drugs occurs when a prescription drug is utilized for other purpose besides what is recommended. Amphetamine drug is a kind of psychostimulant that can help people with attention deficits easily concentrate by stimulating brain chemicals responsible for concentration. However, intensive focus on tasks makes this drug susceptible to improper use as the stimulant keep them starving while it keeps them focused. On the other hand, abuse of drugs, such as amphetamine addiction, occurs when individuals taking it become addicted to its effects. Drug misusers most likely become abusers once they get hooked on the effects of the stimulant, necessitating them to get higher doses to achieve same effects.amphetamine use abuse of amphetamine amphetamine addict drug abuse amphetamine abuse inpatient-treatment-centers-in-California Inpatient Treatment Cen amphetamine use The Advancement Of Addiction Treatment Centers Has Fuelled The Fight Against Drug Addiction Posted By: Michael Henderson The smartest decision that can be taken by an individual suffering from the menace of addiction is to visit the rehab facilities so as to put an end to the ordeal. There are several rehabilitation programs that are offered at these centers and all of the programs are implemented in the presence of medical experts for getting maximum results. Prices vary for different facilities and investing some time in researching about the different centers will provide the comprehensive information regarding affordable recovery facilities. The quest for finding the best rehab facility offering high quality information should begin with family members and friends as they can be a good source of authentic information. Asking other people will provide useful clues regarding the best places to visit for getting good and affordable treatment. Internet will turn out to be very handy in this issue. However, in case there is a high quality treatment facility with good success rate then one should not be reluctant to go for it because the value of health and life can not be compromised in any case. There’re various addiction treatment facilities which receive funds and grants from government and provide services at very low costs.california treatment centers treatment centers in california treatment centers of california california treatment programs colorado treatment centers california treatment centers Fundamental Ways For Dealing With A Drug Abuse Issue Posted By: Joey Young Alcohol and drug addiction is a problem which affects our society for years. As reported by the 2006 National Household Survey on Drug Use and Health, there are approximately 112 million individuals in the USA over the age of 12 who have tried an illicit substance at least once in their lifetime. Majority of those who tried for the first time ended up being addicted while some are lucky to be able to stop after only one use. An alcohol and drug treatment center gives a hope for the addict. Drug and alcohol abuse treatment programs are the key to a drug-free life. It is a collaborative process which would ensure optimal assistance to the patients’ needs. The drug and alcohol treatment centers provide in-house treatment where the patient could be monitored 24-hours and are cared for by certified and proficient staff. The therapy is a series of steps that starts with an interview. The patient is examined by the counselor by asking some questions. The licensed drug and alcohol counselor with the client will select the right treatment option which will work best.Drug And Alcohol Treatment In California Drug Treatment Centers In California Alcohol Treatment Centers In California Drug Rehab California Substance Drug And Alcohol Treatment In California Signals Of Prescription Drug Misuse Posted By: Jennifer Poteat Amphetamine addicts , and prescription drug addiction in general, is a problem that costs all Americans billions of dollars every year. This substance is usually used by doctors to treat cases of weight loss, narcolepsy, and appetite loss, hyperactivity, and more. Amphetamines were used previously as the main ingredient in asthma inhalers, but its usage was stopped soon after due to its intoxicating effects.This is a drug that usually changes the normal functioning of the central nervous system, which means that addiction to it will occur with long-term use. Once the body has become addicted to amphetamines, tolerance also develops, which means that the dosage will have to be raised in order for the same results as before to be achieved.This is a drug that has a high potential of being abused since it is extremely addictive. Most of the people who usually abuse this drug begin slowly by altering the prescription by increasing the dose so that they may be able to experience a more elevated euphoric feeling. Actually, patients who change the prescription in any way (whether consciously or not) normally misuse the drug.amphetamine use abuse of amphetamine amphetamine addict drug abuse amphetamine abuse Treatment Centers In California inpatient Treatment Centers In Ca amphetamine use How Do We Save Lives With Drug Therapy Centers? Posted By: Ericka Lopez All of us are well aware as to how drug addiction has seriously affected the lives of many and the people around them as well. Serious drug addiction problems may be beyond our control. It is also about identifying the right people to rely on and entrust the problem with. Because of the rising substance abuse – related problems throughout America nowadays, drug therapy centers are established all throughout the country to help save thousands of lives drawn to drug abuse and giving them a second chance to live an ordinary life and become good and successful residents in their communities. Consider a drug therapy program to help realize that freedom you or someone you know deserves after being enslaved because of that addiction. This may be a very difficult decision to make but the health benefits are for a lifetime. These kinds of programs are committed to help an abuser to his or her road to rehabilitation. Connecting to people who know and understand what you or someone you know is going through is the key out of it. There may be times of denial and self-assurance that this dependence can be dealt with on your own.Inpatient Treatment Centers In California California Inpatient Treatment Centers Inpatient Treatment Centers Treatment Center In California Inpatient Inpatient Treatment Centers In California Amphetamine Use: Its Short And Long Term Effects Posted By: Joey Young Amphetamines are drugs which can cause addiction. Once a patient utilizes this pyschostimulators group, his central nervous system will produce more neurotransmitters like Noradrenaline and Dopamine. When this occurs, the individual will feel increased focus, alertness, joyfulness and power. With this drug, the person will also feel less tiredness, a decrease in appetite and sleepiness. Amphetamines are basically meant to treat psychological disorders like traumatic brain damage, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and persistent fatigue syndrome when administered in minimum dosages. Nevertheless, amphetamine abuse can cause critical effects on an individual’s body which can be experienced for either a short or long term. Short-term Effects of Amphetamine Use An individual who utilizes Amphetamines at all times is likely to get hooked on the drug. It is because he’ll have a boosted energy level and well-being as his brain demands. Even if the person has just initially utilized the drug, he can still develop drug abuse. Short-term unwanted effects of Amphetamines in the human body include exhaustion, anorexia, dilated pupils, hyperactivity, faintness, uneasiness, headache, elevated hearbeat, lack of appetite When encountered, these negative effects should inform the person to stop using the medicine.amphetamine use abuse of amphetamine amphetamine addict drug abuse amphetamine abuse Inpatient Treatment Centers In California California Inpatient Tr amphetamine use The Importance Of A California Alcohol Rehab In The Rehabilitation Process Posted By: aboveitall Treatment California is one state in the United States where the number of cases for addiction of alcohol has reached a great number and is on the constant rise. There is a large number of California alcohol rehab, the average rate of improvement of the patients addicted with alcohol is laying at a very low level. After all, a strong resolution on the part of the patient is not enough for them give up their desire for alcohol. Experienced and effective professional help is highly essential to ensure that the patient is able to effectively overcome their desire for alcohol and fulfill their resolution to the core. Every single person is aware of the fact that alcohol can be very harmful for the personal health of the addict. Alcohol also has the potential to wreak havoc in the family life of the addict and has been able to tear apart thousands of families all over the world. Therefore, it is very important for the addict to overcome their desire at all costs. However, the process of rehabilitation for the addiction of alcohol becomes a lot easier with the presence of effective and quality professional help and guidance.short term rehab 30 day rehab programs rehab programs in California addiction program in Los Angeles rehab and addiction program Los Angeles Abov short term rehab The Dire Necessity Of Alcohol And Drug Rehabs Posted By: aboveitall Treatment It has long been observed that drugs and alcohol have served to be the prime factors behind ruining the social built of any country. The black mark that has been created by drugs and alcohol is so very deep that it becomes almost impossible for the people and their family members to get rid of this treacherous habit. California is also one such place which is very prominently known to be one of the pioneers when it comes to the number of arrests that are being made everyday owing to be done under the influence of drugs and alcohol. However the alarm bell has been rung and there are many addicts who are turning their ways back from the addiction of drugs and alcohol and are trying to find out ways of combating their addiction. Not only this, the society and the family members of the addict also play an important role in bringing back life into the person. A Los Angeles rehab serves to be a place where the people can very easily find the solution to their problems of addiction in a very easy manner.California drug treatment alcohol rehab los Angeles California alcohol rehab dual diagnosis treatment centers California dual diagnosis recovery c California drug treatment Excellent Treatment To Cure Addicts Posted By: aboveitall Treatment People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol and are used to taking these things at a regular basis should get long term treatment from addiction treatment centers because inability to get long term treatment in this respect can be a great difficulty for the addicts as they are used to taking drugs and alcohol at a regular basis. The people who are very deeply addicted to drugs, for them long term treatment is a necessity otherwise they cannot get cured completely. An addiction program in Los Angeles is very helpful and at the same time effective in getting the addict the perfect treatment that he needs. Long term treatment from addiction is mandatory to be taken by an addict because it is only the treatment programs that will be able to help the people return to the mainstream of life and begin living life in a normal manner. The addiction program that is being carried out in Los Angeles follows different drug treatment procedures in order to get the addicts living life in normalcy by getting rid of the treacherous habit of drugs and alcohol.rehabs that take insurance treatment centers in California residential treatment centers addiction program long term drug rehabilitation 90 day r rehabs that take insurance New Approaches In Alcohol Treatment Posted By: Ashley Smith Adolescent Alcohol Treatment Southern California Adolescent Alcohol Treatment Southern California Drug Addiction In Women Generally Brings Risk Factors Posted By: Vincent Marian Drug and alcohol addiction is perhaps the most gruesome threat to our social existence and balance of mind for leading a healthy life style. It can easily be said about drug addiction as a chronic, serous, and relapsing physical and psychological health threat for both men and women however, in case of women it poses some more intense risk. The treatment process for drug addicted men and women are somehow different in its individual approach, and therefore centers for drug rehab for women and Alcohol Rehab Women centers are most often separately conducted. It has been observed globally that women from races, from almost all economical status, and level of education have been suffered form this social abuse. However, the history of drug addicted women show one common condition that almost all of them have had some painful and traumatic history of sexual and physical abuse in their past.Drug Rehab Center In California Orange County Treatment Center Orange County Drug Rehab Drug Rehab For Women Drug Rehab Center In California Drug Addiction Treatment In Long Term Treatment Centers Posted By: Vincent Marian Drug addiction and alcohol abuse are two messy social diseases of 21st century which are somehow coming out at devastating shape both for society and for human health, physically and mentally. This psycho-physical disease is curable but it needs prolong treatment, proper detection of the reason behind the disease, and somehow it needs a complete and earnest desire of the patient to be out of this addiction. The treatment of drug and alcohol addiction is thus not a mere treatment, it is called rehabilitation. The process of treatment rather rehabilitation helps the patients not only to get rid off the addiction but also to be back on the normal track of life. The centers where the rehabilitation is conducted is called rehab centers and as drug and alcohol addiction treatment demand long-tern treatment process, very often these rehab centers are called long term treatment centers. Keeping a pace with the growing concern about drug and rehabilitation programs in almost all sates of United States has different rehab centers.Drug Rehab Center In California Orange County Treatment Center Orange County Drug Rehab Drug Rehab For Women Drug Rehab Center In California Suppressing The Pain Of The Drug Withdrawal Effects Posted By: Vincent Marian Long Term Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehab Women Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles Rehab Programs California Long Term Treatment Centers Medicinal Treatment Provided By The Long Term Treatment Centers Posted By: Vincent Marian The nasty habit of drug addiction has spread like a plague all over the world; millions of people get addicted to some kind of drugs every year and thousands of them die premature death. Deadly drugs like cocaine, heroin and marijuana have devastated the human life. Government of many countries has taken several initiatives to prevent people from taking drugs, but they have failed. Whenever, the government banned any particular drug, the addicted people shifted to another one. In each and every initiative they took, failure was certain. Preventing people from taking drugs has become almost impossible; but if tried properly, drug addiction of a person can be cured if proper treatment is provided in a drug rehab center. Besides men, a huge population of women also gets addicted to drugs every year and they share the same fate. When they do not get proper treatment, they die due to the effects of the drugs. Addiction to drugs and death due to drug addiction has increased a lot in the past few years; but a relief in such situations is the drug rehab centers.Long Term Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehab Women Long Term Treatment Centers Addiction Treatment For A Patient With The Best Choice Of The Treatment Center Posted By: Vincent Marian These days addiction to drugs is one of the major problem to the whole society. And as the fact is that there is no particular age or any particular gender of people who are the victim of this addiction and therefore it has often been seen women, and even children to be getting addicted to some sort of drugs or other. In this respect the best thing that can be done is to make the proper choice of the addiction treatment center for the best cure for the addiction patients. In this context it is also essential to note that the choice of the addiction treatment center is the most essential thing that should be kept in mind for the proper treatment of the addiction patients. In this respect the most essential thing to note is to get the best choice of the addiction treatment center so that the best addiction treatment can be offered to the addiction patients. Other than that it is also equally essential to pay proper attention to the drug treatment programs offered by the treatment center.Long Term Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehab Women Alcohol Treatment Los Angeles Rehab Programs California Long Term Treatment Centers Drug Treatment Center In California Posted By: Kevin Kline drug treatment center opiate detox drug treatment centers drug treatment center 相关的主题文章:

adherence to truth 芷若斗倚天-雅若兰芷

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Adult Drug Rehab Treatment Center Provide Alternative Treatment Posted By: Almond Keystone recovery center provides life-changing residential care for individuals that who is struggling with addiction. We committed to provide full continuum of high-quality, cost-effective health care services in an atmosphere of integrity, respect and accountability. Adult drug rehab treatment center provide alternative treatment, holistic care and wide range of support options. We assist adults with the transformation from addict to recovery member of society. We offer family counseling AND support services which can make the transition to go more smoothly. Our entire process of treatment recovery is more effective for the whole family. At our center, we recognized that disease of addiction can touches more than just the affected individual. We provide quality of care for all individuals and agencies where we serve. Our professionals are responsible to determine the appropriate level of care. Adult rehab center enable provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance that have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for them. Our treatment specialists are available by 24X7 to help every individual in urgent matter also. We provide long term, social model and residential recovery programs for every individual that who seeking to deal with substance abuse and other drug rehab treatment center adult rehab center adult drug rehab treatment center Drug Rehabilitation And Other Types Of Drug Addiction Recovery Programs Posted By: Nicholas Grimaldi Drug Rehabilitation Drug Addiction Recovery Programs Drug Rehabilitation Certified Teens Christian Boarding Schools In Fresno Posted By: Mahajan Christian boarding schools are religion-oriented institutes that instill spiritual enrichment in children along with a strict academic program. These Fresno schools help adolescents become stronger physically, morally and internally by teaching them to become closer to God. Christian boarding schools support learning through a Biblical life skills curriculum, biblical guidance, church attendance, home discipleship courses, devotion times and community living. Students are taught various aspects of life like forgiveness, leadership, money management, failure management, adherence to truth, self-value, boundaries and respect, mood management, self-control, time management, authority and various issues that relate to dating, sex and marriage. Struggling teenagers are not only a problem to their families but a recognized social problem. Society and Governments view requires for reforming troubled adolescence seriously. There are many free programs by government departments and not for profits that focus on boosting the confidence and self esteem of troubled youth. These programs are available on a long term and short term basis. They offer help for teenage substance addicts, adolescents with behavioral problems and also for pregnant teens. There are plenty of drug rehab centers around; it has been observed that Christian drug rehabilitation centers work much healthier than other centers.Residential recovery programs military schools for troubled teens Christian drug rehabilitation programs wilderness programs Residential recovery programs 相关的主题文章:

create a smooth midsection and complete the desired transformation. Tags 易顺佳pos

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Tummy Tuck After Lap Band Surgery In California: Completing The Transformation By: Douglas Krahn | Jul 2nd 2010 – Thousands of people in southern California have reaped the benefits of laparoscopic gastric band surgery. A tummy tuck procedure can eliminate the extra skin appearing after dramatic weight loss, create a smooth midsection and complete the desired transformation. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

Elephant expedition 哈尔滨工程大学mba

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Bsnl Sarkari Naukri Alerts 2015 By: | Sep 16th 2015 – If you want for a few fun whereas moving through the notable life of India, then you’ll embark or select expedition Tours in India. you’ll maintain a landrover expedition, Elephant expedition, or a artiodactyl mammal expedition. Like inhabitation expedition conjointly offers you the chance to become one with nature. There a … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

Know More Of Treating Chronic Fatigue Syndrome 凯里学院教务处

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Health In case you are considering treating continual fatigue syndrome odds are that you have already been diagnosed with persistent fatigue syndrome or a person you loved has. Regrettably therapy for this disabling illness is quite difficult to appropriately handle. With recovery prices under fifty percent a lot of victims of chronic fatigue syndrome dont find the treatment schemes that they want as a way to restore their good quality of life. The very first step in treating chronic fatigue syndrome would be to make sure the diagnosis is appropriate. There are many diseases that have comparable symptom sets as persistent fatigue syndrome. Seek the advice of with your medical doctor and make sure that all other prospects have been exhausted. In the event you consider treatment to complete this it is possible to start off treating chronic fatigue syndrome instantly. The most typical therapy of continual fatigue syndrome entails altering your diet to make certain that you simply are eating a healthful variety of food items every day. Eating healthy can lessen the severity of signs or symptoms which may offer an exhausted entire body an opportunity for relaxation. Furthermore to this a good exercise strategy may also create a big distinction. A nutritious entire body is a lot more most likely to recover from the strain of chronic fatigue syndrome. Subsequent you will want to seek the advice of along with your doctor and locate the most effective medicines offered for treating chronic fatigue syndrome. Medicines can be used to minimize the severity of symptoms which may bring about recovery. It is critical to remember that because the pathogen or virus responsible for continual fatigue syndrome hasnt nevertheless been recognized all medicines utilized are utilized for treating the signs of chronic fatigue syndrome rather than the condition itself. At the moment theres no acknowledged heal. Theres only the controlling of symptoms to permit for a regular lifestyle. In case you are thinking about treating chronic fatigue syndrome and also have been diagnosed you are able to join study studies built to perform in the direction of a cure. Only victims of continual fatigue syndrome have the ability to assist medical professionals and researchers get a much better comprehension of this unpleasant disorder. Many of these analysis scientific tests assess the symptom sets of victims and hunt for common backlinks in DNA testing and other checks to try to seek out the frequent ties among patients. Should you be interested in learning more about treating chronic fatigue syndrome youll find a wide number of diverse resources that you simply can download together with many organizations which you can join that are focused to finding a remedy for chronic fatigue syndrome. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

while it is real that resorts in Spain’s capital appreciate 85-percent occupancy regular 圣斗士奇迹之海

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Vacation-Rentals Most visitors believe resorts are the only practical choice once they phase on Spain’s capital ground. Nothing could be further from the fact. No issue where one may be on the globe, there are always cost-effective resorts for the getting. So, while it is real that resorts in Spain’s capital appreciate 85-percent occupancy regular, there are nevertheless a number of housing opportunities. The most typical are Appartements a Barcelone, aparthotels, resorts, and hostals or retirement benefits. Who would not leap at the opportunity to remain in a unique residence, finish with all the contemporary benefits of home, for the price of a conventional resort room? A Spain’s capital vacation residence is a fantastic way to save and stay perfectly at the same time. Benefits even become more recognizable if you remain at your Appartements a Barcelone with two other people who will be breaking the invoice with you. Remaining in a Spain’s capital Holiday residence can be very are cost-effective, especially if you are journeying as loved ones members or with a team. As opposed to Spain’s capital vacation residence idea, the aparthotel is relatively new. An aparthotel is exactly as its name clues – a small residence within a resort. It is ideal for people viewing Spain’s capital in categories. Most aparthotels have cooking areas equipped with a pot and a refrigerator. Hostals mean retirement benefits. The two are not just similar; they are identical. The same cannot be said of hostals and resorts, however. In Spain’s capital, Appartements a Barcelone have a lot in typical. Actually, some hostals provide equivalent, if not better, Holiday Apartment Barcelona. On the whole, however, hostals are less expensive and are less magnificent than resorts. The difference in cost may variety from minimal to significant. Also, it is not unprecedented for a hostel to have distributed bathing room functions. That or a kitchen that is equipped with chooses tools. Hostals adhere to a different ranking program. The biggest possible ranking for Holiday Apartment Barcelona is only three celebrities. Resorts, however, may generate as many as five celebrities. Another distinction between hotels and hostals include arranging techniques. Of course, if you could very well pay for a resort, then there’s no purpose for you to even consider substitute indicates of protection. If you have to properly observe your cash, however, then we have another tale completely. It’s only realistic that you consider remaining in a Holiday Apartment Barcelona, an aparthotel, or a hostel. All three are money-saving solutions to resort prices. They provide convenience without the needless costs and extras. Leasing a Spain’s capital vacation residence instead of remaining in a moderate resort, for example, will let you preserve as much as 30 to 50 %. What visitor could say no to that? About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

practical experience will be an essential element to think about. You may claim that it is not really bad to employ new lawyers 重庆传媒职业学院

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Legal US Citizenship is a prestige given to individuals that provides specific rights, responsibilities, honors, and aids to the individual. Citizenship is a legal symbol recognizing a person as having a roll of rights, including the right to live and work in the United States and to obtain federal help and government amenities. The security threats have made US Government to make its laws and regulations of immigration stricter than ever before. Elongated Path Since the fanatic attacks of 9/11 the way to the U.S. Citizenship Interview for numerous immigrants has become an even elongated one. After the attack the wait was about 18 months for a citizenship interview appointment from the time of filing US Citizenship Application Form . At the present time the process is still taking roughly six to twelve months. How to run through the path? The citizenship interview is your entryway to American citizenship. The interview can be traumatic. Though do not forget to answer the entire set of questions honestly. You might be anxious – dont express it. The USCIS officer talks to dozens of people every day. He has perhaps perceived and heard about everything. Be respectful, polite and, above all, honest. If you are all these, you will not have any problem during your citizenship interview. At the Interview At your interview, a USCIS officer will clarify the necessity of your presence there, verify your identification, and place you further down to the oath. He or she will enquire you about your background; evidence supporting your case; your place and length of residence and your character, your attachment to the Constitution; and your willingness to take an Oath of Allegiance to the United States. In addition, the USCIS officer may ask you some other questions to make sure that you meet all the appropriateness. Be equipped to elucidate any variances between your application and the other documents you provided to USCIS. During your interview, unless you are exempted from the English requirements, a USCIS officer will also examine your ability to read, write, and speak English. If you do not recognize or understand the question, instead of predicting what it is, probe the Officer to repeat the question unhurriedly. When you are tried for US government and History questions, respond to the questions slowly. It is because; getting the answers right is more vital than presenting how fast you can speak in English. If you are not sure if you responded to the questions correctly on the application form, elucidate the circumstances to the Officer. Do not ever try to tall tale or hide anything. The Finale If USCIS approves your Citizenship Application Form, you must attend a ceremonial and take the Oath of Allegiance to the United States. USCIS will inform you by mail of the time and date of your ceremony. You need to return your Permanent Resident Card to USCIS when you check in for your oath ceremony. About the Author: By: Hassan Elhais – A party to an arbitration contract have right to request annulment of arbitration award if arbitrator did not follow the procedures contained in the arbitration contract or the agreed terms of reference. By: Robert K. Sanders – Employers make plenty of mistakes and you cannot really blame them if they do not know everything about the employment law. Employing attorneys is certainly the best way to prevent this, but small enterprises don’t have the resources to afford a lawyer. By: Jake Winston – Employment law is a very complex part of the law because it is made up of various conditions that are meant to protect both the interests of staff and employers. It may help handle challenges like discrimination during employment, unjust salary, dismissal of person … By: Bobby Smith – Employment law is absolutely inclined towards the workers, but you must remember that this law also protects the employers, particularly from abusive employees. Well, some employers are in fact too easygoing with their workers. By: Alfred J. Jones – You can state that discrimination is taking place in plenty of businesses around the world and it’s not only between employees, but also with employers and workers. National origin discrimination is the most common issue of workers, particularly those who are worki … By: Alfred J. Jones – Discrimination can be something you can feel, but it’ll be very hard for you to prove that you’re indeed being discriminated against, especially in the workplace. Some claims could be examples of discrimination, but you can’t simply say that in court. You will need … By: Robert K. Sanders – Employment law is quite complex because of the fact that it is composed of various conditions that are designed to protect the interest of the employees and employers. These laws are generally made to take care of different issues like discrimination during employm … By: Larry L. Wise – Discrimination could be experienced by lots of people, but it’s quite difficult to confirm that you have been discriminated against, particularly if you’re in the work place. Some statements could be examples of discrimination, but you can’t state that in court. Yo … By: Larry L. Wise – Gender equality has been a major focus in today’s society because many women state that they can do a man’s work and vice versa. Gender discrimination is taking place nowadays and many employers are doing this. By: Michael Black – If you are going to hire an employment lawyer in NYC, practical experience will be an essential element to think about. You may claim that it is not really bad to employ new lawyers, but it’s always better if you could employ someone with lots of experience in deal … 相关的主题文章:

malisabrown While Android is going through leaps and bounds in becoming the most widely used mobile platform across the globe 文通鼠标手写输入法下载

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Building The Right Enterprise Mobility Strategy Posted By: Ranosys Technologies Enterprise Mobility Mobile Device Management Ranosys Technologies. Enterprise Mobility Innovapptive Partnered With Apperian To Deliver Mobile Application Management Solutions For Their Posted By: Sydney Hardison Houston, TX, January 29, 2014 – Innovapptive, An SAP certified Mobile Application Development and Services Partner, today announced a partnership with Apperian Inc., the leading platform for securing and managing enterprise mobile apps. Now, Innovapptive customers more easily onboard, secure, publish and manage corporate apps on mobile devices with a seamless approach that ensures security and drives user adoption. The partnership will allow Innovapptive to provide its customers with an end-to-end mobile application management (MAM) solution for its mPower AppSuite. The solution will combine mPower AppSuite and Apperian’s mobile application management platform, Apperian EASE®, to provide enterprise grade mobile app security that can be seamlessly managed and distributed through a branded enterprise catalog. Innovapptive’s mPower AppSuite is a portfolio of SAP certified pre-packaged mobile applications that are available to customers on the SAP® Store. The mPower AppSuite is built to meet specific industry vertical pain points or cross-industry line of business (LOB). "We’re excited to team up with Innovapptive and help its customer base take advantage of the benefits of mobility," said Cimarron Buser, senior vice president of business development for Apperian.Innovapptive Inc. GCL Innovapptive Inc. Facing Byod Troubles? Consult Enterprise Mobile Apps Posted By: Jennifer Lewis enterprise application development company enterprise app enterprise application development company How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Mobile App? Posted By: Steve Nellon app development services apps developers custom mobile application development game development game development company india game development i app development services Posted By: Jennifer Lewis mobile apps development enterprise app development company mobile apps development Posted By: Jennifer Lewis The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) concept has created a tussle between securing sensitive corporate data and information and respecting employee’s freedom of using his device and installed apps. This issue continues to intensify further, as more and more employees are adapting to BYOD culture and using their own smart devices professional use. This statement gets the support of Gartner, which says that by 2018, the number of people using their personal devices for professional purposes will rise by 70 percent. Business owners have realized the intensity of this problem and started adopting various techniques and tools to enhance data security without hampering employee’s right of using their device freely. MDM or Mobile Device Management is one such technique, which involves managing and controlling devices that belong to the end user. Restricting or containing the enterprise data has its own share of drawbacks. The most effective and user-friendly way to achieve both the results at the same time is MAM or Mobile Access Management. It runs on the concept of wrapping the data and information that a business owner thinks should be kept private from the employees.enterprise apps developer healthcare mobile apps mobile app enterprise apps developer Two In One Approach To Mdm Not Yet There Posted By: Jennifer Lewis mobile app development Dallas iPhone apps developer Dallas mobile app development Dallas What To Consider Before Deploying Mobile Application Management Posted By: Reema Bajaj Mobile Application Management MAM Mobile Application Management Mobility Solutions- Mdm, Mam & Security Posted By: Michael Burke Hand held devices have surely come to the mainstream as technology has taken a huge shift with a broad adoption of mobile communication among various paradigms of socioeconomic market. Mobile devices are becoming more and more sophisticated and are providing users with a plethora of options to become more productive. One of the biggest issues faced by organisations is the adoption of mobility without worrying about data integrity. It requires a whole new approach to keep the data safe and secure while doing away with challenges that are faced while connecting backend data to mobile devices in a safe and secure environment. Having a robust mobility solutions requires various points to be taken into consideration in accordance to the approach of mobile application. Each development company goes through some key areas before choosing the right option. These include: Cost implications for implementing the application Overall time frame for developing mobility solution Cost of maintaining and updating the application Feasibility with current business processes Support of different platforms and devices End User Experience There are various layers involved in overall mobility with each layer going through a thorough phase of innovation.Mobile Device Management Mobile App development Solutions Mobile Device Management Posted By: Mobiquant When designing and developing various mobile security management software, most of the organization-owners spend more time considering the security of devices than their users. Yes..! This mobility management service provider or MMSP plays an important role in your life. This amazing solution helps many business customers implement a secure platform for all devices that are compliant with the use, data storage or recovery and transmission. It is very important nowadays that you opt for a user-friendly and 100% secure IT security solution for your sensitive and expensive devices. All these solutions are rendered only by the prominent firms available in the market. So, if you are planning to purchase all these for your exclusive device, then use the internet. Through the internet you can easily track reputed and reliable service providers very easily. There is no doubt about it that nowadays mobile, iPad, iPhone and many more advanced devices have become man’s new best friend. Yes..! According to the recent survey, there are currently over 4 billion Smartphones are in use among 7 billion people. Yes..! They use all these devices to stay in touch with their precious friends, online shopping, banking, take pictures and listen to security management mobile application management mobile security management Application Management Strategy: Some Points To Remember Posted By: Reema Bajaj Mobile Application Management Mobile Application Management Top Players For Enterprise Mobility Solutions Posted By: Enterprise Mobility Solutions Mobility has become a critical area of scope as businesses and enterprises have started to amalgamate technology into their core business process to increase efficiency and productivity. Rather than just choosing just one or two applications, enterprises have started to encompass on a holistic mobility strategy, in which they are moving ahead from a mobile device management strategy to a mobile application management strategy. This has led to a huge influx of companies providing mobility solutions to enterprises on various mobile app platforms along with BYOD solutions and real time machine-to-machine (M2M) communications. Although most of them offer all these products and more, there is a lack of added support of consulting and solution design that ensures an added layer of advanced services. Today, most enterprises view mobility solutions as a tool that can help them ward off day to day challenges and increase efficiency as well as productivity. There is no denying of the fact that every enterprise looks for a personalized touch in their software solutions which can work around their legacy processes making it easy for them to make the transformation.Enterprise mobility solutions mobile app development Enterprise mobility solutions Use Effective Mam Solution To Provide Your Business High Standard Security And Mobility Posted By: Mobiquant Mobile device management (MDM), Mobile application management (MAM) and device security (MSM) and more new processes that several business owners are adopting to provide the business mobility service. These are the extended concept of network and operational management for communicating devices like tablet and android phones. Policy development, network selection, purchasing, security of confidential data, application and devices are covered under this umbrella. The popularity of Mobile Application Management has been growing popularity day by day because of numerous benefits it is bringing to the workplace. By adopting these effective technological solution you can easily mobilize your business, increase profitability, enhance the efficiency of the staff and please your clients. It not only helps you in improving the internal business process, but also decreases the risk of the loss of confidential information. It is important to buy Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution and products from only an experienced and reliable company. Doing this, you can ensure that you can get quality and effective solution for your invested money. Surfing online is the simplest way to find the best companies who offer effective solution that will help you to stay ahead in the competition without any security needs.mobility solutions mobile security solution data security mobility solutions The Future Trends Of Android Application Development Posted By: malisabrown Mobile phones have transformed exponentially from devices that were once used just for making calls and sending text messages to a full fledged mobile computing device. The advent of the mobile computing in the form of smartphones has opened up a plethora of opportunities in the sphere of mobility solutions. Android which is the most widely used smartphone platform, have been at forefront in bringing the era of mobile application into the mainstream. There are nearly 700,000 android applications in the Google Play store and the importance of applications can be justified from the fact that applications are considered to be the soul of any smartphone. Moreover the platform with a substantial amount of applications in its marketplace, tends to have an edge in terms iof userbase. This is the reason why android and iOS, which collectively have over 1.5 million applications also have captured over 90% of the market-share. Users have taken cognizance of the fact that use of smart devices in their routine life as well as in business practices can increase their efficiency and is the way for the future.Android software programming Android application developmen Android software programming Mobile Application Management Set To Drive Byod Posted By: Mobile Programming Mobile application development has been ushering in huge numbers with consumer centric applications taking the center-stage of most of the development. There are more than two million applications that have been created for different platforms as emphasis is being laid on mobility solutions. There are many analysts that believe that overall approach of mobile app developers taking a shift from consumer centric applications to enterprise centric applications looking at the stagnation of applications taking place. Enterprises have always been cautious in implementing a mobile first strategy putting huge emphasis on security aspect. this is the reason why many organizations tend to follow mobile Device management approach. In the current market economics there is a huge burden on enterprises due to rise in global competition and various volatile forces to take cognizance of resource and asset management. This is the reason why they have moved from a mobile device management approach to a more feasible mobile applications management approach. Enterprises are now focusing on a software front rather than hardware front which eases a lot of cost applications mobile apps developers mobile applications Android Application Development Needs A Whole New Transition Posted By: malisabrown While Android is going through leaps and bounds in becoming the most widely used mobile platform across the globe, it also came through a massive transformation. Becoming a widely accepted consumer centric mobile platform hasn’t been a easy fete for Android. Ranging from fragmentation, sluggish UI, and malware prone app store, Google had to erode most of the issue to give the platform the edge it currently has over the market. Mobility solutions in the consumer market has undeniably enhanced the overall customer relationship quotient for the organizations and businesses. It is an era of competition and only those organizations that are well connected to their clients have an edge over others. Android being the most widely used platform in that aspect has been a perfect tool for developers to leverage their applications. Large enterprises have also taken cognizance of the fact that public relations is a vital aspect to increase productivity and business growth. It has become difficult for any entity to grow exponentially using old age technique and a disconnect with the userbase can lead to the decline in any company’s market-space.Android app developer Android application development Android app developer Enhancing Business Value Through Mobility Solutions Posted By: Mobile Programming Mobile applications have become the need of the hour, with organizations and individuals all across the globe spending time and money developing solutions for every conceivable problem. Over the years, the importance of mobility solutions have increased to such an extent that even large corporates and enterprises have been getting in on the act in the hopes of increased productivity, revenue, efficiency, improved customer service and other presumed benefits of mobile apps. With the advent of smartphones the overall technology industry has been revolutionized, with major emphasis being laid on streamlining the overall business processes and phasing out the redundant ones. Even though the importance of enterprise mobility solutions cannot be denied still mobile app developers often find it difficult to tap into this ever growing industry. It often becomes difficult for organizations as well as business to determine which solutions would deliver the goods that can actually produce any real business value. With the current scenario of competition looming over the market, it has become highly important to better manage the resources of the organization in order to have an advantage over the apps programming mobile applications mobile apps programming Points Of Consideration Before Jumping On To Mobility Bandwagon Posted By: Mobile Programming Enterprise mobility is a relatively new term, but has seen a sharp rise in acceptance among organizations as well as businesses. Although many business executives are still coping up with the ropes when it comes to deploying mobile applications, the benefits of overall transformation is undeniable. In order to ensure that optimal benefits are yielded from the mobility solutions, it is important to implement an customized model as per the requirement of the organization. Increased revenue, employee retention and happier customers are just a few benefits that enterprises come across in this new socioeconomic paradigm. But if the implementation of the mobile application strategy is not ideal, it can cost businesses precious time and money. Considering the competitive nature of the market and the importance of resources in the success and failure of an organization, there are few points that are needed to be considered before jumping the mobility bandwagon. Security: With the implementation of BYOD (bring your own device) in enterprises there is a huge dependence on mobile app developers to forsake the security aspect in order to keep the data of the organization safe from outside applications mobile apps development mobile applications 相关的主题文章:

you need to stop playing the supporting role. You need to be in charge 岱山党建

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How to Make My Ex Girlfriend Want Me Back When She’s Found a New Guy Your ex girlfriend is with another man and it looks like the writing’s on the wall. How can you get her back now? You can use Psychological Tricks and Expert Tips to get your ex-girlfriend back links to a blog on what to do to get effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex is at the last paragraph of this article. It’s actually quite common – for both men and women – to move straight on to someone else after a breakup. They’re called rebound relationships. And there’s a reason for that. Men date new women to distract them from thinking about their ex and convince themselves (and their mates) that they are moving on. Women date new men for emotional support at a very unhappy time in their lives. Many women (and some men) only leave when they have their next love already lined up. And that is actually something in your favour. If a woman walks out without having anyone to go to, it means she is super independent and confident. These women are much harder to catch, because they won’t settle for less than they want – and they are prepared to do without a love in their life if they can’t get it. But if your girl has moved on to someone else, then she probably isn’t the type to stand alone for long. And so you have the advantage here. How to play your cards You are also at a disadvantage, because in some ways you weren’t meeting her needs. You need to turn this disadvantage back into something positive again. The fact is that this new guy offered her attention and approval just when she needed it. He is there for her when you are not. But that doesn’t mean her feelings for him will last. In fact, the chances are very much AGAINST them lasting. He is there to cushion the transition for her from being with you to being single. When she is ready, she will move on to someone else. So how can you make sure that guy is you? Well, she loved you once, didn’t she? And whatever has gone wrong between you, she still has those feelings inside. Women live through their emotions in a way that men often find difficult to understand. Think of those romantic novels and films she loves so much. She enjoys them because she sees herself in them; because in her imagination she is living through the characters she is watching or reading about. So you don’t need to recreate her love from scratch. You just need to revive and restore it in her memory. But you won’t do that by begging and pleading with her to come back, or by trying to muscle in on the supportive role that this new guy is playing. Instead you have to write a new story for her – and be the lead character in it – her hero. In other words, you need to stop playing the supporting role. You need to be in charge; of your own life and eventually of hers too. What women want Women want men who can lead, who have ambitions and goals for the future. Instead of agonising over her, you need to get out there and show her what you are made of. Think of the impossibly debonair James Bond. You don’t have to aspire to be as smooth as he is; the important about him is that he’s a leader, not a follower. So that’s what you’re aiming for. Be cool and confident, especially around her Be unfazed about her seeing someone else Talk about your plans for the future, but don’t be specific – keep it vague. You are aiming to intrigue her, to make her want to know more Expect her to follow you If you don’t feel that you can carry this off yet, then stay away from her until you are in control. Do whatever it takes to make you believe in yourself. Get a new job, work out, give yourself a makeover, have fun, date other women – just keep going until you stop seeing yourself as a failure. You’re the guy who can make her laugh and who is fun to be with. You are excited about the future and passionate about the things you enjoy. You’re a success. You are not her new support system – that the other guy’s lot. You’re going to offer her a new, fun, exciting and sexy future, and she’s going to choose to spend it with you. Are you sometimes baffled about what women really want? Women’s needs and priorities are not the same as men’s. Find out more about what women want, so that you can plan a better relationship for when you get back together. It can actually be a good idea to to have some time apart from her for a while. This will give her a chance to miss you, and find out whether she really wants you after all. If you still love your ex, don’t give up. Visit this link to download a free PDF eBook that will give you Expert Professional strategies on how to get your ex back in love with you. There’s Romantic Hint to get back your ex and to make them love you like never before. You can visit my blogs for more effective expert relationship strategies to reconcile with your ex-girlfriend when you visit these links below at the Authors Bio section. 相关的主题文章:

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Arts-and-Entertainment There are many incredible ways for a webmaster, and or a business owner to utilize the web to market their website and their business. But the problem that many business owners face is that they might not have the time or the knowledge to accomplish the necessary task that will make having a website worth it, and that will increase their revenues. Luckily, there is an internet marketing company in Toronto that is ready to help business owners overcome their lack of knowledge about how to make internet marketing work for them. Here is an example of what ImSEO offers their clients and how these services works for them: SEO keyword placement: SEO, or Search Engine Optimization works by making sure the most relevant and powerful keywords are added to the body of the website content. These keywords get the attention of all of the major search engines. When the search engines picks these up, then the website will gain higher relevancy and ranking. This is exactly what a business owner wants, because then website visitors will be sure to find them. The last thing that a business owner wants is for their website to get buried in the back of cyberspace. This does nothing to create relevancy, and more to the point, revenues for the business. Pay Per Click Management: You need a great Google Adwords campaign that will drive visitors from other related websites over to yours. When you subscribe to receive a good Pay Per Click campaign, then you will be able to get those keywords in your content that will create the links that you need. Social Marketing: Facebook. Twitter. LinkedIn. These are just some of the names that everyone has come to associate this social networking. While some of these sites have started out for personal networking, businesses have learned how to leverage these sites for their professional needs. Social Networking is the future of public relations and marketing, at least for the first half of the 21st century. Businesses have figured out that they can save millions of dollars in advertising, public relations, and customer service cost by reaching out to their customers in this way. You need a company that knows who to fully utilize their forms of marketing media, and that will use them for your business advantage. Web Development and Design: Of course, none of this would be possible without a business having a good website in place to begin with. Many business owners have made the mistake of publishing a free website, and then wondering why no one takes their website seriously. People are web savvy, and they want nothing to do with an unprofessional looking website. Furthermore, as a business owner, you need a website that has reliable hosting and is ready to answer your questions Website designing: Proper website designing can not only make your online venture crawler friendly but will also accentuate the visitors browsing experience. An experienced SEO provider knows the importance of simple techniques such as adding keyword rich meta tags to the images on the site, being vigilant about the page loading time, etc. and the impact that it can have on the search engine rating of a website. An equally important aspect of SEO is to ensure that the website is visitor friendly. After all, visitors are more important than crawlers because they are the ones who pay all your bills through their purchases. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Save A Tree…and Save Money Too! By: Easy Soft | Jul 27th 2012 – With law practice management software you don’t need to pay for a warehouse to store years of paper files and other documentation. Today you could probably fit all of the documentation an attorney would see over an entire career on an electronic storage device small enough to fit in your pocket. Tags: Family Law Software Helps Lawyers Breathe Easy And Look Smart By: Rick Kabra | Nov 7th 2011 – Family Law in the US has a few quirks and is archaic to some extent. Further exacerbating the situation is that each state have their own laws and statutes. Tags: The Inevitable Software For Pennsylvania Family Law Attorneys By: Easy Soft | Jan 12th 2011 – EzSupport-PA is scrupulous and Comprehensive Family Law Software developed by Law and technology experts from Easy Soft. This software has been designed primarily to support the family law proceedings of Pennsylvania. Tags: Pennsylvania Divorce Lawyers: Get Yourself A Pa Child Support Calculator By: Easy Soft | Dec 16th 2010 – Make a $50 mistake in a bankruptcy case: that"��s a one-time mistake. In a divorce settlement, the same mistake may cost your client"�"and his or her children"�"up to $50 per week, for years. That"��s a cost you have to live with. Tags: New Software For Pennsylvania Family Law Attorneys By: Easy Soft | Dec 9th 2010 – With the Christmas holiday just around the corner, shoppers are on the hunt for special gifts. While legal software probably isn"��t on your family"��s shopping list, EzSupport-PA is powerful family law software certain to delight Pennsylvania family law attorneys. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

you need to take that as an indication that something went wrong.getting back get back your ex boyfriend gettimg ur ex back how to get ur ex back win your ex back getting together with ur ex break up solutio getting back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Now Posted By 十年树木的意思

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Ways To Get Back Along With Your Ex Boyfriend – 4 Things It Is Easy To Do Ideal Now To Lure Him Back Posted By: Michael If you are reading this write-up then odds are that you are questioning ways to get back together with your ex boyfriend. The very first thing that you should appreciate is that the process isn’t going to occur overnight. Sure, you can find uncomplicated solutions to obtaining your boyfriend back but none of these solutions guarantee that your rekindled relationship will last longer than a number of weeks. As an alternative to a short term answer, the following recommendations will guarantee that you get back with your ex boyfriend forever. #1. Accept that it really is More than: Yes. As difficult (or counterintuitive) because it may possibly sound, to acquire your ex boyfriend back, you must accept that the relationship is more than. It really is the only way that you are going to become able to move forward. The secret to mastering easy methods to get back along with your ex boyfriend is not to build on the errors of one’s past relationship. Your aim will need to be to establish a fresh relationship together with your ex boyfriend employing new rules. #2. Steer clear of Contact: Stay away for 3 weeks. Don’t stop by.get your ex boyfriend back get back your ex get back your ex get your ex boyfriend back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend – Tips To Win Him Back Posted By: Charles Uadiale You are thinking how to get back together with your ex boyfriend. If this is what you are wondering it is clear that you still love your ex boyfriend. Relationships don’t all the time go how we propose and at times we find ourselves broken up with someone we actually love. You have in actual fact got one opportunity to get your ex boyfriend back. If you miss this chance he may simply back off so far that any possibility to get him back is going to disappear for good. This is serious issue. Your potential happiness is contingent on it therefore be sure that what you are doing is right in your attempt to get your ex boyfriend to desire you once more. Knowing how to get back together with your ex boyfriend is all on the subject of understanding male psychology. The actual mistake most women make in an attempt to get back together with their ex boyfriend is they go about it from a female viewpoint.get your ex husband back tips to get your ex boyfriend back get your ex husband back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex-boyfriend Posted By: James Woodgrave If you are feeling heartbroken because you have experienced a breakup and find yourself asking "how to get back together with your ex-boyfriend?", you will be happy to know that there are some steps that you can take to make it happen. While getting back with your ex-boyfriend is going to take time and effort, it is definitely achievable, especially if you follow the advice that is outlined in this article. What Can I Do to Get Back Together with My Ex-Boyfriend? The first thing that you need to do to get back with your ex-boyfriend is to stop constantly thinking about the question, "How can I get back together with my ex-boyfriend?" and look at what has caused the relationship to fail. Thinking these things over will enable you to work towards rectifying these issues and establishing a solid plan concerning how you will go about doing this. There are two reasons why your relationship could have failed. One reason that your relationship could have failed is that there was not enough of you in the relationship. You could have been far removed and have given less attention to your ex-boyfriend.get ex back how to get my ex back how to get your ex back get ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: Carolina Sacrifice and compromise are both critical parts in the give and take that goes hand in hand with any relationship. If you are asking AND quot;How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend? AND quot; then you are going to need to keep these things in mind. Nothing is going to make mending a broken relationship simple, but some of the advice contained within this article can certainly make it a lot less difficult overall to give him a reason to want to come back to you. So while you may be obsessing with the all important question, AND quot;how can I get back together with my ex boyfriend? AND quot;, what you need to be focusing on is rectifying the causes of failure. By doing so you will be able to eliminate the tension and stress which brought the split on in the first place. So, How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend, you ask? When a relationship fails, you need to take that as an indication that something went wrong.getting ex back getting back ex girlfriend back getting ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend! Here Is How To Make Him Want You Back Posted By: Russell Jackson If your boyfriend has left you after a bitter breakup then do not assume that he will never walk back into your life. Instead, make full use of these vital tips to turn him around and guide him into your waiting arms again. Stop degrading yourself any further If you have been begging, stalking, pleading, texting or calling up your boyfriend for a reunion then you are only making matters worse. You should stop degrading yourself and driving your boyfriend even farther away from you. Instead, stop all contact for a fortnight as you collect your emotions and plan all future moves in a mature way. Reclaim your self-esteem and your sense of humor The bitter breakup might have saddened you but walking with your chin to the ground will not help matters. Instead of fretting, get a job, join a gym, develop a hobby and hang out with close friends to forget about the past and look towards a brighter future as the only way now is up. Regain your sense of humor to inject some laughter into your life and those around you as this will surely be noticed by your boyfriend in due to get back together with your ex boyfriend how to get back together with your ex boyfriend How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: Edward Hill.. Being dumped is a lousy experience. It happens every single day to countless men and women all over the world. Sometimes you can see it coming, other times it completely blindsides you. If you are thinking about how to get ex boyfriend back, here are some things to consider before you do.Allow Yourself To Feel SadnessIt is okay to feel sad. An important person in your life says he no longer wants to be part of it. Feeling sad will not last forever and no one has ever died from sadness, so just sit with your sadness and cry for a while.What Do You Want?Once you have settled down a bit and the sadness has let up a little, you need to do some thinking. What you need to think about is this: yourself. Use this time to really clarify, with your head and with your heart, whether or not you even want him in your life anymore. As a female in our culture, it is so easy to buy into the myth that girls and women need a man.Really Sure You Want Him?how to get your ex boyfriend to come back get my husband back get back together with your boyfriend get back together with your exboyfriend or girlfri how to get your ex boyfriend to come back How To Get Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: globalglobal You will need to understand that sacrifice and compromise are needed in any relationship if the relationship is going to stand the test of time. How you can get back together with your ex boyfriend will need to know that any relationship that last is built on compromise and sacrifice from both parties. If you just follow the simple advice on this articles, it will surely help you to get back together with your ex boyfriend. While you may be thinking of how to get back together with your ex boyfriend , you will definitely need to eliminate the negative mindset of it being impossible and work avoid the be thinking of the causes of your broken relationship or break up with your ex boyfriend in order to avoid over stressing yourself When you are pondering on How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend? What you will need to consider is that for every relationship that fails ,there must have being causes of such relationship failure and breakup ,in which you need to properly assess in your past relationship with your ex boyfriend.getting back ex back gettimg ur ex back how to get ur ex back win your ex back getting together with ur ex break up solution getting back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: globalglobal Sacrifice and compromise are both critical parts in the give and take that goes hand in hand with any relationship. If you are asking "How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?" then you are going to need to keep these things in mind. Nothing is going to make mending a broken relationship simple, but some of the advice contained within this article can certainly make it a lot less difficult overall to give him a reason to want to come back to you. So while you may be obsessing with the all important question, "how can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?", what you need to be focusing on is rectifying the causes of failure. By doing so you will be able to eliminate the tension and stress which brought the split on in the first place. So, How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend, you ask? When a relationship fails, you need to take that as an indication that something went wrong.getting back get back your ex boyfriend gettimg ur ex back how to get ur ex back win your ex back getting together with ur ex break up solutio getting back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Now Posted By: Calvin Jones Finding middle ground and sacrifice are both important elements in the reciprocal flow that goes together in a set with any ongoing relationship. Whenever you think "How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?" then you will have to keep them in mind. There is nothing that makes patching up broken relationship easily. However, the recommendation given in the article will surely make it a great deal simpler to provide him with a reason to want to return to you. So while you are perhaps fully preoccupy on the key question, "How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?", what you should be concentrating on is putting right the cause of break up. As a result, you will be able to get rid of unwanted strain and anxiety which cause the break up in the first place. So, How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend, you ask? You should take heed that a failing relationship is a signal that something went to get back my ex how to to get over your ex how to get back together how to get ex back how to get back my ex Getting Back With Your Ex; Is This Really Probable? Posted By: Kristi Ambrose It is if you find the right tools to deal with the problem at hand, in this case; getting back an ex. Every problem can be fixed if you have the necessary tools. It doesn’t matter if it’s a self-issue like trust, an image issue like dieting or a relationship issue like getting back with ex. Some of the tools I found online included Cd’s and DVDs, ebooks and blogs. I would really suggest going with any of these because so far I have heard about some really good solutions, but it depends on you and what you like better. The CD/DVD option is nice because this is something you can listen to anywhere you have a CD player. The ebook option is great because you can pay, download, and read it anywhere you want – even without an Internet connection. The blogs are a good choice as well because you can visit every day and find a new blog posted up! Recently, I found a blog with an extra addition – an intro to a book available.getting my ex back getting back an ex getting back with ex getting back with your ex getting my ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend… Posted By: Janice Makely Self-denial and give-and-take are very important to your relationship to find a happy medium. "How to get back together with your ex boyfriend?" well, the above mentioned are very important. It will be tough going to mend a broken relationship but with this information will help you on your way. It will be very helpful to you if you want to get back together with your ex boyfriend again. Stop and think for a moment to reflect on why you broke up in the first place and you will be able to sort that problem out more clearly. By doing so, this will help to get rid of some of the tension and stress. If you need time, don’t rush into it right away but think about it. Having a relationship fail, means you have some problems going on here. Maybe you were too much in his face or maybe not enough. Maybe it wasn’t fun to hang around with each other anymore. You will know when you stop and think about the relationship. Be honest with each other if possible and ask why you and your ex split up. It might be something just silly, who knows.get ur ex back get you ex back get your ex back books get ur ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Now Posted By: Rod Falk Forfeiture and compromise are some vital pieces in the banter that endures in any relationship. Whenever you ask "How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?" you’re going to have to keep this in mind. Nothing will make restoring a relationship gone bad simple, but much of the advice written in this article could surely make it a great deal less challenging to establish a reason to make him wish to come back to you. Although you may be speculating the essential question, "How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend?", what you should be concentrating on is correcting the reasons for the failure. By acting so, you will indeed be capable of eliminating the strain and stress that contributed to the break up from the start. Indeed, How can I get back together with my ex boyfriend, you inquire? Once a relationship breaks, you need to accept it is a sign that something has gone wrong.How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend get ex back get your ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend How To Get Back Together With An Ex Boyfriend Posted By: Kane Toh We all know that sacrifice and compromise figures heavily in most if not all relationships. And when your relationship fails… something went wrong… and today, you will discover how you can get back together with an ex boyfriend when you follow my suggestions. Now I’ll give you this… fixing or recovering a broken relationship ain’t gonna be easy! But following my advice today should pave the way and make that road easier to travel… so to speak. You see, when you are obsessing and agonizing over how to get back together with your ex boyfriend… it is probably the longer and most unlikely path to take. Let me explain… Instead of wondering how to get back together with him, you SHOULD be thinking this instead, what caused the breakup in the first place and how can I fix that? After all, if you did get back together with your ex boyfriend and didn’t fix the underlying cause of the original breakup up… well, as sure as it rains in Seattle, the chances of a permanent breakup is likely. Not good at all… So this is what’s going to happen. Take the time and figure out what went wrong.get an ex back get boyfriend back get my ex girlfriend bac get an ex back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: Peter Kirkham If you’re struggling with the question "How to get back together with your ex boyfriend?" you need to think about some very important issues. The two critical ingredients in any relationship are compromise AND sacrifice and each is as important as the other. Mending a broken relationship is an extremely complex AND fragile issue however, the advice in this article can help simplify the process so it’s far less difficult for you to find out how to get back together with your ex boyfriend. So while you may be obsessing with that all important question, what you really need to focus on is identifying AND correcting the cause of your relationship failing. By adopting this mindset that you’ll be able to eliminate much of the tension and stress which may well have been the actual cause of the break up. So, How Can I Get Back Together With My Ex Boyfriend, you ask? When a relationship fails, clearly something went wrong, something stopped working. If you’re the one that’s been deserted, it was probably for one of the following reasons.get my ex boyfriend back getting back together with an ex boyfriend help get my ex boyfriend back How To Get Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend Posted By: Erik J. Michaels.. Getting back together with your ex boyfriend isn’t necessarily going to be easy, but I can show you how a fair amount of self-work and dedication to the cause can make it be a lot easier than it could be. If you’re going to make him want to come back to you, you’ll have to make some compromises and sacrifices, but that’s just the give-and-take of a healthy relationship. When a relationship fails, usually that’s a good indication of something being wrong. If he left you, that something was likely one of two things: either the relationship was getting stale with not enough of you in it or it was getting claustrophobic with too much of you in it. Either situation here is relationship suicide. Whatever the issue that chiefly contributed to the breakup, it was probably something you did or didn’t do. That’s a little harsh I know, but that’s just how things usually work: the brokenupwith does something to drive the breakerupper away. So how do you manage to get him to come back? Well, you stop doing whatever it was that made him run. So take a good look at your relationship relationships society relationship dates relationship: conflict romance romance and dating dating 相关的主题文章:

This really is since you will find some values and numbers we’ve to understand initially. For example 河南理工大学是几本

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Weight-Loss Right now there is certainly not really a accurate answer for the dilemma – What amount of calories must I eat per day? This really is since you will find some values and numbers we’ve to understand initially. For example, a grownup man really needs Two thousand calories a day to function regularly. This specific quantity is somewhat lower for women and it really is Fifteen hundred. On the other hand, there are a variety of alternative aspects that have effect on these kind of amounts given that these quantities are merely typical figures. The opposite variables we have to help keep in mind are: male or female, size, years of age, exercising and so on. What amount of calories should I eat to slim down? Weight loss is nothing major when counting calories is there to concern. One uncomplicated guideline has to be followed. Get rid of more than you take in. Generally, the number of calories you take has to be reduced than the amount of calories you actually burn. At this time there is a thing we have to be aware of. You will discover around 3.500 calories in 1 lbs fat. Precisely why do you have to realize this? Nicely, it truly is uncomplicated. If you wish to lose 1 lb you must burn 3500 calories. Even so, you must accomplish this step by step. It really is usually the healthier and less hazardous strategy to lose weight. Initially you need to recognize how a lot of calories you need to take on a daily basis so as to function properly. Because of this you need to fully understand your BMR. Knowing your TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) may be the next step. The subsequent factor you need to do is always to set up minor and achievable objectives. 1 or two pound each week could be the healthiest weight-loss rate. If 1 pound of excess fat is equal to 3,500 calories, it means which you need to lose 500 calories each day. This might be accomplished by growing the number of burnt calories and decreasing the number of calories you take. The most beneficial solution is usually to preserve the amount you eat the same and growing your physical activity. On the other hand, you can find circumstances exactly where people desire to keep their weight at present levels. All you need to do is to keep your daily allowance and spending equal. This signifies if you burn 2300 calories each day, you should consume the identical quantity of calories. At this time hopefully you realize the reply towards the inquiry – how many calories really should I take in to slim down. We’ve stated almost everything you must fully understand. All you need to carry out now is always to take care of the amount you eat and raise your regular activities. A single a lot more tip – stay away from high-speed weight loss at any cost, it will help save you from feasible wellness troubles. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Immense Benefits Of Acai Berry Freeze Dried Powder By: cismanogya | Aug 22nd 2012 – The only hurdle in having the Acai berries directly instead of going for freeze dried organic acai is the fact that they are highly perishable, which is why they deteriorate at a very high speed.This is the reason why people prefer to buy acai powder like acai berry freeze dried powder instead of going to buy acai berry in … Tags: Know The Benefits Of Acai Berry Freeze Dried Powder By: cismanogya | Jul 12th 2012 – Acai berry freeze dried powder has been popular all over the world as the fruit grows naturally only in one region of the world, which makes it a little difficult for the rest of the world to avail the benefits of the same. Tags: Acai Berry Health Products By: Jett Mendoza | Dec 11th 2011 – Learn about the different acai berry products available in the market today by reading this article. Tags: Acai Berry Buying Guide By: RainforestFoods | Sep 15th 2010 – Acai is only grown in the rainforests of the Amazon where it forms an important element of the local diet. To get the maximum health benefits it should be consumed in its original condition, as a berry. However, due to its high fat content it tends to go off much quicker than normal fruit, typically within 24 hours. This me … Tags: Sambazon Acai: The Leading Global Source For Acai Berry By: RainforestFoods | Sep 15th 2010 – Renowned skin care expert, Dr Pericone, named Acai Berry his number one superfood in his New York Times No. 1 bestseller: The Perricone Promise. His work was later publicised in a piece on the Oprah Winfrey show, which led to a massive consumer interest in Acai. He specifically picked Sambazon as the premier source for purc … Tags: Incredible Power Of Acai Berry By: Peter Morgan | Sep 6th 2010 – Acai berry powder is a powerful supplement made from acai berries. It is highly nutritional and you will have no problem mixing acai berry powder with other foods. In the last few years, a number of online enterprises have been marketing acai berry powder for weight loss aid. Tags: How To Make Acai Perform For You By: Mike Berry | Nov 30th 2008 – You"��ve probably already heard about acai and the many promises that have been made about what this superfruit can do for your health. Even though you may find it somewhat difficult to buy into all of the hype, it"��s important to realize that many of the benefits stated are indeed accurate. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

the hippy seashore is also one of the famous honeymoon destinations as the place with its marine life has got a different life which actually has life in it. The night life and the beach parties make Goa a dream destination for many and a honeymoon destination for the newly wedded couples. So 我的好兄弟歌词

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Travel-and-Leisure India is a country of love and faith. The country and its people are a strong believer of enjoying each and every moment that life gives. India has so many places in its grip that we can find anything and everything in the nook and corner of our sight. There are many honeymoon destinations in the country which lures the tourists that is the newly married couples. The country has a variety of places from the beautiful golden beaches to the lofty mountains, from the Thar to the backwaters, from religious pilgrims to the adventurous spots. There are many tour and travel agencies that comprises of many packages including the honeymoon packages which are completely for the newly married couples. The honeymoon packages contain places like the hill stations and sea shores. Kerala is one of the honeymoon destinations, staying in the houseboats and spending quality time in the beaches eternalises the moment of love between lovers. The hills of Munnar is a blessing to mankind, the beauty with which the hills are stated and the eta plantation and water body that makes the place appears like heaven. It is the ultimate and divine honeymoon destination for the couples. In other honeymoon packages places like Rohtang pass, Shimla, Manali and Kullu are in a single package. These hill spots are beautiful and the snow that covers Rohtang pass is simply amazing. The hills that are green, the beas flowing in its own way and the serene beauty, the market that makes a tourist so much involved that one forgets time. Then there is the beautiful hill station nainitaal which is said to have 9 taals that is lakes, which are naturally created. The beautiful taal is almost all the year filled with maple leaves and beautifully decorated boats that adds up to the grandeur of the place. The north part of the country that is Kashmir is known as heaven on earth and the place proves it. Leh-Ladakh is another honeymoon destination. The beautiful Pangong lake, the hills of Ladakh, the nubra valley, the Khardungla pass, and many other places makes the place match with the tag it has been given heaven on earth. The place is so beautiful that it makes a couple fall in love with each other again and again. Some of the honeymoon package has Leh-Ladakh as its ultimate destination. Goa, the hippy seashore is also one of the famous honeymoon destinations as the place with its marine life has got a different life which actually has life in it. The night life and the beach parties make Goa a dream destination for many and a honeymoon destination for the newly wedded couples. So, there are several agencies that conduct honeymoon packages for honeymoon couples to make their honeymoon memorable and beautiful. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Insurance Auto insurance is only as good as the company that provides it. An important aspect of auto insurance is being able to read ratings and reviews on different companies. This provides a prospective insurer a method of measuring the level of the provider’s service. That way, buyers can know the issuing company is financially solid, and they can make appropriate choices regarding which insurance companies they are willing to wager their finances and properties on. The following are all respected and highly regarded establishments dedicated to providing objective measures of insurance companies’ creditworthiness: The A.M. Best Company, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s Investors Services. Each individual company has its own ways of rating and analyzing the overall performance of auto insurance companies. The A.M. Best Company, which publishes over 50 different information products about insurance companies and the insurance industry, is the first of these companies. A.M. Best Company was established in 1899. It is best described as a world wide full-service credit rating association which dedicates its energies to providing for the financial and health care service industries, including insurance companies, banks, hospital facilities, and health care system providers. The following is an outline of what the A.M. Best rating system is defined as. All of these next ratings are considered secure by A.M. Best: The rating of a "superior or A++ or A+", means the company has showed an overall excellent performance and has a significantly strong ability to fulfill its obligations to its customers over an extended period of time. Given the rating of "excellent or A or A-"score, the company has demonstrated great overall performance and has a powerful ability to meet the needs of policyholders over a lengthy range of time. Companies that are considered to have shown a satisfactory overall performance and have a good ability to meet its obligations to policyholders receive a B++ or B+ rating. Following is an example of the company’s rating of Selective Insurance Groups. Per the press release from A.M. Best, the company has avowed the financial strength ratings (FSR) of A+ (Superior) and issuer credit rating (ICR) of "aa-" of Selective Insurance Group (Selective) and its seven property/casualty pooling associates. A.M. Best Company concomitantly has declared the ICR of "a-" and the debt ratings of Selective’s parent holding company, Selective Insurance Group, Inc. (SIGI) [NASDAQ:SIGI] (Branchville, New Jersey). Every rating has a stable outlook. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

it serves as the credit limit for secured credit card.Collateral Credit Card Account Credit Card Program Credit Cards For No Credit Credit History Credit Transaction Secured Credit Card secured credit car Collateral Student Debt Consolidation Loans Posted By 福建工程学院铜盘校区

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How To Improve Your Credit Score To Qualify For Low Interest Credit Posted By: Michael Goldenberg, President, DebtCare Canada If you want to improve your credit score, the first thing you need to know is what it is. Once you know your number you will have an idea of how far you have to go to achieve a great credit score. The better your credit is the lower interest credit you will qualify for when the time comes to seek credit. Creditors call your credit score a "Beacon Score". If you request your credit report online, it will reference your credit score as a "Fico Score" – these are the same numbers. The credit score ranges from R all the way up to 900. An "R" credit score stands for "Reject" and appears immediately after someone files for bankruptcy. It does not become a number until the individual has been discharged from bankruptcy. 900 represents the best possible credit score. The majority of individuals have a credit score in the 700’s. You need a minimum credit score of 680 to qualify for a mortgage with a major bank. If your credit score is between 600-679, you don’t have bad credit yet but you better make some improvements.Debtcare Canada debt care Canada debtcare debt care how to improve your credit score qualify for low interest credit improve your credit score t Debtcare Canada What Can Secured Credit Cards Do For Me? Posted By: Tara Tiemann Major problems in life, such as a recent job loss, divorce, accident and illness, are just some of the things that can inflict damaging effects on a person’s credit history. When things like these happens, people usually resort to borrowing funds which they can’t eventually pay back. Not being able to pay their creditors is the common reason of having a bad credit rating. Do you also worry about bad credit? But do you want to re-establish your credit history? Well, worry no more, because this article will discuss what you can do to rebuild credit. You can achieve this by applying for a secured credit card. What Secured Credit Cards Are Secured credit cards, also known as credit cards for no credit, is a credit program offered to individuals who are yet to establish their credit history and to those who may have histories of bad credit. This type of credit card usually requires an applicant to submit a collateral, in a form of an initial deposit. This initial cash deposit actually serves two important functions. First, it serves as the credit limit for secured credit card.Collateral Credit Card Account Credit Card Program Credit Cards For No Credit Credit History Credit Transaction Secured Credit Card secured credit car Collateral Student Debt Consolidation Loans Posted By: John Chase Student Debt Consolidation Loans Student loan debt consolidation can begin even before you graduate from college. If possible, take a day job during school (or during vacations from school), so you can begin to generate the capital you need to eat into your student loans. In addition, look for financing arrangements that allow you to pay out a portion of your gross income (over a period of five to ten years) to finance your education. This way, your payback plan will be somewhat concomitant and harmonious with your income situation upon graduation. The key to effective student loan debt consolidation, of course, is savvy budgeting. Pay your bills on time, limit your use of credit cards, and ask for financial help from other sources to reduce the burdens on your future earning years. If your parents or guardians do not have money available to finance your education, you can look to private investors to take care of at least some of the burden in exchange of a percentage of equity in your earnings (as discussed above).student debt consolidation loans debt relief debt help student debt consolidation loans High Interest Credit Cards Posted By: Arthor Pens Most high interest credit cards are usually easy to get and really the interest rate only matters if you roll over your balances from month to month. People that have had bankruptcies, judgments or just have a bad credit rating, for what ever reason are the most common applicants for high interest credit cards. Many low interest credit cards will allow you to transfer balances from your high interest credit cards but you must have a decent credit rating. The most important thing about a balance transfer card is the amount of money it will save you, especially if you have a high interest credit card that you carry a balance on. Credit Beware some credit card companies will try multiple ploys to get you signed up and then if your late on a payment for some reason, charge large fees even if your credit card payment is only one or two days late. Those who want to apply for a major high interest credit card to re-establish or to establish new credit should consider the price they will ultimately pay.high interest credit cards high interest credit cards 相关的主题文章:

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Need To Hire A Renovation Contractor? Herse How To Go About It Posted By: Kaiyden Tyler renovation contractor renovation contractor Love Your Home And Start Remodeling It! Posted By: nathanhilson roof repair contractors st. paul roof repair estimates st. p roof repair contractors st. paul Choosing Reliable Contractor For Your Arizona Custom Kitchen Cabinets Posted By: nathanhilson Arizona custom kitchen cabinets custom designed cabinetry Ar Arizona custom kitchen cabinets Posted By: Beatrice Nanya home automation inc home improvement ideas home improvement contractors home automation inc Nj Home Improvement Contractor Search Choices For Your Home Redesigning Venture Posted By: Jacob Price Redesigning your home is a new cumbersome and expensive project. In conclusion of your house enhancement will relaxation around the New Jersey Home Improvement Contractors Search you decide to entrust the task to be able to. There are particular suggests keep in mind if you sign up the service provider regarding remodeling your own home. First of all they should be qualified along with skilled for the assignments that they undertake. They ought to be effective at effectively organizing the project, coordinating, planning along with putting individuals plans directly into motion, sticking to the particular with time body. His abilities will probably be shown within the productive achievement of the venture on the whole. New Jersey Home Improvement Contractor While in the procedure for selecting a NJ Home Improvement Contractor with regard to remodeling your own home, just be sure you supply the folks you might have short shown exactly the same specifications and knowledge which means your assessment will be from the same specifications. There are numerous home remodeling centres an internet-based websites that can help you find a good NJ Home Improvement Contractor Lookup together with recommendations, certification and also licenses.home home and garden remodeling home improvements remodel renovation home home and garden remodeling home improvements remodel renovation Finding A Home Improvement Contractor Posted By: Brad Gerlach So you finally decided to take on that home remodeling project. Good for you. While I admit there is something about doing your own home remodeling, the first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are truly up to the task. If, after doing some research and inner searching you decide that you need to have a true professional home improvement company do the job, there are a few things to do to get the job off the ground. Figure Out Your Budget Home improvement projects aren’t cheap. Even the smallest of laundry room could cost over one or two thousand dollars. If you know anyone that has had a similar renovation recently completed, you can ask them how much the project costed if you feel comfortable doing so. Otherwise, the best idea is to search online. There are many forums and other websites that people talk about their home improvement projects. However, you need to know that prices are relative to the area which you live. It is best to do a local search so you have a better idea what it will cost in your area.Pittsburgh Home Improvements home remodeling renovation Pittsburgh Home Improvements What Kind Of General Contractors To Hire For Any Construction Need? Posted By: orangecountry There are several fields in which you will find contractors to do any certain kind of work more efficiently. There are numerous fields in which any one would need a contractor to get the job done. Construction is also such a field in which you will need a potential and efficient contractor. There are many different types of contractors that offer services for any kind of construction work, there are separate kind of contractors for every different kind of needs so that you can rely on them according to their functionality. A remodeling contractor is different and a renovation contractor is different, but now-a-days some general contractors are serving the purpose really well. Choosing the right contractor for your use is the best thing that you can do to make your construction work satisfactory and hassle free. Here are some points to consider while choosing the best contractor for your use. You should always search well before selecting any contractor for your need. The more you search the more there are possibilities of getting the most unique and innovative construction.Home Improvement Contractors CA Remodeling Contractors Home Improvement Contractors CA Wrought Iron Fence Offers See Through Protection Posted By: Arthur Vasguez Orange County Home Improvement Direct Mail Orange County Home Improvement Contractors Orange County Home Improvement Leads Orange County Home Impro Orange County Home Improvement Direct Mail Everything You Need To Know About Roofing: A General Primer Posted By: Swati Parera If you think a roof is something that should be taken for granted as a natural part of a house, then think again. For the average American home, the roof amounts to about a third of the visible area of your home when seen by a passerby from the street. This means that your roof actually has a large effect on the overall appearance of your home. If you want a great looking house, then you will certainly need a great looking roof as well. This is one of the reasons why you need a capable roofing contractor who can pull off a great looking roofing installation job. If you settle for a substandard roofing job, then you will also have to settle for a mediocre looking house. Where I personally live out on Long Island, Roofing contractors are a dime a dozen. The competition among home improvement contractors is very high in Nassau AND Suffolk County. Even if there are not that many contractors in your area, shop around as much as you can as you do not want to take any chances with such a vital aspect of your home.Roofing Design Options Roof Design Roofing Design Options Posted By: martin When it is about construct your home or remodel your home, roof is one of the most important factors to consider since it is the part of the home that gives outlook. This is the reason why the present generation looks for the best roof for the houses. Residential roofing has become one of the hot activities in the present world. At present roofing service is provided for the existing homes to change the outdated look of the home to and to get a proud and luxury look. Every house looks new forever with these roofing services. You will have expectation about what is the product to be used, what style to be opted and how much have to spend for roofing. There are several materials available for the roofing. There are some factors to set in mind before selecting the roofing for your homes. First is of the size and structure of the home. The roof should match with the style and architectural setup of the home. Not all the homes are same in style. Hence, the roofs should be designed as per the aesthetical features of the home. Next factor to consider is the type of material.Residential Roofing Lincoln Il Residential Roofing Jacksonvi Residential Roofing Lincoln Il Posted By: Rooney Jonsan It is quite natural that most of the people find it so difficult to spend life in the home without cooling systems in the summer. The heat or sunlight easily falls on the home and as a result, the home gets heated. At present, you can go for Radiant Insulation Jacksonville Il services as the best alternative solution. You can keep your home cool in summer with this insulation services. This solution helps in radiating or reflecting the heat instead of absorbing the light. This is the reason why most of the present houses go for these services. Apart from keeping the home cool, there are several other advantages that the home owners can enjoy. Since the insulation services keeps the home cool, the cooling systems works without more efforts. They consume less energy due to controlled atmosphere inside the room. With insulation, the heat is reflected back as soon as it hits the surface. This is what helps in bringing the down the cooling cost. Hence, you can save a lot on your costs and energy consumption. Reflecting the heat requires comparatively large space. This is the reason why insulation products are placed on the top of the buildings.Roofing Springfield Il Windows Springfield Il. Roofing Springfield Il Choosing A Home Improvement Contractor Posted By: James William find a contractor find general contractor find contractor find a contractor Must Follow These Point Before Dealing With Any Home Improvement Contractors Posted By: orangecounty Everyone has to go through Construction in his life, let that work be big or small. Selecting the right contractor is the key for you to make your construction work hassle free and satisfying. If you follow some basic rules then it could really be a wonderful experience for you. First of all you have to make sure that what type of construction you want. There are several types of renovations or remodeling are on offer in the market by various home improvement contractors and renovation or remodeling contractors. But you just need to be sure about your need pretty well, what kind of changes you want and how you want it done are the two questions that you should ask yourself before undergoing any proceedings in terms of any construction need. Home improvements are in trend now days and everyone is opting for this new way of betterment. There are various construction companies and contractors offering service in the same field but you must consider some very important points before making up your mind for any contractors.Remodeling Contractors Home Improvement Contractors General Remodeling Contractors How To Arrange A Home Improvement Contractor Posted By: heerak2 home improvement contractor home renovation companies home improvement contractor What Is Finish For A Cabinet Posted By: D-submit A cabinet settle is a substance situated on the wooden parts of a RTA Cabinets Ventura to finalize it for advancement or deal. As a standard, the previously stated settles fall into one of three arrangements: paint, varnish or fronts. Each of the previously stated three sorts of cabinet finish gives an unique feel, appearance and set of terrains to the underlying wood. A significant part of the time, painting and varnishing may be completed after the cabinet is fabricated and passed on, yet overlays must be associated when the cabinets are improved. An overlay-satisfied cabinet may in any case be painted, notwithstanding it can’t be varnished. Applying a RTA Cabinets Ventura settle is customarily the last step in its improvement or the wander before get as one. At whatever time paint or varnish is used as the major cabinet complete, it is as a principle joined after the cabinet is assembled. In case the wood is overlaid, the strategy happens soon after the cabinet is amassed. After an overlaid RTA Cabinets Ventura is amassed, it is more regularly than not ready accessible to be acquired. Paint is normally used on additional propelled in years cabinets.Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA Kitchen Cabinets Buy Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA The Advantages To Possessing Picket Kitchen Area Cupboards Posted By: D-submit Huge figures in the favorable circumstances of picket kitchen Ready to Assemble Cabinets Los angeles might be considered with just one look: they are more often than not precisely desirable, as well as the existence can vary hinging around the kind of picket utilized for advancement. The aforementioned types of cupboards are almost always moderately sound, again counting on the kind of wood which is used. Wood for the most part, is really a reasonably simple supply to work with, so improvement of wood kitchen area Ready to Assemble Cabinets L. a. frequently will take into account customization, a lot more included plans or shapes, and far a lot more. An encountered carpenter or bureau creator could make appealing and practical cabinets in a a lot more stage price as a rule if wood is utilized, while cabinets created of metal may be a lot more unreasonable around the grounds that improvement is much more work-concentrated. The varied evaluations of wooden cabinets allow a mortgage holder to select a provide type that matches his or her tasteful requirements and in addition their strategy;Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA Kitchen Cabinets Buy Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA What Is Cabinet Veneer Posted By: D-submit Cabinet lacquer is really a meager cover that is connected with cabinet entryways and outlines like a technique of furnishing a more engaging existence. Polishes of the type are frequently uses to confront cabinetry which is produced with tough nevertheless less excessive components. As a result, house holders can delight in the look of further unreasonable Cabinetry Ventura with no need to utilize as much income. Complete like a rule is created by joining 3 extremely trim bits of wooden. The above layer is as a rule produced out of the most costly and fascinating fragment, since it will probably be uncovered. Underlying layers furnish the difficult with dependability, which makes it a lot less demanding to apply the end towards the surface area of an article. Several producers utilize a combination of pastes and pressure to merge the 3 levels into one strong location of lacquer. Whilst there are many choices, the cabinet polish that speaks to many individuals may be the wooden polish.Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA Kitchen Cabinets Buy Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA Finding The St Louis Painting And Home Improvement Contractor Posted By: Duncan Flawer The fact that homeowners in all 50 states spent more than 35 billion dollars for home improvements remodeling and do- it-yourself activities last year is reason enough for the quick-buck boys to make their annual spring move into the home improvement contracting field. The Better Business Bureau repeatedly warns of schemes that are commonly used by the con artists who hope to lure unwary homeowners into signing contracts without giving them a great deal of thought. Whether it is for finding a St Louis Painting or home improvement contractors make sure to consider many things. A technique frequently used by fraudulent dealers is the so-called "bait-and-switch" angle. For example, a low price is quoted for a particular job, and then""when the salesman has the owner"s signature""he advises that the material is either shoddy, unavailable, or won"t resist wear when exposed to the elements. The gimmick is to get the client to then agree to convert his original full payment to a down payment on a higher-quality job. The bottom line is that those so hooked eventually wind up with an exorbitant contract. Make no mistakes about it, the home is a big investment.St Louis Painting floor polishing st louis St Louis Painting Understanding The Term Cabinetry Los Angeles Refacing Posted By: D-submit Cabinetry Los Angeles refacing includes trading or veneering the parts of the Cabinetry Los Angeles that are noticeable constantly. The Cabinetry Los Angeles boxes, called the cases, stay in their present layout, however get another finalize with lacquer. Different parts, for example drawer fronts and Cabinetry Los Angeles entryways, get totally reinstated. The enhancement could be fulfilled off with correlative trim and Cabinetry Los Angeles fittings. For a modest plan and tight plan, Cabinetry Los Angeles refacing can carry an entire new look to a kitchen. The point when a mortgage holder refaces his cabinets, he keeps the existing structure yet spruces up fittings, drawer fronts, Cabinetry Los Angeles entryways, and outside surfaces. Along these lines, he can revise an as of recently sufficient kitchen with a facelift without interfering with his occupied life. Numerous individuals turn to refacing when they’d get a kick out of the chance to upgrade their kitchen however don’t have a tremendous plan and can’t operate add up to decimation. With this method, its simple to arrange another ground or divider paint and wind up with a lovely new space for substantially less take than accurate rebuilding.Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA Kitchen Cabinets Buy Los Angeles Kitchen Cabinets Buy CA 相关的主题文章:

but now those people gave those lands to Bangalore real estate and land developers in Bangalore as they get huge money for those houses which were in the central part of Bangalore. These builders in Bangalore destructed those houses and build a commercial space there. By this Bangalore lost the historical type of buildings and structures. Now it is fully covered by all big apartments and commercial buildings.In current period 山东药品食品职业学院

Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Business Bangalore which is now called as the Silicon Valley of India and also was once called the garden city of India can no longer show off too many gardens even though there is a rigorous attempt to hang on to as many gardens as possible. But now, one can see all the concrete establishments like commercial structures and residential apartments. Before Bangalore was very famous for Victoria houses, but now those people gave those lands to Bangalore real estate and land developers in Bangalore as they get huge money for those houses which were in the central part of Bangalore. These builders in Bangalore destructed those houses and build a commercial space there. By this Bangalore lost the historical type of buildings and structures. Now it is fully covered by all big apartments and commercial buildings.In current period, the south of Bangalore has observed a out of the ordinary growth in the construction of apartments. Till in recent times, areas like Jaya Nagar and J P Nagar had a extremely few or no apartment blocks, but at present even these areas have ongoing projects of having the construction of apartment blocks. Bannerghatta Road and Kanakapura Road are at this instant the areas where there is a explosion in the production of apartments. Apartments in Bangalore are not only cheap from independent houses, but also ideal from security point of view. As now a days all the people in the house will go for one or the other work and sometimes no one will be there in the house. So, by keeping security in the mind most of the people prefer apartment rather independent house. Apartments in general have their personal security people staying near the main gate and no unfamiliar person or the visitor can get in the interior of the compound exclusive of receiving their permission. With the increase in of put to death in independent houses, which city has in recent times observed, it is no question that the apartments for sale in Bangalore have got higher pretty sharply.# Bangalore Real Estate has been increased very much these days as they are providing several different types of services like affordable pricing, security offered, amenities endow with and with no difficulty of getting home loans. The value of apartments for sale in Bangalore will be different from zone to zone. If you will think to buy a three bedroom apartment in the part of Bangalore like Indiranagar, Lavelle Road, MG Road or any other main areas, you can be in no doubt that it would cost you nothing less than a crore rupees. But this has to not cause any dejection to anyone with a lesser budget, as apartments in Bangalore will suit to any budget. Two BHK apartments in Bangalore will sell the most comparing to the others like more than three or four bed rooms. If one is geared up to go vaguely to the outer edges of the city, one can be clear in their mind of to get a attractive, spacious luxury flat for the price of a small two BHK apartment in the heart of the city.To find more information visit About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Wednesday, November 8th, 2017

Denver Auto Accident Lawyer-a Legal Professional With Real Help In Your Bad Times By: Randy Brager | Apr 4th 2013 – As you go through the process of choosing the right Denver auto accidentlawyer for your case, one of the most frustrating and difficult aspects can be quite confusing about what to look for. Tags: Want To Know About The Facts Of Colorado Car Wrecks By: Randy Brager | Apr 1st 2013 – If you really want to know about the facts of Colorado car wrecks then it would be really good for you to read this article for your convenience. Tags: Well Organized Knowledge About Car Insurance By: hehe336 | Apr 19th 2012 – Most modern marketers know how important the mobile marketing platform is "�" with the astounding growth of people using mobile devices, how could you not? Tags: Denver Personal Injury Attorney By: mugoshal | Mar 28th 2012 – Personal injuries are an unfortunately typical thing nowadays. Roads are not getting any greater while more and more automobiles add into them Tags: Tackling Insurance Issues After A Car Accident By: Matt Taylor | Mar 19th 2012 – In all states of the US it is mandatory for all motorists to have some form of car insurance. This ensures that if you are involved in a car accident and are found to be liable, your insurance company will compensate the other motorist/s or victims of the accident. Tags: How To Respond To A Car Accident Incident Appropriately By: Matt Taylor | Mar 19th 2012 – No matter how careful you are behind the wheel you cannot totally eliminate the risk of car accidents because other drivers may not be as careful as you are. Accidents are typically very abrupt incidents that come with the possibility of injuries and even death. Tags: Personal Injury Lawyer Colorado By: md eajaz alam | Dec 26th 2011 – Free Legal Advice for All Injury Cases: Denver Injury Attorney Dallas Norton can help if you’ve had a car, motorcycle, or trucking accident, or a Slip and Fall injury. Call our lawyers at 888-QUICK-LAW. 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These include reimbursement for your medical bills, any wages you have lost because you were in recovery and could not work, property damage including repair or replacement of your vehicle, pain and suffering, as well as any o … Tags: A Denver Auto Accident Attorney Can Help You Deal With Insurance Companies By: Jonathon Blocker | Sep 29th 2009 – It is for these reasons that many no-fault auto accident victims turn to a Denver car accident attorney for assistance in dealing with the insurance companies. Tags: A Denver Car Accident Attorney Can Help You Receive A Fair Compensation By: Jonathon Blocker | Aug 20th 2009 – Many seasoned Denver car accident lawyers offer two financial benefits to people who might be facing large medical bills. They are a free initial consultation and the Denver car accident attorney’s willingness to work on a contingency-fee basis. The free consult with a Denver car accident attorney will give you the inform … Tags: If You Have Been Injured, Seek A Denver Auto Accident Attorney By: Jonathon Blocker | Apr 21st 2009 – So even if you have no money for a Denver accident attorney, you can still be able to have superior representation before other parties or in a court of law. Tags: When To Contact A Denver Car Accident Attorney By: Jonathon Blocker | Mar 31st 2009 – It’s important to understand Denver auto accident attorneys are also Denver personal injury lawyers. This is to say that in terms of the law, being the victim of an auto accident is the same as being someone who has been injured by a defective product or was mauled by someone else’s vicious dog. These types of personal inju … Tags: Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer A Friend In Your Time Of Need By: Jonathon Blocker | Mar 29th 2009 – The challenge is convincing a judge and jury (if it comes to that) which is something that a qualified Colorado Motorcycle Accident Lawyer has the skills and training to do effectively. Tags: When You Need A Denver Auto Accident Attorney By: Jonathon Blocker | Feb 5th 2009 – The fact is that insurance companies, like all large corporations, are not in existence to serve people. They serve themselves and their shareholders by maximizing and internalizing profits and minimizing and externalizing losses. This is why insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid paying claims, and why you n … Tags: Finding The Right Injury Attorney Is Don E By Asking The Right Questions By: Jonathon Blocker | Jan 22nd 2009 – The first question to ask of your Denver car accident attorney is how many years have they been in practice. The number of years in practice is not always a straightforward answer since selecting a Denver car accident attorney shouldn’t be based on years of practice alone. Plus, it is preferable that the number of years o … Tags: Do You Need A Denver Car Accident Attorney? By: Jonathon Blocker | Dec 10th 2008 – If you are injured in a car accident and an uninstured person is responsible, you need to call qualified Denver car accident attorney immediately. They focus on the legal specialty known as torts, or personal injury law – which among other things, covers motor vehicle accidents. Tags: When You Might Need A Denver Car Accident Attorney By: Jonathon Blocker | Nov 12th 2008 – Many of those who are injured in motor vehicle accidents through no fault of their own are not aware of their rights under the law. A licensed Colorado car accident lawyer will not only help in making you aware of your rights, but will help you to safeguard those rights in court and get you the compensation to which you are … Tags: When To Call Upon A Denver Auto Accident Attorney By: Jonathon Blocker | Nov 8th 2008 – If you have been injured in a car accident through no fault of your, you may not be aware of your legal rights. A qualified Colorado car accident lawyer can be of assistance in helping you to learn of your rights, and defend those rights in a court of law by getting you the compensation you deserve. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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What? You thought that the search engines were simply there to help people find the products, information or services that they were looking for? You are wrong. Search engines are a business just like everything else. Some are even listed on the stock exchanges and their stock is bought and sold. The object of search engines is to make money by helping people find the products, information and services they are looking for. They SELL advertising to businesses that want to sell these products, information and services to people who are looking for them to buy. The key word here is sell. Now when a person types key words into the search box of a search engine and hits search, the search results that are displayed on the first page are mostly paid or sponsored advertisements. Look carefully next time you do a search. At the top of the page and on the right side of the page you will see what are apparently bought advertisements. They say sponsored links. The top of the page ads are the ones that cost the most.the ones on the right side cost slightly less. The top few results are most often directly related to those paid advertisements on the top and right side of the page. Of course, search results are bought and paid for. That really shouldnt come as a big surprise . What is that saying? Its a material world! and just like always, money does talk. Website owners buy AdWord advertisements and then the search engine spiders determine at what number those advertisements are seen in the results. Thats why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is so important and why it is the battle cry of all Internet entrepreneurs .Beware of Search Results! Here is 201 FREE Twitter Tools to help your marketing efforts Why Students Find It Difficult To Deal With Anxiety By: David Thomson – Stress in inevitable in life. But for children handling stress can be usually very daunting . They do not have the right skills or mental maturity in most cases to handle such a situation. So children should be equipped to ha … Tags: The Most Seductive Male Voices From Tv And Film By: smartweb – Have you ever wondered which celebrity has the sexiest voice on TV? It may surprise you to know that the best-looking celebs are not always the ones who have a great voice. Here is a roundup of some of the sexiest male voices … Tags: Top 4 Advantages Of Voice-over Talents And Voice On Hold By: smartweb – There are a number of voices that speak to you on a daily basis; including the ones you hear in training videos, television, radio and even online. Tags: How To Develop Excellent Guitar Vibrato That Sounds Totally Pro By: Tom Hess – You are probably already aware that vibrato is a super important technique to learn, but only a small portion of guitar players truly understand how to master it. In contrast, there are countless players who have accepted hav … Tags: Paarth Republic Kanpur Road For Booking Call Now +91-8081888555 By: Rahul – Paarth Republic Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Kanpur Road 3 Bhk Flats in Paarth Republic Lucknow Paarth Republic lucknow kanpur highway … Tags: Goa Tour Packages For A Wonderful Vacation By: Dayindelhi – Goa feels pleased with the unending magnificence, authentic spots, awesome design and the alluring strip malls that it offers to the guests. An outing to Goa incorporates all courses of action by the powers like transportatio … Tags: Management Assignment Help – Know Top 5 Importance Of Management By: businesssolution93 – If you are wondering about what management actually is, the answer is very simple. It is the way of artfully managing a series of tasks related to any area or field. Management is done by a team of professionals which is led … Tags: Get The Best Help From Experienced Project Management Assignment Writers In Uk By: businesssolution93 – At Assignments Web, we provide management assignment help and homework help services to the students by the best online Management experts. Assignment help is a kind of service where we provide students with the assignment so … Tags: Places You Must Visit When In Australia By: Seenu Mathew – Australia is both a country and a continent located below the equator. It is an extremely popular destination which is known for its breathtaking nature as well as some of the friendliest people in the world. Tags: Sharepoint Migration With Sharepoint Migration Guide By: sinuse – Migrators for SharePoint support all stages of your migration projects providing you with assessment, planning, and reporting capabilities to efficiently migrate from your legacy collaboration system to the latest ver … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Software With so many augmented reality work being developed currently, posting even the top 20 examples can be difficult due to the competition within itself. So with some extensive research, here are a few examples of what I personally think can cover modern AR in all its glory. And this includes promotions, apps, mobile marketing campaigns, internet virals and consumer experiences. All these are chosen carefully in order to show AR’s vast depth of variety and its foray into the future; although the future may well already lie in mobile technology, where it can deliver necessary content to an entire demographic efficiently. Examples Layar Browser An augmented reality-based browser which uses a device’s camera to help display information off everyday items such as new-clippings, magazines, books and even in location based services like searching for shops, cinemas, markets, etc. Information can be retrieved from nearly anything the phone is pointed at when using Layar. This also happens to be the most popular AR app around with over 25 million downloads. Stella Artois Le Bar Guide An iPhone app which connects real world places with interactivity and directions. This app combines a balance of a live app with promotions and other useful features all blended together into a branded application. GE: The Smart Grid This app featured on Popular Science’s front cover in 2009 and is probably the cause of igniting AR developments from major brands and agencies. We Are Autobots A promotional example of augmented reality in the lead up to one of the Transformers films – this is where facial tracking technology has been used in coordination with AR to create that digital-real blended experience. AR Business Cards Yup guys. Business cards made to support augmented reality – a really cool way that companies can present themselves with. Scan the AR device’s camera over the card and a host of pop-ups appear with extra information on its owner or company. AR Adidas Apparel This was the most talked about AR presentation during the 2 months of teaser trailers until its launch date. It probably displays one of the most brilliant forms of AR at its best, whilst combining interactivity with functionality into its app. AR of BMW Z4 This AR example permitted you to take a BMW AR model in your palms, place it on your desktop and then using the keyboard and webcam, drive the car around the table! These are some augmented reality examples that can help anyone to understand the use of Ar apps in modern market. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Wine-Spirits You can start your meal off the right way with one of their amazing appetizers. Fajita Nachos are wildly popular among customers at Tres Amigos. You have a plate of nachos piled sky high with jalapeno peppers, beans, and jack cheese. Your choice of beef, chicken, or shrimp also comes with this order. Shrimp diablo is another fine choice for an appetizer. The start of your meal will leave your mouth watering thanks to delicious Shrimp Diablo. The shrimp is wrapped in bacon and served with jalapeno peppers and jack cheese. You must also try one of the many special margaritas available to wash down your food. The Margarita de la Casa features Sauza Blanco Tequila with fresh squeezed lime juice. You can add fresh fruit juices for an even better taste. The main courses offered at Tres Amigos will put you in taste bud heaven. Pescado Veracruz is one of the most popular dishes available. This delicious tilapia fillet comes with lime and garlic. It’s finished off with grilled onions, shrimp, poblanos, and our tasty Veracruz sauce. There are plenty of other choices as well. Carne Guisada is a real crowd pleaser at Tres Amigos. Delightful portions of tender rib eye steak are covered with grilled onions, garlic, poblanos, and cilantro. The red chili sauce rounds out this perfect dinner for you. The Tamale Dinner is also a great portion of the menu. The handmade tamales are filled with masa, tender pork, and red chile sauce. You can also choose rice and beans to complement this scrumptious dish. Desserts are the ideal way to end a delicious dining experience at Tres Amigos. Flan is a dessert that will please your entire dinner table. This classic Mexican custard is topped with a touch of vanilla and caramel sauce for a truly sweet explosion in your mouth. The Mexican Spice Cake is another crowd pleaser for dessert. The cream cheese frosting takes this cake to a new level. Your dining pleasures are fulfilled in every way at Tres Amigos. Few other restaurants in the Austin area can compete with their combination of drinks, appetizers, main courses, desserts, customer service, and relaxed atmosphere. Try Tres Amigos today for an unforgettable meal. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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California Students With Disabilities Improve Imagine Learning By: Brandon Flint | May 22nd 2010 – California Students with Disabilities! Imagine Learning creates award-winning educational software, the solution for California Students with Disabilities. See demo! Tags: California Struggling Readers Improve With Imagine Learning | Ca By: Brandon Flint | May 21st 2010 – California Struggling Readers Improve! Imagine Learning creates award-winning educational software, the language and literacy solution for California Struggling Readers! Tags: California Esl California Esl Language Solution Imagine Learning By: Brandon Flint | May 21st 2010 – California ESL! Imagine Learning creates award-winning educational software, the language and literacy solution for California ESL. Visit us to see a demo! Tags: California English Learners Progress With Imagine Learning – Ca By: Brandon Flint | May 19th 2010 – California English Learners Progress! Imagine Learning creates award-winning educational software, the language solution for California English Learners. See a demo! Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2017

Illinois Florist Explains The Purpose Of Valentines Day Flowers By: Ava Rose | Jan 19th 2009 – This article discusses the meaning of Valentines Day flowers. It also discusses what kind of Valentine flowers you can get for that special someone. Tags: Valentines day flowers, Illinois flowers, Illinois florist, Illinois Valentines day flowers [1]» 相关的主题文章:

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Do You Need To Take Cfp Continuing Education? By: greenejohn | Oct 2nd 2013 – By getting the Certified monetary Planner continued education credits your purchasers and leader can feel snug that the experience you’ve got during this trade will certainly guide them and their families with the necessary monetary issues of their lives. Tags: What Does It Take To Be One Of The Best Wealth Management Firms? By: greenejohn | Jun 24th 2013 – With the assistance of your time and their perseverance to succeed, they need become the brightest stars within the trade. So, does one suppose you’ve got what it takes to be one amongst the simplest wealth management corporations within the world? Tags: Evaluate The Best Wealth Management Firm For You! By: greenejohn | Jun 24th 2013 – This may mean excelling on standards of accuracy, completeness, cost, and speed. Best management corporations area unit expected to meet their obligation in its best result, in an exceedingly manner that releases the entertainer from all liabilities if doable. Tags: How To Choose Financial Management Courses ?? By: girin | Jun 27th 2012 – As the world is going more economical and smart as far as the money matters are concerned, individuals and companies too are taking steps in the direction. Money has been the cause of concern ever since the first coin was introduced in the human society, but then the recent era has seen more concerns in making proper invest … Tags: Considering The Cost Of Hiring A Bankruptcy Lawyer In Maryland By: David Richards | Jan 7th 2012 – With the new imposed bankruptcy laws, the expenses of hiring a bankruptcy lawyer has gone up in most states and Maryland is one of them. Tags: Is A Lack Of Financial Education The Reason For Poor Financial Management Decisions In America? By: chetanbali | Oct 13th 2011 – Americans study all of the essential things in school. Algebra, science, history, languages and the arts. But where are the financial management classes to learn basic financial planning strategies? Most students don"��t know the first thing about retirement, savings, credit cards, Financial Advisory Services, debt or even … Tags: Financial Advisor Education & Training Programs Services By: cisankur12 | Feb 18th 2011 – Financial advisor are the titles referred and called for the broker, accountant executive, stock broker or some registered representative. Recent time depicts the pacing development that has opened the way for various new fields for services assistance and makes the routine task handling for the service seekers simpler Tags: 相关的主题文章:

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奥沙利文弃打147获网友支持 称廉价奖金不相配-搜狐体育  北京时间昨晨,在斯诺克威尔士公开赛首轮比赛中,“火箭”奥沙利文本来可以轻松拿下147分的满分,但是因嫌奖金太低而自动放弃。赛后,国际台联主席巴里?赫恩炮轰奥沙利文,称这样的行为令人羞耻。   不过,大部分网友对奥沙利文此举表示支持,一位网友说:“这一杆146价值连城,既保证了比赛的观赏性,又没有使得147贬值。”就连新华社也发文力挺“火箭”的任性,“天才毕竟是天才,让人喜爱,也让人憎恨,但更多的是让人看着他们的背影慨叹。”   现代快报记者 王卫   回放 “火箭”主动放弃147   昨晨,斯诺克威尔士公开赛首轮比赛,奥沙利文对阵老将巴里?平奇斯,最终“火箭”4:1轻松取胜。本场比赛打得可谓波澜不惊,不过奥沙利文却在第5局给所有观众来了个出其不意。   第5局比赛,奥沙利文上手之后球型非常不错,很有希望打出满分杆147。不过面对一颗并不难打的红球,“火箭”却偏偏打出定杆,去找粉球而不是下方的黑球,就此断送一杆可能性极大的147。对此,现场观众以及当值裁判都感到不可思议,“火箭”却只是调皮地笑了笑,之后他风卷残云般清台,以146分收官。   声音 自己说 “廉价奖金配不上147分”   赛后,奥沙利文透露了他故意放弃满分的原因:“如果奖金高一点,我肯定会拿下147。”“我知道奖金是1万英镑,本来可以完成147,但觉得这点奖金配不上147,因此希望让奖金继续累积,直到配得上147为止。”奥沙利文说。   他还说:“如果你来到一家奔驰车店,他们告诉你看中的车只卖3000英镑,你肯定会回答,‘算了,太便宜了,我不会买的’。有些东西是有价值的,打出147是个特别的时刻,我希望有一种特殊的感觉。”   不过“火箭”也认为自己此举并非全因奖金,“比赛的同时你还得愉悦观众,就像电影,你得希望他们回到电影院看下一场。”   台联主席说 “不是犯罪,但令人羞耻”   赛后,国际台联主席巴里?赫恩对奥沙利文的举动做出回应,“这尽管不是犯罪,但非常羞耻。”   巴里?赫恩表示,“球员有义务向球迷展现最高水平的比赛,让球迷尽可能感到比赛的愉悦。凡是不能展现最高水平的行为都是不能令人接受的,也是对球迷的不尊重。”相关的主题文章:

戴卿尧就可以打主攻 金砖国家运动会 台湾八百壮士抗议

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

上海男排不缺明星 沈琼:戴卿尧可为国家队做贡献 戴卿尧霸气拦网   新浪体育讯  中国男排联赛总决赛先拿两个回合,上海金色年华距离冠军似乎只有一步之遥,但无论是对于上海还是沈琼来说,总决赛没有过半,依然需要全力以赴。   如果说队伍心态的成长是上海队本赛季的收获,还有一点同样让沈琼欣慰,那就是25岁的主攻戴卿尧的成长。   “大家可以感觉到戴卿尧的成长,他已经有气场了,这种气场让詹国俊关键时刻敢给他球,就像以前大赛他敢给我一样,”沈琼说。   对于联赛明星效应最足的上海男排来说,沈琼坦言:“上海男排不缺明星缺核心。”在他看来萨瓦尼和萨比足够闪耀,上海男排需要一个能在困境中挺身而出的人。“戴卿尧已经具备这个实力,我希望他做这样的人,希望他爆发,在他的舞台做一切想做的事情,尽情疯狂尽情享受。”   本赛季从接应改打主攻,戴卿尧变得更加全面。在沈琼看来,他只是缺少一个机会。“他只需要一个机会,把路照得亮一点,国家队完全可以考虑让戴卿尧作为主攻参加奥运落选赛。”   在沈琼看来,戴卿尧可以作为主攻和接应的角色同时存在。“国家队主攻有张晨和仲为君,他们顶住戴卿尧就可以做接应。如果他们出现伤病,戴卿尧就可以打主攻,国家队就多了一套阵容。”   对于本赛季戴卿尧的成长,沈琼颇为满意,笑言打澳大利亚可以找戴卿尧。“如果打落选赛澳大利亚必须吃掉它,经过这两场比赛,埃德加估计看到戴卿尧有点虚,国家队的副攻会更好,所以可能会更有机会。”   作为昔日中国男排的队长,沈琼十分希望中国队能够闯入奥运。“这是一个梦想,我们只有当东道主的时候进入过奥运,我也希望中国男排能靠自己的努力打进去奥运。”   (李昕)相关的主题文章:

打造毛织品牌 王思聪前女友怀孕 新疆战士巡逻遭狼群包围

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

东莞大朗“织交会”成功开展   11月2日,第十五届中国(大朗)国际毛织产品交易会正式开幕,采购商在细细查看展位内的毛织产品的质量。 孙俊杰 摄   11月2日上午,第十五届中国(大朗)国际毛织产品交易会(以下简称“第十五届织交会”)隆重开幕,大朗这一座“时尚新织城”破茧而出。当天宾客满场,他们都在原创设计区、毛织智造馆、大朗毛织服装品牌推广中心等展区参观了解。   中国纺织工业联合会副会长、中国针织工业协会会长杨纪朝,中国毛纺织行业协会会长彭燕丽,中国纺织机械协会会长王树田,中国国际贸易促进委员会纺织行业分会副会长梁鹏程等国家行业协会领导,东莞市副市长杨晓棠、韶关乐昌市委书记陈宏宇,以及胡浩举、邓卫洪等大朗镇领导参加了开幕式。当天,在场的观众、商家、嘉宾为大朗“织交会”纷纷点赞。   打造毛织特色产业新高度   2日,杨晓棠宣布“织交会”开幕,与会的领导和嘉宾纷纷深入到“织交会”主会场,一一视察大朗毛织大数据展示馆、原创设计区、毛织智造馆以及各个展区展位,对大朗毛织产业取得的可喜成绩给予了高度肯定。   中国纺织工业联合会副会长杨纪朝表示,尽管大的经济气候和前些年不一样了,经济增长压力越大,大朗毛织产业还是在稳步的发展,而且四年前作为一个整体的发展规划,五年再造一个新织城,现在这个目标正逐步地实现,应该说大朗在这些年不断地转型升级当中,从最先的贴牌为主,到现在逐步以设计、创意、打自己的品牌等方面转化。   站在新的起点上,未来五年,大朗将大力实施“一核、两心、三城”发展战略,其中,将依托中国毛织商贸城,打造国际毛织产业发展中心。过去三十多年来,大朗毛织以工匠精神为基石,在行业话语权、市场开拓、平台建设、品牌打造等方面,引领着行业发展新潮流,打造出大朗毛织特色产业新高度。接下来,大朗将以本届“织交会”为窗口,结合“时尚・新织城”这一主题,通过更加市场化、国际化和专业化的展会,全方位多角度向世人展现出“新织城”的魅力和风采。   品牌推广中心正式亮相   为加快开拓内销市场,打造毛织品牌,推动转型升级,大朗镇成立大朗毛织服装品牌推广中心,并于织交会开幕当天进行揭牌试运营。   中国毛纺织行业协会会长彭燕丽和协会相关领导,与大朗镇副镇长叶卓辉一同,为大朗毛织服装品牌推广中心进行了揭牌。据发起单位东莞市毛织服装设计师协会方面介绍,为加快开拓内销市场,打造毛织品牌,推动转型升级,今年大朗整合芭迪尔、依菲拉、卷卷毛、佳菲特・满、皇仕鲨、周织等6家优势品牌企业,成立了大朗毛织服装品牌推广中心,希望通过集中推广,利用3―5年的时间,显著提高大朗毛织品生产销售业态的知名度,打造一批在国内有一定市场占有率和影响力的行业标杆品牌。   东莞市毛织服装设计师协会会长陈敬东认为,现在都是一个试点,先将这6家整合,可以之后再去复制,未来设想是复制到深圳、广州和上海。推广中心的品牌企业负责人也表示,毛织业是大朗镇富民强镇的特色产业,希望通过这个集中推广的平台,能够进一步扩大品牌影响力和消费市场,为大朗打造毛织品牌积累经验。“对品牌的推广,包括市场这一块的知名度,政府支持我们也是很受益的,因为大朗这一块的毛织品牌比较多,大家能真正走出去的也没有几个。”芭迪尔品牌负责人吴秋英说。   另悉,环球贸易广场作为今年的分会场,准备了多场走秀以及首届批发采购节,为织交盛会添色加彩。分会场环球贸易广场人头攒动,丰富多彩的节目吸引了许多市民驻足,不少市民三五成群,结伴逛商铺挑选心仪的衣服。   分会场的商家们说,“织交会”期间聚集了国内外的专业客商,同时也是大朗本土商家展现大朗毛织的时候,相信第十五届“织交会”会带来旺盛的人气。   撰文 黄万全 黄启穆 责任编辑:GDN021相关的主题文章:

本届泗洪稻田“半马”赛事共吸引国内外选手10000人参与 张柏芝拄拐凹造型

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

江苏泗洪稻田"半马"奖金现场发放 总额33万元–人民网江苏频道–人民网 人民网宿迁10月23日电(闫峰、马晓波、顾姝姝)10月23日上午八点半,“政通置业杯”2016泗洪稻田国际半程马拉松赛在泗洪县古徐阁鸣枪开跑。作为该县农业招商推介会暨稻米文化节的组成部分之一,泗洪稻田国际半程马拉松是该县举办的第三届马拉松赛事,也是国内屈指可数在稻田举办的马拉松赛事。本次赛事奖金总额多达33万元,现场发放。 本次赛事所有选手从泗洪县古徐城景区出发,途经金秋十月的稻田,到达终点泗洪县稻米文化馆,一路上跑友们可以感受泗洪悠久的稻米文化,体验田园与人文、艺术相互交织的创意。 据介绍,本届泗洪稻田“半马”赛事共吸引国内外选手10000人参与,其中男女半程马拉松4000人、5公里快乐跑4000人、1.5公里家庭亲子跑2000人。 本次赛事取男子前300名、女子前150名,分别设置不同的奖金。男女第一名、第二名、第三名奖金分别为3万元、1.5万元、0.8万元,奖金总额多达33万元,现场发放。与此同时,还设立国内精英半程奖,根据鸣枪成绩录取国内男、女第1至第6名运动员,奖金分别为1万元、0.8万元、0.6万元、0.4万元、0.3万元、0.2万元,名次奖可同时计取。此外,设有半程马拉松团队奖,取前10名,50人以上为一个团,分别奖励1万元至0.2万元不等。 经过最终角逐,国际男子组前三名都来自肯尼亚,其中第一名选手成绩为1小时2分33秒。国际女子组前三名中有两名中国选手,其中,第二名吴阳菲的成绩是1小时14分21秒,第三名选手叫苏雪婷,第一名选手则来自埃塞俄比亚。此外,李子成以1小时5分5秒的成绩夺得国内男子组的冠军。 (责编:唐璐、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

> 哺乳时被男孩拍照 网红饼店雇人排队

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

泉州女子头发掉得好恐怖 就因为家里养了这种花 友情提示:很多人喜欢养花,但是有些花真的不能放在室内!否则,会对身体造成极大地影响!泉州市民刘女士看到街边售卖的郁金香盆花,便买了些回家欣赏。谁知道,她竟然发现自己的头发开始脱落。对此,专家说,长期接触郁金香,严重者会变成秃顶哦!刘女士买了些郁金香盆花回家放在室内欣赏。但没多久,刘女士忽然发现自己的头发有脱落的迹象,她既害怕又无奈。难道郁金香好看,但是有毒,不能种在室内?郁金香被誉为“世界花后”,花语有“爱、慈善、名誉、美丽、祝福”等等。在欧洲,郁金香花朵象征王冠、叶片象征宝剑、球根象征黄金。在每年的情人节为了表达爱意的少男少女们,除了玫瑰,郁金香也成了传情意给情人的最佳选择。可以说,几乎没有人不爱郁金香。然而,很少有人知道,郁金香看多了,后果很严重!专家:郁金香含有碱毒,会散发在空气中!对此,园林专家表示,郁金香花极美丽如酒杯状,色彩斑斓,花型也很美丽,但郁金香确实不宜种在室内或教室内,因为郁金香花中含有毒碱,会散发在空气中,在室外可散发到空中再扩散掉,在室内不易扩散。时间一长,会引起头发、眉毛脱落等症状。该专家曾作过调查,一些喜欢摄影的人过多去郁金香花丛中拍照,都会掉发,落眉毛,长期接触种郁金香的人不进行防护会秃顶。国内外文献资料都把郁金香列为有“毒花卉”,不宜种在室内,以防止中毒脱毛发。园林专家提醒,在郁金香开花集中期,赏花时间最长不能一次超过2小时,头发少者去赏郁金香更宜少在花丛中逗留。所在学校教室内更不宜种郁金香,对小朋友的成长也有所不利。可以把郁金香种放在室外,另外对郁金香花粉过敏者不能种植”。>相关的主题文章:

可可西里申遗成功 乐基儿再婚

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  未来如何 我们拭目以待。




















  记者 曹建民 张梦尧 于蓓蕾(原文来源:山东商报)


被自己相公砍断双腿最后死掉重生 男孩游戏充5.8万 四川4.9级地震

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

锦绣未央大结局是什么 锦绣未央各人物结局剧透–河南频道–人民网   锦绣未央小说结局介绍:   李未央是相府庶女三小姐,因生于二月被视为不祥之女被送到乡下抚养,后代替长姐李长乐嫁给三皇子拓跋真,一心扶持丈夫登基。苦熬八年终于一朝为后,却被姐姐设计陷害,被自己相公砍断双腿最后死掉重生。而元烈又名李敏德小时候被大夫人害死却被李未央救起,元烈深爱着李未央。之后揭秘身世为裴后之弟裴渊与栖霞公主的儿子,宫殿着火,李未央和元烈在暗道里时李未央正式同意与元烈在一起。最后李未央和元烈在一起并且结了婚,婚后生了一双儿女。   拓跋真什么时候死,最后皇位是谁的?   结局是李未央跟敏德在一起了,拓跋真就连男配都算不上,就已人渣,缠着女主不放,拓跋玉本来是跟女主在一起的,但是一位女主是利用他对付拓跋真,还是把未央慢慢推开了。反正不是我喜欢的结局,我总觉得未央跟拓跋玉在一起最好。 (责编:侯琳琳、丁小芳)相关的主题文章:

气呼呼地嘀咕总有一天要报仇雪恨 日本准航母出事 执法劝阻被泼热油

Saturday, September 30th, 2017

唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生–福建频道–人民网 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   早前,电视剧《锦绣未央》遭到了原著粉们的吐槽,电视剧改动太大完全看不到原着小说的影子啊!那么《锦绣未央》是根据哪部小说改编的?小说讲述了什么样的内容呢?   《锦绣未央》小说结局提前看   电视剧《锦绣未央》改编自秦简同名小说(又名《庶女有毒》),潇湘书院秦简所着小说。该小说主要讲述了相府庶女李未央苦熬八年,终于一朝为后,凤临天下。   但不曾想到夫君拓跋真一直喜欢的却是长姐李长乐,于是废她皇后之位,杀了她的亲生儿子,将她双腿斩断,打入冷宫整整十二年,受尽无边的折磨。最后被赐毒酒,然却涅盘重生,报复了所有的仇敌,最终与元烈(李敏德)在一起的故事。   那么《锦绣未央》跟原着小说的差别大吗?电视剧小说差异盘点!小说中的男主元烈在电视剧中变成一个无足轻重的喜欢未央的堂弟角色。   小说女主本身就是李未央重生,电视剧改为代替李未央报仇的冯心儿。从男女主的设定可以看出来从历史背景到人物设定基本都修改了。   电视剧《锦绣未央》和小说《锦绣未央》对比 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第7集 – 河西王侍卫夺走弹劾奏章 拓跋浚李未央重逢因身份产隔阂   河西王的侍卫明叔潜入叱云南的书房,正巧叱云南的手下在书房的笔筒里发现了马太守临死前写下的弹劾奏章,刺客立即现身夺走了奏章。叱云南得知奏章上写了河西王谋反一事的来龙去脉和自己隐藏铁矿之事,他铁拳紧握,传令下去封锁城门,凡出入者必须仔细盘查,为防万一沿路布置,一定要将奏章拿回来。   未央在老夫人面前求了半天才为敏德争取到陪同赴宴的机会,但敏德一路上却臭着一张脸,觉得这是女人的聚会,他一个男人跑来有何意义?未央教训敏德,李敏峰为什么经常欺负他,就是因为他身上没有一官半职,所以他该为自己好好谋划才对。   宴会上太子妃看来看去还是长乐和她儿子最般配,更何况长乐的外祖还是叱云家。拓跋浚的小姑姑九公主听说刘太傅的儿子也来赴宴,这可是皇上属意为她指婚的驸马,这刁蛮的公主可不想嫁给一个素未谋面的男子,于是想悄悄给刘公子一个下马威,她和侍女打扮成太监的样子提着两桶洗脚水出门,却误把敏德错认为刘公子,倒霉的敏德被洗脚水泼了个透。公主假装认错,带着敏德前去沐浴更衣,却只给他留下一套女装,存心想看他的笑话,却反被敏德戏弄一番。   拓跋浚的悠扬琴声同时吸引了正和常茹在院中闲逛的未央,也吸引了正和拓跋余一起赏花的李长乐,未央随着琴音找到源头,惊喜地发现居然是救命恩人拓跋浚,异口同声地问道:“你怎么在这儿啊?”拓跋浚激动地拉着未央的手,未央不好意思地想挣脱,拓跋浚不肯放手,长乐看到这一幕诧异未央和拓跋浚怎么也会相识?未央得知拓跋浚是大仇人的孙子,心中难以平复。拓跋浚却因为得知未央是李尚书的千金而高兴不已。   九公主见到拓跋浚假冒他的八皇叔,还要拓跋浚陪着她一起欺骗李敏德。拓跋翰提议比赛射吊在树上的苹果,拓跋浚五箭将苹果纷纷射穿。正当众人惊呼奇迹时,有人失手将箭射向了未央,敏德及时搭救。拓跋翰欣赏敏德身手,举荐其为禁军侍卫。九公主这才知道自己误会了,敏德根本就不是刘公子。   接下来的双人投壶游戏因为常茹的刻意配合,南安王取得了很好的成绩,他看出常茹是特意引起自己的注意。   太子妃在宴席上看出长乐所佩玉块有假,李敏峰称自己是亲手从北凉公主身上解下来的,不会有假,叱云柔因此怀疑儿子当时杀死的北凉公主根本就是假的。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第8集 – 未央心怕暴露破坏自己画像 七姨娘发现胎记怀疑女儿身份   李敏德压根不想当什么御前带刀侍卫,但他不想娘担心自己的前途,于是答应娘和未央自己一定会好好干的。   李长乐问未央是否和高阳王殿下很熟?未央淡淡回答只是有过几面之缘。长乐称高阳王玉树临风、气宇轩昂,城中大户女子纷纷仰慕,希望未央不要给李家带来什么麻烦才好。正当姐妹俩在花园里争吵之时,李敏峰出现,劝妹妹与其和李未央一般见识,不如好好欣赏这初春的景色。此时下人送来了北凉公主的画像,长乐听说北凉公主长得眉清目秀、气宇不凡也十分好奇,想一看究竟,未央十分紧张,上前欲抢画像,称自己也想见识一下北凉公主的长相,李敏峰收起画卷暂时不再观看。   李敏峰欲在未央身边培养眼线,紫烟成为他的目标,这天他以自己在草丛中掉了扇子为由让紫烟帮着寻找,又向她表白说从一看见她就喜欢她,恨不得日日夜夜留她在身边,他问紫烟到底是想留在二小姐身边做个永无出头之日的丫头,还是想去他身边做个名正言顺的主子?几句话就令紫烟死心塌地地成了李敏峰的心腹之人。   未央潜入李敏峰的书房用墨泼在自己的画像上,李敏峰发现画像被毁怒不可遏,正当未央以为自己暴露之时,一蒙面黑衣人从天而降,成功引开了李敏峰的注意力,未央从蒙面人的剑穗发现来人竟是自己以为已经死了的贴身侍女君桃。未央趁乱逃出书房,又成功将被追杀的君桃带到自己房中,但还未来得及安排君桃离开,李敏峰已经带人搜了进来,情急之下未央让君桃躲在房?之上,李敏峰房里房外没有发现刺客身影只得怏怏离开,正当大家以为逃过一劫之时,君桃身上伤口的血滴到了站在下面的紫烟的手上,于是紫烟借恭送大少爷之机暗中报信,李敏峰杀了个回马枪。未央让君桃挟持自己,李敏峰碍于未央搬出父亲的颜面才不得不让君桃离开,继而下令将白芷、紫烟杖责二十大板以示惩戒,未央宁可自己被打也要上前拼命护着两个丫头,白芷、紫烟感动痛哭。   听说未央受了伤七姨娘赶着前来探望,当她拉着女儿的手时突然发现出生时并无胎记的未央手臂上居然有一块鲜红的胎记,七姨娘心中一动,她开始察觉这个女儿的身份有疑问。   魏国洪水肆虐,十万人受灾,死伤无数,哀鸿遍野,众臣除了开仓放粮没有办法治本,皇帝下令,谁有救灾良策必定重赏。   未央借为母亲去道观祈福之名,去看望君桃。紫烟向李敏峰暗传信息,刺客尾随未央而至。来央在道观前的粥棚遇到灾民殴斗,刺客趁乱袭击来央,危难之际,幸遇拓跋浚再次挺身相助,但未央对拓跋浚的热情一直反应很冷淡。李长乐怀疑未央出府的目的,也跟着来到道观想看看这位二小姐究竟在搞什么鬼? (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第9集 – 未央写下救灾之策为拓跋浚分忧 长乐窃取未央成果往朝廷领赏   白芷和紫烟被未央留在道观的厢房中正担心小姐的去向,突然听到门外传来大小姐要见二小姐的通报,两人顿时紧张得不知所措。   未央回到道观门口看到了长乐的马车和她身边的丫鬟,她灵机一动就想好了对策,她换上一件道士服来到厢房,看到李长乐正命人掌白芷的嘴呢,未央大喝一声“住手!”她说自己一直在大殿诚心祈福呢,是她嘱咐白芷不能告诉外人她的行踪的,转身她又斥责白芷不分轻重,大小姐怎么可能是外人呢,理应主动告诉大小姐才对呀!一番话堵得长乐无话可说,只得怏怏离开。   承德一路跟着未央查清原来未央就住在道观里,于是紧赶着回去向高阳王禀告,高阳王立马追到道观,美其名曰为大魏子民祈福。未央看到拓跋浚却根本没有好脸,承德看不下去,追上未央告诉他高阳王最近为了追查中饱私囊的贪官已经多日不眠不休,但一听说小姐在这里宁可放弃休息也要来找她,但没想到小姐就这样对待高阳王殿下,不说别的,就说殿下几次救小姐的性命,小姐也不应该这样对待殿下。   未央根据王祖母让自己背的宋人救灾的书,写下了救灾之策,未央希望这些经过实践的救灾方法能够帮到拓跋浚,但考虑到国情变化,未央决定思考过后再呈上。未央让白芷陪自己出去走走,紫烟借机说留在屋里收拾东西,待未央和白芷离开,紫烟赶紧将救灾之策抄录下来献给李长乐。   九公主独自练箭闷得慌,正好李敏德从边上经过,九公主拉着李侍卫称如果他陪自己练箭她就可以对以前的事既往不咎,李敏德信以为真,没想到九公主的意思是让他当活靶子。九公主告诉李敏德自己的箭术在众皇子中可是最差的,若想保住小命,只需向她求饶就可,但倔强的李敏德就是不肯屈服,并艺高人胆大地一手握住了九公主射向自己的箭插在靶上,斥责公主不拿侍卫当人看。九公主被李敏德一番抢白反倒心中起了涟漪,于是向父皇讨要李侍卫当自己的骑射师傅,皇上早就想教这个顽皮的女儿骑射功夫,加上李敏德是尚书家的公子更是放心,于是欣然应允。   长乐将紫烟抄来的救灾之策托哥哥送上朝堂,满朝文武想不出的救灾良策居然被一个深居闺中的女子想出,皇上龙心大悦,称待灾情过后就要去长乐进行褒奖,叱云柔得知这一消息满心欢喜,称赞长乐不枉自己的悉心教导。李敏峰告诉母亲现在外面有很多文人墨客开始写诗写歌歌颂长乐的美貌与才情,以及忧国忧民的情怀,简直就把妹妹捧上了天。   未央回府听说家中出了大喜事,长乐想出了救灾之策受到了皇上的嘉奖,细问之下发现长乐呈上的是自己的办法,立即当众指责长乐抄袭,众人皆不信未央,想她一个乡下长大的粗野丫头又怎么会懂得什么救灾的方法?   未央向常茹说起自己真不在意长乐抢自己的功劳,但这个救灾之策表面看起来完美无缺,但自己内心总有些隐隐的不安,只怕一旦推行会产生问题,可惜他们现在根据无人信她说的话,但她一定不会坐视不理让不完善的办法殃及无辜百姓。紫烟将此事告知长乐、敏峰,二人没有放在心上。   九公主被师傅李敏德折磨得浑身酸痛不已,训练结束回到宫中九公主倒在床上,气呼呼地嘀咕总有一天要报仇雪恨。   太子妃带拓跋浚去参加长乐的庆功晚宴,拓跋浚为了见到未央同意前往。未央当面向太子妃提出救灾之策本为自己提出,而且还有很多不完善之处,尚不能投入使用,李常茹也力证未央之话,长乐装出一副受了冤枉的样子,但拓跋浚却提出很想听听未央的见解,拓跋余在旁也举手赞同侄子的意见。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第10集 – 常茹因支持未央被罚家法 未央面圣陈述整治吏治之法   未央提出这救灾之策虽好,但实行环节过多,容易出现问题,赈灾之物一层层地拨下去,最后发放的权利在胥吏、里正的手里,如果他们利用灾情谋私利,虚报、谎报、瞒报的话,后果不堪设想。太子妃愤怒地打断未央的话,斥责未央居然敢暗指大魏无人能用、吏治不严,并称牙尖嘴利、自作聪明的女人最是可恶,随便命令宫女上前掌嘴,拓跋浚上前阻止,他认为未央所言并非没有道理,之前自己在微服私访时发现很多官吏趁机中饱私囊,这正是大魏需要面对的紧急问题,如果地方吏治影响到救灾工作的话,那他们理应先监督地方吏治。   李常茹站在未央一边明显得罪了叱云柔和李长乐,她的母亲责怪女儿犯傻,不该得罪大伯母,他们一定会记仇的,常茹则对母亲说如果这次再让大伯母和长乐得逞,他们再委曲求全也不会有好日子过,况且这次的事理全在二姐这边。   怕鬼鬼就到,这边二夫人还在叮嘱女儿这些天尽量小心些,不要让大伯母抓到把柄,这边大夫人已经来到他们院里,一进门就给了二夫人一个巴掌,还命人立即拿下李常茹,未央上前据理力争,叱云柔干脆连她一起抓了,她声称要让所有的人都知道得罪自己会有什么样的下场。   叱云柔打算依据李家家法,把常茹的长发剃光,让她出家以一世的清修弥补给李家名誉带来的损失,二夫人情急之下请来老夫人,但叱云柔显然并不把婆婆放在眼里,亲自拿起剪刀把常茹的满头青丝一缕缕绞下,未央拼了命地挣脱束缚,上前扑在常茹身上欲保护她,叱云柔缩手不及一剪刀扎进未央的后背,看着顺着剪刀滴下的鲜血,叱云柔自己也愣了,加上李尚书适时赶到阻止,叱云柔才算扔了剪刀暂时罢手。   常茹回到自己院里,侍女担心小姐,问她为了二小姐得罪了大夫人真的值得吗?常茹回想起自己勇敢替未央作证时,南安王拓跋余用欣赏的眼光看着自己,那是他第一次正眼瞧自己,为了这一眼就算让自己受再多的苦都是值得的。   拓跋浚奏请皇帝暂停实施救灾五策,长乐更是对未央嫉恨不已,李敏峰却说他自有办法证明救灾五策有效,让妹妹就等着皇上封赏吧。李敏峰悄悄在叱云家势力范围推行救灾五策,结果出了乱子,叱云家怕扩大影响派兵镇压,结果引起了百姓暴动,死伤惨重,结果惊动了皇上。   李萧然命令未央想出解决办法保住李敏峰的前途,未央同意给出解决办法,但是要亲自面圣告诉皇上。李敏峰以纳紫烟为妾作饵,让紫烟打探未央的解决办法。紫烟纠缠未央说出了解决方法。未央面圣当日,李敏峰与李长乐也一同求见圣上,献出了同样的解决办法,言说此法是兄妹二人想出,被李未央偷走,并说有手中有人证和物证。拓跋余让李未央最好能够解释清楚,否则欺君可是大罪,未央不紧不慢地说解决办法直指大魏吏治,而最大的责任其实在皇上身上,她相信以皇上的胸襟不会容不下逆耳的忠言。果然皇上对未央提出的整治之法大感兴趣,拓跋浚也对侃侃而谈的未央充满欣赏。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第11集 – 未央整治吏治之法得皇上赏识 李敏峰李长乐遭受惩罚吞苦果   未央提议严惩贪腐官员,并提早做好储备官员的准备,皇上听了此法欣然采纳,和未央商讨起该如何给贪腐官员定罪,李敏峰和长乐则无言以对。皇上表扬李尚书养了一个好女儿,并把选拔人才和官员续任的事交给李尚书去办。事实证明李敏峰与李长乐才是盗窃之人,皇上下令把李敏峰和、长乐、紫烟三人打入大牢,李敏峰狗急跳墙把责任都往紫烟身上推。未央也假意替兄姐求情,称叱云军一向治军严明,百姓都称是叱云军替皇上打下了天下,对叱云军敬重有加,此次揭竿而起发生暴动定有误会,还望皇上宽恕。皇上一听自己的军队居然姓了叱云,更是恼怒不堪,称今日既然要严整吏治,就先替李尚书好好管教管教儿子,随即下令将李敏峰革职查办,并赐官杖一百示众。至于李长乐既然那么喜欢抄袭别人的东西,那么就罚她抄写救灾之策一百遍。而未央则因年纪尚小不适合接受诰命,被封为安平县主,赐金银无数,七姨娘被封三品淑人。未央欣赏领命,在心中告慰真正的李未央,如今她的生母已是三品淑人,再没有人敢肆意欺辱她了。   未央告退,拓跋浚在花园拦住未央,表扬她今日的表现令自己刮目相看,并表示自己曾在郊外等候她多日,为什么她看了信却不赴约?未央疑惑何来信件?拓跋浚这才知道未央压根没有看到自己的留信,他高兴地说既然误会解开了,那就不应该再生自己的气了,但未央分明仍然是一副拒人于千里之外的样子,拓跋浚十分不解,未央说他们的身份存在千里之外的距离,希望拓跋浚不要再来找她。拓跋浚想不明白明明在客栈时未央是一个不拘小节的人,但如今为什么想跟她说句话都难?   吃了苦头的李敏峰和李长乐把一切都归咎于李未央,他们央求母亲替他们做主,叱云柔却让儿女们暂时忍耐,未央该被皇上封为安平县主风头正盛,所以他们只能等待时机,眼下切记不要和李未央正面冲突。   未央带着白芷一起去看紫烟,希望听到她的解释,紫烟问未央是不是一早就看穿自己,所以给了假的应对之策?未央承认,虽然之前从未怀疑过紫烟,但有一天她在紫烟身上闻到了药酒的气味,那种气味以前她在李敏峰身上也闻到过。如今她们虽然不再是姐妹,但未央也不想看着紫烟死,她说会向老夫人求情,让紫烟离开尚书府。   叱云柔命人将紫烟拉出去乱棍打死,紫烟说出自己已经怀有大少爷的骨肉,叱云柔压根不稀罕紫烟腹中的孩子,在老夫人和未央的说情之下,李尚书下令将紫烟带回房间看管,未经他的允许任何不得擅自处置她。   拓跋浚亲临尚书府宣读皇上册封李未央的圣旨,老夫人高兴地表扬未央是李家的好儿女。但李未央对拓跋浚依然是一副冷冰冰的样子,拓跋浚气得在回府的路上向承德报怨,看来自己的一腔真情是付错了地方。   李尚书受到叱云柔的唆使欲将皇上御赐未央的礼物都充公,老夫人批评儿子平时处理政务她很放心,但就是对后宅的夫人过于放纵,未央虽是庶出的女儿,但在她眼里看来并不比长乐逊色。母亲一番语重心长的话,令李潇然动容。   七姨娘被封为三品淑人,经李尚书恩准住进了未央的君兰院和女儿一起生活。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第12集 预告   未央将全部赏赐都交给母亲保管,将玉如意送给老夫人,将凝神香送给周氏。未央在周氏处,见到了奄奄一息的紫烟。原来大少爷一直殴打紫烟,是周氏将紫烟瞧瞧带回。紫烟气绝身亡。未央暗下决心要为紫烟报仇。李家设宴庆祝未央获封安平县主,七姨娘无意中发现未央身上有胎记,大吃一惊。   未央坐在花园的秋千上,拓跋余从背后偷袭未央,并摘下蔷薇插在未央头上,常茹碰巧看到了这一幕,心中酸楚。未央因灾民流离失所,请各位亲贵放莲花灯祈福。此时,紫烟的尸体躺在一艘船上飘来,众人皆惊。未央在众人面前揭发李敏峰打死怀孕妾室。李敏峰虐杀妾室一事在未央的刻意宣传下人尽皆知,皇上震怒之下将李敏峰充军发配。李敏峰在发配途中被君桃杀死,死前说出叱云柔才是河西王府惨剧的始作俑者 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第13集 预告   七姨娘询问大夫胎记之事,被叱云柔发现,叱云柔再次怀疑未央的真实身份,并派红罗前去打探。拓跋浚前尚书府赏花,未央依旧对拓跋浚冷淡。拓跋浚向太子妃提起自己爱上了一个女子,只说是李尚书家的人,太子妃误以为儿子爱上了李长乐。叱云柔带女儿们去清风观祈福,敏德怕未央有危险也一同前往。未央刚住进道观,就被入拉住,原来是君桃。   李央带君桃见了叱云柔等人,言明要君桃自己的婢女,叱云柔为了方便控制君桃,答应了李未央的要求。拓跋余、拓跋浚为接近未央也来到了道观,常喜因为说错话惹拓跋余不快。常茹趁机邀谤拓跋余单独与自己赏花,常茹在描述绞杀榕时的冷意让拓跋余暗暗心惊,却也注意到了这个不起眼的三小姐。叱云氏与李家众人在道观门前施粥,突然一名妇人冲了进来,称周家庄人要见二小姐。叱云柔喊来李未央,妇人却说她不是二小姐李未央。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   1、类型   锦绣未央原着小说是本重生复仇文,而改编后的电视剧成了古装爱情剧。   2、朝代、前世   由于锦绣未央是重生文,朝代是虚构的,审核的时候不好过,所以电视剧改编成了朝代为北魏,而女主也不再是重生,而是成了被皇帝满门抄斩下的遗孤,她替代李未央的身份,决心复仇。   3、归处   李未央曾经说过"绝不入宫,誓不为后",而电视剧简介竟然是成为了一代贤后,先是替皇帝选秀后又帮元烈纳妃,然后未央的大度尽显,因而皇帝更疼她。   4、女主   原着中的女主心狠手辣,不论对敌人还是对自己都丝毫不留后路,擅长计谋,前世后世加起来算计了几十年,前世受尽背叛欺辱被喂毒而死。   重生后,发誓不再动情,绝不容忍男人左拥右抱,更曾发誓"绝不入宫,誓不为后"。单看如今爆出的预告片,女主入宫,容忍皇帝左拥右抱,屡次被害,明显与女主本身性格多有差异。   5、男主   锦绣未央小说中的男主是:原着中的男主元烈可谓是古代好男人的典范了,不骄不躁,不卑不亢,容貌一绝,武功高深,一生只娶一妻,只深爱一人。知道未央厌恶皇室的权谋,放弃皇位。   为了保护未央,把保护自己的暗卫调给未央,爱成为郭嘉的未央而爱屋及乌,保护郭家满门,哪怕与那皇位上的父亲反目,也不松开未央的手,知道未央复仇,不去反对,不愿离开,而是成为她的支柱,让她依靠,从不对未央隐瞒任何事。   而在电视剧中,男主不再是元烈,而是皇子拓跋浚,不仅出生即为皇子,更是再后来当上皇帝,登上地位。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   6、结局:   《锦绣未央》小说结局是:李未央是相府庶女三小姐,因生于二月被视为不祥之女被送到乡下抚养,后代替长姐李长乐嫁给三皇子拓跋真,一心扶持丈夫登基。   苦熬八年终于一朝为后,却被姐姐设计陷害,被自己相公砍断双腿最后死掉重生。而元烈又名李敏德小时候被大夫人害死却被李未央救起,元烈深爱着李未央。   之后揭秘身世为裴后之弟裴渊与栖霞公主的儿子,宫殿着火,李未央和元烈在暗道里时李未央正式同意与元烈在一起。最后李未央和元烈在一起并且结了婚,婚后生了一双儿女。   《锦绣未央》电视剧结局:化名李未央的心儿不仅要与仇敌蒋氏一族斗智斗勇,还意外卷入与北魏皇子的情仇纠葛。苦难与坎坷没有将她打倒,反而赋予她无上的智慧与心胸,她历尽艰险磨难,终为父系一族正名,同时也收获了曲折感人的美好爱情。   所以说电视剧只是披着小说外衣,关于千古一后冯太后的故事。可以说男主深情,女主狠辣多谋的人设全部崩塌,如果只是一部复仇爱情剧还有可圈可点的,可是把大IP改的面目全非就是找虐,可以预见一大波原着党即将开炮。   如果你是看过原作的粉,当看到改编电视剧成了这个样子一定会一脸懵B吧。在原着小说里,女主重生后复仇,带有玄幻色彩,所以改编后的女主是北燕王国公主冯心儿,也就是历史上的冯太后。   说好的庶女竟然变成了公主,最后还成了妃子!而真正的小说女主李未央却变成了炮灰,一开始就挂掉了。不过既然有黑化的糖糖看,还是十分令人期待的。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   分集剧情介绍   第1集 – 叱云南丧心病狂杀凉王 心儿遭逢变故成孤儿   寒冬腊月,大雪纷飞三日未绝,恰逢大凉公主降临,风雪骤然收敛,随即阳光穿透云层金光万道,一直在为公主顺利降生做法的高僧对凉王说此乃祥兆,且公主龙凤之眼贵不可言,然是吉是凶尚不可言。如凤凰浴火非死不能重生,他朝若能涅磐,方可凤翔九天。   才刚刚抱上女儿的凉王就受到魏兵的催促,称大魏皇帝在平城等候凉王亲上降表,凉王依依不舍把女儿交到母后手中,称为了大凉百姓免受干戈,自己愿意归顺大魏。从此凉王在魏国充当人质,赐封河西王。   转眼多年过去,当年的小公主心儿已经长大成人。这日是凉王母亲的生日,凉王获准回府替母亲祝寿。心儿决定好好表现,一定要让父王和祖母开心。   叱云南在北凉驻地发现了铁矿,若得此铁矿,叱云军称霸天下便指日可待。魏国尚书夫人叱云柔和女儿李长乐一边喝茶一边做着主宰凉州之梦,她告诉女儿只要趁河西王回大凉贺寿的机会诬告其联络旧部,密谋造反,到时叱云南就是平叛的功臣,以魏国皇帝的禀性一定会让他掌管凉州。其成功的关键就看自己的儿子、长乐的大哥李敏峰怎么做了,诀窍就是八个字“无中生有,瞒天过海”。   叱云南出发之前他带领士兵高呼“北凉余孽,意图造反,剿杀叛贼,一个不留。”李敏峰陪同河西王回府,回到河西王府与久未谋面的母亲和女儿相见,河西王心中感慨万千。但还没高兴多少时间,府里突然拥入大量官兵见人就杀,李敏峰直接称河西王反了,令手下将其绑了带下,驻守王府的士兵与魏兵杀成一片,李敏峰让众将士听令,北凉王室一概格杀勿论,一时间,河西王府血海一片。丧心病狂的叱云南私自将河西王杀死,称其为意图谋反,畏罪自杀。   叱云南和李敏峰在王府大肆搜刮,却没有发现尚书夫人一再交代要找到的传闻为卫子夫随身佩带之传世玉珏,夫人认为此玉珏除了她的长乐没有人配得上它。   心儿与祖母、侍女君桃一起从密道逃跑,李敏峰率兵在后追杀,王太后让护卫带着心儿先走,她对心儿说作为大凉唯一的血脉,她有责任要活下去。独自留下面对追兵的王太后被无情杀害,君桃为了救公主,披上公主的披风假扮公主和父亲引追兵离开,终惨遭李敏峰杀害,也因为君桃身上佩戴着传世玉珏而没有怀疑她的公主身份。   河西王府中,马太守自料性命难保,匆忙中将事实真相写成书信,并在信中控诉了叱云大将军平日的恶行,他将书信藏于笔筒之中希望有朝一日魏王能看到真相。   大批的大凉难民欲涌入魏国,守城的南安王却手持将军令将弓箭对准城外手无寸铁的百姓,在大凉与心儿有一面之缘的高阳王返回魏国亲眼目睹这一场景于心不忍,他抢过皇叔南安王手中将令,令众将士打开城门放难民进城。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第2集 – 未央被嫡母所害失性命 心儿冒名顶替成未央   尚书夫人收到飞鸽传书,被告知北凉王室已除,她笑着称外务已定,该处理家务了。   少女李未央上山砍柴将晕倒在路边的心儿救回家中,这李未央也是寄人篱下,寄养人刘氏看她往家带人言语极尽刻薄,称若要将人留下就得拿出钱来,善良的未央不舍地把生母留给她的唯一纪念品取出来交给刘氏,没想到反到遭到刘氏的追打,骂她有这么好的东西为什么不早拿出来?心儿实在看不下去,出手帮助未央,刘氏气得将两人反锁在屋内。李未央告诉心儿自己是魏国尚书李萧然之女,生母是尚书夫人的洗脚丫鬟,父亲位高权重根本不会在意自己这么卑微的女儿,何况自己是二月出生的,夫人特意找来相士,说她命中带煞是克星,就这样未央从小被送到乡下刘氏家中寄养,从未与母亲谋面。   尚书母亲即将生辰欲派人接李未央回府,却不想尚书夫人叱云家的嫡女叱云柔派出的杀手捷足先登。万分危急之时,幸亏心儿替未央送饭赶到及时,用一根筷子从身后插入杀手的颈部将其制服,救下未央。未央告诉心儿,杀害自己的人正是嫡母叱云柔,心儿的大仇人李敏峰就是自己同父异母的大哥,此时苏醒过来的杀手趁她们不备持匕首刺入未央腹部,心儿情急之下将杀手推倒背部插入树桩而毙,未央伤重临死前嘱咐心儿一定要好好活着。   心儿回到刘氏家中,恰逢李府前来迎接未央,她心生一计,顶李未央之名归府。   尚书府中相士正在替长乐和未央推算命格,相士称两位小姐的命格均有改变,现在两人均具凤凰之相,但天下难容二主,两以相争必有一伤,只怕长乐小姐以后会诸事多有不顺。叱云柔心中有底,她宣称李未央再也不会阻碍她女儿的前程,没想到就在此时下人来报,老夫人的人已经接到李未央,正在回府的路上,叱云柔决不容许未央威胁长乐的地位,杀心再起。   心儿与尚书府侍女夜宿客栈,赶巧高阳王拓跋浚和随从也在此留宿一宿,半夜心儿的房间突然起火,心儿与白芷、紫烟二婢被困房中。火势越来越大,拓跋浚与侍从逃出客栈,看到脱险的白芷、紫烟向他们求救,拓跋浚舍命救出心儿,心儿认出拓跋浚正是祖母寿辰之日在大街上与自己有过一面之缘的人,却只能假装未曾见过。   俩婢女奇怪客栈为何突然起火,心儿想起房门无法打开,知晓是叱云柔派人暗杀自己。尚书母亲命叱云柔派人亲自去接未央回府,叱云柔恨得银牙咬碎也只得派春茗前去接人。   心儿来到尚书府,按规矩从侧门走入府中,从此心儿就真正成了李未央,依规矩要向老夫人、大夫人叱云柔、二婶温氏、三婶周氏见礼,但未央不明魏国礼仪,只得向老夫人跪地磕了三个响头,虽然被旁观者笑话但也不算失了礼数。未央欲见生母,老夫人只是推说以后有的是机会。七姨娘得知亲生女儿回府激动得要上前相认,被下人阻拦。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第3集 – 老夫人寿诞未央出彩 拓跋余初见未央怦然心动   长乐的小堂妹为了讨好她这位大姐,把尚未谋面的二姐李未央贬低得一无是处,连她的亲姐姐李常茹都听不下去了。   来到赐给自己居住的君兰苑后,未央向新分给她的侍女打听昨天为何未见到大哥李敏峰,画眉称大少爷陪河西王回家探亲,没想到河西王突然叛变,大少爷要平定叛乱一时半会可能还回不来,未央控制不了自己的情绪,激动地说河西王一心臣服大魏怎么可能叛变?   春茗假借教导之名处处为难未央,并借机虐打未央,未央可不是逆来顺受的主夺过鞭子反打了过去,叱云柔招来老夫人、尚书李萧然,本欲狠狠斥责未央,不料未央却说春茗假借叱云柔名义毒打自己,自己抽打春茗是为了维护叱云柔的名声,一番巧语让叱云柔吃了哑巴亏。   侍女打听到未央的生母七姨娘一直身体不好,而且一直住在阴冷潮湿的南苑,未央一听就欲起身奔南苑而去,但侍女告诉她府里有令任何人不得擅入南苑一步,她们让未央不如去求求大夫人,未央冷笑道求她还不如自己偷偷溜进去呢。   老夫人六十大寿在即,南安王替圣上送贺礼到李府,李敏峰对着南安王一通马屁,称圣上对他越来越器重,如今太子已逝,看来储君一位非南安王莫属。南安王称李敏峰平叛有功,他会向圣上推荐让其留在朝中做事,并让他有空多去府上坐坐,自己身边正缺一个能干之人。   转眼到了老夫人寿诞之日,李长乐用一副百寿图出尽了风头。未央另辟蹊径,舞着狮子向老夫人贺寿,老夫人看着新鲜有趣很是开心,大小姐李长乐不服自己风头被抢,示意丫鬟暗中使坏将豆子撒在地上,未央未留意差点滑倒,恰好李敏峰陪着南安王拓跋余赶到寿宴现场,拓跋余英雄救美伸手扶住未央,待看清未央容貌不禁惊艳。   拓跋余此番前来乃奉皇帝旨意封赏李家财物若干,均是从河西王府缴获来的战利品,未央一直暗暗隐忍,直到李敏峰拿出王祖母送给自己的诞生礼――那块传世玉?给李长乐时,李未央再也无法控制情绪,激动地欲上前抢夺,现场众人皆诧异未央的反常,未央强自忍耐后才自圆其说称在乡下时听老人说过这种有灵性的玉?需有特殊的系法才能使佩戴之人事事呈祥。   南安王的贴身随从见主子大赏李家,问他是否真的有意重用李敏峰?拓跋余称李敏峰只是草包一个,他真正看重的是其父亲李萧然,现在朝中觊觎太子之位的人不在少数,他是时候培养自己的势力了。东平王一直跟着父亲东征西战、太子长子拓跋浚深得民心,都是自己的有力对手。   二房长女李常茹特意拜访未央,并送上亲手绣制的荷包,未央惊叹常茹的手工,常茹借机将未央引为知己,称这府中虽然女眷甚多,但能说上知心话的人真的难得。这李家三小姐李常茹在老夫人寿诞时也绣了一幅百寿图做寿礼因与长乐的作品撞车,而又远不如长乐的那幅来得富丽堂皇而被吃瘪,她看着这个家里也只有未央能压得住长乐,她正等着好戏上演呢。   叱云柔得到消息太子妃将到紫云观上香祈福,长乐明白自己该去制造偶遇的机会了。未央的心里也一直对在客栈中救自己一命的拓跋浚念念不忘,她让白芷去客栈打听那位公子的姓名,但可惜客栈的人无人知道拓跋浚的名字。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第4集 – 未央敏德合力反抗敏峰 奇鸟暴毙未央被诬灾星   未央被一阵箫声吸引着来到一座院落,看到一个男子正对着一只通体白色的大鸟吹箫,看到突然出现一位陌生女子,那男子显然被吓了一跳,言语中抢白了未央几句,未央气呼呼地回到自己院里,向白芷打听,府里那位年轻男子到底是谁,白芷告诉她那是三房夫人周夫人的养子二少爷李敏德,因三老爷病逝三房无人继承,三夫人就在老夫人的支持下抱养了一位小少爷。   未央拿着一个弹弓想着要去治治李敏德,谁让他敢抢白自己,还敢说自己是偷鸟贼,没想到看到李敏峰肆意欺凌下人,未央上前仗义执言,李敏峰被激怒欲对未央动手,适才一直隐忍的李敏德上前制止大哥,毫不畏惧称若大哥坚持动手,他也不介意活动活动筋骨,李敏峰恨恨罢手,但临走不忘让他们两人等着瞧。经过联手与大哥的较量,未央觉得自己这个二弟倒是个有趣之人。   未央替老夫人按摩肩颈,老夫人称自己人老了一到刮风下雨就浑身地疼,以前也让丫鬟捏过,但都没有未央的手法这么舒服,未央不禁伤感地想起以前在自己府上也是这么替王祖母按摩的,如今却已物是人非。   叱云柔派画眉故意透露七姨娘病重的消息给未央,并说恐怕七姨娘熬不过这个冬天,还怂恿未央趁夜溜去南苑看望。未央来到南苑正遇春茗给七姨娘灌药,未央忙命人拿皂角水给七姨娘喝下。   院子里养的金鱼一夜之间全死了,突然又有下人来报说是家中御赐的奇鸟突然死了,李尚书得报十分紧张,四小姐趁机指着未央说是她这个灾星来到府中的原因,叱云柔趁机提出让法师过府看看。   法师断定李未央命中带煞需送出府去,还需用浸过黑狗血的长鞭鞭打五十下,方能除去煞气。李敏德帮未央说话遭到叱云柔的呵斥,七姨娘听说女儿被打拼了命冲进来欲护女儿周全,但任谁求情也无法令李尚书夫妇改变主意,眼看未央已被打得奄奄一息,是老夫人自愿减寿十年为李家挡煞,未央才免于被鞭打至死。   被老夫人救下后未央住进老夫人的别庄养伤,但奇怪的是被鞭打的伤口无论喝了多少药始终无法愈合,没想到的是这正是叱云柔让人在药里做了手脚,喝了这个药不但伤口永远无法愈合,而且等药中的毒性慢慢渗入体内,最后只有死路一条。   未央突发高烧不退,别庄的崔妈妈在叱云柔的示意下将未央扔到后山喂狼,紫烟见无力阻止因怕遭受同样厄运不敢再坚持。   拓跋浚回平城途中遭到刺客追杀,摆脱刺客的拓跋浚躲入山洞巧遇躲避饿狼藏身在此的未央。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第5集 – 拓跋浚二救李未央性命 未央逃过生死劫重回李府   拓跋浚、李未央二人躲过一劫,拓跋浚认出未央就是自己在客栈中救出的姑娘,他看到未央突然晕倒就救走了未央,并请大夫替她诊治,大夫称未央是中了毒,且毒性是慢慢入侵,使其伤口无法愈合,他可以尝试着治疗,但过程会非常痛苦,常人无法忍受,未央坚强地表示自己可以坚持,大夫施针替未央解毒,非常痛苦的三针刺入未央体内,未央硬是咬牙坚持不喊一声痛,只是在晕厥之前紧紧地拉着拓跋浚的手不放。   白芷替未央传话给李敏德,请他帮忙调查法师。李敏德趁夜与侍从平安一起潜入法师府。   未央从晕厥中醒来猛地推开拓跋浚,并怒斥他为登徒子,拓跋浚好不冤枉,他说自己救了未央两次,救命之恩不报不说还如此冤枉于他,未央这才知道原来拓跋浚正是上次从火海中救出自己的恩人,她欲起身向拓跋浚叩谢,并请教恩人尊姓大名。   李敏德潜入法师府发现法师进入书房的暗格,他们随后跟进,只听门内有幼儿大喊要回家,欲进一步查看时被发现,敏德命平安发信号向王大人求救。法师出现下令将两人杀死,正在二人命悬一线之际,突现一伙青衣人出手相助,敏德得以平安脱身,青衣人首领下令大家目前的任务就是保护少主的平安。   法师家中暗藏幼儿之事惊动了官府,李敏峰为此事大动肝火与李敏德撕破了脸,老夫人命李萧然将未央风风光光地接回家,叱云柔在心中冷笑道恐怕一切都已经晚了。   拓跋浚接到书信称母亲病重,他急着赶回平城,临别时,因未央尚在沉睡,拓跋浚在她枕边留下书信,并命客栈找一个手脚麻利的女工照顾未央。   拓跋浚的手下从追杀他们的刺客留下的武器查到此事一定和东平王拓跋翰脱不了干系。南安王此时正在听取手下的汇报,称高阳王果然已经从兵器怀疑到东平王身上。不知情的拓跋翰还因被参纵容部下强占民田,找拓跋余商议。拓跋余建议他为争太子之位,归还民田。并暗指参他的柳大人乃是太子的旧部,矛头直指拓跋浚与太子妃。   客栈女工无意打湿书信顺手扔掉,未央醒来以为拓跋浚不告而别,她误以为自己在拓跋浚的心里只是一个萍水相逢的路人,根本不重要。   拓跋浚心急火燎地赶回太子府却看到母亲神清气爽哪有生病的迹象,太子妃嗔怪儿子要不是李长乐给她出的主意,还不定什么时候能看到儿子回家呢。   白芷高兴地跑回别庄告诉紫烟小姐可以回府了,但却四处找不到未央,紫烟害怕地告诉白芷小姐已经死了,正在前来接未央的妈妈不知道该如何回去交差时,未央出现在门口告诉大家她活着回来了…… (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑) 原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 看李未央如何重生   原标题:唐嫣罗晋《锦绣未央》分集介绍至大结局 小说和电视剧差别有多大?   第6集 – 未央风光回府引叱云柔怀疑 太子府设宴选妃长乐未央受邀   李未央福大命大又重回尚书府,加上老夫人的善待,特意吩咐下人让李未央风风光光地从正门进府,老夫人责备大媳妇听信妖人之言对未央动用鞭刑,如今该给未央一个说法,叱云柔恨得咬牙切齿,在婆婆面前也只得低身向未央道歉,但她心里已经对未央的真实身份起了疑心。   未央对于祖母的袒护从心里感激,她抱着祖母真诚地祝她长命百岁,一定要给自己机会好好地孝顺她。   未央前往二房看望受伤的李常喜,常喜把自己受伤迁怒未央,二婶也让未央不要装好心了,她这里有大夫人给的玉容膏,常喜擦了玉容膏伤口很快就会好的。未央夺过二婶手里的药瓶就往地上砸去,她告诉二婶不管常喜对自己如何,自己却对常喜从未有过坏心,当初自己受了鞭刑后也是这般伤口溃烂而不结痂,这玉容膏一定有问题,想要证明自己的话并不难,她让常喜不要再用玉容膏,伤口一定会慢慢好转的。   李常茹特意在君兰院门口等着未央,说是想单独和姐姐说说话,姐姐不在的那段时间,她是天天为姐姐担心。   叱云柔派了春茗请未央过去说说话,看似闲聊关心未央,实则不停地打探未央的真实身份,幸亏未央机智应答躲过一劫,同时察觉到叱云柔开始怀疑自己的身份。   拓跋浚来到父王的灵位前祭拜,他不禁回想起年幼时父王教自己射箭时的教诲,父王告诉自己他的猎物不是飞禽走兽,而是整个天下,箭弦一拉大开大合,这是强国扩土之势,箭身中正,不偏不倚,这是安民致治之道。拓跋浚知道正是父王一生追求的权势最终害死了他自己,他暗暗对父王说恐怕浚儿要令父王失望了,他不要什么权势,他只想和母妃安安稳稳地度过这一生。   太子妃的想法可和儿子不同,她一心想让儿子继承太子的遗志登上皇位,这样她将来在九泉之下也算是对太子有个交代了,但浚儿虽得圣上的恩宠和太子旧部的维护,但他的几位皇叔也不是省油的灯,所以当务之急是要替浚儿找一个能好好辅助他的妻子。   拓跋浚按自己信中的约定连续五天来到郊外等待李未央赴约,可是一连几天李未央都没有出现。   长乐的侍女檀香带来高阳王已经回来了的好消息,太子妃娘娘特在宫中设宴邀请了一干小姐公子,长乐小姐也在受邀之列。但没想到的是李常茹和李未央也在受邀之列,叱云柔奇怪庶出的未央怎么也入得了太子妃的眼,春茗称太子妃是听说了二小姐在老夫人的寿宴上出尽了风头,因此对这民间长大的二小姐产生了兴趣。   南安王的手下得到太子妃有意替高阳王选妃的消息,他劝南安王不如也和高阳王竞争一下,若娶得李家大小姐就等于同时得到了尚书家和叱云家的支持。   七姨娘得知女儿有机会进宫赴宴十分高兴,她取出当年尚书大人送她的珠花送给未央,未央答应戴着珠钗进宫,在她眼里这珠钗胜过了所有金银珠宝。   李未央决定夺回王祖母送给自己的诞生礼――玉?,正在思考办法之时,她听白芷说女孩子都害怕滑虫,忽然灵机一动有了办法。李未央趁李长乐洗澡时,放了很多滑虫到李长乐房中,李长乐见到滑虫大声尖叫,引发大乱。李未央趁乱上前去用假玉?换回真玉?。 (责编:姚璐莹、张子剑)相关的主题文章:

基金代码 基金简称 类型 风险 价格涨幅 鹏华环保B 分级基金 高 2.60% 鹏华传媒B 分级基金 高 10.02%   THE_END 新浪声明 男孩撞破玻璃门 李小璐随夫回农村

Friday, September 29th, 2017

景顺长城能源基建掘金供给侧改革概念股   ⊙记者 王彭 ○编辑 于勇   今年以来,以钢铁、煤炭、水泥为代表的供给侧主题投资成为沪深两市最大的亮点之一,相关龙头股频频掀起涨停潮。兴业证券指出,未来数年,“供给侧收缩的逻辑”有望引导投资者在过剩产能化解进程中找到机会。在过剩产能出清的过程中,产品价格继续走低,而且充满破产、违约等风险,但是行业最坏的阶段,加速行业优胜劣汰,正是优质企业趁机发展的阶段。   所谓“不破不立”,近日国金证券发布“供给侧改革”最新研究报告,提炼出了31只概念股,分布在石化、煤炭、钢铁、地产、有色、交运、农业等七大行业。据统计,不少基金已经对相关概念股进行了提早布局。以景顺长城能源基建为例,截至去年四季度末,该基金十大重仓股涉及石化、能源、交通运输、银行、医药等多个板块,其中大部分与供给侧改革受益板块重叠。其中,基金第二大重仓股中国石化便是典型的供给侧改革概念股。国金证券指出,随着炼油能力快速增长和需求放缓,炼油行业已进入产能过剩阶段,预计2016年中国总炼油能力达到7.2亿吨,行业开工率维持70%的低位。随着油品质量升级,炼油行业去产能拉开序幕,预计今年淘汰落后产能2100万吨,有利于中国石化、上海石化等优质大型炼油企业。   交通运输涉及供给侧改革的标的主要包括航空、海运、公路物流和快递四个行业。国金证券交运行业研究员苏宝亮表示,进入2016年,预计国内ASK同比增长4%,国际航线ASK同比增长20%,预计2016年国内票价同比提升3%,国际票价同比降低6%。未来最看好专注于二线城市拓展,大力发展低成本航线网络的春秋航空。截至去年四季度末,景顺长城能源基建持有春秋航空81.47万股,占基金净值比重达5.02%。四季报数据显示,除了景顺长城能源基建,分别还有24只和38只基金重仓持有中国石化和春秋航空,进一步佐证了机构对这两只个股的青睐。   展望后市,众禄研究中心认为,今年以来形成的第三次大跌已告一段落,经过大幅度调整后,风险已充分释放,而随着外围市场走稳、全球市场风险偏好回暖和A股市场步入政策“窗口期”,A股市场于短期内有望保持节后首周的技术性修复态势,逐步开展超跌反弹行情。在此背景下,多位基金经理认为,受益于供给侧改革,石化、交运、房地产、有色金属等行业有望走出阶段性行情。   保守型投资组合(2月22日涨0.27%) 基金代码 基金简称 类型 风险 净值涨幅 南方现金增利货币A 货币型 低 0.01% 银华纯债 债券型 中低 0.00% 工银添福债券A 债券型 中低 0.31% 广发聚财信用债券A 债券型 中 0.00% 中银中国精选 混合型 中高 1.05%   均衡型投资组合(2月22日涨0.93%) 基金代码 基金简称 类型 风险 净值涨幅 南方现金增利货币A 货币型 低 0.01% 工银信用纯债债券A 债券型 低 0.09% 建信稳定增利债券 债券型 中 0.31% 兴全社会责任 混合型 中高 1.71% 农银消费主题 混合型 中高 1.79% 汇添富医药保健 混合型 中高 1.14%   进取型投资组合(2月22日涨0.83%) 基金代码 基金简称 类型 风险 净值涨幅 工银货币 货币型 低 0.01% 建信稳定增利债券 债券型 中 0.00% 上投摩根转型动力 混合型 中高 1.18% 景顺长城能源基建 混合型 中高 1.13% 汇添富民营活力 混合型 中高 1.58% 华商主题精选股票 混合型 中高 1.60%   场内基金组合(2月22日涨6.31%) 基金代码 基金简称 类型 风险 价格涨幅 鹏华环保B 分级基金 高 2.60% 鹏华传媒B 分级基金 高 10.02%   THE_END 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

安硕信息拟持有标的公司10%股权 电视剧限酬令发布 渔民捕百斤大海龟

Friday, September 29th, 2017

安硕信息拟参与设立征信公司 逐步打造征信市场龙头 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   □本报记者 王维波   安硕信息2月16日晚公告称,近日公司与其他发起人共同签订协议,拟设立安徽省征信股份有限公司,注册资本为5亿元。安硕信息拟持有标的公司10%股权,支付5000万元。   公告显示,安徽省征信股份有限公司(筹)发起人包括安徽国元信托有限责任公司、安徽国厚金融资产管理有限公司、安硕信息等21个机构。其中,安徽国元信托有限责任公司持股31%,安徽国厚金融资产管理有限公司持股19.8%,安硕信息拟以自有资金5000万元持有标的公司10%股权。标的公司的经营范围包括:企业征信及咨询等相关业务;个人征信、咨询和评级等相关业务;信息市场咨询等。   安徽省征信股份有限公司成立后,将逐步打造成为安徽省征信市场的龙头企业。安硕信息表示,将与安徽省征信股份公司在IT开发、征信数据共享方面展开合作。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

部分分级基金可能被迫转型 新疆战士巡逻遭狼群包围 热巴时装周看秀

Friday, September 29th, 2017

热门分级基金集体重挫 多只分级B价格杠杆超3倍 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   分析人士认为,分级新规草案对市场的具体影响目前难以量化。   部分分级基金可能被迫转型,在这个过程中,基金一般会按净值清盘,高折价的分级基金或许蕴藏投资价值。   证券时报记者 张筱翠   近期分级基金备受市场瞩目,与股市大跌相呼应,沪深两市分级B遭遇集体大跌。业内人士称,分级B集体大跌,主要是因为跟踪指数重挫,短期来看,新规对分级基金的影响尚难量化,中长期来看,决定分级基金未来表现的仍在相关指数的走势。   热门分级B遭遇集体重挫   昨日沪深两市主要股指集体重挫,有色金属、煤炭等板块跌幅居前,带动相关分级基金集体大跌。   集思录数据显示,分级基金杠杆份额平均跌幅约为5%,从板块来看,有色金属、煤炭等板块跌幅居前,跌幅分别达4.67%、3.41%,煤炭B级、有色B等21只分级B的跌幅超过7%,跌幅居前的分级B都属于前期交投活跃的品种。   从分级B价格杠杆倍数、以及其跟踪指数的涨跌幅表现来看,大部分分级B的跌幅与跟踪指数的走势吻合,业内人士称,跟踪指数的大幅下跌,或是分级基金遭遇重挫的主要原因。   华南一位分级基金资深研究者表示,上周五分级新规草案公布,部分散户选择恐慌性抛售也有可能,不过,分级基金杠杆份额大跌,与该草案并无太大关联,新规草案对市场的具体影响目前难以量化。   分级B价格杠杆倍数走高   业内人士认为,遭遇昨日暴跌后,分级B价格杠杆倍数不断走高,若市场短期仍呈下行趋势,价格杠杆倍数较大的分级B将存在较大的投资风险。   集思录数据显示,当前140只分级B的平均价格杠杆倍数约2.41倍,转债分级的价格杠杆整体处于高位,其中,多利进取、转债B级等4只转债分级基金,价格杠杆倍数居前,均在4倍上下。   在股票型分级基金中,金融地B、成长B级、一带一B等品种的价格杠杆均超过3.5倍。不少交投活跃的热门分级B品种,其价格杠杆同样居于高位,具体来看,房地产B、国防B、互联网B等21只分级B的价格杠杆超过3倍。   新规之下分级基金何去何从?   尽管分级新规草案对分级基金的影响目前尚难量化,但短期来看,以下几个方面值得投资者密切关注。   根据兴业证券研究所数据显示,截至2016年6月30日,账户资产在30万以下的客户持有分级B的市值仅1亿左右,占分级B持有总市值的20%;而账户资产在30万以上的客户持有分级B的市值达到4.5亿元,占分级B持有总市值约80%。   业内人士称,分级新规正式实施后,尽管大部分投资者不符合分级基金的准入门槛,但他们实际持有的规模只占小部分,因此短期来看,这部分投资者即使采取合并赎回,对市场整体影响相对有限。   不过,分级基金新规实施后,对于部分个人投资者占比较高、平均每户持有B类份额较小的分级基金可能影响较大。个人投资者较多的B类份额一方面容易遭到恐慌性抛售,另外这类分级B的流动性下降后,相应的估值也会随之降低。   此外,业内人士还表示,中长期来看,部分分级基金可能被迫转型,在这个过程中,基金会按净值清盘,高折价的分级基金或许蕴藏投资价值。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

在新浪开办的#清洲帮寻人#公益寻人栏目 女子产假公司解散 日本偶遇邓超夫妇

Friday, September 29th, 2017

厦门最爱帮人的警察陈清洲患肝癌 上万网友牵挂 去年3月,厦门影迷见面会现场,华仔给交警陈清洲点赞   闽南网9月27日讯 “晴天霹雳!!!已经做好了最坏打算了!没想到结果比最坏打算还要糟!肝癌转移到了门脉了……我该怎么办?谁能救救我?!”   这是一条来自微博的紧急求助。昨天,敲下这段文字的,是那个一直帮忙寻人的厦门交警陈清洲。   46岁的他,是微博大V,有786901粉丝。而在厦门当地,人们亲切地叫他“亮灯警察”。他热衷公益,刘德华曾赞他“帅在灵魂”。这么多称谓背后,我们似乎没有看到他停歇过。   清洲患癌,消息一出,网友震惊,更多的是祈福,帮忙联系医院。昨天下午,陈清洲已去上海医治。   如果,你想为陈清洲提供更多的医疗信息等帮助,请私信联系@厦门警方在线。一起为他加油!   过万网友祈福 昨晚清洲已到上海   上周六,陈清洲在微博发出消息让网友无比痛心――   “清洲这辈子又没干过什么坏事!老天你不会这么不长眼睛吧?”   昨天中午,海都记者拨通了陈清洲的电话。电话那头,传来的声音低落得让人揪心。他说,确实得了肝癌,已经不能再拖了,要去上海治疗。而4天前,他还在关注武平失踪儿童的信息,为寻找孩子出一份力。   厦门市公安局、集美分局领导第一时间去看望,并帮助联系外地治疗相关病症的医院。昨天下午,陈清洲在家人和公安局相关领导的陪同下,已去上海医治。   而陈清洲患癌的消息受到全国各地网友的关注,到昨晚7点30分,@交警陈清洲已转发8415次,评论数达到10121,网友们纷纷留言为他祈福加油,甚至不少人还积极帮忙联系医院。昨晚9:20,陈清洲在微博上报平安,已到达上海。   四天前做完磁共振 直奔大学宣讲“反诈骗”   与陈清洲常搭档的民警说,9月23日上午,陈清洲感觉身体不适,到医院做了磁共振,医生告诉他结果不太好,肝部有阴影,还需要确诊。 陈清洲为大学生宣传防骗知识   尽管如此,他仍带着复杂的心情赶到集美大学,为两千多名大学新生连续上了两堂防骗大课。这些年,陈清洲一直致力于反诈骗宣传,特别是针对大学生防骗。   7月中下旬,已经10几年没回青海岳父家的他,在分局领导的强制休假下,带着家人赶回青海。可是由于临近高校开学,他担心这些刚刚离开家、没有社会经验的大学新生容易落入骗子圈套,才刚休假5天,就独自匆匆赶回厦门,准备高校防骗宣讲内容。   他专门研究学生的兴趣,花心思准备小礼物,甚至对防骗书签的文案、花纹反复修改了10多次。   在分局的推动下,还成立了集美公安分局防骗宣讲团,由陈清洲担当“团长”。他常说,“每个新生都要接受防骗教育,一个都不能落下”。自8月中旬 开始,各类大型安保活动接踵而至,他一边开展安保工作,一边走进高校开展防骗宣传。9月2日至23日,21天授课19场,陈清洲以平均每天1场、每场2小 时的频率,为4万多名新生传授防骗知识。   □关于他   “亮灯警察”陈清洲   陈清洲,是厦门市公安局集美分局指挥情报中心教导员。   他为人所熟知,是因为“亮灯警察”一说。   2007年到2011年,作为灌口交警中队中队长的他,三年多走烂27双皮鞋,喉咙说哑了,换来的是灌口辖区内先后建起了18条斑马线、86面 交通标志、128米减速带、172个临时停车位,辖区所有中小学校交通安全设施率先完善;紧接国道324线辖区15公里路段全线亮起了路灯;再接下 来,15座红绿灯、6座高位照明灯、24盏太阳能警示爆闪灯也亮了起来;还有3座人行天桥、万米隔离护栏、18个交通广角镜伫立在灌口辖区的各条交通要道 上。   2015年初,在新浪开办的#清洲帮寻人#公益寻人栏目,至今阅读量达8亿人次,仅2015年全年,就找回失踪人员100多人。他担心有人没看 到,经常不厌其烦转发同一消息。 2015年3月,在电影《失孤》厦门宣传现场,制片方专门安排了他与明星刘德华见面会。刘德华致敬,并称赞#清洲帮寻人#做得好,夸他是“帅在灵魂”!他 热心帮助寻人感动全国网友和厦门市民,被称为“最爱帮人的警察蜀黍”。相关的主题文章:

到期后的收费问题不仅关系到存量债务的偿还 停车位被占怒砸车 袁咏仪与成龙合照

Friday, September 29th, 2017

宁马高速收费再延期 南京实施收费高速新政现代快报讯 现代快报记者昨天从南京市政府获悉,南京市属政府还贷收费公路将实施统贷统还管理,实施年限暂未确定。这意味着,本于9月23日收费期限截止的宁马高速,收费时间再次延长了。据介绍,目前,南京市属政府还贷收费公路包括宁马高速江苏段、绕城公路、雍六高速、南京长江四桥、南京绕越高速东北段和宁合高速江苏段,共6个项目。受项目技术等级、投资规模、地理区位、交通流量等因素的影响,各公路间财务状况差距明显,单体项目还贷能力普遍较差。特别是于9月23日到期的宁马高速,截至目前,该项目仍有5亿多元的存量债务尚未还清。到期后的收费问题不仅关系到存量债务的偿还,更将影响到宁马高速改扩建项目的融资。昨天下午,南京市政府宣布,经省政府研究决定,上述6条政府还贷收费公路将实施统一管理、统一贷款、统一还款,具体管理工作由南京市交通集团高速公路收费管理中心负责。统贷统还主体将严格按照财政预算管理要求,实行“收支两条线”管理。并且,根据交通运输部等国家五部委(办)的有关收费工作要求,暂不核定南京市属6条政府还贷公路统贷统还实施年限。待国家《收费公路管理条例》修订出台后,再正式核定年限。相关的主题文章:

低血压患者慎喝菊花茶 8种蔬菜有助降血压   相信很多朋友日常都有喝一些菊花长的习惯 岳云鹏携妻现身 广州沙面岛火灾

Friday, September 29th, 2017

低血压患者慎喝菊花茶 8种蔬菜有助降血压–深圳频道–人民网 原标题:低血压患者慎喝菊花茶 8种蔬菜有助降血压   相信很多朋友日常都有喝一些菊花长的习惯,然而菊花茶并不是所有人都适宜来喝的。菊花有降血压的功效,血压偏低的老人和血压正常的老人,不宜每天喝菊花茶,可以隔三差五地喝,每天不要超过三朵。   低血压患者需谨慎喝菊花茶   菊花有降血压的功效,血压偏低的老人和血压正常的老人,不宜每天喝菊花茶,可以隔三差五地喝,每天不要超过三朵。体质偏寒的人喝菊花茶的时候要放点枸杞,而脾胃虚寒的人只在苦夏难耐时适量饮用。血糖异常的人喝菊花茶时不要加冰糖。体虚、脾虚、胃寒病者、容易腹泻者,最好不要常饮菊花茶。另外,泡茶的菊花主要有杭白菊和贡菊两种,贡菊相对稍苦,清热败火的能力更强些。由于杭白菊带有糖分,所以建议糖尿病人最好选贡菊更安全。   这些蔬菜利于降血压   1、番茄   含有蛋白质、脂肪、多种维生素和多种微量元素,是治疗高血压、眩晕和高血脂的常用食物。   2、萝卜   含有多种维生素、糖类及钙磷铁等矿物质,有清热利尿,凉血止血之功效,是治疗高血压的佳品。   3、西瓜   西瓜除了不含脂肪外,几乎包括了人体所需要的各种营养成分。西瓜不仅是治疗高热伤津,暑热烦渴的妙品,也是治疗高血压的佳品。   4、黑木耳   含糖、脂肪、蛋白质、维生素类及钙、磷、铁等微量元素,功具补益气血、凉血止血、降脂降压。   5、海带   内含有大量的不饱和脂肪酸和粘液质,能清除附着在人体血管壁上过多的胆固醇;海带中的食物纤维褐藻酸,能促进胆固醇的排泄,抑制吸收,降低血压;海带中含有丰富的钙,不但可降低人体对胆固醇的吸收,且钙本身也有降压作用。   6、葫芦   含有丰富的糖类、多种维生素B类、脂肪和蛋白质等,具有清热、利尿和降压的功效。   7、洋葱   其内所含的烯丙羟二硫化合物及少量硫氨酸,能降血脂,预防动脉硬化,防治高血压。   8、绿豆   为高血压患者很好的食物和药品,有降血压、降血脂的功效。 (责编:袁俪芸、王星)相关的主题文章:

会不会是内部人员作案 女子照片上色情卡 黄子韬被告上法庭

Friday, September 29th, 2017

仓管串通同事偷卖近3吨大米价值10多万被刑拘 在一个多月的时间里,上海一家物流公司的米仓管理员、检货员和两名驾驶员串通,将公司米仓内的东西卖给路边饭店,最终被抓获。11月8日,澎湃新闻记者从上海警方获悉,该企业内盗案件涉案价值10多万元,4名犯罪嫌疑人近日已被刑事拘留。据上海警方介绍,10月17日,一家物流公司负责人前往嘉定区黄渡派出所报案称,该公司米仓内货物少了很多,经过统计有近3吨各种品牌的大米及一部分粮油等物。这家物流公司位于嘉定区黄渡春雨路上。民警针对企业报案情况,对案情进行梳理,发现企业仓储、运输环节都有严格的登记制度,在货物进出的环节没有发现异常人员进入作案。会不会是内部人员作案?民警随即发现该米仓管理员惠某有重大作案嫌疑。经查,惠某2010年因抢劫罪被判处有期徒刑8个月,在所有接触米仓人员中,惠某平时就负责大米的配送、装车工作,最有机会将大米运出去。但是,那么多消失的大米不可能一次性堂而皇之地运走,而且为了掩人耳目必须要有正常的送货凭单和驾驶员、检货员的配合才能完成作案。民警经过深入外围调查发现,在该公司里与惠某关系较好的检货员常某、驾驶员章某、苗某有重大作案嫌疑。四名犯罪嫌疑人到案后,经审讯,四人对相互串通后,在正常运货过程中分多次将近3吨大米等物偷运出,销赃到路边饭店的犯罪事实供认不讳。目前,四名犯罪嫌疑人已被警方刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦查中。 “最牛仓管”监守自盗:窃得10万文具开店销赃 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

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Friday, September 29th, 2017

宝色股份拉响经营警报 扭转业绩颓势暂无望 自2014年登陆A股市场以来,宝色股份(300402)的业绩就开始走上下坡路。为了扭转业绩颓势,公司最终试图通过筹划重大资产重组来自救。然而,这项关键的重组计划却未能成行。对于在业绩泥潭中正越陷越深的宝色股份而言,重组的失败无疑意味着公司的经营警报已经拉响。上市后业绩持续变脸在上市不到两年的时间里,宝色股份的业绩不断缩水,在今年上半年甚至已经开始大幅亏损。2014年10月10日,宝色股份正式登陆创业板。然而,上市当年公司的业绩就出现了同比下滑的情况。财务数据显示,当年公司实现营业收入约6.87亿元,同比下滑12.9%。对应的净利润约为4620万元,同比下滑19.49%。而在2015年,宝色股份晒出的年报成绩单更是让投资者大失所望。宝色股份在2015年实现营业收入约6.67亿元,同比下滑2.9%。而对应的净利润仅为417万元,同比大幅下滑90.97%。在今年上半年,宝色股份的业绩更是大幅恶化。公司中报显示,上半年公司实现营业收入约8706万元,同比大幅下滑71.66%。对应的净利润更是亏损约5777万元,同比由盈转亏。重组谋自救无奈告吹随后,公司股票于今年5月31日起开始停牌并谋划重组。宝色股份原本拟以非公开发行股份及支付现金的方式购买常州市赛尔交通器材有限公司的51%以上股权。若该项交易能够完成,对于经营业绩过度依赖国内石化行业的宝色股份而言,无疑又培育了一项新的盈利增长点。不过,在9月1日,宝色股份发布公告称重组告吹。对于终止的原因,公司表示除了“与交易对方在本次重大资产重组的部分核心条款上存在分歧,最终重组方案无法达成一致”之外,还与公司申请继续延期复牌的议案在临时股东大会上被否决有关。而让投资者感到不解的是,在股东大会上否决继续延期复牌议案的竟然是宝色股份的控股股东以及公司的第二大股东。临时股东大会决议公告显示,对延期复牌议案投否决票的股数高达1.47亿股,而这个数字正好与公司控股股东宝钛集团和公司第二大股东山西华鑫海贸易有限公司的持股数总和相吻合。“是有些条款没有达成一致,两家的价格没有谈到一起,只能在股东大会上否决了。”对于投反对票的原因,宝色股份董秘申克义如是说。扭转业绩颓势短期无望对于公司业绩不佳的原因,申克义在上周四接受北京商报记者采访时曾表示,“主要是市场原因,一个是价格不好,一个是项目太少”。如此看来,如果短期内市场行情没有好转,宝色股份仍将承受巨大的业绩压力。据了解,宝色股份的主营产品主要包括反应容器、管道管件和钛制品三大类。其中,反应容器是公司最为重要的营收来源。在今年上半年,公司的反应容器产品实现营业收入约7533.7万元,同比大幅下滑70.87%。然而,宝色股份最重要的反应容器业务毛利率只有0.28%,同比大幅下滑了20.67%。此外,公司剩余的两项主营业务的毛利率也均不高。其中,管道管件业务的毛利率为14.32%,同比下滑了12.45%。而钛制品业务的毛利率为3.52%,同比下滑了11.45%。以此看来,宝色股份在年内想要靠传统主营扭亏的压力并不小。另外,由于在重组失败后,宝色股份曾做出过自复牌之日起6个月内不再筹划重大资产重组的承诺。这也意味着,公司要想再度谋划重组至少要在明年3月以后。股市早报,投资前瞻,涨停预测,牛股捕捉,尽在微信号【凤凰证券】或者【ifengstock】盘后剖析A股走势,指点明日走势,请关注微信号【复盘大师】或【fupan588】相关的主题文章:

the Colony Club Hotel located in the Barbados area 日媒感慨中国手机

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Travel-and-Leisure Disney Vacations Youll Never Have More Fun Disney World family vacations have consistently entertained people of all ages. California, Hong Kong, and Florida wherever you choose to visit, the enchanting spirit of Disney has become a global feeling that cannot be denied. Be sure to be captivated by the extraordinary marvels that Disney brings. Cruising is also a must-try. The Disney Cruise Line takes you to the Bahamas and the Caribbean, packed with an exceptional activity itinerary and the usual excellent service. The activities within the grounds itself will leave you exhilarated, and youll never have more fun in the world than here. Special deals and offers are available for your family to choose from. Whether in Asia, Europe, or the United States, Disney adventures are all carefully planned to suit your preferred vacations and are guaranteed stress-free and fun-filled, and definitely worthwhile. Paradise Fiji Vacations to Jean Michel Cousteau The Jean-Michel Cousteau Fiji Islands Resort is a first rate accommodation that has become one of the destinations for romantic escapades and family or group vacations. It is nestled in the South Pacific, surrounded by a rich coconut plantation which is complimented by a picturesque view of the breath taking oceans of Savusavu Bay. Additionally, it is here where tourists most probably spend one of the most expensive vacations, for the reason that its services are of high standards. Despite of this, you will never feel that you have wasted your time and money. It provides exceptional services and delectable cuisine, and it is the only resort that provides a marine specialist who assists his guests and helps them understand Fijis underwater marvels. Furthermore, Jean-Michel Cousteau takes pride in its fabulously designed villas that are both contemporary and traditional. Suites available are the Gardenview Bure, point reef villa, and the Oceanfront Suite Bure, among others. These suites are carefully built to your style, funds, and standards. Australian Vacations and Guides you Need to Know Get to see Australia and know why it has been one of the most traveled to places and one of the most number of vacations in a year by the elite and well-rounded jetsetters from all over the world. Wherever you would like to stay, you will be certain to find a suitable place in Australia that can provide you with your needs. There are a lot of well-known fun activities and excursions that you can choose fromGreat Barrier Reef sailing and diving are made available during the day or night. Great Barrier Reef sailing and diving are made available during the day or night. Take a tour and enjoy the glorious beaches of Cairns and Airlie. Enjoy the beauty of the sea in the area of Perth while feeding one of natures beauty, the dolphins at Monkey Mia and avail of lower room rates and other fun activities to. If youre a dare-devil, try the ultimate sports adventures as you take a trail to the deep forested areas of the Kimberleys, an experience to last a lifetime. So start making a list of what you need to prepare for this trip and take note of the places to visit and things to do on your first holiday in Australia! The Best Caribbean Vacations Paradise and Caribbean seem to go hand in hand, and believe it or not, there are deals and packages that make a possible affordable yet luxurious Caribbean vacations for you and your family. Travelers dream of having one-of-a-kind escapades at the Caribbean. Almost all the resorts and guest houses in the Dominican Republic are all-inclusive. And in this time of economic downfall, what could be more appealing than that?A complete offer which includes food and accommodation along with fun and cool entertainment catches the attention of many travelers because they pay only once for all the said services. Featured Caribbean resorts that offer all-inclusive rates include the Casa de Campo at La Romana, the Colony Club Hotel located in the Barbados area, and the Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort. So many places to stay that you can choose from at the Caribbean, if you wish to experience an easy on the pocket yet luxurious vacations. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Want To Quit Smoking 美公司接白宫订单 广岛南京大屠杀展

Friday, September 29th, 2017

In Order To Quit Smoking You Should Think Of Electric Cigarettes By: leonflores4231 | May 4th 2012 – It is likely you allready are aware that using tobacco or any other cigarette smoking method is not the best thing that you can do for your health. Many people have got attempted to stop smoking cigarettes but that is often easier said than done, usually really not due to Cigarette smoking addiction nevertheless since we fe … Tags: Want To Quit Smoking? Why Not An E Cig Free Trial To Obtain Started By: stefef2hpo | Apr 30th 2012 – One particular factor is for certain electronic cigarettes are right here to remain and they’re probably the very best option to actual cigarettes ever made. Regardless of if you’d like to quit smoking, boost your health or need to smoke in public places again, Electronic cigarettes are the answer. And should you decide on … Tags: E Cigarette Free Of Charge Trials A Great Way To Get Started With Electronic Cigarettes By: leonflores4231 | Apr 10th 2012 – Smokers who’re tired of smoking the identical old typical cigarettes choose to provide electronic cigarettes a try. However, most of them usually are not willing to devote cash on these e cigarettes till they discover out if they’re truly as excellent as the genuine cigarettes. This is the purpose they locate e cigarette to … Tags: The Truth About Electronic Cigarettes And How To Get An Electronic Cigarette Free Trial By: Daren | Nov 28th 2010 – Electronic cigarettes allow you to get your nicotine fix while avoiding all of the cancer causing agents found in traditional cigarettes such as tar, glue, hundreds of additives, and hydrocarbons. Tags: Now You Can Get Rid Of A Similar Trial With Free Electronic Cigarette By: lexoremman | Nov 8th 2010 – The e-cig looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette but it’s not a cigarette. Discover why this little device revolutionized everything. Tags: Now You Can Get Rid Of Analogs With An Electronic Cigarette Free Trial By: lexoremman | Aug 24th 2010 – The e-cig looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette but it’s not a cigarette. Discover why this little device revolutionized everything. Tags: Now You Can Get Rid Of Analogs With An Electronic Cigarette Free Trial By: ray san | Jul 9th 2010 – The e-cig looks like a cigarette, feels like a cigarette, tastes like a cigarette but it’s not a cigarette. Discover why this little device revolutionized everything. Tags: 相关的主题文章:

or a changeover to an entirely new one. Post-retirement 儿童网游暗藏色魔 克什米尔暴力事件

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Business At different life stages, you will have different responsibilities and health situations. As a young and single person, you may not think you need insurance, but that could change shortly as you take on more responsibility. When you get quite a bit older and find that your life is becoming simpler again in terms of responsibility, you may not need life insurance for dependents, but may want insurance for other reasons. Read on to see how life insurance needs typically change over the course of a life. When you are a single young adult, you are just starting to be financially and physically independent. Maybe you have your own place, but no dependents. In this case, if you died it would not cause as much of a financial burden for loved ones. For this reason, life insurance isn’t an absolute necessity for young singles, but it could still be a good time to obtain it. This is because you are healthy and the rates are lower than they would probably be later in life, when there is more of a chance of health issues. If there is a history of late-onset chronic illness in your family, it could be a good idea to buy life insurance at the reduced rates you can obtain in your youth. Also, if you purchased a house with a mortgage (as most people do!) with a co-signer, he or she would be responsible for the remainder of your debt if you were to pass away. This is where the payout from a life insurance policy can give some security. Also, if you are unmarried but have dependents such as an ailing relative, life insurance could provide financial support to help others care for him or her. If you decide to marry, you may not need life insurance on that premise alone. However, if you buy a house together, the insurance can come in handy if one of you could no longer pay their portion. Even if your spouse has a good job and could pay the mortgage alone, it is good to have a back-up fund in case of credit card debt or other emergencies. Permanent insurance policies can be a great way to just save money over time, as well as have the peace of mind that you and your spouse are covered no matter what kind of financial situation pops up. Once you have children, especially young ones, your insurance needs are probably at the maximum. Some people even decide at this point to become self-employed and leave the security of a larger company. In the instance of any major life change, it is important to re-evaluate your life insurance policy and see if you need to add to, switch or tweak your coverage in some way. Be sure that you have enough coverage at this point to cover your dependents, spouse, education costs and any medical issues that may come up. In the case that you get divorced, your life insurance needs may change yet again. Without children, the coverage may not have to change very muchonly converting you to the single beneficiary. However if you do have children, you will want to change your policy to reflect that they will benefit from the premiums rather than your spouse. This may involve some changes to your current policy, or a changeover to an entirely new one. Post-retirement, you will have to evaluate your responsibilities in relation to your life insurance coverage. Is anyone still depending on your financially? Have you paid off your mortgage and other debts? If you have a lot of financial assets in addition to these things, you may still need as life insurance protection for estate tax liability purpose. Please call one of our life insurance specialists at (866) 972-3262 to determine the right kind of life insurance policy for your age or please complete life insurance quote request form now. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

fresh flower home delivery is the unsurpassed system to search out flowers on the occasion. This festival takes place a week prior to Diwali along with after the full mo … Tags 狱中服刑被人p图 嚣张办事员被辞退

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Celebrate Karwa Chauth With The Perfect Flowers By: Ashish kumar | Sep 1st 2011 – The fasting ended on the eve is to get God’s permission for their husbands’ long life and protection. Flowers are most important cause of decorating homes; fresh flower home delivery is the unsurpassed system to search out flowers on the occasion. This festival takes place a week prior to Diwali along with after the full mo … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

CRM implementation requires a thorough analysis of the business needs of a particular enterprise 各省人均收入排名 两钓友被困江心

Friday, September 29th, 2017

Computers-and-Technology Customer relationship management (CRM) software is used in a growing number of enterprises around the globe with numerous software vendors offering CRM solutions to prospective clients. The availability of a variety of solutions in the market could misguide a customer that implementation of a CRM solution is a simple process that can be conducted painlessly within organisations of all sizes and business niches. Actually, CRM implementation requires a thorough analysis of the business needs of a particular enterprise; a number of key factors can influence or affect the CRMs successful implementation. Business Objectives and Specifics A lot of organizations opt for CRM solutions by reputable software vendors, which do not fit the business needs and requirements of their particular enterprise. It is a common mistake and can be easily avoided by implementing CRM solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a business, not vice versa. In addition, the CRM software should provide solutions and functionality that mirrors the companys management structure and management hierarchy i.e. user access levels and hierarchy that reflects the existing corporate structure. Communication channels within a CRM system should be in line with a broader business development strategy while meeting certain requirements designed to achieve positive business results in the long-run. Proper Due Diligence A core feature of a decent CRM solution is its ability to identify prospective and best clients, according to certain criteria set by the respective marketing specialists. Thus, a correct research on business needs and goals should be conducted in advance. After this stage, a proper ready-to-install CRM software solution can be implemented unless the company needs a tailored CRM solution. Some reputed vendors may offer customised and customisable CRM software at affordable price; they may also provide upgrades for free. Therefore, a business can get tailored CRM software that will not further burden its software implementation budget. Well-trained Professionals Well-trained and motivated employees are a fundamental factor and driving force behind every highly-successful firm, and CRM implementation is no exception to the rule. CRM systems are not a panacea to resolve business issues related to sales and marketing, and corporations should realize that appropriate training is required for a CRM implementation to show good results. Leading software vendors would advise corporate executives to brief their support and development teams in detail prior to implementing a CRM solution within their organization. Maximum Integration Not all CRM systems offer the same level of integration with existing business software and external software platforms. Best practices in CRM implementation show that maximum integration of all existing business software has to be achieved for get best results. Therefore, an enterprise should carefully assess, with the help of a third party vendor, its existing software packs before finalizing what type of CRM solution to implement. Import and exchange of data across various software platforms is also crucial for a business to be able to run smoothly, therefore, it is another key factor to consider when applying best practices in CRM implementation . Combining the aforementioned factors is not an easy goal to achieve, but if a business has managed to select the right customer relationship management services and managers are skilled in prioritization, the task can be fully manageable. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Travel To Barcelona By 法国轿车冲撞车站 共享电单车自燃

Friday, September 29th, 2017

A Country Within A Country: Travel To Barcelona By: Frank Johnson | May 7th 2006 – The distinctive regional culture of Barcelona is largely due to geography and a plentitude of national pride and elitism. Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia, one of Spain’s 17 semi-autonomous states. The regional language is Catalan, along with the national language of Castilian Spanish. There has long been pressure from … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

聚美优品称私有化方案合理合法 否认存在蓄谋 陈乔恩否认结婚 布什父子发表声明

Friday, September 29th, 2017

聚美优品称私有化方案合理合法 否认存在蓄谋   自聚美优品拟私有化的公告披露后,国内不少股民通过微信等渠道商讨维权方略。   17日晚,聚美优品称收到来自公司CEO陈欧、红杉资本等递交的私有化申请,准备以每股ADS7美元的价格进行私有化。由于7美元不足聚美优品赴美IPO发行价格22美元的1 3,消息一出便引发小股东不满。   截至记者昨日发稿,一个名为“聚美股东维权”的微信群已经聚集了140多名聚美小股东。南都记者注意到,要求聚美优品召开小股东见面会,重新计算私有化价格已经成为这些小股东的普遍诉求。不过,聚美优品昨日给南都记者的回应则表示,这一私有化价格比聚美优品最近十天均价高出27%,是公允、合理、合法的市场行为。   小股东抱团欲维权   从去年5月就对外放风,声称要回归A股的电商聚美优品,终于开启了私有化的步伐。但聚美优品每股7美元的私有化价格,引起很多中小股民反弹。   “聚美股东维权”的海外投资代表“奥先生”在接受南都记者采访时表达了如下诉求:第一,本着信息公开以及诚意沟通的原则,请召开一场公开的见面会,聚美代表可为陈欧先生或其指定代理人,小股东代表由聚美小股东联合选出,向所有媒体公开。会上希望能就之前小股东提出的股价异常、财报中的模糊点等未明问题作出解释,对操纵股价,恶意私有化等疑点进行澄清。   第二,基于沟通结果,本着公平公正的态度,重新计算私有化价格,可参考之前美股市场相对公正的计算逻辑,排除显失公正的低价私有化案例。   第三,在后续私有化的进程以及所有相关行动中,本着诚实守信的原则,对小股东保持信息公开。   “以上诉求根据部分聚美小股东的意见总结,细节方面有待补充,小股东们会在沟通会之前进一步明确诉求。”“奥先生”说。   聚美否认存在蓄谋   不过,聚美优品方面昨日则否认业绩存在人为调节因素。   “这确实是误解。实际上,我们三季财报发完后,股价是上涨的。在公司所发布的2015年第三季度财报中,C E O陈欧先生曾对第三季度的亏损明确表示‘虽然第三季度利润率出现下降,但部分费用是一次性的,我们将在第四季度恢复盈利’。另一方面,第三季度财报同时充分展示了公司第三季度优秀的财务和业务数据。但市场对公司的估值并未对此有合理反应。”聚美优品公关总监曹筠武如是对南都记者说。   在被问及是否会采取措施去安抚投资者情绪时,聚美优品给出的官方回应也是:“此次私有化价格比聚美优品最近十天均价高出27%,这是公允、合理、合法的市场行为。实际上,私有化买方团中就包括投资机构和红杉资本,我们与投资人的沟通是始终畅通的。”   曹筠武坦言,中概股私有化大潮自去年而起,例如爱奇艺、360、陌陌、人人、世纪佳缘、博纳影业等在美上市的中概股公司都宣布接到私有化要约,公司数量近30家。这是包括美、中两地市场多种因素影响的结果,也是一个整体趋势。   聚美优品昨日还透露,其将推进今年确定的“颜值经济战略”。未来,电商是聚美的一部分,聚美会开辟更多的新业务,整合影视、明星、网红、内容各种资源去创造影响力,靠影响力带来流量和用户。   在聚美优品看来,私有化显然有利于公司立足于长远更好更灵活地应对转型和竞争,可以沉下心来做最正确的事,而不用被短期的股价、财报等分散精力。   采写:南都记者 马建忠    律师看法   我们认为,企业发展与其所处大环境是分不开的,这两年中概股普遍不被市场看好,私有化或许可以帮助聚美优品减少公司投资者关系管理成本,对于企业来说可能是一次转型的机会。但是私有化的过程仍需要符合当地法律规定,虽然名为“私有化”,这个过程实质上仍需要在公开市场交易,是有必要的一些程序需要完成的,而私有化时也应该重视中小投资者的权益保护的问题。   需要正确看待的是,聚美优品目前私有化才刚刚递交申请,并不代表一定能私有化成功。   ——— 广东胜伦律师事务所律师谢婉霖   专家点评   美股方面并没有确切的法规要求私有化要怎么定价,聚美的私有化邀约方里面,陈欧和戴雨森在董事会里有90%的投票权,因此成功几率很大。   此前没有发生过因低价私有化小股东维权的案例,因为小股东维权成本很高,时间至少一两年。美国也没有相关法规对低价私有化作规定,因为美股历史上几乎没有发生过此类事件。美股的私有化一般会有一个较好的溢价。   之前中概的当当和人人也因低价私有化引发质疑,但小股东没有走司法程序,一段时间后就销声匿迹了。但这两家都是上市很久之后才私有化的,比如当当,财务数据可以看出萎缩趋势,人人则是第一家上市的中概股,虽然私有化价格4块多相比于上市时的14块多有较大减少,但毕竟上市和退市时的市场环境大不一样了。   ——— 知名美股券商老虎证券特约分析师 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

法甲-伊布传射迪马利亚制胜球 巴黎2-1小胜马赛-搜狐体育 地铁低头族增多 术后纱布遗留体内

Friday, September 29th, 2017

法甲-伊布传射迪马利亚制胜球 巴黎2-1小胜马赛-搜狐体育北京时间2月8日凌晨4点,15 16赛季法甲第25轮最后一场焦点战在马赛和巴黎圣日耳曼之间展开,最终巴黎凭借伊布"> 高清图:伊布同天使激情相拥 奉先霸气一飞冲天   北京时间2月8日凌晨4点,15 16赛季法甲第25轮最后一场焦点战在马赛和巴黎圣日耳曼之间展开,最终巴黎凭借伊布开场阶段的进球和迪马利亚的绝杀2-1小胜马赛,取得本场法国“国家德比”的胜利,本赛季法甲继续不败。   双方近6次交手,巴黎全胜。比赛仅仅开始2分钟,巴黎就率先破门!马克斯韦尔左边路下底传中,门前的伊布包抄轻松推射破门,巴黎1-0马赛。这个进球是1985年以来法国“国家德比”的最快进球。   比赛第10分钟,迪马利亚接莫塔直传,单刀球斜射远角擦立柱偏出。第16分钟,卡贝拉远射被特拉普轻松没收。第20分钟,德耶德耶大禁区外劲射被特拉普托出横梁。2分钟之后,德耶德耶传中,皮球被莫塔挡下之后刚好落在巴拉达的身前,后者抽射竟然打高!   第25分钟,马赛反击扳平比分,卡贝拉过掉3名巴黎球员之后,大禁区线上抽射入球门死角,巴黎1-1马赛。第32分钟,拉比奥长传,卢卡斯单刀球斜射打偏。第41分钟,马赛开出角球,巴舒亚伊攻门,被马克斯韦尔在门线解围。上半场没有补时,双方1-1进入中场休息。   下半场第60分钟,马图伊迪传中,后点包抄的伊布踢呲,错过反超比分的黄金机会。第71分钟,巴黎反超比分,迪马利亚直塞伊布,后者过掉门将之后在底线倒三角传中,迪马利亚稍作调整之后低射破网,巴黎2-1马赛。   第84分钟,马赛右路传中,卡贝拉甩头攻门高出横梁。补时第2分钟,亚历山德里尼禁区外远射稍稍偏出。全场补时4分钟,之后双方再无建树,最终巴黎凭借伊布的传射和迪马利亚的进球,2-1小胜马赛。   马赛(4-5-1):30-曼丹达 26-德耶德耶(85’ 17-萨尔)、2-曼基略、3-恩库鲁、6-罗兰多 10-迪亚拉、14-恩库杜、18-伊斯拉、13-卡贝拉、19-巴拉达(72’ 11-亚历山德里尼) 22-巴舒亚伊(80’ 9-弗莱彻)   巴黎圣日耳曼(4-3-3):16-特拉普 19-奥里耶、5-马尔基尼奥斯、32-路易斯、17-马克斯韦尔 8-莫塔、25-拉比奥(90’ 4-斯坦布里)、14-马图伊迪(82’ 5-马尔基尼奥斯)、7-卢卡斯(68’ 9-卡瓦尼)、10-伊布、11-迪马利亚   (Luke)相关的主题文章:

东莞“1号文”率先谋划机器人产业发展大计–科技–人民网 清华二校门被刻 朴槿惠狱中怪异

Friday, September 29th, 2017

东莞“1号文”率先谋划机器人产业发展大计–科技–人民网 本报东莞1月31日电 (记者杨宁)一大拨机器人正“来袭”。1月27日,东莞发布2016“1号文件”,《关于大力发展机器人智能装备产业 打造有全球影响力的先进制造基地的意见》,率先在全国提出了最系统的支持机器人产业发展的政策文件,涵盖范围广、措施力度大、可操作性强。洋洋洒洒近万字的“1号文”,从应用先行、产业培育、全链布局、技术引领、集群发展、要素支撑等六大方面,提出50条务实措施。构建起产业特色鲜明、企业集聚发展、配套链条完善、公共服务齐全的机器人智能装备产业链,目标是将机器人广泛应用于制造领域和服务领域,东莞建成中国机器人产业先行市。 广东省两会上,广东省长朱小丹在《政府工作报告》中也将“实施机器人示范应用计划”作为今年重点大事。东莞“1号文”最快回应。东莞市委书记徐建华表示,东莞作为世界知名的制造业城市,经过30多年发展积累,拥有6万多家工业企业,制造业基础雄厚,产业集聚度高。与此同时,东莞制造业基础薄弱,制造业转型升级对科技创新提出了巨大需求,可以说,庞大的市场主体对科技成果的需求十分旺盛。 据了解,2014年起,东莞在全国率先启动“机器换人”计划,截至去年底企业申报项目达1262个,总投资超100亿元,预计可减少用工7.1万人,单位产品成本平均下降10%,劳动生产率平均提高65%,给企业带来实实在在的效果。 《 人民日报 》( 2016年02月01日 13 版)相关的主题文章:

读诗亭亮相北京 爱心读诗亭亮相北京!排队等候的有耄耋老人,也有孩童 Read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing love reading poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing! The queue is the oldest old, also have children

Thursday, August 10th, 2017






据了解,本次“你读一首诗 我捐一本书”是大型公益活动“带本书给家乡的孩子”的第五季,这个夏天,一座座“爱心读诗亭”将面向公众免费开放,它不仅会常设在北京图书大厦、王府井书店,还会前往首都各大高校和中小学校,流转到具有浓浓文化气息的国子监及首都各大图书馆,并现身人潮涌动的机场、火车站和各大商圈。


Love to read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing! The queue is the oldest old, also have children





Yesterday, in the Qianmen Street north exit, a written "love poems" Pavilion of the Red Pavilion led people to stop, the Beijing morning news reporters on the scene, although the hot weather, but still lined up outside the pavilion, which is the oldest old, there are eight or nine year old children. Reporters learned that the event is co sponsored by the Beijing municipal Party committee, Beijing TV station and Beijing publishing group, Beijing publishing group and the public welfare activities, as long as people walked into the pavilion, read a poem forwarded to the circle of friends, will be able to donate a book for children of the mountains.

Yesterday morning shortly after 10 p.m., Qianmen Street north exit of a small red Pavilion is particularly conspicuous, the reporter saw the Red Pavilion written on the "love poetry Pavilion" words, the Red Pavilion lined up more than ten meters long queue. In the book of poetry, the team from the Tsinghua University, came to the old man, there are eight or nine year olds. The child told reporters that he would not only read poetry, but also bring a book. "I have read it, I think it is very good, and I hope it will be read by my little friends in the countryside, too."".

It is understood that this time you read a poem I donate a book "is a large public events with a book to their children" in the fifth quarter, this summer, a "love poetry Pavilion" will be free and open to the public, it will not only standing in the Beijing book building, Wangfujing bookstore, will go to the capital of the major universities and schools, and transfer to the imperial capital culture has thick large libraries, and appeared in the crowded airport, train station and major shopping district.

Person in charge of the scene, from the 2015 Spring Festival onwards, has sent more than 12 copies of love books to 21 provinces and autonomous regions of more than 200 poor primary schools, in the country have established 23 love library.相关的主题文章:

【孙杨退出1500米】孙杨退出世锦赛1500米项目 为备战奥运做长远打算

Friday, August 4th, 2017

(原标题:孙杨退出世锦赛1500米项目 为备战奥运做长远打算)









【少林寺无遮大会】少林寺首届“无遮大会”开幕 全球众多高手齐聚嵩山决高下

Friday, August 4th, 2017



图为少林寺方丈释永信(左二)等五位法师在“无遮大会”开幕式祈福法会上洒净。 阚力 摄
无遮大会”开幕式祈福法会上洒净。 阚力 摄




图为少林寺方丈释永信在“无遮大会”开幕式后接受媒体采访。 韩章云 摄
无遮大会”开幕式后接受媒体采访。 韩章云 摄








[绿日乐队演出意外]_绿日乐队演出突发意外 42岁杂技演员当众高空坠亡

Friday, August 4th, 2017



著名朋克乐队绿日的西班牙演唱会发生揪心一幕,42岁的杂技演员佩德罗・奥尼昂・蒙洛(Pedro Aunion Monroy)从100英尺高空坠落,不幸身亡。 7月7日晚,绿日乐队在马德里的疯狂酷节上演出,陶醉在音乐中的观众却突然目击了佩德罗从空中掉落并重重摔在地上的惨烈一幕,惊骇不已。佩德罗是布莱顿一家表演艺术公司的职业杂技演员,经常为各种活动表演极具难度和风险的特技。当晚他没有系安全索和任何绳缆,在高度100英尺的玻璃箱中表演各种后空翻和特技动作。现场视频中看不清到底发生了什么,只能看到他像一道闪电般轰然落地。观众发出惊恐的尖叫,之后一片喧哗。而绿日乐队的几位成员比利・乔・阿姆斯特朗(Billie Joe Armstrong)、迈克・迪恩特(Mike Dirnt)和特雷・库尔(Tre Cool)因为距离佩德罗表演的地方还有相当距离,一开始并不清楚发生了意外,仍旧在投入地演出。视频中人群骚动不已,但音乐声并未停歇。乐队后来在社交媒体上表示:“一听说出了意外我们就离开疯狂酷节的舞台。一位名叫佩德罗的勇敢艺术家在今晚的悲惨的事故中失去生命,我们向他的家人和朋友表达我们的思念和祈祷。”



Friday, August 4th, 2017



犯罪嫌疑人名叫Brendt Christensen,是香槟分校物理系的博士生。




6月29日,犯罪嫌疑人Brendt Christensen承认绑架了章莹颖,但调查人员尚未发现失踪女生的确切下落。




章莹颖向香槟市一家名为One North的中介机构提交租房申请。
















当日,警方搜查了犯罪嫌疑人所驾驶的车辆,车主就是犯罪嫌疑人Brendt Christensen,此人宣称记不得9日发生的事。










募捐网站GoFundMe给予章莹颖父母为找章莹颖而募得了6万美元的捐款,以支付在美寻女期间的生活费用。章莹颖父母也主动拿出4万美金作为奖金,希望通过“停止犯罪”组织(Crime Stopper)来寻找可以提供有价值线索的人。












Friday, August 4th, 2017

岬羅嚀巻壟農駿 寄遜少圭竃返�廁膚宛14繁瓜廛俺

岬羅嚀巻壟農駿 寄遜少圭竃返�廁膚宛14繁瓜廛俺

岬羅東刷汐^序署才窟2催 ̄嚀巻7埖13晩嶄怜噐東刷鈍胆廉掴圭113今戦今囃�壟音苧附芸議鑓診巻隔偽農駿。烏祇各�並周窟伏朔�哘岬羅圭中亅廁萩箔�寄遜儻堀尼強^曾斡慌揖嬉似係恟字崙 ̄。

岬羅嚀巻壟農駿 寄遜少圭竃返�廁膚宛14繁瓜廛俺

岬羅嚀巻壟農駿 寄遜少圭竃返�廁膚宛14繁瓜廛俺

寄遜少圭14晩賠蛙壓蒜遊翌今撹孔盛俺乎鑓診巻�旺棄俺巻貧14兆膚宛繁埀。象烏祇�東刷汐^序署才窟2催 ̄CT5嚀巻�100欽�噐7埖11晩絡寂9扮38蛍貫東刷翌椦嚀雇烏購竃今溶利俺戚相关的主题文章:


Friday, August 4th, 2017







【德超市持刀袭击案】德超市持刀袭击案致1死多伤 警方确认这起袭击只有1人作案

Friday, August 4th, 2017






[姚笛疑曝新恋情]_姚笛疑曝新恋情 神秘白衣男竟然是他?

Friday, August 4th, 2017


近日姚笛与神秘白衣男子约会的一组照片曝光。画面中姚笛与男子关系亲密,相谈甚欢,二人更多次一同逛街,吃饭并回一家酒店。 据了解,该酒店即为男子名下财产。









[一家三口甲醛中毒]_一家三口甲醛中毒凶手竟是书桌 2017除甲醛空气净化器排名

Friday, August 4th, 2017

近日,一则新闻成了人们关注的热点,泰州一家三口一起甲醛中毒,出现过敏性鼻炎,咳嗽等疾病。原因,这对夫妻爱好读书,买了个书柜。但谁也没想到书柜所散发出的甲醛竟然造成全家人中毒。 虽然这件事后果并不是特别严重,但却让人们再次见识到了甲醛的威力。过去,人们一向认为,甲醛主要在于装修后的房子里,如墙漆、壁纸、家具、地板等缝隙里。没想到,就算不是装修后的新房,只要买一件木制家具,同样会造成甲醛中毒,由此可见,防范甲醛丝毫马虎不得。尤其是装修后的房子,或者新婚夫妻,在购买了各种家具后,更要防范无色无味的甲醛,以免自己和家人受害。 当前,在清除甲醛上,除了开窗换气、放置活性炭等传统方法外,使用空气净化器是最有效的方法之一。




一、安诗曼空气净化器: 安诗曼是最近来市场上销量颇高的一个品牌,它来源于遥远的欧洲,在我国已有多年,逐渐本土化,建立了专业的实验室,能根据各地的空气污染,设计出兼容性好、适合所有城市家庭合作的空气净化器产品。为了增强清除甲醛效果,安诗曼除了对产品的结构进行优化上,还增加了蜂窝活性炭滤网、光触媒滤网,使甲醛清除率达到94%以上,达到业内先进水平。再加上平民化的价格,深受城市普通用户的喜爱。


二、斯帝沃空气净化器: 斯帝沃是英国知名环保品牌,历史较为悠久,这些年来风靡欧洲大陆,为各国贵族和王室所喜爱。进入中国市场,它华丽的外观造型也折服了众多消费者,再加上合理的配置和精湛的技术,更是让如鱼得水。斯帝沃率先开启了净化器智能化时代,大屏幕LED显示器,内置感应器,能及时监测并显示空气污染程度和机器工作状态,看起来一目了解。


三、汉斯顿空气净化器: 汉斯顿是除甲醛空气净化器的鼻祖,从多年前成立之日起,汉斯顿就将除甲醛作为空气净化器的主要研究目标。为了除甲醛,汉斯顿设计了六层过滤网、十级防护,从而让包括甲醛、甲苯、氨气、氡气等装修后的有害气体都能被彻底清除,从而达到理想的净化效果,还业主一个纯净的生活环境。而在功能上,汉斯顿也突破了单一功能的限制,加入了紫外线杀菌、驱蚊、加湿等多重功效,成为性价比最高的净化器品牌。


四、美的空气净化器: 由于进入空气净化器行业时间较早,美的在很多方面都抢了先机,在空净产品的研发、设计上,美的完美地将“绿色家居”理念融入到所开发的产品上面,简约、时尚、大方、舒适的外观博得了诸多消费者的欢心。


五、夏普空气净化器: 夏普其实进入空气净化器市场已经有一些年头,而且进入中国市场也很多年了,夏普最开始将空气净化器推出市场的时候,曾经因为独特的外观及工艺,赢得了部分客户的青睐。但是由于空气净化器产品在技术升级和更新速度上周期长,错过了高速发展的机会。 六、远大空气净化器: 远大是我国国产空气净化器品牌的后起之秀,是一家拥有自主净化专利技术和自主品牌的高新技术企业。远大空气净化器产品中的“清风系列”在空气净化器行业里非常出名,具有超强吸附效果、短时间内释放新鲜空气的功能,这也是远大空气净化器为什么能在短短时间内挤进空气净化器十大排名品牌行列的最主要原因。相关的主题文章:

【朝鲜深夜疑射导弹】文在寅深夜下令:将部署剩余的4辆萨德发射车 朝鲜罕见深夜试射洲际导弹 飞行约1000公里_凤凰资讯

Friday, August 4th, 2017













Friday, August 4th, 2017















【中国房奴报告出炉】中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难

Friday, August 4th, 2017


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难






中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难


中国房奴报告出炉 北上广深生存最艰难




Friday, August 4th, 2017







































































【少林寺无遮大会】少林寺“无遮大会”引全球千余人报名 古力参加“黑白决”

Friday, August 4th, 2017














[女游客被打案一审]_“女游客丽江被打”案一审 6名被告人当庭表示悔过

Friday, August 4th, 2017








[外卖小哥被泼粥]_外卖小哥被泼粥 无心之举接下来事情却让人非常的感动

Friday, August 4th, 2017

外卖小哥被泼粥 无心之举接下来事情却让人非常的感动

外卖小哥被泼粥 无心之举接下来事情却让人非常的感动




Friday, August 4th, 2017









【少林寺无遮大会】首届少林无遮大会举行 各路高手云集嵩山比武论禅

Friday, August 4th, 2017

  少林寺作为禅宗祖庭、功夫圣地,丰富的历史文化内涵彰显了优秀的中华传统文化,其禅、武、医、艺文化更是浓缩了少林文化的精髓。2017年首届少林无遮大会,是少林寺在新时期举办的规模最大、参赛人数最多、内容最丰富、形式最多样的文化交流盛会。时间持续七天, 7月29日至8月4日。








  少林武术兵器除上述刀、枪、剑、棍以外,还有三股叉(南方又称大钯)、方便铲、套三环、峨嵋刺、月牙铲、和戟镰、秀圈、方天画戟、双锤、大斧、双斧、三节棍、梢子棍、七节鞭、九节鞭、双鞭等。少林套路有空手夺刀、空手夺枪、单刀对枪、空手夺匕首、棍穿枪、草镰合枪、梢子棍合枪等。少林派技击散打有:闪战移身把、心意把、虎扑把、游龙飞步、丹凤朝阳、十字乱把、老君抱葫芦、仙人摘茄、叶底偷桃、脑后砍瓜、黑虎偷心、老猴搬枝、金丝缠法、应门铁扇子、拨步炮、少鬼攥枪等。气功是少林功夫的一大类,少林寺流传的气功有“易筋经”、“小武功”、“站桩功”、“益寿阴阳法”、“混元一气功”等。 软硬功夫练法有多种,有卸骨法、擒拿法、点穴秘法、短打手法、各种用药法、救治法等。



  嵩阳书院是天地之中历史建筑群国家文物[26] 、宋代的四大书院之一,又是洛派理学传播和发展中心,历代有很多知名学者到此讲学和学习,在中国教育史上有着显著的地位。嵩阳书院的汉封将军柏和大唐碑,号称“稀世珍宝”,吸引了众多的游人,成为嵩山丰富历史文化积淀的象征。嵩阳书院占据中岳嵩山的腹地,四周群山环拱,溪水长流,景色宜人。1982年12月,当代诗人闻山来此游览后,曾作《嵩阳书院》七言诗一首。




为什么要用显卡挖虚拟货币?看完你就懂了 Why use a video card to dig virtual currency You’ll understand after reading it

Friday, August 4th, 2017






















Why use a video card to dig virtual currency? You’ll understand after reading it


In recent months, including a variety of virtual currency bitcoin, bitcoin is popular, especially the more so, the price even more than 10000 yuan, the price can be said to take a similar rocket. The result is that the AMD cards are miners robbed, 400 line and 500 line cards on the market are basically disappeared.

So what is the virtual currency? Why use the graphics card, especially the AMD graphics card to calculate? IT’s home here to do a small popular science, so that we will see later bitcoin and other virtual currency news will no longer be confused.

What is bitcoin (virtual currency)?

To answer these questions, we first need to know what bitcoin is The concept of bitcoin (BitCoin) was originally proposed by Zhong Cong in 2009. According to the idea of China, we design and publish open source software and build P2P network on it. Bitcoin is a digital currency in the form of P2P. Peer to peer transmission means a centralized payment system.

From the essence of bitcoin, the essence of bitcoin is actually a special solution generated by a complex algorithm. A special solution is a set of solutions that can be obtained by an infinite set of equations (in fact, a finite number of bitcoins). And every particular solution can solve the equation and is unique.

Why use graphics mining?

Compared to the complex operations of CPU, the GPU used by graphics cards is general-purpose computing. It can be stacked hundreds of processors, each stream processor is like small CPU, although its ability to run complex applications far from CPU to awesome, but JiaBuZhu stream processor, so the actual performance especially the single precision floating point performance is much better than CPU.

– chart graphics, the stream processor is dense

Including digging bitcoin within the action we can think is the use of graphics in constantly general calculation, and the computational complexity is relatively low and quite repetitive, stream processor is suitable for the use of graphics algorithm. It’s like solving equations, video cards are 2000 middle school students, and CPU is 8 math doctor. Although Dr math’s knowledge of mathematics is far superior to that of middle school students, the speed of the medium equations, such as the solution of virtual money, is certainly not as fast as that of 2000 middle school students in 8.

"Bitcoin mining machine

So people started using video cards to mine virtual currencies. Later, someone developed a specific algorithm, so that the graphics processor’s virtual currency for the special solution to substantially strengthen, and this is the origin of the mine.

Why was AMD’s video card being snapped up by miners?

Compared with Nvidia graphics cards, AMD graphics cards have a wide range of advantages in general performance, or, in general terms, more streaming processors. Ordinary consumers generally use graphics cards, mainly to play games, while playing games require graphics cards for graphics output, and its computing complexity is far more than the mathematical calculation of bitcoin. As a result, the actual game performance is about the same as the N card and the A card.

But we said before, because the A card processor, so to get virtual currency calculation so that in terms of very suitable, get the solution specific than N card number, so many miners now a large number of A cards for panic buying virtual currency operations to seek profits.

Of course, with the introduction of Pascal Nvidia graphics card, N card in the virtual currency on the current ability is not as before, and A card is a huge difference. Thus, in the current A card is generally out of stock, the middle end of the N card has become the miners retreated for second choice.

What’s the disadvantage of mine card?

Finally, why can’t you choose the mine card when you use the second-hand card?. The miners mining bitcoin is the most important thing is to seek profits. As a result, their graphics cards are running and computing at all times, far more powerful than their everyday game applications. Or to run such a computing day, equivalent to the average person running video cards for one month.

Mining and virtual currency are the basic premises of the multi card gathering place, tens of thousands of cards operation constantly in a room, the heat is quite large, but the miners is not like ordinary consumers as select chassis good cooling conditions that the heat can be released, 7*24 hours of operation like this the card is still under the condition of high temperature, also deepen the degree of aging.

So the doings is the result of loss to dig card prematurely, if buy these cards, the result is unstable, restart things will continue to happen.

And the current manufacturers for mine cards are also strict requirements, such as prohibited the sale of second-hand and shorten the shelf life, if the user purchased the mine card card, after the repair will be a challenge.

I hope that through such a small article to make you understand why today’s AMD card so tight, and later to see the news when you can understand.



Friday, August 4th, 2017








读诗亭亮相北京 爱心读诗亭亮相北京城 Read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing love reading poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing City

Friday, August 4th, 2017



  6月28日,一位市民在北京图书大厦的“爱心读诗亭”内,用经典诵读的方式参与“带本书给家乡的孩子”大型公益活动,为边远地区的孩子募捐图书。 “带本书给家乡的孩子”活动由北京团市委、北京电视台、北京出版集团、北京发行集团共同发起,今年采取“你读一首诗,我捐一本书”的形式,让市民用“诵读”的方式献出一份爱心。“爱心读诗亭”不仅会常驻北京图书大厦和王府井书店,还会到机场、火车站和学校等。活动开始一周以来,已有1万多人参与。

Love read poetry Pavilion debut in Beijing City   In June 28th, a citizen in a "love reading Pavilion" at the Beijing book building took a classical reading to participate in the public welfare activities of children who bring books to their hometown, and to collect books for children in remote areas. "Take this book to their children" co sponsored by Beijing Municipal Committee, Beijing TV, Beijing publishing group, Beijing publishing group, this year to take you to read a poem, I donate a book "form, to allow the public to" read "the way gave a love. "Love reading Pavilion" will not only visit the Beijing Book Building and the Wangfujing bookstore, but also go to the airport, railway station and school. More than 10 thousand people have been involved in the event since the start of the week.相关的主题文章:


Friday, August 4th, 2017



据《每日邮报》25日报道,这名27岁叫做达莉亚(Daria Gubanova)的女孩住在俄罗斯中南部阿尔泰?克拉尼地区的巴尔瑙尔市(Barnaul),她说,她不会修剪她那令人印象深刻的长发,直到它达到她的脚趾。






Friday, August 4th, 2017




【上海现双胞胎豪车】“双胞胎”豪车齐现上海街头 真车车主被朋友坑

Friday, August 4th, 2017










[北京打击地铁色狼]_北京开展大规模打击地铁色狼行动 20余人已被抓

Friday, August 4th, 2017



















【少林寺无遮大会】少林寺无遮大会本周六举行 “无遮”意为众生一律平等对待

Friday, August 4th, 2017








【朝鲜深夜疑射导弹】朝鲜深夜发射新导弹射程惊人 美日韩激烈反应-教授喊停女儿奥数

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017


  韩美军方:朝鲜试射洲际弹道导弹 飞行约1000公里落入日本海















  综合整理自 | 环球时报 环球网 央视新闻



[张稀哲大婚]_张稀哲“低调大婚” 新娘颜值身材不输明星-广岛南京大屠杀展

Thursday, August 3rd, 2017


















去年九月,袁雅婷就在自己微博上写道:“很高兴你能来 也不遗憾你离开”,疑似为分手而惆怅。今年二月,袁雅婷还在微博上发布了一组她和一个年轻帅气男子的亲密照。









【少林寺无遮大会】1500年来首次举办 少林寺无遮大会开幕-老外求职回复走红

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017




















【少林寺无遮大会】少林无遮大会变“东方奥运” 耍石锁铁砂掌登场-杭州无人超市

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017




















【少林寺无遮大会】少林寺无遮大会临近 记者探访“中华镖王”一睹绝技-男孩游戏充5.8万

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017

















【少林寺无遮大会】少林寺首届“无遮大会”启幕 吸引近5万海内外人士参与-少女神似奶茶妹妹

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017















【少林寺无遮大会】释永信观战少林七十二艺决赛 武林高手武艺赢得观众惊呼-盗窃顺走女婴扔下

Wednesday, August 2nd, 2017


释永信观战少林七十二艺决赛 武林高手武艺赢得观众惊呼



释永信观战少林七十二艺决赛 武林高手武艺赢得观众惊呼



释永信观战少林七十二艺决赛 武林高手武艺赢得观众惊呼












[昆明水库泄洪垮塌]_昆明水库泄洪垮塌 塌方下游河田大面积水稻和部分民房被淹-一家三口甲醛中毒

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017




幺鹰村委会新兴达石蛙养殖合作社也被淹,养殖的石蛙、鹅、鳝鱼等被水冲走,家禽被淹死,养殖户损失价值100余万元,狮山镇部分村委会大面积过水。 武定警方迅速赶往各灾情点,全力投入紧急救援


[3万网购兰博基尼]_街头惊现迷你版“兰博基尼” 车主称三万元可网购-丁彦雨航被喊mvp

Wednesday, July 26th, 2017





[美轰炸机飞越南海]_俄媒称美军轰炸机飞越南海挑衅 中国为何相当平静-河北破系列骗保案

Monday, July 24th, 2017






[女导游在德国被抢]_中国女导游在德国被抢 3名男子抢包后迅速逃走-两女子装磁铁行窃

Sunday, July 23rd, 2017




  德媒称,一个中国学生团无法按计划飞回国,因为他们的女导游在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州被偷走了背包,在她被盗的背包里,有所有这13名中国学生的护照。 据德新社7月10日报道,据警方报告,7月10日凌晨,一名男子在北莱茵-威斯特法伦州蒙海姆一家旅馆的停车场上从45岁的女导游肩上扯走背包。



Thursday, July 20th, 2017






Thursday, July 20th, 2017

第41届世界遗产大会目前正在波兰历史文化名城克拉科夫举办,在当地时间7月8日的会议上,中国申遗项目——“鼓浪屿国际历史社区”通过了世界遗产大会的终审,成功列入世界文化遗产名录,成为中国第52项世界遗产项目。至此,中国的世界遗产总数已名列世界第一。   鼓浪屿申遗成功,也使中国的世界遗产总数名列世界第一,可喜可贺。但申遗成功之后则要面临着如何“限流”,这考验着管理智慧,只是不知道鼓浪屿能否交出一份完美的答卷? 任何地方的申遗成功之后,游客会急增,恐怕鼓浪屿也不例外。据了解,近年来,鼓浪屿游客数量急剧攀升。2009年的游客数量为575万人次,2014年,已达到1246万人次。游客多,这对于风景区来说,是好事,而鼓浪屿申遗成功之后,游客肯定会更多,毕竟世界文化遗产称号是吸引游客最好的金字招牌。每一个风景区均有一定的游客承载量。虽然从目前情况来看,游客数量对于鼓浪屿的历史建筑尚未产生负面影响,但对于环境水平造成了负面影响。国际古迹遗址理事会认为,游客数量对于岛上有形资产和环境是重大威胁,特别是在假期和旺季。根据相关报告显示,鼓浪屿每日容纳人数最多达到5万人,其中包括1.5万居民和通勤者,因此,每日可接纳游客数量实际为3.5万人。游客和通勤者最为合宜的数量是2.5万人。显然,当地政府和旅游部门对这一数字必须要保持敏感度。国际古迹遗址理事会认为,有效的旅游管理是保持文化遗产完整性的关键因素。那么当地旅游部门如何限游客呢? “限流”的招术似乎不少,最有效的可能是提高门票价格。但用门票来吓退游客,这显然不是好办法,也是旅游最为忌讳的。限游客,要限得让游客舒服。外地游客远道而来,远来的都是朋友,将游客挡在门外,是因为保护风景区的需要,这一点游客也是可以理解的。但用涨门票的招式就不行。 在我看来,限游客,一方面要做好“信息服务”,现在是“互联网+”时代,游客买票都可以在网上进行,因此,风景区是否有门票可售,已经卖出去多少了,这些信息均可以在网上查询得到,这样游客不用跑到风景区才知道自己今天是进不去了。信息公开了,游客就方便了,更会觉得舒坦,另一方面也要提倡当地市民让道,提倡在旅游旺季的时候让给外地游客,同时,还要杜绝“黄牛”,以及一些利用不法手段进入景区的行为。 鼓浪屿申遗成功之后必然要“限流”,要“控游客”,但如何“控”和“限”,则要考验管理者的管理智慧。相关的主题文章:

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 曝章泽天六级成绩奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!Exposure Zhang Zetian six grades were praised, true learning tyrants exposure Zhang Zetian six grades, tea sister to sell luxury-佟丽娅薄纱拍大片

Thursday, July 20th, 2017
章泽天,1993年出生于南京,2009年因一张手捧奶茶的照片走红网络,被称为“奶茶妹妹”。6月15日, 章泽天Fans团在微博晒出了章泽天在大学时英语六级成绩单,以此预祝即将考试的同学们取得

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

 【曝章泽天六级成绩】章泽天,1993年出生于南京,2009年因一张手捧奶茶的照片走红网络,被称为“奶茶妹妹”。6月15日, 章泽天Fans团在微博晒出了章泽天在大学时英语六级成绩单,以此预祝即将考试的同学们取得好成绩。

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!


曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!


曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!


曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!


曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!


曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

曝章泽天六级成绩被赞真学霸 奶茶妹妹出售豪宅挂牌信息惊呆了!

【奶茶妹妹出售豪宅】据国外媒体报道,京东创始人刘强东妻子、“奶茶妹妹”章泽天将其位于悉尼的三层顶楼公寓挂牌出售,标价1800万澳元(约9300万人民币)。挂牌信息显示,这套三层顶楼公寓于五年前交房,内设正式和非正式生活区、独立的家庭影院和入户电梯,室内面积近598平方米。 Zhang Zetian, born in Nanjing in 1993, was named "tea sister" in 2009 because of a popular picture taken with milk tea". In June 15th, Zhang Zetian Fans group in micro-blog drying out Zhang Zetian in College English six class transcripts, in order to wish the students will get the exam Exposure Zhang Zetian six grades were praised real learning tyrants tea sister, sell luxury house listing information stunned! [exposure Zhang Zetian six grades] Zhang Zetian, born in 1993 in Nanjing, in 2009 because of a holding milk tea photos popular network, known as "tea sister"". In June 15th, Zhang Zetian Fans group in micro-blog drying out Zhang Zetian in College English six class transcripts, so as to wish the exam students get good grades. In 2011, Zhang Zetian attended Tsinghua University. But the outside world has been rumored to her university in July 12, 2015, graduated from Tsinghua University fail the exam, Zhang Zetian graduated from normal, did not appear rumors of "fail the exam". In the performance, show tea sister’s six grades for 541 points, of which listening 174 points, read 203 points, writing and translation 164 points. 541 points in the six test is high marks, it seems that tea sister is properly appropriate learning tyrants ah! The early morning of March 25th, tea sister Zhang Zetian in the Sun online a few pieces and American entrepreneur Bill Gates’s photo and wrote: "in the morning has just launched a public goods fundraising platform, the night Gates took the opportunity to share our ideas greatly. Let the world see China’s public welfare innovation!" In the photo, Zhang Zetian and others talking in English, and at the dinner table, Bill Gates bright eyes. In this regard, users have expressed: "girls want to study more ah, temperament can not afford to come out", "other people’s twenties", "Akizawa, beauty and talent", "tea sister" is really the focus of attention". Exposure Zhang Zetian six grades were praised real learning tyrants tea sister, sell luxury house listing information stunned! [sell] tea sister house according to foreign media reports, the Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong wife, tea sister Zhang Zetian will be in the Sydney of the three floor apartment for sale, the price of 18 million Australian dollars (about 93 million yuan). Listing information shows that this three story apartment on the top floor five years ago submitted to the formal and informal living areas, independent family cinema and home elevator, indoor area of nearly 598 square meters.


[环保狗河里捡瓶子]_环保狗河里捡瓶子:每次出门至少要捡回二三十个瓶子 十年来超过2000个-两公民在日失联

Thursday, July 20th, 2017




Thursday, July 20th, 2017



  今日(7月6日)下午,广州至河源高速公路龙门段发生一起客车翻车事故。记者从惠州交警支队高速公路四大队获悉,通往河源方向路段已封闭,伤者已送往医院,现场救援仍在进行。据龙门县应急办消息,涉事客车上共44人,目前共造成19人死亡。 今日下午,有微博网友称,广河高速龙门段发生交通事故,一辆大客车四脚朝天压在隔离带上,现场多人受伤。记者随后从网友发布的视频中看到,一辆蓝色客车侧翻,车身几乎全压在隔离带上,至少5名乘客被压在车下,另有多名受伤乘客在客车附近,现场一片狼籍。另一段视频显示,两辆救护车已赶到现场,交警也在现场救援。


  下午15点半左右,记者从惠州交警支队高速公路四大队获悉,目前广河高速通往河源方向道路已经封闭,事故发生路段在广河高速龙门县境。目前,伤者分别送往龙门县、博罗县和广州救治,受伤人数仍在统计中,交警正在现场救援。除了这一辆大客车,现场没有其他车辆受损。 另据龙门县人民医院工作人员对记者表示,目前该院收治的此次事故伤员有十几人,其中4名重伤。 随后,记者致电龙门县应急办,一名工作人员称,涉事客车上共有44人,目前共造成19人死亡。



[美轰炸机飞越南海]_俄媒称美军轰炸机飞越南海挑衅 中国为何相当平静-杨振宁遗产分配

Thursday, July 20th, 2017







Thursday, July 20th, 2017



7月18日中午12时多,台湾台中逢甲商圈内西安街一家餐厅发生火灾。(台中市消防局提供)“中央社”记者苏木春传真  中午12时多,台中市消防局接报位于西安街的心斋桥餐厅一楼的瓦斯钢瓶突然爆炸,紧急出动23辆消防车及69名消防人员前往抢救,半小时后火势控制。






Thursday, July 20th, 2017








Thursday, July 20th, 2017








[朴槿惠再度出庭]_朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑 [park again appear]_ park once again appear poor mental state white cited concern or face ten years imprisonment-首个海外基地成立

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑

朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑,据外媒报道,涉及韩国前总统朴槿惠腐败丑闻的核心人物崔顺实被判有期徒刑3年。首尔地方法院认为,崔顺实通过不正当手段帮助女儿进入梨花女子大学。韩国前总统朴槿惠被押往首尔中央地方法院,再次出庭受审,朴槿惠头…

  • 朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑

朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑


朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑

朴槿惠再度出庭精神状态极差白发引关注 或面临十年有期徒刑


Pu Jinhui once again appear in court, mental state is terrible, white hair cited concern or face ten years in prison


Pu Jinhui once again appear in poor mental state white cited concern or face up to ten years in prison, according to foreign media reports, involving former South Korean President Park Geun hye corruption scandal of the central figure of Cui Shunshi was sentenced to 3 years in prison. The Seoul District Court held that Cui Shunshi helped her daughter into Ewha Womans University by unfair means. Former South Korean President Park Geun hye was transferred to the Seoul central district court trial, again, park Geun Hye head…

Pu Jinhui once again appear in court, mental state is terrible, white hair cited concern or face ten years in prison

According to foreign media reports, involving former South Korean President Park Geun hye corruption scandal of the central figure of Cui Shunshi was sentenced to 3 years in prison. The Seoul District Court held that Cui Shunshi helped her daughter into Ewha Womans University by unfair means. Former South Korean President Park Geun hye was transferred to the Seoul central district court trial, again, park Geun hye, head of white hair striking. 40 years, park Geun Hye bestie "intervention" mainly involved Cui Shunshi and former culture tourism minister Zhao Yunxuan and former Secretary of the Chong Wa Dae office director Jin Qichun et al on trial on the same day.

Pu Jinhui once again appear in court, mental state is terrible, white hair cited concern or face ten years in prison

Local time June 26, 2017, South Korea Seoul, South Korean President Park Geun Hye bestie, 40 years "politics" the main suspect Cui Shunshi was transferred to the Seoul central district court trial, again. In June 26, 2017, South Korea local time in Seoul, "politics, long before the door" the Chong Wa Dae Office of the Secretary Qichun gold was transferred to the Seoul Central District Court trial. Jin Qichun on suspicion of ordering and presided over the formulation of "literary and art circles blacklist.


【鼓浪屿申遗成功】_鼓浪屿申遗成功将考验管理智慧 [Gulangyu Islet] _ Gulangyu Islet World Heritage inscription success will test the wisdom of management-辽宁舰返青岛军港

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017

第41届世界遗产大会目前正在波兰历史文化名城克拉科夫举办,在当地时间7月8日的会议上,中国申遗项目——“鼓浪屿国际历史社区”通过了世界遗产大会的终审,成功列入世界文化遗产名录,成为中国第52项世界遗产项目。至此,中国的世界遗产总数已名列世界第一。   鼓浪屿申遗成功,也使中国的世界遗产总数名列世界第一,可喜可贺。但申遗成功之后则要面临着如何“限流”,这考验着管理智慧,只是不知道鼓浪屿能否交出一份完美的答卷? 任何地方的申遗成功之后,游客会急增,恐怕鼓浪屿也不例外。据了解,近年来,鼓浪屿游客数量急剧攀升。2009年的游客数量为575万人次,2014年,已达到1246万人次。游客多,这对于风景区来说,是好事,而鼓浪屿申遗成功之后,游客肯定会更多,毕竟世界文化遗产称号是吸引游客最好的金字招牌。每一个风景区均有一定的游客承载量。虽然从目前情况来看,游客数量对于鼓浪屿的历史建筑尚未产生负面影响,但对于环境水平造成了负面影响。国际古迹遗址理事会认为,游客数量对于岛上有形资产和环境是重大威胁,特别是在假期和旺季。根据相关报告显示,鼓浪屿每日容纳人数最多达到5万人,其中包括1.5万居民和通勤者,因此,每日可接纳游客数量实际为3.5万人。游客和通勤者最为合宜的数量是2.5万人。显然,当地政府和旅游部门对这一数字必须要保持敏感度。国际古迹遗址理事会认为,有效的旅游管理是保持文化遗产完整性的关键因素。那么当地旅游部门如何限游客呢? “限流”的招术似乎不少,最有效的可能是提高门票价格。但用门票来吓退游客,这显然不是好办法,也是旅游最为忌讳的。限游客,要限得让游客舒服。外地游客远道而来,远来的都是朋友,将游客挡在门外,是因为保护风景区的需要,这一点游客也是可以理解的。但用涨门票的招式就不行。 在我看来,限游客,一方面要做好“信息服务”,现在是“互联网+”时代,游客买票都可以在网上进行,因此,风景区是否有门票可售,已经卖出去多少了,这些信息均可以在网上查询得到,这样游客不用跑到风景区才知道自己今天是进不去了。信息公开了,游客就方便了,更会觉得舒坦,另一方面也要提倡当地市民让道,提倡在旅游旺季的时候让给外地游客,同时,还要杜绝“黄牛”,以及一些利用不法手段进入景区的行为。 鼓浪屿申遗成功之后必然要“限流”,要“控游客”,但如何“控”和“限”,则要考验管理者的管理智慧。 The forty-first session of the World Heritage Committee is currently in Poland historical and cultural city of Krakow held in July 8th local time of the meeting, Chinese inscription project – "Gulangyu Islet international community history" by the world heritage Conference final, successfully inscribed on the world heritage list, become the fifty-second world heritage project Chinese. So far, China’s total number of world heritage has ranked first in the world. Gulangyu Islet world heritage, also make the total number of World Heritage China ranked first in the world, gratifying. But after the success of the inscription, it will have to face "how to limit the flow", which tests the wisdom of management, but do not know whether Gulangyu Islet will hand over a perfect answer sheet After the successful declaration of any place, visitors will hurry up, I’m afraid Gulangyu Islet is no exception. It is understood that in recent years, the number of visitors to Gulangyu Islet has risen sharply. In 2009, the number of tourists was 5 million 750 thousand, and in 2014 it reached 12 million 460 thousand. This is a good thing for the tourists, scenic area, the Gulangyu Islet, and after the inscription success, tourists will certainly be more, after all, the title of world cultural heritage is to attract tourists to the best of a gilded signboard. Each scenic spot has a certain amount of tourists carrying capacity. Although from the current situation, the number of tourists has not yet had a negative impact on Gulangyu Islet’s historic buildings, but it has a negative impact on the environmental level. The international monuments and monuments Council believes that the number of visitors is a major threat to the island’s tangible assets and the environment, especially during holidays and peak seasons. According to the relevant reports, Gulangyu Islet has the largest number of people per day, reaching 50 thousand people, including 15 thousand residents and commuters, so the number of visitors per day is actually 35 thousand. The most appropriate number of tourists and commuters is 25 thousand. Obviously, the local government and the tourism sector must be sensitive to this number. The international monuments and monuments Council believes that effective tourism management is a key factor in preserving the integrity of cultural heritage. Then, how can the local tourist department limit tourists? "Limiting" trick seems to be many, the most effective is likely to raise ticket prices. But with tickets to scare the tourists, this is clearly not a good way to travel, is the most taboo. Limit visitors, visitors must be limited to comfort. Tourists from all over the world come from afar, all of them are friends, and the tourists are blocked out because of the need to protect the scenic spots. This is understandable for tourists. But with the move up tickets can not do. In my opinion, the tourists, on the one hand to do "information services" is now "Internet plus" era, tourists tickets can be so, on the Internet, whether there are scenic tickets available for sale, has been sold to many, these information are available at the web, so that visitors do not go to the scenic area only know oneself is not to go today. Public information, tourists more convenient, will feel comfortable, on the other hand, but also to promote the local people to advocate, in the tourist season to foreign tourists, at the same time, but also eliminate the "cattle", and some use of illegal means to enter the scenic area. Gulangyu Islet inscription after the success of the inevitable "limit flow", "to control tourists", but how to "control" and "limit", it is necessary to test the management of the wisdom of managers.相关的主题文章:

[遭殴打女游客和解]_被打女游客回应“网骂”:为钱和解?部分网友不了解法律 [female tourists were beaten by]_ reconciliation playing female tourists respond to the net curse for money reconciliation Some users do not -空姐住店发现探头

Wednesday, July 19th, 2017




















我只睡了4小时 很多网友来骂我




之后,有媒体以《丽江遭殴打女游客与6名被告人达成和解 撤回诉讼》为题对此进行报道,引发广泛关注。有网友给@琳哒是我 留言称,“我关注这么久,只是想要一个公平公正!你怎么可以说撤就撤!”




撤销民事诉讼 符合法律规定




对 话


网文标题只说“和解” 不说是民事还是刑事






































Beaten female tourists respond "net scold": for money reconciliation? Some users do not understand the law




Beaten female tourists responded net curse: for money reconciliation? Some users do not understand the law

"They should be sentenced and sentenced.". Don’t mention me. No one can retract criminal proceedings."

"I don’t want another boyfriend.". In my most difficult time, he left."

"They don’t pay enough for the medical expenses I need to get back to my face."."

"This misfortune has passed, and I strive to face the new life."."

Assault: beyond recognition

241 days later, when once again recalled the scene when the incident, Xiao Dong is still a lingering fear.

The early morning of November 11, 2016, Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan, a man named "Ninglang" barbecue shop, Xiao Dong and her two friends were playing. After several rounds of beatings, Xiao Dong changed beyond recognition, a few centimeters long wound from the corner of the eye crawl to the left nose.

After the incident, she called the internet name "Lin Da is me" after the online exposure, causing the media and the public’s strong attention.

Identification: minor injuries two

After judicial identification, the small director for minor injuries two.

In March 9th this year, the ancient city of Lijiang City People’s court accepted and Rong Rong and other 6 people suspected of intentional injury, trouble provoking crime case;

On April 19th, the people’s Court of the ancient city of Lijiang accepted the request of criminal suit attached by Dong xx.

Status quo: withdrawal, court session

After that, every process of the case touches people’s hearts.

The day before yesterday, the court of Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan announced through the official micro-blog news, criminal proceedings with the plaintiff to reach a settlement, and has been actually implemented, so the ruling allows the director to withdraw the prosecution.

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that the female tourists in Yunnan, Lijiang was disfigured in the case will be held in Lijiang in July 14th trial.


I only slept for 4 hours, and many netizens called me names

Because last year in Yunnan, Lijiang was disfigured, Xiao Dong suffered a strong public concern and sympathy, the case also entered the judicial process.

Hit 241 days later, she finally came up with the exact message session, but on the phone, @ Linda is my (Dong) emotion, she told Star News reporter, from the beginning of July 10th, she was scolded users know the truth more than.

It turned out that on July 10th afternoon, the court of Old Town of Lijiang in Yunnan announced through the official micro-blog news, criminal proceedings with the plaintiff to reach a settlement, and has been actually implemented, so the ruling allows the director to withdraw the prosecution.

After that, the media to "Lijiang beaten women tourists and 6 defendants reached a settlement, withdraw proceedings" as the subject of this report, causing widespread concern. Some netizens give @ Linda Da, "I leave a message saying:" I have been concerned for so long, just want to be fair and just. "! How can you say "withdraw" or "withdraw"?!"

Dong said that although micro-blog posted by their "hearing notice", also cannot prevent some netizens scold, some people even said that she deserved it, "your sympathy for her, for her grievance, she got the money, but the murderer and reconciliation, let the murderer unpunished."

In response, Mr Tung said yesterday in an exclusive interview with the Red Star newspaper reporter that she was only withdrawing civil action and that the defendant should be sentenced. "Last night to now, I only slept for 4 hours, a lot of net friends to scold me, curse me useful?" Even if I am helpless, and how?"


The cancellation of civil proceedings is in conformity with the law

A high-profile case involving a female tourist being disfigured in Yunnan, Lijiang, will be heard in July 14th at the people’s court in the ancient city of Lijiang, Xinhua reported. The plaintiff who brings criminal suit with the defendant has reached a settlement with the defendant and withdrawn the lawsuit.

The Xinhua News Agency reported that the Lijiang city of Yunnan Province, the ancient city of the District People’s Court issued 10 bulletin, the hospital accepted the defendant and Rong song suspicion of intentional assault, affray crime, the defendant Cao Du Cheng, two, Wu Yuanhua, Zhao Zhi dragon car repair, and Ling Bo on suspicion of affray crime case on July 14th morning 9 in the ancient city of Lijiang City People’s court held a public hearing.

According to the circular, the plaintiff who brought criminal supplementary civil action in the case reached an agreement with the six defendants and had actually fulfilled it. He applied for the cancellation of civil action on July 5th. After the examination of the people’s Court of the ancient city of Lijiang, the application complies with the provisions of the law, and the court allows the defendant to bring back the suit with the plaintiff.


Beaten women said they had spent about 200000 of their savings:

The title of the net only says "reconciliation", not civil or criminal

The afternoon of July 11th, Dong told Star News reporters, civil lawsuit settlement obtain compensation can not meet their recover costs, "the importance of a girl’s face, you make more money, I can return to the previous appearance? Many people look at the excitement, but the difficulties of my life, they do not care, I do not know the pressure they do not know."


Criminal proceedings have not been withdrawn

The sentence will be sentenced

Red Star News reporter: yesterday (July 10th), there was news that you collected the money and made peace with the defendant

Xiao Dong: the article on the Internet only says reconciliation in the title, not civil or criminal, plus some users don’t know the law, so it leads to misunderstanding. You think, I am bringing criminal incidental civil action, that is, for the claim, and now the civil litigation resolved through consultation, the withdrawal of the court, is not very normal? If I don’t withdraw the charges, who will give me the large amount later? Of course, they (the defendants) will be sentenced to sentence. Don’t mention me. No one can retract criminal proceedings. Everyone thought it was going to be