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Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Free To Play Mmorpg Games: Trending Now By: vikram kumar | Sep 22nd 2015 – Online games have always been a trend since people have learned how to use the internet not only for informational, but also for entertainment purposes. These online games make themselves more attractive because no one needs to pay a fortune for one to be able to play a game Tags: Perfect Reasons To Engage In Role Playing Games By: vikram kumar | Aug 23rd 2015 – Many people try to spend each moment of their life productively. In the quest to fulfill their daily responsibilities, most people; especially adults forget that play is a crucial part f life. They tend to handle life with extreme levels of caution and focus that they miss an opportunity to smile Tags: Why You Should Let Your Children Play Rpg Games By: vikram kumar | Aug 21st 2015 – It is the concern of every parent to ensure that their children have good quality life. Normally, this quality refers to a life that is better than that which they lived (parents). One way to achieve this is by ensuring that you embrace technology that was absent in the ancient years Tags: Download And Enjoy Great Gaming With League Of Angels- Fire Raiders By: rossbrian | Aug 18th 2015 – your League of Angles will ensure that you get victory in the game when you get united with fire. Tags: Why League Of Angels Is The Best Online Game By: vikram kumar | Jan 18th 2015 – Online games have become very popular currently than ever before. An online game offers a very convenient gaming since it can be accessed from anywhere anytime. You no longer have to sit your way through a thick traffic jam after work after long hours of work. Tags: The Secret Of Vindictus Gold That No One Is Talking About By: Gayle Waters | Feb 1st 2013 – Vindictus is a prequel to one more strongly popular MMORPG match called Mabinogi. The match happens in the very same configuration as that in Mabinogi but the occasions takes place several hundreds of years before Mabinogi. Vindictus is also a game that was launched after Mabinogi and is likewise free-to-play and … Tags: 相关的主题文章:

About Formal Dresses For Juniors -驯龙高手dm456

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Fashion-Style Juniors have a number of styles to choose when dressing up for formal occasions. Choosing the dress that goes well with the occasion and adds elegance and personality to their style is the most important things that are to be checked while choosing formal dresses for juniors. If you are not aware of how to choose a formal dress, then here are a few tips that can help you a lot. One of the popular styles that are preferred by the juniors for any formal occasion is the strapless tiered dress. While being trendy attire for formal occasions, these lovely dresses .es with an empire waist that is .plemented with a lovely belt and tiered band skirt. You can choose the fabrics for this dress as per you wish. If you wish to give a rich appeal to your dress, then design it with silk fabric. You can also choose from different lovely colors that suit your skin tone such as the popularly chosen emerald green or red. Avoid embellishing the dress too much as the formal dress should be always represent simplicity and elegance. You can also use it to suit your prom night party. If you wish to acquire a beautiful and adorable appeal, then choose the baby doll dress that .es in different bright colors to choose from. You can add creativity to your dress by embellishing it with lovely sequins, layers of tulle netting etc. Lovely baby doll dresses are also one of the highly demanded formal dresses preferred by juniors. Sweetheart formal dress is for those who wish to stand out from others. This beautiful attire is more than a trendy choice for formal occasions and they .e in different colors and sizes to choose from. They are also available in different styles, the most popular being the strapless organza sweetheart A-line attire. You can add decorative sequins all over it and .plement the dress with a taffeta sash that can be tied at the empire waist. Straps can also be added. You can also choose the short lace dress with empire waist and square neck. Shimmer ruched formal dresses are also trendy these days that .es with a single long sleeve with a stylish bodice that .es in a bias cut style. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Affordable Individual Health Insurance – How To Control Your Own Insurance Costs-rainlendar

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Insurance The need for affordable individual health insurance is becoming more prevalent because of the rising numbers of self-employed. Entrepreneurs are changing the landscape. Home-based businesses are growing at a phenomenal pace. The enormous growth of small business has generated a greater demand for individual health insurance. This is a first time experience for many of these new start-ups. Group health insurance is provided by the employer. The employee that is enrolled in the company group health insurance plan rarely examines the coverage or the cost. This changes dramatically when they are forced into purchasing their own individual plan. COBRA (the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985) guarantees a continuance of coverage when you leave your employer. This coverage is made available for 18 months after you leave. You have a 60-day window after termination of employment to shop for your own individual health plan. This window of time is critical to the insurance shopping process. If you have any thought of leaving your employer then it is imperative that you investigate the availability of individual health insurance. Individual health insurance is medically underwritten. That means that the insurance company will gather all applicable medical information on you and or your family to determine if they can offer you an individual plan. Pre-existing conditions are often eliminated and in some instances coverage can be denied. Things to consider: 1. Health Do not presume that you or any of your family is Insurable. There may be certain pre-existing conditions that are covered by some companies and excluded by others. 2. Self-Insuring The higher deductible that you elect will decrease your premium dramatically. This is called self-insuring. Some companies have deductibles that go as high as thousands. 3. Insurance Company There are many reliable insurance companies in the health insurance industry use their quotes to compare coverage. We have done the research so you don’t have to. Please see our recommended source for insurance quotes online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Keyword Selection Important Part Of Google Optimization-baxia

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

SEO Keyword selection plays very important role in process of Google optimization and so ignoring it can never work in your favor. Why is keyword selection so important for Google optimization? When you are planning to carry out SEO campaign, ensure that you start with proper keyword selection. Optimization of right keyword is very much essential to achieve the desired audience. SEO is the road which has many blocks to cover and if start itself goes wrong then no one can stop you from experiencing the bumpy ride. Are you aware of something called as online population? Online population is nothing but the number of people making search related to particular keyword. If you are aware of such population then selection of keyword can become easy process. You can also determine the level of competition involved with particular keyword. Be realistic with your goal If you select the keyword with single word then availing positive result can be next to impossible job that to on constant basis. With one word keyword it is not possible to constantly achieve the top rank. To set realistic goal you need to select the keyword of more than two to three words. For this you need to carry out keyword research work on the basis of long tail keyword search. The keyword you select should describe your content properly and should not be something out of the world. Be sure with keyword density aspect If you think that stuffing article, with popular keyword without considering the density aspect is worthwhile then you are getting completely wrong. Stuffing unnecessarily keywords to your website won’t work in your favor but instead will lead you towards spamming. Proper density can be adding two to three keywords in five hundred word article. This can determine your Genuineness. Be perfect with stuffing of keyword People have misconception that stuffing web content or SEO articles with keyword can bring their website to number one ranking. But that is not the scenario in SEO world. Your website and be declared as spam if you try to reach to number one position by unethical means. If you are writing content for around 400 to 500 words then see to it that you add at least 3 to 4 keywords. Google optimization is incomplete without proper keyword selection so ensure that you do not go wrong with selection process. Make use of Google keyword tool to analyze the best keyword suitable for your online business. Using such tool can help you to determine the competition involved with particular keyword. This can help you to build SEO strategies accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Phillip Wassmerman The Number One Life Insurance Coverage Professional Within The United States-捷安特xtc750

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Outsourcing Back office Support: Any marketing graduate willing to his or your wife career path associated with insurance sector can opt for the career of back large office support. A semi-pro working as every back office help has to get various responsibilities. He has to visit to all the organization related queries to customers, send usually the MIS report towards the concerned authority, assist teams at period of log and there are more. phil wasserman biography . Car owners should probably always make which sure that how they provide correct, maximum and accurate additional info about them when getting quotes with regards to car insurance. This will permit car owners to enjoy the excellent insurance rates during them and his or her own dream car. A single.M. Best plans insurance .panies largely on their credit history rating and financing strength. Of these ratings give that you a good process of a .pany ability to pay up its claims. Ratings vary since A++ to Def. Earlier I start Me want to reveal you several pieces.First, it is fact that many buyers overpay for ones car insurances.A whole lot online sites the fact offer "the better car insurance for students" are online scams.They offer too pricey rates.Second, My business is not from type of car insurance .pany.I’m a colleges higher education.I’ve been scammed often times.After that I personally read some documents on the web based and I found that there perhaps may be many things women can do to help lower their .monplace insurance cost.Believe me there are many things somebody can do for lower your rate.Finally I lowered my price with 30%. Producing or owning that you simply home is pricey. However, the situation is considered an appropriate investment. Soon all, a household is where your person lives spends most with regards to his time. It is a person’s refuge and simply a place where he finds security and relaxation quickly a hard week in school or to at the medical clinic. However, when issues go wrong, such as natural dilemmas or fires, an home could feel taken away of. This is without question why there end up being homeowner insurance conglomerates that offer insurance policy for your expense. Outlay can vary from one .pany to the next, so cash advance lenders to shop associated with and do individuals bargain hunting. Attempt to acquire a minimum of 5 quotes for rates. It is easy to give a call businesses directly a person are able so that you can typically access any personal every .pany and/or quote online. Everyone wants a good tempo on their car insurance, and they even distribute want it having a good .pany. Here are numerous .panies that ordinarily have lower rates. Your home insurance Seattle would be easy to look for over the Internet these days. From the luxuries of home, you will can take your time researching various .panies and .paring quotes online. Best of all, you avoid one particular hard sell and scare tactics that most some insurance establishments employ to healthy business. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Web-Hosting Recently, people seem to have gotten a very bad impression of keyloggers. However, like any other tool, it can be used either legitimately or by criminals. Of course, someone might use a keylogger to spy on you, but that’s why you have antivirus and a spyware scanner. Just the same, while you could use a car to take you safely to your destination, that same car (or one very much like it) could be used by a criminal in a crime. I’m sure you would agree that this is not a good thing, but I doubt you would want to give up your car, would you? Keyloggers actually have a number of legitimate uses. To give you an example, if you have children, a keylogger can be used to help ensure their safety. Just install the program, and it will automatically watch what they do. This lets you check up on them, and see if they’re doing anything dangerous, like giving someone online their address! There are a lot of dangers on the internet today, and a keylogger can be a big help in taking care of your kids. Even if you aren’t worried about what your kids are up to, a keylogger is a useful tool in any family matters. For example, maybe you are worried that your partner is cheating on you. Well, a keylogger provides an easy way to find out! Just set it up, and it will give you immediate knowledge of who your partner talks to, and what they talk about. Much less hassle then a private eye. Even if you have no family members you want to keep an eye on, a keylogger can be an excellent tool in other areas as well. For example, install one on your computers at work, and you’ll be able to instantly spot anyone slacking. Much more important then this, though, is the ability to identify trade secret leaks and plug them before they become a problem. Now that’s a useful device. You can use a program such as Secret Agent software, from, to simplify the task. It’s a professionally done program, so all you have to do is get it set up on the computer you want to monitor. You can then immediately start following what anyone on the computer is doing. In fact, recent software such as the Secret Agent Spy allows you to view screenshots and captured web pages as well. You can play back the users activities as if it was a DVD, fast forwarding or rewinding to what you want to see or just letting events scroll as you watch everything they were doing, hours or even days after they did it. The stealth options that now come as standard with programs like this prevent anyone from discovering it is installed, and the ability to automatically email the results of the monitoring to an email address of your choice make plausible deniability easier then ever. No-one will find the program, and even if they did, its password protected so they could never use it! In conclusion, if you have the slightest worry, or perhaps just strong curiosity, then what you really need is a good keylogger program. Even the simplest of modern keyloggers give you invaluable information, but if you get one of the better ones you can do so much more. You should go out, do some research, and buy the best that you can find. Check sites online, ask in forums, but in the end you really need to put together a list of what you want it to do and buy the program that best matches that list. Where your peace of mind is concerned, don’t settle for second best. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Guide To Hire Ny Personal Injury Lawyer-demonophobia

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Legal We all can experience some unexpected events in life. Whether we want or not we cannot escape unpleasant incidents. You never know where your destiny is going to take you the next moment. There are moments in your life when you experience some incidents which can hurt you physically as well as emotionally. But this is not the end of the story. There are incidents which can also affect you financially. These unwanted results are caused by things like road accidents, personal injury, medical malpractice etc. If you know that some body else is responsible for your disaster you should take legal action against that person. It could be a traumatic experience for the person injured as well as his family and friends. When you know individual or institution responsible for your injury you should ask for .pensation. New York law has been designed so that you can get .pensation against your personal injury claim. In that case you should contact a personal injury lawyer in New York. A personal injury can handle all the legal issues efficiently. A professional is well aware of how to deal with .plications arising out of your claims. In fact a personal injury lawyer not only helps you to take legal action against the person responsible for the incident. The lawyer can also help you if your insurance .pany is not willing to give you the promised cover. If the insurance .pany refuses to pay your dues for a reimbursement of your medical bills it can literally shatter you. This kind of .plex situation can lead to serious consequences. The injured person may not be treated properly if the insurance .pany doesnt pay the due of the hospital. A personal injury lawyer can also help you in such cases. You must be willing to know how a New York personal injury lawyer can help you. First of all you should know that a NY attorney can help you only if you are injured within New York City. A lawyer who is based in New York cannot provide any assistance if you have experienced the injury outside the New York region. Hence before you hire an attorney you should know whether that person is at all eligible to fight your case. Gather some background information about the lawyer you are going to hire. True that it can be a daunting task to select a personal injury lawyer. However you can hire the right person just by following a few tips. First of all you should hire a lawyer who specializes in personal injury and not in family law or corporate law. An expert is aware of all the pros and cons of your case and can help you to get your claim. So it is important to check whether the lawyer has experience of handling similar case. Also check the track record of the lawyer and talk to his previous clients to make sure he is the ideal person to handle your case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Your Old Pictures Could Be Restored With The Help Of The Epson Perfection V30 Color Scanner-win7codecs

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

.puters-and-Technology The Epson Perfection V30 Color Scanner is something to consider if you wish to scan pictures or 3D objects with detail and clarity. This Epson scanner is an affordable scanner with 4800 dpi optical resolution and a number of automatic features. The pictures will have stunning clarity thanks to the high resolution of the Epson scanner. You can begin scanning immediately thanks to the V30’s easy setup and one-touch scanning feature. The Epson Perfection V30 scanner can effortlessly bring old color pictures back to life, whether they are crucial documents of your favorite photos. The V30 scanner .es with a high-rise lid making it a snap to scan books or 3D objects. The Epson Perfection V30 can do rapid scans without warmup time with its LED light source that is state-of-the-art. You’ll be more efficient and productive as the Perfection V30 requires less power. The Perfection V30 is free of mercury as well, making the unit safe for the environment. With four one-touch buttons, you can effortlessly make copies, produce PDFs, attach a scanned photo to an email or simply scan a photograph. Without any fuss, you can scan hundreds of pictures, since the Perfection V30 adjusts and readjusts the settings automatically. You can expect to get top-quality results since the image type is recognized by Epson’s Full Automatic Mode, determining the best settings. The V30 clips the borders, straightens the photo, and corrects the resolution all automatically. The Perfection V30 can likewise detect several images placed on the glass hence creating many files. Nevertheless, you are going to have more controls of your scans through other modes and menu settings of the Perfection V30. The Perfection V30 scanner also can rapidly attach a picture to an email and send it right away. The innovative sensor technology of the V30 scanner provides superb clarity with 4800 by 9600 dpi resolution. Your new family pictures, together with your cherished old pictures can be saved with the results of a pro. The 180-degree high-rise lid makes it quick for you to scan your picture albums or books. Most media professionals opt for Epson products because of the value it offers and also the quality. The Perfection V30 scanner scanner is a really handy scanner that you may find yourself using it regularly. You can import and recover many of those old and faded pictures in your attic. You’re going to be shocked with how simple it is to use the Perfection V30 scanner. On top of color restoration, digital dust and backlight are set by using Easy Photo Fix. The Perfection V30 scanner is cheap, and has a number of good reviews, so it might be the right scanner for you to buy. If you want to digitize and revitalize old pictures, then the Perfection V30 scanner must be considered. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Financial Assistance For The Victims Of Natural Disasters-beef怎么读�

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Personal-Finance Recent wild fires at the Southern California unleashed the hopes of victims affected severely by unforeseen disasters or tragedies as the interest began to grow towards programs set aside by the government to quell the impact of natural disasters. There are several programs at the disposal of government for it to immediately direct them in case of any natural or man made disaster. Government reacts towards natural disasters in two ways: firstly the center and the state governments programs are ignited automatically by presidential or gubernatorial proclamations and secondly state government after assessing into implications and .plications of the disasters decide if there is any special assistance required for that particular disaster. To provide assistance to businesses and individuals suffering from disasters, the state has started many local assistance centers through which it provides various grants and loans to the affected people according to their requirements. Hereby, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) conforming to the memorandum of understanding with the State of California manages the program for suffering individuals and households. This program is known as the Individuals and Household Program (IHP) providing grants to the disaster affected persons to the tune of $28,800. This program is initiated at the behest of the presidential declaration of emergency. Besides, The Department of Social Services (DSS) also has State Supplemental Grant Program (SSGP) to help individuals by providing additional funds but only to those who meet the federal IHP requirements and who had incurred the loses more than $28,800. The whole cost involved in this program is incurred by the state. The maximum grant under this state funded program is $10,000. Any one affected can avail of the grant despite of belonging to any in.e category but this grant is provided only as a last resort. In other words this grant will only be released if every grant source either government or private or any other government programs or insurance could not cover the cost of the damage. Yet another National Emergency Grant Program is provided at the discrete of the Federal Department of Labor that provides funds to the workers who have been temporarily unemployed or dislocated on account of the natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, freezes, or fires. These funds are required for creating temporary employment on projects like repairing of broken roads or buildings, cleaning up after damages, renovating, reconstructing of public structures providing facilities for lands in the vicinity of the .munities affected by wildfires. These funds create the space for the disaster affected individuals to sustain themselves as under the various projects government is providing them food, clothing and shelter and any other kind of assistance according to the severity of the damage. Other grants like FEMA Disaster Assistance aids the people with grants with the help of which they would set their place for shelter and fulfill other needs like establishing of the temporary costs and repairing and replacing damaged homes. Besides, it also meets the cost of other expenses like medical, funeral, heating, clothing, vehicle, legal, and even traveling costs. It is duty of the government to again rebuilt the lives of people enabling them to again make their entry felt in the main economic stream refurbishing not only their own livings but also the economy as a whole. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer Protecting Motorcyclists In

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

UnCategorized If you or a loved one has been involved in a motorcycle accident, you need to contact your Phoenix personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Discussing with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer the events of and leading up to the accident as early as possible may be critical to establishing the necessary facts for proving your case (or asserting a strong legal defense to someone else’s claims). Motorcycle riders involved in accidents are likely to be involved in very serious ones because of the inherent properties of motorcycles. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer is no strangers to trying and settling these kinds of cases and can help you recover damages arising out of the accident. While motorcycles can be quite fun to ride, their main drawback is their lack of safety. Because of their .pact bodies, motorcycles are very maneuverable and give riders a .pletely different experience in sharing the public roads than automobiles do. Given their designs, motorcycles do not offer much protection in case of an accident. Unfortunately, often times, no matter how careful and how good and prudent a rider a person is, other vehicles in the streets may still be the main cause of a serious accident. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer understands the severe nature of these accidents and can help you get back on track after a motorcycle accident. Diligent operation of a motor vehicle in the streets is required and expected of all operators to avoid an accident, no matter what vehicle is involved. A negligent or reckless motorcyclist might cause as serious of an accident as would an unreasonable automobile driver. Yet, even when a motorcyclist is operating the vehicle in a reasonable manner, it may still be up to them to prevent an otherwise unavoidable accident from resulting in unnecessary serious injury or death or property damage. This is a form of mitigation. For instance, there are several "rules of the road" that must be followed in order to exercise proper operation of a motorcycle (such as not engaging in lane splitting, where prohibited by Arizona law). In addition, another way a motorcyclist may protect themselves and others is by wearing helmets when operating a motorcycle. In fact, Arizona, pursuant to A.R.S. S28-964, requires that a motorcycle operator or passenger under the age of 18 must wear a protective helmet on the operator’s or passenger’s head in an appropriate manner at all times while the rider or passenger is operating or riding on the motorcycle. For those 18 years of age or older, the use of a protective helmet is optional. Furthermore, an operator of a motorcycle must wear, at all times, protective glasses, goggles or an approved transparent face shield, unless the motorcycle is equipped with a protective windshield. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer can explain these requirements to you further and can help you understand how these may affect your case. It is also important to mention that Arizona’s insurance laws require that operators of motor vehicles, including motorcyclists, carry liability insurance at all times of operation of the vehicle. At a minimum, the insurance coverage must provide for $30,000 for all people injured in a motorcycle accident, $15,000 of bodily injury coverage per person injured, and $10,000 of property damage. It would obviously be in the best interests of riders to have uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Failure to carry, at least, the minimum required insurance coverage may be penalized and/or fined. A Phoenix personal injury lawyer is experienced in this field of law and is aware of how insurance coverage (or lack thereof) may impact your case. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Indian Handicrafts – The Historical Journey-drop dead diva

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Jewelry-Diamonds First archaeologically proved traces of Indian handicrafts belong to the Indus Valley civilization way back in 3000 B.C. During this time Indian craftsmen were doing excellent job in pottery making, bead making, terracotta, jewelry and weaving. The most significant aspect is the technical advancement in the handicrafts field at this time. The archaeologists have excavated many sites like Harappa, Mohenjodaro, Lothal, Chanhudaro, Kotdigy, Dholaveera etc. and they have found numerous artifacts that manifest the skill of the craftsmen at that time. In Vedic age (1500 B.C. to 700 B.C.) too a lot of advancement in handicrafts had taken place. There is reference of pottery making, weaving wood crafting etc in the Vedas. Rig Veda especially mentions about pottery made from clay, wood and metal. Weaving and weavers also find the reference in these holy texts. In the later Vedic period the principal development was the discovery of iron. This led to the manufacture of iron weapons on mass scale. Craftsmen got a huge exposure and the crafts traditions started to be entrenched in the social structure. During Maurya period Indian handicrafts reached to perfection in certain art forms especially in stone crafts. After the great transformation of Ashoka from a hardcore imperialist to Buddhist reformist, numerous activities indulging the craftsmen began. It is said that not less than 84000 stupas were build during the reign of Ashoka. Most prominent stupas whose remains are still available are located at Sanchi, Bharhut, Vaishali, Amaravati and Mathura. Similarly the iron pillars of Delhi and Vaishali are the marvelous examples of metallurgy. In the period followed by the Mauryan, an assimilation of regional influence took place in Indian arts and crafts. Since this period in Indian history was that of political turmoil, not a single dynasty could rule over India for a long time. The attacks of Indo-Greeks, Indo-Bactrians, Shakas and Kushanas made Indian scene topsy-turvy. Handicrafts of this age have direct influences of these invasions from central Asia and other regions. Buddhist sculptures belonging to this age found at Taxila, Begram, Swat Valley, Bamiyan etc. depict these influences clearly. Buddha with curly hair and wrapped in draperies was the result of Greek influence. The main crafts which got maximum influence of the Central Asian invasions were jewelry, sculpture, textile making, leather products and the metal works. Gupta age has been called classical age of Indian history by historians. The art and crafts domain was also greatly affected by the political stability, efficient ruling, capable administration and the consistent patronage of art and crafts. Fascinating murals of Ajanta and the significant development in the technique and art of sculpture, jewelry making, wood carving stone carving and weaving were the highpoints of this age. Development in science, astrology, astronomy, mathematics, literature and physiology were the other greatest achievements of this time. Stone sculpture and metal sculpture were made maintaining the high standards. The rock cut temples of Ellora are the astonishing examples of stone craft. This structure raises the standard of Indian Crafts to the towering heights. During Medieval period the onus of development in arts and crafts had been shifted to the southern peninsula of Indian subcontinent. The Chola Empire and Vijaynagara empire wholeheartedly supported the trade and commerce based on the art and crafts of the local artisans. The temples with numerous intricate details were carved. Gems and jewelry was given immense importance. Bronze sculpture and silk weaving craft reached at its zenith. In the Northern region of India, under Delhi Sultanate, the art of pottery making, weaving, wood carving, metal works and jewelry was also flourishing. Under the patronage of Mughal Empire, the art and science of architecture reached to the starry heights. Painting saw its zenith under the emperors Akbar, Jahangir and Shahjahan. School of Mughal paintings influenced other regional painting schools too like Pahari School of Painting, Rajput School of Painting, Kota School of Painting, Boondi School of Painting etc. The art of weaving also flourished during these times. Metallurgy covered several milestones during medieval period and several battles were fought using highly advanced technology in the guns and canons by the standard of that time. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Distinguishing Crystal Red And White Wine Glasses-fifa14下载

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

Business As early as the first century A.D., glass has been a preferred carrier for consumable liquids with popularity nowhere more visible than in the wine-drinking .munity. Wine tasters have since turned their hobby into an art form. Factoring in concerns such as storage and serving temperature, the discerning wine taster savors every drop of every moment with a reverence that has resulted in numerous websites, articles, books, magazines, and even an Oscar-nominated feature film (re: Sideways). The history of wine goes back at least 8000 years to 6000 B.C., and is generally attributed to the geography that now represents Georgian and Iranian cultures. Wine itself is an alcoholic beverage made primarily from fermented grapes. What Is the Difference Between Red and White Wine? Red wine and white wine harbor one distinct difference, and it depends on the coloring of the grapes, which are used for fermentation. Red wines use seeds, skins, and stems, and produce a stronger wine than its seedless white counterpart. While white wine is not actually white, it is much lighter in color and taste than red wine. White wine goes better with chicken, fish, and other lighter meats. Red contains a more robust flavor and is more at home in heavier meals that use red meats and/or red sauces. Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses Is There Really a Difference? You bet there is a difference, and that difference is about function. There is a purpose for the distinguishing characteristics. The deeper you delve into wine tasting, the easier you will be able to tell how crystal red and white wine glasses can influence the flavor and aroma of the wine. Red wine glasses usually have a bowl that is more gaping and circular and allows the wine to better breathe in oxygen, or oxidize. This reaction is a chemical one, which alters the scent and flavor of the wine, allowing the wine taster to appreciate all the .plexities of the wine better than he or she would taking it straight out of the bottle. There are different styles of red wine glasses as well. Two of the most popular are the Burgundy and the Bordeaux. Burgundy wine glasses target wine to the tip of the tongue, while Bordeaux pushes it to the back of the throat. Consequently, these glasses target different taste receptors for a unique tasting experience. With white wine glasses, oxidation is not as preferred. Sure, there are the wider chardonnay glasses, but these are not the norm when it .es to tasting white wine. You will notice many white wine glasses display smaller mouths that reduce oxidation through smaller surface areas. This preserves a cleaner and crisper taste. Why not oxidation? Since red wine is a more .plex beverage, the oxygen acts to bring out more of the flavor. In white wine, this process mostly dilutes the effect. The lush pleasures of wine tasting have been with us for millennia. It is an art unlikely to go away, so long as the earth continues to produce its fruits, and we continue to reap the harvest of its labor. But before you taste, know what each has to offer, as well as what you want out of the flavor. Crystal red and white wine glasses will hold the key to achieving the desired effects. Article Source: FS-CRWWG Distinguishing Crystal Red and White Wine Glasses About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

Quanzhou, a man drunk qiuhuan failed kicking dead woman picking up

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Quanzhou, a man drunk qiuhuan failed kicking dead lady Fujian news network September 28th roadside picking up a 61 year old woman from Sichuan lying on the road, the roadside, Shishi is full of blood, the police involved, that is a homicide. After investigation, the suspect Xiemou Cui, drunk nothing, kicking dead woman, continue to commit crimes, continuous or unprovoked assault chased 3 passers-by. Yesterday, Shishi court verdict, the defendant Xiemou Cui intentional injury crime, sentenced to 9 years imprisonment. In the morning, the police situation continued, last October 5th at 5 in the morning, 5 points, Lee called 110 alarm, said that in the lion tree Fung Street street construction road under a tree, no reason to be chased and beaten, then ran to the road near unity fled. 3 minutes later, he received the alarm from Mr. Wu, saying that an old man was injured and suspected to have no vital signs beside the public toilets along the grand road of Jie Jie street in Shishi. The police officer Huang told reporters that he arrived at the scene, and found a man Xiemou Cui talking with a barber shop female boss Ms. Ke quarrel, scene table, cabinet destruction, police immediately stop and control the man. Subsequently, the police found a lady in the road of unity, has died. At the same time, the masses have been reflected, in the morning there is a man holding a club for no reason to chase and beat others, asked that the clothing, signs and Xie Cui coincidence. Want to have sex with people, Xie Xie, 29 years old, from Jiangsu, read the first day, went out to work, in Shishi has been 10 years, with his wife Yang Yang has a man and a woman. Usually like to play games, but also like to drink, and drink four or five times a month. In the eyes of his wife and brother, Xie Cui temperament and temperament, but after drinking wine, irritable temper. Last March, Xie Moucui in unity Road a barber shop barber, know the boss, boss, two people add WeChat, and become friends. In late October 4th 8, thanks to a Yueke Ms. Cui together, after a 87 KTV Shishi road opened a box, the next day at 3 a.m., KTV closing, two people drink from. Ms. Ke, see Xie Cui drunk full, advised him to go home, but was refused, she managed to get rid of the Xiemou Cui, returned to his house. At 4:40 the same day, drunk Xie Cui walked alone in the big Lun street. Since then, there have been homicide cases and beatings. Xie Moucui in the police investigation had confessed that he wanted to have sex with MS. ke. With limited ability to undertake qualitative criminal judge, Xie Cui without kicking play usually to JianPoLan living Zhang Apo, causing his death. In the next half an hour, Xie Cui also beat 3 passers-by, two of which constitute a slight injury. Identified by the judicial identification Institute of Xiamen Yuexian Hospital, the defendant Xie Moucui was in a state of complex drunkenness, and had limited criminal responsibility. In June 2nd this year, the defendant’s family members and the families of the deceased reached a settlement agreement, compensation of 150 thousand yuan, and get understanding. The judge said that Xie Moucui’s behavior caused one death, and his actions constituted the crime of intentional injury. At the same time, two minor injuries should be severely punished. But according to the opinion of judicial expertise, repentance and presence of.

泉州一男子酒后求欢未果 用脚踢死路边拾荒阿婆   闽南网9月28日讯 一位61岁的四川籍阿婆仰躺路边,身上、路面布满血迹,石狮警方介入,认定是一起他杀案件。经查,犯罪嫌疑人谢某崔,酒后无事生非,用脚踢死阿婆后,继续作案,连续无故殴打或追打3名路人。昨日,石狮法院一审宣判,被告人谢某崔犯故意伤害罪,判处有期徒刑9年。   凌晨警情接连不断   去年10月5日凌晨5点5分,李先生拨打110报警称,其在石狮凤里街道大仑兴建路一树下,无故遭人追逐殴打,随后跑到团结路附近逃跑。3分钟后,又接到吴先生的报警,称在石狮市凤里街道大仑团结路公厕旁,有位老人受伤,疑似没有生命体征。   出警的黄警官告诉记者,他到达现场后,又发现一名男子谢某崔正在跟一位理发店女老板柯女士争吵,现场桌、柜等物被破坏,民警随即制止并控制该男子。随后,警方在团结路发现一名阿婆,已死亡。与此同时,陆续有群众反映,凌晨有一名男子手持棍棒无故追逐殴打他人,询问中得知的服装、体征与谢某崔吻合。   想和人发生性关系   今年29岁的谢某崔,来自江苏,初一读完,就外出务工,在石狮已经有10来年,与妻子杨女士育有一男一女。平时喜欢打游戏,也喜欢喝酒,而每月要喝四五次。在妻子和弟弟眼中,谢某崔性格和气,但喝完酒,脾气易暴躁。   去年3月,谢某崔在团结路一家理发店理发,认识老板娘柯老板,二人互相添加微信,并成为好友。当年10月4日晚8点多,谢某崔约柯女士相聚,后在石狮八七路一家KTV开了一个包厢,次日凌晨3点,KTV打烊,二人酒后离开。柯女士介绍,眼看谢某崔醉意十足,劝他回家,但遭到拒绝,后来她成功摆脱了谢某崔后,回到了自己的租房。当日凌晨4点40分左右,酒后的谢某崔独自一人行走在大仑街道。此后,便发生了命案与打人事件。谢某崔在接受警方调查时曾供述,自己想和柯女士发生性关系。   具限定性刑事能力   承办法官介绍,谢某崔无故用脚踢打平时以捡破烂为生的张阿婆,致其死亡。在随后半小时内,谢某崔还先后殴打3位路人,其中两人构成轻微伤。经厦门市仙岳医院司法鉴定所鉴定,被告人谢某崔案发时处于复杂性醉酒状态,具有限定性刑事责任能力。今年6月2日,被告人家属与死者家属达成调解协议,赔偿 15万元,并取得谅解。法官说,谢某崔的行为致一人死亡,其行为已经构成故意伤害罪。同时,另有二人轻微伤,应从重处罚。但根据司法鉴定意见、悔罪表现和在押表现较好以及赔偿死者家属并获得谅解,予以减轻处罚。相关的主题文章:

Finance and Economics breaking the top of Construction Bank

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Rong Hui Finance: China Construction Bank performance before the broken top hot column capital flows thousand thousand shares of stock on the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading client sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor Sina Hong Kong APP: real time market exclusive reference stocks also worth the investment? What’s the problem? Where is the future? Sina Hong Kong stocks launched "Hong Kong stocks are not attractive" big discussion, with a rational and constructive attitude, welcome to pay attention to Hong Kong stocks, people concerned about the capital market, together with Hong Kong stocks for advice and suggestions, and conspiracy of Hong Kong stock market tomorrow. Please to hkstock_biz@sina. The Hang Seng index yesterday fell nearly 300 points, closing decline narrowed to 178 points or 0.8% to close at 22820. Market turnover did not increase, the market turnover remained at 61 billion 900 million yuan of recent low level, compared with last week nearly 70 billion yuan reduced by more than 10%. The Hang Seng index trend, low of 22703 yesterday, just hit August 12th low of 22704 to see a rebound, but still fell about 10 at the close of the 22850 antenna. If the index continues to consolidate, temporarily to 20 are about 22500 antenna for preliminary support, fell to 8 in August, 22193 to 22260 for breach or a support; such as consolidation after, HSI temporarily to rose more 23000 and last week saw a 9 month high of 23194 as the initial target. The global market for year before, U.S. interest rates are expected to rise slightly, with international oil prices, the mainland currency loose expected cooling, whether out of Hong Kong stocks short-term adjustment momentum, see today announced the results of heavy silver, can produce satisfactory results. Internal silver stocks were stronger this morning, CCB (HK.00939) announced today’s performance, the stock price rose 1% and broke the top. ICBC (HK.01398), Bank of China (HK.03988), Bank of Communications (HK.03328) rose 0.3% to 1%. Agricultural Bank of China (HK.01288) is soft, fell 0.3%. CCB shares went down Wednesday, closing down nearly 1%, to 5.74 yuan. On the trend, the bank began to rebound since the beginning of the August, the recent share price rose to 5.80 yuan near after repeatedly break up seems to be subject to the level of 5.80 yuan, or become the resistance. The bank once again reach the high Wednesday 5.80 yuan, although finally softened, but the decline is not significant, published or can see performance, can drive the consolidation after the bank exceeded 5.80 yuan mark. Another bank stocks ICBC announced interim results from the end of the month before, its stock price decline Wednesday, closing down about 2%, at 4.90 yuan. On the trend, the bank exceeded 5 yuan mark on Tuesday, is the first time since more than nine months, although Wednesday immediately softened, but on the daily chart, the 50 antenna ICBC has recently rose through the 250 antenna, "golden cross" positive signals, or can see after the consolidation, whether in performance before the release of ICBC again, the challenge of 5 yuan mark. There are reports from the US consultancy that the British bank may lose a large number of European and British corporate clients because of the British referendum, and about 40% European companies and nearly 25% of the UK

融慧财经:建设银行业绩前破顶 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 新浪港股APP:实时行情 独家内参   港股还值不值得投资?出现了什么问题?未来出路在哪里?新浪港股发起“港股还有没有吸引力”大讨论,以理性、建设性的态度,欢迎关注港股、关注资本市场的人士,一起为港股建言献策,共谋港股市场的明天。来稿请至hkstock_biz@sina 。   恒指昨日一度大跌近300点,收市跌幅收窄至178点或0.8%,收报22820。跌市成交未见增加,大市成交维持在619亿元的近日低水平,较上周近700亿元缩减逾一成。走势上,恒指昨低见22703,刚好触及8月12日低位22704即见反弹,惟收市仍失守现约处22850的10天线。恒指若继续整固,暂以现约处22500的20天线为初步支持,再跌则以8月8日升市裂口22193至22260为下一支持;如整固后再上,恒指暂以升越23000关及上周所见的9个月高位23194为初步目标。   全球行年会前,市场对美国加息预期稍升温,加上国际油价回落、内地货币松宽预期冷却,港股短期能否走出调整势头,全看今起公布业绩的重磅内银,能否交出令人满意的成绩表。内银股今早偏强,建行(HK.00939)今日公布业绩,股价升1%并破顶。工行(HK.01398)、中行(HK.03988)、交行(HK.03328)升0.3%至1%。农行(HK.01288)偏软,跌0.3%。   建行股价周三跟随大市向下,收市跌近1%,报5.74元。走势上,建行自八月初开始反弹,股价近期升至5.80元附近后,屡次向上突破似乎都受制于5.80元,该水平或渐成阻力位。建行周三高位曾经再度触及5.80元,虽然最后回软,但跌幅未算显著,或可观望业绩的公布,能否带动整固后的建行突破5.80元关口。   另一内银股工行将于月底前公布中期业绩,其股价周三跌幅更大,收市跌约2%,报4.90元。走势上,工行在周二突破5元关口,是逾九个月以来首次,虽然周三随即回软,但日线图上,工行的50天线最近已经升穿250天线,出现“黄金交叉”利好讯号,或可观望整固过后,工行能否在业绩公布前后,再度挑战5元关口。   有报道指美国顾问公司调查显示,因为英国公投脱欧,英国银行可能流失大量欧洲及英国企业客户,约有40%欧洲企业及将近25%的英国企业已经或正计划重新分配银行业务至大型跨国银行。另外,汇丰(HK.00005)公布新一轮回购逾219万股,涉资约1.21亿元。汇丰今日上午早段逆市靠稳,续于55元之上整固待变,向上阻力留意今年初60元水平,即市支持参考10天线约54.8元。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

[lottery treasure] golden permutation three 16302 period forecast optimistic 2 odd 1

Monday, June 4th, 2018

[] gold lottery treasure turn arrangement forecast three 16302: 2 even 1 odd [about] gold lottery treasure turn body 302 rehearsal three forecast: 100 069 on the 301st lottery: 88865 302nd [1] analysis form size analysis; form into 0 small 3. This issue focuses on 1 small 2. The parity analysis: patterns for 3 pairs of 0 odd, this period see odd number, focus on the code 3 date, determine the main form for the focus of the 2: 1 odd couple. Analysis of the 012 Road: 0 0 Road, 1 road, 0 Road, 2 3; the 0 period value way ball number, 3 code, a comprehensive analysis of 002 001 combined chuhao prospects. The qualitative analysis: 0 morphological quality 3, the period of judgment, optimistic about the prime number, focus on the 3 with 6 number 1, 2 and 1. focus on quality, Danma   32. 38—01245679 3. decomposition type two code combination of 364. span and optimistic about the 45—-5 5. 17—-7 6. –*3* about the tail number [recommended] 1. elections double hundred 069 ten 134 2582. five code compound (including group three) 235683. bile 3 — tow yard 2568 [彩票宝]金拐排列三16302期预测:看好2偶1奇   [彩票宝]金拐体彩排三302期预测:百位069   上期第301期开奖: 88865   第302期分析   【形态】   ①大小分析; 形态为0小3大.本期重点关注1小2大。   ②奇偶分析:形态为3偶0奇,本期看奇数出号,重点关注码3出号,   判断主要形态为:重点2偶1奇。   ③012路分析:为0路出0个,1路出0个,2路出3个;本期看好0路球出号,关注3码,   综合分析看好; 002 001路组合出号。   ④质合分析:形态为0质3合,本期判断,看好质数出号,重点关注3配6出号,   关注1质2合,   1.胆码  3   2.分解式38—01245679   3.二码组合36   4.跨度看好45—-5   5.和尾看好17—-7   6.条件–*3*   【号码推荐】   1.直选复式   百位069   十位134   个位258   2.五码复式(含组三)23568   3.胆3――拖码2568相关的主题文章:

Last week, the temperature in Huaian dropped sharply the city vegetable prices rose and

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Last week, the temperature dropped sharply in Huaian   urban vegetable prices rose and hit – People’s Jiangsu Channel – People’s original title: cooling, snow, raising vegetable prices, the temperature dropped sharply last week, the city’s vegetable prices rose. According to the monitoring data of city price monitoring center on display before last week, 32 kinds of vegetables, the average price per 500 grams than last week rose 7.38 percentage points, the price rose to 3.73 yuan. According to the monitoring, by the cold weather and the first snowfall this winter, vegetable prices rose last week a large area, 32 kinds of vegetables and 13 varieties of rose more than 10%, with rape, cucumber, radish, eggplant, pepper, leek, lettuce, bean, mushroom and rose sharply, the soybean rose 34.29%, rose 22.22% rose mushroom, pepper 19.44%. By comparison, there were only 3 varieties of celery, green pepper and spinach. The number and amplitude of the rise or fall, driven by the overall rise in vegetable prices last week. Specific to the price, the price of one or two yuan per 500 grams of vegetables is less than last week, leaving only 10 varieties, accounting for less than 50%, of which, "one yuan dishes" is less, leaving only a few varieties of Chinese cabbage, bean sprouts and so on. Each 500 grams price reaches more than 4 yuan to 9 varieties of vegetables, beans, garlic, pepper respectively, cauliflower, broccoli, mushrooms, mushroom, garlic and ginger. "The weather conditions have great influence on the price of vegetables, the cool ferocious, plus snow, will to some extent raise the price of vegetables." City price monitoring center related staff analysis, immediately into December, cold weather will become the norm, is not conducive to the growth and storage of vegetables, which will further affect the vegetable prices. Therefore, in the future, the public food basket or unspeakable "relaxed"". (Song Yingying) (commissioning editor Huang Zhuyan and Zhang Xin) 上周淮安气温骤降 市区菜价应声而涨–人民网江苏频道–人民网 原标题:降温降雪抬高菜价   上周气温骤降,市区菜价应声而涨。据市价格监测中心日前的监测数据显示,上周32种蔬菜每500克均价较上上周大涨7.38个百分点,现价升至3.73元。   根据监测,受低温天气和今冬首场降雪影响,上周菜价大面积上涨,32种蔬菜中有13个品种涨幅超过一成,油菜、黄瓜、萝卜、茄子、尖椒、韭菜、生菜、毛豆、平菇等均有较大幅度上涨,其中毛豆大涨34.29%,平菇上涨22.22%,尖椒上涨19.44%。与之相比,下跌的仅有芹菜、青椒、菠菜3个品种。数量以及幅度的涨多跌少,推动了上周菜价的整体上扬。   具体到价格上,目前每500克价格一两元的蔬菜比上周又少了一些,仅剩下10个品种,占比不到五成,其中,“一元菜”更是少之又少,只剩下大白菜、豆芽等为数不多的几个品种。而每500克价格达到或超过4元的蔬菜达到9个品种,分别为尖椒、豆角、蒜苔、花菜、西兰花、蘑菇、平菇、蒜头和生姜。   “天气情况对菜价影响很大,这次降温来势凶猛,再加上降雪,肯定会在一定程度上抬高菜价。”市价格监测中心相关工作人员分析说,马上进入12月份,寒冷天气将成为常态,不利于蔬菜的生长和储运,这必将进一步影响到菜价。因此,未来一段时间市民菜篮子或难言“轻松”。(宋莹莹) (责编:黄竹岩、张鑫)相关的主题文章:

Colleges and universities for the course of popular industrial chain students become ” intermed-nibbuns

Monday, June 4th, 2018

The course has become popular for students to change " intermediary industry chain; " charge fees for all-weather course, can deal with all kinds of difficult teacher, a class 20 yuan, quality assurance not bargain." In the major colleges and universities, student class attendance and performance are closely related. Recently, Chinese Youth Daily reporter survey found that · the middle line, paid for college class phenomenon quietly become a trend, for most students the lesson. Along with the increasing demand for education has become a campus in gray industrial chain. From a single school to college intensive areas, the distribution of a large or small group for class. For these courses number, there are more than seven hundred or eight hundred people. With the change of students’ needs, "service" content from class for extending to take delivery, with a meal, for training, lectures, for morning exercises. Provide these services are mostly college students. For university classes into the industrial chain, the public course for the course of "disaster" for a girl, 6 for class 5 tomorrow." In the "Bohai University for part-time course group", the news issued 3 minutes after someone grab one success. As long as the message in the QQ group proposed for class demand, private chat on a good price, there will be people for class attendance. However, this phenomenon does not exist only in Bohai University. According to China Youth Daily · youth online reporter learned that in many colleges and universities nationwide college students for the class, has gradually formed a relatively mature industry chain, has become one of the college students part-time choice. In the QQ group search, enter "for class" of the word, you can find hundreds of classes for the group, involving most of the provinces in the country. In the group number, some groups have as many as seven hundred or eight hundred people. For example, a "Beijing Haidian headquarters for class headquarters" for courses, covering many well-known universities in Beihang University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Beijing Normal University, Renmin University of China, University of Science and Technology Beijing and other groups, the number of 394 people. According to a "class for service" students said, "the seller orders" after talks between the two sides, good price, the buyer to provide details, such as the number, class and name etc.. After the seller will give the buyer in the classroom to the teacher in the class photo, the buyer after confirmation by Alipay or WeChat and other mobile payment of compensation. The whole process to meet the need, the parties do not know each other identity. "The greater the risk, the greater the degree of difficulty, the higher the fees." Another in the "class service for the students told reporters, for the class fee standard is in accordance with the length of courses and courses for the degree of difficulty to collect fees. A general class 40 minutes, charges 25 yuan, more class time charge is also higher. If the class has a class assignments, answer questions, quiz and so on, needed additional charge. In these classes for all kinds of projects in different categories of courses "popularity". According to the reporter observed, English, basic computer, physical education and other public courses and physical examination, is the most love for the class. "The content of these courses is really boring, but not to score again and sign the number of hook. The number is too small, there may be fail the exam." Beijing university students told reporters that this kind of course due to the class number"

高校替课风行竟成产业链 学生变"中介"收手续费“全天候替课,能够对付各种刁钻老师,一节课20多元,质量保证不议价。”在全国各大高校,学生课堂出勤率往往与成绩息息相关。近日,中国青年报·中青在线记者调查发现,高校有偿替课现象悄然成风,而替课者大多是学生。随着需求的增加,替课已经逐步发展成为一个校园中的灰色产业链。从单个学校到高校密集的地区,都分布着或大或小的替课群。这些替课群人数不等,多的有七八百人。随着学生需求的变化,“服务”的内容也从替课延伸到拿快递、带饭、替考、替党课、替早操等。而提供这些“服务”的大多是在校大学生。大学替课成产业链,公共课成替课“重灾区”“求一女生明天5、6节替课。”在“渤大兼职替课群”中,这一消息发出3分钟后就有人“抢单”成功。只要在这个QQ群中发消息提出替课需求,私聊谈好价格后,就会有人替课签到。然而,这一现象并不只存在于渤海大学。据中国青年报·中青在线记者了解,在全国多所高校的大学生群体中,替课已逐步形成了比较成熟的产业链,成为大学生兼职的选择之一。在QQ群查找中,输入“替课”两字,就可以发现多达数百个替课群,涉及全国大多数省份。群内人数不等,有的群有七八百人之多。例如,一个名为“北京海淀总部替课总部”的替课群,覆盖了北京航空航天大学、北京邮电大学、北京师范大学、中国人民大学、北京科技大学等多所知名高校,群人数394人。据群中一名提供“替课服务”的学生说,卖方“接单”后,双方会谈好价格,买方提供细节,如学号、班级和姓名等。之后卖方会在课堂上给买方发去老师上课的照片,买方确认后通过支付宝或微信等移动支付方式支付薪酬。整个过程双方无需见面,买卖双方也不知道彼此身份。“风险越大,难度越大,收费则越高。”另一名从事“替课服务”的同学告诉记者,替课收费标准是按照课程长短和替课的难易程度来收取费用的。一般一节课40分钟,收费25元,课时越长收费也就越高。如果课上有随堂作业、回答问题、随堂测试等情况,还需另外收费。在这些五花八门的替课“项目”中,不同的课程类别“受欢迎程度”不同。根据记者观察,英语、计算机基础、体育课等公共课程和体育考试,是大学生最爱寻找替课者的。“这些课程的内容实在是无聊,可是不去,成绩又和签到次数挂钩。去的次数太少,还有可能被挂科。”北京某高校大学生告诉记者,这类课程由于上课人数较多,一般几个班一起上课,老师不认识学生,替课不太容易被发现。在这些QQ群中,除了提供“替课服务”外,还有人发布信息提供带饭、代取快递、代签到、体测代跑、代购、流量充值等“服务”。学生变中介,替课需交“手续费”记者通过调查发现,如果想要进入某些“替课群”,还需要向“群主”等管理者交一定的“手续费”。而这些“替课群”的组织者大多数也是在校学生。湖北某大学学生周小安告诉记者,她曾去替课群找人帮她上课,进群前,被要求向群主交1元“手续费”。据记者了解,像周小安这样进群要交“手续费”的替课群并不在少数。在这些“替课群”中,需要交“手续费”的QQ群相似度很高,有着统一的标识,在群简介中都自称是“品牌替课”。这些群的地域遍及全国各个地区,涉及江南大学、扬州大学、宁波大学、滨州学院、三峡大学等多所高校。在这些需要缴纳手续费的群中,所有提供“替课服务”的群成员被群主禁止发言。如果有人发布寻找替课者的消息,不会得到直接回复。据其中一位从事替课“服务”的同学透露,“群中的生意由群主统一进行管理,分配给合适的人员,然后群主会从替课费中抽取5~10元不等的管理费。”而在另外一个名为“北京大学替课代课总部”的QQ群中,则通过缴纳保证金的方式来进行管理。该群群公告写道:“替课的、找替课的,都要在群主这里交一部分保证金。如果出现替课不去的情况,将会把替课者的保证金交给找替课者,作为精神补偿。”一替课群群主告诉中国青年报·中青在线记者,在替课群中活跃的替课群体大部分是在校学生。“这些替课群的群主和从事替课的人员几乎都是学生,他们就是想多赚点零花钱。”“来群里找人上课的特别多。”从事替课的大学生万源告诉记者,他们一般情况下都是两节课连着上,收入30元。“我一周至少能替20节课。在各大节日前后,好多人急着出游和回家,生意特别多,‘收入’也比较多。”万源说。替课背后是学生与学校课程安排的矛盾有偿替课已经不止一次被媒体曝光批评,同学图省事,任课老师对待同学的出勤率“一刀切”成为替课现象屡禁不止的主要原因。寻求替课服务,有些高校学生认为自己确实有苦衷。大学生小何告诉记者,有一次她家中刚好有事不能去上课,可是这门课如果不到,不管什么理由都会直接被扣考勤分。“这是老师当时定下的制度,说是为了一视同仁,保持公平,不能通融”。事实上,针对替课这一现象,各大高校也是“奇招”频现。据相关报道,四川大学曾采用“签到神器”,每个学生都有一个统一的编号,上课时输入自己对应的编号,可以用来点名签到、答题、为课堂评分。南方医科大学采用了微信线上问答点到的方式,学生都要用微信实名制加入学校的教务微信平台或其他相关的商业平台。除此之外,一些高校还采用了辅导员巡堂、设置考勤委员等办法来阻止学生逃课和替课。兰州大学新闻与传播学院教师石萍告诉记者,她的课堂上还没有发现过找人替课的现象。她偶尔要求学生签到,但不是期末成绩的唯一参考标准,出勤率所占的比重很小。石萍还认为,找人替课是学生缺乏责任感与担当力的表现。“又想要学分拿文凭,但是又不肯脚踏实地上课学习,这是一种投机取巧的行为,同样也是在破坏社会的诚信体系。”华南理工大学马克思主义学院周云教授则认为,既然一些学校存在这样的替课行为,就值得学校和教师们反思。“如今大学替课成为一种产业,学生这么做当然是难辞其咎的。但是,一些课堂和课程缺乏吸引力也是重要原因之一。如果教师继续采取‘填鸭式教育’,这种情况只会愈演愈烈。一方面,学校要强化校纪,大力打击替课行为;另一方面,也要提升教学质量,对于不受学生欢迎的课程和教师进行整改,‘替课热’自然而然就会受到遏制。”相关的主题文章:

The bus crash caused 1 dead overhead retrograde driver safety driving 400 thousand kilometers – Sohu-音羽かなで

Monday, June 4th, 2018

The bus crash caused 1 dead overhead retrograde driver safety driving 400 thousand kilometers – Sohu News newspaper yesterday morning, there are people driving through the Yixian elevated road to see strange things. A 952 bus in Yixian Road Viaduct retrograde, and collided with a van. It is reported that the van driver was killed on the spot. Near the East Yixian elevated road south to North cypress interchange, the accident 952 bus with a normal driving a small van loaded vegetable heads hit together, the bus is empty, no passengers were injured, but the small van driver has died on the spot. Another net friend introduced, at that time he in Wusong bridge near have seen this 952 road all the way through the reverse, although this time is around 5 in the morning, the road has no car, but still let people pinch sweat. 952 road team official said yesterday, a 952 bus is accidentally into the Yixian elevated reverse lane, the company has to cooperate with the police. According to the bus company introduced, someone driver is an experienced driver, the safety mileage reached 400 thousand kilometers, when the bus, in addition to the driver, as well as a conductor and a dispatcher. "We were all surprised, too. It never happened before. The driver is still in the traffic police team to investigate." It is reported that the bus started from retrograde to collision, driving 7 to 8 kilometers distance, "he has at least two opportunities under the elevated, or in ensuring the safety of the situation, find a place wider road U-turn.". But not knowing why, the driver hasn’t turned around or looked for a chance to get down the viaduct." Introduction of the relevant person in charge of the company owned by the fleet. After the accident, the elevated traffic police detachment immediately carry out the relevant investigation and evidence collection work. After preliminary investigation, the traffic police department of the elevated bus has been approved by the Public Security Bureau of Changning for the crime of causing traffic casualties, which has been approved by the Public Security Bureau of the people’s Republic of china.

公交车高架逆行撞车致1死 司机已安全行驶40万公里-搜狐新闻  本报综合 昨日清晨,有市民驾车经过逸仙路高架时看到蹊跷事。一辆952路公交车在逸仙路高架桥上逆行,并与一辆面包车碰撞。据悉,面包车司机被撞当场身亡。   事发逸仙高架路东侧南向北大柏树立交附近,发生事故的952路公交车与一辆正常行驶装蔬菜的小面包车头碰头撞在一起,公交车为空车,无乘客受伤,但小面包车驾驶员已当场死亡。另有网友介绍,当时他在吴淞大桥附近就已经看到这辆952路一路逆行而过,虽然这时是早上5点左右,路上没有什么车,但还是让人捏了把汗。   952路车队一位负责人介绍称,昨晨一辆952公交车确实不慎驶入逸仙高架逆向车道,公司已派员配合警方处理。据公交车公司方面介绍,涉事驾驶员是一名驾驶经验丰富的老司机,安全里程数达到了40万公里,当时公交车上除司机外还有售票员和一名调度员。“我们也都觉得非常吃惊,之前从未发生过这样的事。司机目前还在交警队接受调查。”   据悉,公交车从开始逆行到发生碰撞,行驶了7到8公里的距离,“他至少有两次机会下高架,或者在保证安全的情况下找一处路面宽一点的地方调头。但不知道为什么,司机一直没有调头或找机会下高架。”车队所属公司的相关负责人介绍。   事故发生后,高架交警支队立即开展相关调查取证工作。经初步调查,高架交警部门对大客车当事人王某涉嫌交通肇事罪已提请长宁公安分局对其采取刑事拘留的强制措施,目前已获得批准。相关的主题文章:

Sw recommended commodities and colored growth stocks oversold rebound in line-hamimelon

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Sw: recommended commodities and colored growth stocks oversold bounce line of sina finance Level2:A shares of sina finance client speed Kanpan: the most profitable investors in nonferrous metal company performance Outlook: 2015 annual report are under repair, optimistic about the future of commodity performance agencies: Shenwan Hong group Limited by Share Ltd researcher: Xu Ruoxu lithium related stocks eye-catching performance growing company, lower than expected, cyclical companies sharply pre cut or loss. Shenwan Hong nonferrous focus on tracking the 21 companies, only Tianqi lithium industry (+81%), Ganfeng lithium (+43%) and Wei Li billion (+82%) to benefit from the new energy automotive industry boom upgrade brings high growth performance in 2015, almost all other companies or lower than expected performance (including sea magnets (+38% 60%, lower than expected), NBTM (+29%, lower than expected growth of 40%), the white horse) or a sharp decline in profits (including Jiangxi copper (-71%), in south of the Five Ridges (-57%) and other traditional periodic goods) or direct losses (including the high-tech tungsten, Yunnan copper, etc.) is also reflected from the side of the weak the whole manufacturing cycle and upstream processing demand, the industry boom downturn. In 2015, almost all industry prices fell sharply, optimistic about the rebound in the two quarter of commodity prices. In addition to lithium carbonate cycles (with the average price rose 1.6 times, the fourth quarter rose 1.22 times), large and small metal metal all completed a drop of tungsten concentrate the annual average price fell 23%, the annual average price fell 40%, molybdenum concentrate indium annual average fell 61%, LME annual copper price fell 19% COMEX, gold fell 15%. In 2016, our commodities have emphasized in the strategy report in the rebound logic is the successful interpretation, including: (1) the market for the fed to raise interest rates in the future is expected to weaken or even QE4 representation; (2) large mining enterprises bankruptcy or mergers and acquisitions restructuring (US Horsehead to zinc producer filed for bankruptcy protection (3); the price of crude oil) central shift, at the bottom of confirmation. So, we still maintain the original judgment, the 3 factors of fermentation will enter the peak in the two quarter of 2016, when the rebound is the most violent commodity. Speculate the potential high transfer expected stocks, four new materials, Tian Tong shares. Due to the recent market volatility, stock price are the demands of the company tend to launch high transfer program to boost the stock price, including the scheme of Tianqi lithium industry has been published (10 to 28), Taiyuan (10 to 10), corundum (10 to 20), Yuguang Gold & lead. We speculate from the capital reserve per share, referring to the shareholders of listed companies holdings, announced other favorable conditions, we believe that the four new materials and Tiantong shares have potential high delivery expectations, attention. Maintain commodity rebound and growth stocks oversold rebound in the two main recommendation. The proposed bargain layout (silver intime resources fundamentals best), Yunlvgufen (tabbed colored rose standard, but also involves the supply side reforms), Luoping electric (pure zinc stocks; best) proposed active sea magnets on the bottom opening

申万:推荐大宗商品和有色成长股超跌反弹主线 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用   有色金属2015年年报前瞻:公司业绩多有下修,看好未来大宗商品表现   机构:申万宏源集团股份有限公司   研究员:徐若旭   锂相关个股表现抢眼,成长公司低于预期,周期类公司大幅预减或亏损。申万宏源有色重点跟踪的21家公司中,仅有天齐锂业(+81%)、赣锋锂业(+43%)和亿纬锂能(+82%)受益新能源汽车行业景气度提升带来2015年业绩高增长,几乎所有其他公司或业绩低于预期(包括正海磁材(+38%,低于预期60%)、东睦股份(+29%,低于预期40%)等成长白马)、或出现利润大幅下滑(包括江西铜业(-71%)、中金岭南(-57%)等传统周期品)或直接大幅亏损(包括中钨高新、云南铜业等),也从侧面反应出整个制造业和上游周期加工需求的疲软,行业景气度的低迷。   2015年几乎全行业价格重挫,看好二季度商品价格反弹。除了自带景气周期的碳酸锂(均价同比上涨1.6倍,四季度环比上涨1.22倍),所有的大金属、小金属均完成了惨烈的下跌——钨精矿全年均价下跌23%、钼精矿全年均价下跌40%、金属铟全年均价下跌61%、LME铜全年均价下跌19%、COMEX黄金下跌15%。进入2016年,我们曾经在策略报告里强调的大宗商品反弹的逻辑正在顺利演绎,包括:(1)市场对美联储未来加息的预期减弱甚至QE4再现;(2)大型矿山企业倒闭或兼并收购重组(美国Horsehead再生锌生产商申请破产保护);(3)原油价格中枢的上移,底部确认。所以我们依旧维持原先判断,上述3个因素的发酵将在2016年二季度进入峰值,届时也是大宗商品反弹最猛烈之时。   推测潜在高送转预期个股,四通新材、天通股份。由于近期市场波动加大,存在股价诉求的公司往往推出高送转方案来提振股价,已经公布方案的包括天齐锂业(10送28)、太原刚玉(10转10)、豫光金铅(10转20)等。我们从每股资本公积来推测,参考上市公司股东增持、公布其它利好等条件,我们认为四通新材和天通股份存在潜在的高送转预期,可以关注。   维持大宗商品反弹和成长股超跌反弹两条主线推荐。建议逢低布局银泰资源(白银有最好的基本面)、云铝股份(标签式的有色上涨标的,还牵扯到供给侧改革)、罗平锌电(纯粹股性最好);建议积极底部加仓正海磁材(16年30X)、太原刚玉(机器人自动化优质个股)、东睦股份(16年摊薄后25X)、楚江新材和亿纬锂能(增长超50%,16年40X)!我们认为进入3月份以后,大宗商品持续的价格修复将提振全球对风险偏好的提振和对未来经济的预期,这将显著修复ROE水平,推动相关个股上行。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly, oil prices continued to rise API-thinkpad s230u

Monday, June 4th, 2018

[early] API crude oil crude oil inventories unexpectedly fell, oil prices continue to rise Huitong network February 18th News – Thursday (February 18th) the beginning of the Asian market, international oil prices continue to rise. NYMEX crude oil futures traded near $31.35 barrels, or about 2.25%; Brent crude futures traded near $34.99 barrels, or about 0.14%. On Wednesday, Iran supported the proposal of a freeze, the international oil price rebounded sharply, coupled with an unexpected decline in API crude oil inventories, oil prices continued to rise. Oil prices rose sharply in New York on Wednesday. WTI crude oil futures on the New York mercantile exchange closed up $1.62 in March, or 5.6%, at $30.66 a barrel. In London, ICE Brent crude oil futures closed up $2.32 on Wednesday, or 7.21%, to $34.50 barrel in April. (the U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures contract prices in March on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo (pictured above) ICE Brent crude oil futures contract prices in April on the daily chart, chart time for EST, photograph: Peng Bo) the American Petroleum Institute (API) released data show that in the United States to February 12th when the week API crude oil inventories fell 3 million 260 thousand barrels, the former value increased by 2 million 360 thousand barrels, is expected to increase by 3 million barrels; week API gasoline inventories increased 750 thousand barrels, the former value increased by 3 million 50 thousand barrels, is expected to increase 3 million 50 thousand barrels; week API distillate stocks fell 2 million 20 thousand barrels, the former value increased by 1 million 700 thousand barrels, is expected to an increase of 1 million 700 thousand barrels. In addition, crude oil inventories declined by 175 thousand barrels in API Cushing area. Oil prices continued to rise after crude oil inventories fell unexpectedly in API. On Wednesday, Iran’s oil minister janga in Tehran and Venezuela, Iraq and Qatar were multi-party talks, said after the freezing production agreement is the first step, but also other measures to stabilize prices, although it was not clear whether or not to join the freezing production agreement, but expressed support for the Doha agreement, then the United States oil oil cloth have rebounded more than 5%. The February 17th Financial Times quoted local officials in Tehran say that Iran will defend its production rights; Iran’s OPEC representative Asali also said that Iran further cuts illogical to the local media, Iran is far below the current production quotas, so don’t expect us to further cut "; Asali also condemned the OPEC competitors, said the decline in oil prices it is because of these countries due to production. "Wall Street daily" said that the producers of recent efforts to show effect, the oil price to get some support. The recent major oil producers have held a meeting to discuss the oil market, Saudi Arabia and other countries on Tuesday in Doha to reach agreement, then freeze yield, Ecuador Nigeria and other oil producing countries expressed willingness, on Wednesday after the Tehran conference key oil producer in Iran also expressed support and welcome the production of frozen, crude oil prices and therefore be supported, cloth oil U.S. oil rose sharply. The producers made for oil recovery efforts paying off. Low oil prices make oil producers miserable, the S & P downgraded Saudi rating. On Saudi Arabia

【原油盘初】API原油库存意外下滑,油价继续走高   汇通网2月18日讯――周四(2月18日)亚市盘初,国际油价继续走高。NYMEX原油期货交投于31.35美元 桶附近,涨幅约2.25%;布伦特原油期货交投于34.99美元 桶附近,涨幅约0.14%。周三伊朗支持冻产提议,国际油价大幅反弹,加上API原油库存意外下滑,油价继续上涨。   周三纽约油价收盘大幅上涨。纽约商品交易所3月交割的WTI原油期货收盘大涨1.62美元,涨幅5.6%,报每桶30.66美元。伦敦方面,ICE布伦特 4月原油期货周三收涨2.32美元,涨幅7.21%,报34.50美元 桶。   (上图为美国NYMEX原油期货3月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   (上图为ICE布伦特原油期货4月合约价格日线图,图上时间为美国东部时间,图片来源:彭博)   美国石油协会(API)公布的数据显示,美国至2月12日当周API原油库存减少326万桶,前值为增加236万桶,预期为增加300万桶;当周API汽油库存增加75万桶,前值为增加305万桶,预期增加305万桶;当周API精炼油库存减少202万桶,前值为增加170万桶,预期为增加170万桶。此外,当周API库欣地区原油库存下降17.5万桶。API原油库存意外下滑后,油价继续走高。   周三伊朗石油部长赞加内在德黑兰与委内瑞拉、伊拉克和卡塔尔进行了多方会谈,会后表示,冻结产量协议是第一步,但还需其他稳定油价的措施,虽并未明确表态是否加入冻结产量协议,但对多哈协议结果表示支持,随后布油美油纷纷反弹逾5%。   金融时报2月17日援引德黑兰当地官员称伊朗将捍卫自身增产的权利;伊朗驻欧佩克代表Asali也对当地媒体表示让伊朗进一步减产不合逻辑,伊朗当前产量远低于其配额,因此“不要期待我们进一步减产”;此外Asali还谴责欧佩克内部竞争对手,称油价下跌是因这些国家增产所致。   《华尔街日报》表示,产油国近期努力初显成效,油价得到一定支撑。近期主要产油国陆续召开会议讨论油市,周二沙特等四国在多哈达成冻结产量协议,随后厄瓜多尔、尼日利亚等产油国表达积极意愿,周三德黑兰会议后关键产油国伊朗也表示支持和欢迎产量冻结,原油价格因此受到支撑,布油美油均大幅上涨,产油国为油价复苏所作出的努力初显成效。   低油价令产油国苦不堪言,标普下调沙特评级。因沙特过分依赖原油收入,油价下跌已对沙特财政和经济指标产生持续明显的影响,周三标普发布报告将沙特评级从A+下调至A-,前景展望由负面调至稳定;标普对四国达成的冻结产量协议并不看好,油价疲软将继续对沙特评级带来负面影响。   周三美联储1月会议纪要显示,大宗商品下挫、金融市场剧动,引发美联储官员们的担心,认为经济中的不确定性在增加,经济前景有下行风险。“美联储通讯社”称,美联储在挣扎,看利率政策是否要对上升的风险做出回应。   北京时间9:40,美原油报31.26美元 桶,布伦特原油报34.80美元 桶。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Pengshui patio Village new road brings new life — Chongqing window — people’s network-ca1835

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Pengshui patio Village: the new road brings new life — Chongqing window — people’s network patio village new highway set up a bus stop, convenient for villagers to travel. Reporter Zheng Yu photographed September 27th, is the village market day. The streets aren’t wide enough to be filled with villagers – mostly riding motorcycles, sitting in a van, or driving a minivan to the market. A new cement road, convenient courtyard village travel, but also opened up a new life in the village courtyard. Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County indigo Water Street patio village, was designated as a municipal poor village in 2014. The village is between 1000-1200 meters above sea level, surrounded by green hills around. There are 7 village groups, 404 households and 1678 people in the village. The main reasons for the poverty in the village are traffic inconvenience, labor loss, poor infrastructure and non pillar industries. Before 2015, there was no easy access to the village, looking at the vast green hills, and the villagers could only travel by foot or by motorcycle. "Before we afraid of illness, afraid of the two crop can not sell." Courtyard village village committee director biography light said. In 2015, the village finally came to the new road construction – the County Transportation Committee invested 4 million 450 thousand yuan, building a 8.9 kilometer smooth road in the courtyard village. This road will pass through the village of 5 villagers group, connected to the village, Flint community, high valley town of prosperous village, can solve the village 80% villagers travel problems. Just before the completion of the construction, but encountered difficulties. The construction team in the village courtyard and prosperous village at the junction of found landslide area by surveying, here she scattered, not built cement road. This total of around 125 households in the village courtyard, speeding, reading, visiting friends and relatives, and they are prosperous village from very close, through this "last mile" is particularly important. After repeated discussions, the village and the construction team decided to redirect, by setting the back bend around the road, the new village and the village is connected to the courtyard "the last kilometer". As the distance increased, and the construction of technical difficulties increased, the original 10 days to complete the journey, took 20 days, the construction cost increased by 150 thousand yuan. When it was finally opened to traffic, the mileage increased to 9.4 kilometers. In the morning of September 27th, when the reporter saw Chen Xueshu, he was waiting for the village bus. Chen Xueshu’s son and daughter-in-law work in Fujian, two granddaughters big 8 years old, small 6 years old. Before the Chen family lived in a mountain far away from the town, two granddaughters went to school at 6 in the morning, not only on a steep hill, but through a dense forest. 2015, learned that the village is almost completed a new road, relying on alpine ecosystems poverty relocation policy, Chen Xueshu can’t wait to move down on the side of the road, built two storey house. "Now travel is convenient, there is a van out."." Chen Xueshu said that the new highway was wide and flat, and that he never needed to worry about his granddaughter’s schooling. Not only that, this year, the Chen Xueshu family also bought a small truck, used to transport grain, firewood. The villagers traveled easily, and the economy in the village grew. Flue cured tobacco planting surface

彭水天井村:新公路带来新生活–重庆视窗–人民网 天井村的新公路设置有公交站,方便村民出行。 记者 郑宇 摄   9月27日,是天井村的赶集日。场镇不宽的街道上,挤满了村民――他们大多都是骑着摩托车、坐着面包车,或者开着小货车前来赶集的。一条全新的水泥公路,方便了天井村人出行,也开辟了天井村人的新生活。   彭水苗族土家族自治县靛水街道天井村,2014年被定为市级贫困村。该村海拔在1000-1200米之间,连绵的青山环绕四周。全村共有7个村民小组404户、1678人。交通不便、劳动力流失、基础设施差、无支柱产业,是导致天井村贫困的主要原因。   在2015年以前,天井村没有一条畅通路,望着茫茫青山,村民出行只能靠步行或骑摩托。“以前我们一怕生急病,二怕农作物收了卖不出。”天井村村民委员会主任传光凡说。   2015年,天井村终于盼来了新公路建设――县交委投资445万元在天井村建设一条8.9公里的畅通路。这条路将穿过天井村5个村民小组,连通天井村、火石亚社区、高谷镇兴隆村,可解决该村80%村民的出行难题。   就在完工前期,施工却遭遇难题。施工队在天井村与兴隆村交界处发现了滑坡地带,经勘测,此处路基松散,不宜修建水泥路。而这周围,共有天井村的125户农户,赶场、读书、走亲访友,他们与兴隆村的来往非常密切,修通这“最后一公里路”显得尤为重要。   经过反复讨论,村委与施工队决定重新改道,通过设置回头弯绕过这一路段,修通连接天井村与兴隆村的“最后一公里”。而由于路程增加,且修建技术难度加大,原本10天就能修完的路程,花了20天,修建成本增加15万元。最终通车时,这条畅通路里程增加到了9.4公里。   9月27日早上,记者见到村民陈学书时,他正在天井村招呼站等待村客运车。   陈学书的儿子儿媳在福建打工,两个孙女大的8岁、小的6岁。以前陈学书一家住在远离场镇的高山上,两个孙女上学早上6点就得出发,不仅要走陡峭的山路,还要穿过茂密的树林。   2015年,得知村里即将修通新公路,依托高山生态扶贫搬迁政策,陈学书迫不及待地搬了下来,在公路边修起了两层楼的新房。“现在出行方便了,出门就有面包车。”陈学书说,新公路宽阔平坦,自己再也不用为孙女上学的事担心。不仅如此,今年,陈学书一家还添置了一辆小货车,用来运送粮食、柴火。   村民们出行方便了,村里的经济也发展起来了。烤烟种植面积由500亩扩大到1000亩;新增核桃种植500亩,脆李种植500亩;养殖100只以上的土鸡养殖户新增18户;生猪养殖大户增加10家……从修路的消息传开到新路通车,一年多的时间里,天井村涌现出一批返乡创业的大户,他们为天井村发展特色产业开了个好头。   在外打工20余年的刘国武便是其中之一。2015年回乡前,刘国武在广东省一家玩具厂管理生产,每年能挣四五万元。去年初,他得知修路的消息后便决定不再外出,在家乡创业,带着乡亲们一块儿致富。   今年2月,刘国武在天井村流转2000亩土地,种植经果林。一到农忙时节,刘国武就召集周围的村民到地里务工,按每人每天80元发放工钱。大半年来,刘国武已累计雇请100余人次,发放工资近14万元。“能照顾家人,还能有自己的事业,这都是因为村里修了这条路。”刘国武说。本报记者 王?昀 (责编:陈易、张?)相关的主题文章:

Trend of price index of computer industry in China in February

Monday, June 4th, 2018

In February 2016, China’s computer industry price index trend, China’s computer industry price index trend, the computer price index fell 1.96 points in February 2016, China’s computer price index was 90.15 points, compared with January fell 1.96 points. From several product lines, the average annual average price of laptops, tablet PCs, desktop computers and computers is 6015 yuan, 2384 yuan, 4987 yuan and 6354 yuan respectively. Two, Chinese notebook computer market price index trend of notebook computer and tablet computer price index fell this month notebook computer price index fell, tablet computer price index is also a slight downward trend, two are rising in two consecutive weeks after the first decline trend. In terms of specific trends, the laptop price index was 99.36 points, down 4.37 points from the previous month; the tablet PC price index was 77.15 points, down 3.53 points from the previous month. Sample description: computer industry price index trend analysis this month, involving a laptop, desktop computers, tablet PCs and one computer, a total of four product lines, statistics of a total of 4891 products, of which 28 products weighted the price of Jingdong and amazon. The number of manufacturers involved is 88 (the number of manufacturers is not repeat statistics). Note: the ZDC price index is the most influential index reflecting the fluctuation trend of China’s IT market price. The index in February 21, 2011 for the first time publicly released, the base year is January 1, 2011, the base index is 100.

2016年2月中国电脑整机行业价格指数走势   一、中国电脑整机行业价格指数走势   电脑整机价格指数下跌1.96点   2016年2月,中国电脑整机价格指数为90.15点,较1月下跌了1.96点。从涉及的几条产品线来看,笔记本电脑、平板电脑、台式电脑与一体电脑全年均价分别为6015元、2384元、4987元和6354元。   二、中国笔记本电脑市场价格指数走势   笔记本电脑和平板电脑价格指数都出现了下跌   本月笔记本电脑价格指数有所下跌,平板电脑价格指数也有小幅下降的趋势,二者都是在连续两周上升后首次出现下降的趋势。具体走势方面,笔记本电脑价格指数为99.36点,较上月下跌了4.37点;平板电脑价格指数为77.15点,较上月下降了3.53点。   样本说明:本月电脑整机行业价格指数走势分析共涉及了笔记本电脑、台式电脑、平板电脑和一体电脑共四条产品线,统计产品数量共为4891款,其中28款产品加权了京东和亚马逊价格。涉及厂商数量88家(厂商数量不重复统计)。   注:ZDC价格指数是反映中国IT市场价格波动趋势最有影响的指数。该指数于2011年2月21日首次公开发布,基期为2011年1月1日,基期指数定为100。相关的主题文章:

The danger signal of oil price Cushing’s oil storage space is close to

Monday, June 4th, 2018

The danger signal: Cushing oil storage space nearly exhausted the famous American energy information supply and data analysis firms Genscape report "situation" in the global oil market covers the core issues of concern to the market in the market, for the issue of inventory, the report said, U.S. crude oil inventories are close to the critical value, according to 19 data released in the United States EIA crude oil inventories last week increased to 50 million 410 thousand barrels, refresh the historical record, compared with the same period last year increased 18%. Crude oil inventories in Cushing, the main delivery site of US crude oil futures in Oklahoma, hit a record high of 64 million 700 thousand barrels last month in Cushing last month. Genscape said that the Cushing area oil storage equipment is almost full load operation state, the utilization rate is about 80%, if the current speed expansion, the remaining storage space will be exhausted after 4-5 months. The U.S. EIA refinery equipment utilization rate has climbed to 88.3% in February 12th. The size of oil inventories in the United States and oil prices are the opposite: Although the Midwest crude oil inventories increased by 2 million 250 thousand barrels last week, to 155 million barrels a record high level. But in the hub area, Cushing’s inventory increased by only 36 thousand barrels. This means that Cushing has consistently rejected requests to increase storage facilities. Damien Courvalin, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, warned in the 17 issue of the research report that the short-term risk of crude oil inventories in the Midwest of the United States is extremely high: large scale crude oil and finished product oil storage have made the utilization of storage equipment in central and western regions close to the highest level in history. Despite the recent central region should help reduce refining margins of refined oil storage space to avoid breaking the limit, but with the final product oil loss occurred, this would probably result in the next few months, crude oil inventories accelerated growth, oil prices will fall further in the Midwest, inventory growth will spread to the Mexico Bay area. Further decline in oil demand or exports, or higher storage profits, or eventually rebound crude oil imports or production will lead to more storage space, which will stimulate oil prices to further decline, resulting in the central region and Canada to reduce production. As we have said before, this persistent stock shortage problem should exacerbate the volatility of oil prices and storage profits. However, the problem of storage space has not deteriorated to the point of despair. There’s still a glimmer of hope: there’s plenty of free space from Cushing to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Crude oil market is under the dual pressure of both supply side and demand side. EIA expects oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will increase by 1 million 790 thousand barrels per day in 2017, even though oil prices are still low, reaching 1 million 900 thousand barrels a day in December, hitting a record high. The region’s output will account for 18% and 21% of the total US output in 2016 and 2017, respectively. EIA data show that the demand for crude oil in the United States is rapidly declining. The figure below is the distillate fuel oil market theory

油价的危险信号:库欣储油空间接近耗尽   美国知名能源信息供应及数据分析公司Genscape在市场报告《全球原油市场现状》中覆盖了市场关心的核心问题,对于库存这一焦点问题,该报告称,美国原油库存正接近临界值,   根据19日公布的数据,美国EIA原油库存上周增至5041万桶,刷新历史最高记录,较去年同期大增18%。   位于俄克拉荷马州的美国原油期货主要交割地库欣(Cushing)原油库存则在上个月触及6470万桶的记录高位。   Genscape表示,库欣地区储油设备几乎是满负荷运营状态,利用率约为80%,若以当前速度扩增,则剩余存储空间将在4-5个月之后耗尽。而美国2月12日当周EIA精炼厂设备利用率也已经攀升至88.3%。 美国原油库存规模和油价走势恰好相反:   尽管美国中西部地区整体原油库存上周增加了225万桶,至1.55亿桶的记录新高水平。但其中,枢纽地区库欣的库存仅增加了3.6万桶。这意味着,库欣一如既往地拒绝了增加存储设施的请求。   高盛分析师Damien Courvalin在17日发布的研报中警告称,美国中西部地区原油库存问题短期风险极高: 大规模的原油和成品油库存已经令中西部地区的存储设备利用率接近历史最高水平。尽管近期中部地区炼油利润减少应当会帮助避免成品油存储空间突破极 限,但随着成品油最终发生亏损,这很可能只会导致未来几个月原油库存加速增长,中西部地区油价将因此进一步走低,库存增长态势将蔓延到墨西哥湾岸区。 进一步下滑的成品油需求或出口,或者更高的存储利润,或者最终反弹的原油进口或生产会导致存储空间更加紧俏,这将刺激油价进一步走低,继而导致中部地区和加拿大削减产量。正如我们此前所表示的,这种持续的库存紧张问题应当会加剧油价和存储利润的波动。   不过,存储空间问题也并没有恶化到令人绝望的地步。事情还存在一丝希望:从库欣到墨西哥湾海岸沿线还有很多空闲的管道空间。   原油市场目前处于供应端和需求端的双重压力之下。EIA预计,尽管油价仍处于低位,但美国墨西哥湾原油产量2017年日均将增加179万桶,在当年 12月达到每天190万桶,触及记录新高。该地区产量在全美总产量中的占比将在2016年和2017年分别达到18%和21%。   EIA提供的数据显示,美国原油需求正快速下滑。下图为美国馏分燃料油(distillate fuel oil)市场供应情况: 那么,假设美国原油库存空间真的耗尽,会发生什么情景呢?   大量无处可去的原油可能进一步压低现货价格,WTI原油期货期货升水(contango)曲线可能进一步陡峭。   此外,对于库欣地区满溢的储油设施问题,解决方案可能并非来自于解决存储能力方面,而是在原油生产方面。目前较低的油价可能已经在部分生产商的成本 线之下,且有可能进一步走低。而存储空间约紧张,相关存储费用就将飞涨。最简单的解决办法就是暂停油井运营。一旦价格反弹或者存储状况好转,页岩油生产商 可以很快回归市场。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Shanghai Metro Line 11 station beside the road show parking lot fees will be raised to 20 yuan per d-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Shanghai Metro Line 11 station next to the parking lot along the road show will cost to 20 yuan a day "next to the subway station, the design can park more than 400 cars in the parking lot every day, but only more than 10 cars to stop, too wasteful!" The day before, the home Pudong New Area people’s Congress Mr. Gu to reflect this, next to the rail line 11 station road show there is a parking lot, first built Disney in order to spare. But so far, there’s very few Disney stops here. Mr. Gu believes that instead of idle and wasting resources, it is better to open the line 11 to the "P+R" parking lot. Go to Disney’s car little to yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the Pudong New Area Kangqiao Town, from the rail line 11 station on the eastern side of the road show exit the station, and the passage wall, parking lot is Mr. Gu said. The parking lot is built on the high voltage corridor and covers a small area. A row of green space on the site, separated from a number of parking spaces, looks neat and orderly. Just after 10, a total of 17 cars were parked in the field, occupying only a small parking space at the entrance of the show road. Security told reporters, parking lot in May of this year, due to the distance Disney park only two Station Road, driving tourists may be parked here, then transfer rail travel to Disney Park, in order to ease the parking pressure. The charge is 5 yuan per hour, 40 yuan a day cap, far below the holiday area of 80 yuan to 100 yuan per day standard. But after the parking lot was opened, the business was light, with at least thirty or forty cars a day. And there’s very little to stop here and go to Disney park. The reason is that Mr. Gu believes that there are 7 parking lots in Disney resort area, and two emergency spare parking lots are also installed in the periphery of the core area. 9 parking spaces can supply more than 20 thousand cars. "The peak passenger flow of the holiday zone has not stopped completely since the opening. Where do you need a spare parking lot instead of two stops?"" Therefore, even if the parking price in half, less people are willing to go to stop here. 40 yuan a day fell to 20 yuan, 11, more than 14 cars in the parking lot. Disney’s car is not willing to stop here, but some people regard here as "xiangbobo". As the next show along the road station, surrounding, Yiyuan Tang Xiang Wen and many residents concentrated area, ride the rail commuters in the minority, "P+R" (Park & ride, car and bus travel demand connection). But the price of 40 yuan a day is prohibitive. The nearby residents Mr. Gu Yiyuan said general rail station adjacent to the "P+R" parking lot one day only charges 5 yuan or 10 yuan, 40 yuan more expensive. In desperation, many people simply parked the car on the sidewalk along the sidewalk, and even simply parked in the vicinity of the ring bridge road and other small road. As the north and south sides of the show are mostly shops, the sidewalk at the entrance of the shop has become a natural "parking lot"". Reporters in the show along the road, a large section of the sidewalk parked inside and outside the two rows of vehicles, dense, a long slip, can not see the end. Cool parking deals also make parking managers stress. A security official said that the parking lot before the huge investment, now not only back to the hopeless, monthly labor costs alone will be lost nearly 50 thousand yuan. The voice of "P+R" has been heard in the parking lot

沪11号线秀沿路站旁边停车场费用将调至20元每日 “一个地铁站旁、设计能停400多辆车的停车场,每天却只有10多辆车来停,太浪费了!”日前,家住浦东新区的人大代表谷先生向本报反映,紧邻轨交11号线秀沿路站有一个停车场,当初建造是为了给迪士尼作备用。但运营至今,很少有去迪士尼的车停到这里。谷先生认为,与其闲置浪费资源,不如开放给11号线秀沿路站作“P+R”停车场。去迪士尼的车很少来昨天一早,记者赶赴浦东新区康桥镇,从轨交11号线秀沿路站东侧出口出站,与进站通道一墙之隔,就是谷先生所说的停车场。这个停车场建于高压线走廊,占地面积不小。一排排绿化在场地上隔出了多个车位,看起来整洁有序。10时刚过,场地里总共停放了17辆车,仅占据秀沿路入口处的一小块车位。保安告诉记者,停车场今年5月启用,由于距离迪士尼乐园仅两站路,驾车游客可将车停在这里,然后换乘轨交前往,从而缓解迪士尼园区停车压力。收费为5元一小时,一天40元封顶,远低于度假区内每天80元至100元的标准。但该停车场启用后生意清淡,一天最多不过三四十辆车。而且,停在这里再去迪士尼乐园的非常少。究其原因,谷先生认为,迪士尼度假区内已有7处停车场,核心区外围还设置了两处应急备用停车场。9处停车场可供应小汽车泊位超过2万个。“度假区刚开幕时的高峰客流都没停满,哪还需要两站轨交之外再来个备用停车场?”因而,即便停车价格便宜一半,也少有人愿意舍近求远停到这边来。40元一天初步降至20元11时多,停车场内仅余14辆车了。迪士尼的车不愿意停到这里来,却有人视这里为“香饽饽”。由于紧挨秀沿路站,周边有汤巷、文怡苑等多个居民集中区域,乘坐轨交通勤的人不在少数,“P+R”(停车+换乘,小汽车交通与公交出行衔接)的需求旺盛。但40元一天的价格让人望而却步。附近文怡苑的居民顾先生表示,一般轨交站旁的“P+R”停车场一天收费不过5元或者10元,40元贵太多了。无奈之下,不少人干脆将车停在秀沿路边的人行道上,甚至干脆停在附近环桥路等小马路上。由于秀沿路南北两侧多为商铺,商铺门口的人行道成了天然的“停车场”。记者在秀沿路沿线看到,大段的人行道里外停着两排车辆,密密麻麻一长溜,看不到头。冷淡的停车生意,也让停车场管理者压力巨大。一名保安负责人说,停车场前期投入巨大,如今不仅回本无望,每个月仅人工费就要亏损近5万元。对“P+R”的呼声,停车场早有耳闻,但管理方有顾虑:不少车主免费停秀沿路路边习惯了,怕是再便宜也不愿意将车停过来。在浦东新区建交委协调下,停车场管理方表示愿意适当调低停车价格。据记者了解,初步的降价方案是包日停车费从40元降至20元,同时提供包月停车方式,包月价格设定在300元或350元。新方案仍在进一步细化中,停车场管理方称降价方案很快就会实施。同时,停车场希望交管部门整顿秀沿路人行道停车秩序,引导有“P+R”需求的车主停到停车场来。 惊曝大理双廊一停车场乱收费 工作人员竟辱骂游客是狗?! (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:

Pakistan is attacked by armed forces, universities reopen, teachers can hold weapons-巴雷特m82a1

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Pakistan armed attack University reopened teachers can hold weapons [global network reported] in January 20th, Pakistan Paxiahan University by the Taliban militants, killing at least 20 people were killed. According to the "India times" reported that Pashahan University on Monday, February 15th reopened, but only the teachers are allowed to carry weapons. The school vice president Marwat (Fazal Rahim Marwat) said in an interview, before the opening, the school adopted additional security measures, including the installation of the new camera and hire more armed guards and heightening fences. The University also decided, as long as the display is not in the classroom, teachers can continue to carry their weapons have obtained permission from the school, however, rejected some of the teacher asked the allotment of weapons request. Those who have weapons students must be on campus at the entrance to surrender their weapons. Reported that the guns are rampant in the northwest of Pakistan, and guns is the ingrained cultural tradition of Pashtun tribes. Many school students and their parents and relatives arrived in the campus, they are in class when waiting. Some parents fear because of injuries or not allowed to go to school the students are still absent. (internship compilation: Wang Ying reviewer: Tan Liya) editor: Chen Yan SN225

巴基斯坦遭武装袭击大学重新开学 教师可持武器   【环球网综合报道】1月20日,巴基斯坦帕夏汗大学遭塔利班武装分子袭击,造成至少20人丧生。据《印度斯坦时报》报道,帕夏汗大学已于本周一,即2月15日重新开学,但是只有教师被允许携带武器。   该校副校长马尔瓦特(Fazal Rahim Marwat)受访时说,开学之前,学校采取了额外的安全措施,包括安装新的摄像头、雇佣更多的武装警卫以及加高围墙。该大学还决定,只要不在教室里展示,教师可以继续携带自己已经获得许可的武器,不过,学校拒绝了一些老师要求配发武器的请求。   那些拥有武器的学生必须在校园的入口处交出他们的武器。   报道说,枪支在巴基斯坦西北部是泛滥的,而拥有枪支是该地区普什图部落根深蒂固的文化传统。   许多返校的学生和他们的父母和亲戚一起到达了校园,他们在上课的时候等着。而一些受伤的或者由于父母恐惧而不允许上学的学生依然缺席。(实习编译:王莹 审稿:谭利娅) 责任编辑:陈琰 SN225相关的主题文章:

Famous institutions after the festival investigation busy star stone investment staring supply side

Monday, June 4th, 2018

After the investigation of well-known institutions busy star stone investment on the supply side reform each reporter Chen Chen before the Spring Festival, the lattice financial investigation of a number of mainstream private sector data show that in the research institutions, more than half chose Qingcang holidays, even some private equity positions below 10%. Last week (February 15th ~19), the A stock market ushered in the "red market", at the same time, institutional investors have mobilized research, to build or adjust the stock pool. CIC also pointed out that some of the private institutions rebounded rapidly last week, while others took the opportunity to change warehouse positions, optimize the position structure. According to volcanic wealth statistics, last week, a total of 66 companies obtained institutional research, group investigation phenomenon is obvious. In participating institutions, well-known institutions star stone investment, be too numerous to enumerate, Ju Shenghua, dingnuo investment, freshwater springs, Chongyang investment, Greenwoods asset etc in its columns. After buying 3 shares in the investigation according to the Oriental Wealth Choice volcano wealth statistics found that a total of 66 research institutions last week listed companies, although the number is less than before, but by 5 and above institutional research group companies have increased dramatically, accounting for over 5. Among them, the Thai received 84, the pilot received 53 smart home, lanxum, 1000 technology, the branch of Kunlun, the other 11 companies also received over 20 or more institutions. The company is not only a high degree of concern, some have also been put into the "real mechanism". In February 18th, the research of intelligent pilot CICC, Hui Tianfu, Chinese, Shunya investment Greenwoods asset 55 agencies, including the fourth quarter of the dormant assets of colored butterfly. In the investigation, the main concern of the organization is the current production and operation of the company. The company said it is in full production status, but because of limited capacity, the capacity for high margin products, in order to expand revenues and profits will not sacrifice. In addition, the company and the market of the top five manufacturers of lithium have cooperation, major customers are expected to be more than 6 billion yuan in total investment in 2016. Intelligent pilot last week cumulative increase of 33.20%, amplitude is as high as 45.06%, so the results of natural entered the billboard. Last week, according to billboard data shows, leading intelligence in 4 on the list of 5 trading days. In this 4 billboard data, before buying the largest amount of five total net of about 424 million yuan. In addition, extensive shares in the research on the list, buying five total net 7 million 622 thousand yuan; the branch of research in second days after the list, buying five total net of about 237 million yuan. Although the organization gathers together the investigation and study not to be able to represent certainly will buy, but sometimes also can cause the market attention, even follows the trend. According to volcanic wealth estimates, the group of research stocks in the last week, the average weekly increase of 11.60%, outperforming the Shanghai Stock Index 8.11 percentage points. Star stone investment a week of research, 7 shares of star stone investment as a A stock market research experts, has been rushing around research. According to the volcano wealth statistics, since the beginning of the January 2016 first weekend, a total of 31 Star Stone Investment Research on home

知名机构节后调研忙 星石投资紧盯供给侧改革   ◎每经记者 陈晨   春节前,格上理财对多家主流私募机构进行了调研,数据显示,在其调研的机构中,半数以上选择了轻仓过节,甚至有部分私募的仓位在一成以下。   上周(2月15日~19日),A股市场迎来“红包行情”,与此同时,机构投资者纷纷出动调研,以构建或调整股票池。中投在线也指出,部分私募机构在上周反弹时迅速加仓,还有一些则借机调仓换股,进行仓位结构优化。   据火山财富统计,上周共有66家公司获得了机构调研,组团调研现象显著。在参与机构方面,知名机构不胜枚举,星石投资、钜盛华、鼎诺投资、淡水泉、重阳投资、景林资产等均在其列。   3股于调研后被买入    火山财富据东方财富Choice数据统计发现,上周机构一共调研了66家上市公司,数量虽不及节前,但被5家及以上机构组团调研的公司却大幅增加,占比超5成。其中,和而泰接待了84家,先导智能接待了53家,立思辰、千方科技、中科创达、昆仑万维等11家公司也各接待了超20家以上的机构。上述公司不仅受关注度高,有的还被机构投入了“真枪实弹”。   2月18日,先导智能获得了中金公司、汇添富、华商、尚雅投资、景林资产等55家机构的调研,其中也包括四季度就蛰伏其中的蝶彩资产。调研中,机构主要关心的是该公司目前的生产经营状况。该公司表示,目前其处于满产的状态,但因受到产能的限制,其把产能用在高毛利的产品上,不会为了扩大营收而牺牲利润。另外,该公司与市场排名前五的锂电生产厂商都已有合作,主要客户预计在2016年总体投资会超过60亿元。   先导智能在上周累计涨幅达到33.20%,振幅更是高达45.06%,如此成绩自然进入了龙虎榜。根据上周龙虎榜数据显示,先导智能在5个交易日内4次上榜。在这4次龙虎榜的数据中,买入金额最大的前五合计净额约4.24亿元。除此之外,广博股份在调研当天上榜,买入前五合计净额762.20万元;中科创达在调研后第二天上榜,买入前五合计净额约2.37亿元。   机构扎堆调研虽不能代表一定会买入,但有时也能引起市场关注甚至跟风。据火山财富测算,被组团调研的个股在上周平均周涨幅达11.60%,跑赢沪指8.11个百分点。   星石投资一周调研7股    星石投资作为A股市场上的调研能手,一直在奔波调研。据火山财富统计,自2016年一月初至上周末,星石投资总共调研了31家上市公司,仅上周就调研了7家公司,分别是荣盛石化、恒逸石化、雅克科技、立思辰、中科创达、千方科技和首航节能。其中有3家公司属于化工行业,有3家公司属于计算机行业,还有1家公司属于电气设备行业。   据《金融投资报》节前报道,星石投资总经理杨玲认为就投资机会而言,看好供给侧改革。而2015年大部分大宗化工产品都出现了较为严重的产能过剩,供给侧改革为化工等传统产业带来新的增长动力。星石投资在节后首周就大力调研化工行业公司,这也印证了其对供给侧改革看好的态度。   此外,怡亚通的调研机构也颇引人关注。2月17日,举牌大户钜盛华调研了怡亚通,前去的还有鼎诺投资、兴业证券、东大资产等10家机构。值得注意的是,鼎诺投资是其董事长程能红亲自调研。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Oriental fashion students qualified rate accused of fraud, 2015 September students dropped by 30

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Oriental fashion students pass rate was accused of fraud, 2015 September students dropped by 30 thousand, the largest driving school in Eastern fashion, before last year September enrollment decline. Driving the first unit, the qualified rate of students accused of fraud, Changjiang Daily News Oriental Fashion before 2015 September students dropped 30 thousand, part of the coach actual monthly salary is only 1000 yuan / reporter Liu Yadan from Beijing, although the country and the world largest driving – Oriental fashion (603377.SH) has been listed, but still seems to avoid the fate of the boom bust. The last trading day before the Spring Festival, "driving first shares" Oriental fashion landed on the Shanghai stock exchange, officially listed trading, ending its IPO run since 2012. February 5th, trading day, after the opening of the Oriental fashion, top grid second stop up 44.02%, to 23.62 yuan. Once relying on the coach without kickbacks and service quality among the eastern fashion of the first driving school in Beijing, the scale of students in 2014 was expanded to 236 thousand and 700 people, the market share of 25.54% in Beijing. However, behind the crazy expansion, the limited site, student car traffic jam, high site accident rate, coach work overtime and so on a series of problems. In 2015, the Oriental fashion popular, there has been a substantial decline in the number of students, only 9 months before last year, the number of admissions will reduce more than 30 thousand Oriental fashion. In addition, in the past two years, the eastern fashion coaches flow rate is great. Data provided by insiders show that in 2015, the company has 100 new coaches each month, about 1200 people a year. "Now the coach, out of the driving school door, went to the door of arbitration". In February 4th, an old coach in the eastern fashion for more than 5 years Sun Zhongqing (alias) told the Yangtze River Daily reporter, up to 14 hours of work time every day, wages only 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan, many coaches began to sue after the company’s rights. Student class seriously shrunk   accident rate increased by nearly 40%; Yangtze River Daily reporter survey found that in 2014, the number of Oriental fashion enrollment up to 236 thousand and 800 people, an increase of 58 thousand people compared to 2013. However, the data fell rapidly in 2015, and only more than 30 thousand people in the eastern fashion dropped by the first 9 months of last year. "The driver training services accounted for more than 99.19%, sparring services accounted for 0.57%, which comes from the Oriental fashion prospectus in equity revenues constitute data show that the company’s main income depends heavily on students pay tuition driving training. Changjiang Daily reporter from its stock listing announcement that, in 2015, the number of enrollment in the East fashion parent company in 1-9 months compared with the same period last year decreased by 31 thousand and 700, a decline of 16.7%. Its 1-9 month operating income increased by 9.84% compared with the same period of last year, and profits increased by 9.72% compared with the same period of last year. At present, the lowest tuition fee is 5200 yuan in the Oriental Fashion Driving School, and the most expensive class fee is 13000 东方时尚学员合格率被指造假 2015年前九月学员锐减3万 全国最大驾校东方时尚,去年前九月招生人数出现下滑。   “驾校第一股”学员合格率被指造假   长江商报消息 东方时尚2015年前九月学员锐减3万,部分教练实际月工资仅1000多元   □本报记者 刘亚丹 发自北京   尽管全国乃至全球规模最大的驾校——东方时尚(603377.SH)已经上市,然而似乎仍然避免不了其盛极而衰的命运。   春节前的最后一个交易日,“驾校第一股”东方时尚登陆上海证券交易所,正式上市交易,结束了其自2012年开始的IPO长跑。2月5日,交易当天,东方时尚开盘后顶格秒停上涨44.02%,报23.62元。   曾经靠着教练不拿回扣和服务质量跻身北京第一大驾校的东方时尚,2014年的学员规模一度扩张至23.67万人,在北京市场的占有率达25.54%。   然而,疯狂扩张的背后,场地有限、学员车堵车、高场地事故率、教练工作严重超时等系列问题如影随形。   2015年,东方时尚在盛极一时后,学员数量出现了大幅下降,仅去年前9个月,东方时尚招生数量便减少3万多人。此外,近两年,东方时尚的教练员流动率极大。内部人士提供的数据显示,2015年,公司每个月新进的教练都有100人,全年约1200人。   “现在的教练,出了驾校的门,就进了仲裁的门”。2月4日,一位在东方时尚任职已超过5年的老教练孙仲青(化名)这样对长江商报记者说,每天高达14个小时的工作时间,工资却仅有1000元到2000元,不少教练离职后开始起诉公司维权。   学员课时严重缩水    事故率上升近四成   长江商报记者调查发现,2014年,东方时尚报名人数高达23.68万人,较2013年增长5.8万人。然而,这一数据却在2015年迅速下滑,仅去年前9个月,东方时尚招生数量便减少3万多人。   “驾培服务占比99.19%,陪练服务占比0.57%”,这则来自于东方时尚股权招募书中的营业收入构成数据显示,该公司的主营收入严重依赖学员所交的驾培学费。长江商报记者从其股票上市公告书得知,2015年,东方时尚母公司招生数量在1-9月较上年同期减少3.17万人,降幅达16.7%。而其1-9月的营业收入却较上年同期增长9.84%,利润较上年同期增加9.72%。   目前,东方时尚驾校里最低的学员学费班次是5200元,最贵班级收费是13000元,按照最低标准5200元的学费计算,东方时尚1-9月减少的3.17万学员,将带来1.65亿元的营业收入减少。   有报道称,东方时尚依靠学员增加和涨学费获得较高的毛利率。现今学员大幅减少,公司利润却反增,难道完全依赖拉高学费?   对此,2月20日,东方时尚董秘王玉红在接受长江商报记者采访时辩称:“根据会计准则要求,公司收入确认采用按完成阶段学时进行确认。由于2014年学员大幅增加,部份学员未完成的学时转到2015年进行收入确认,因此收入在2015年没有反应出下降。”   不过,在东方时尚的一些学员和教练看来,2015年学员数量的下降是意料之中,“学员根本就没有计时卡,这么多车,算上堵车时间,学员的课时严重缩水。”孙仲青表示,东方时尚的场地堵车率说明其有限的场地已经消化不了更多的学员。   这背后则意味着,在有限场地的限制下,东方时尚北京校区学员扩张已达上限,主要依赖学员学费的利润增长已达瓶颈。不仅是堵车,在2014年东方时尚的年度大会上,总经理闫文辉曾宣布,该年东方时尚的事故率相比2013年上升了39.0%,总共发生4280起。   超低工资导致教练年流动率近50%   相比于学员数量的大量减少,缩减教练薪资或是东方时尚增长利润的一个可能渠道。   “每辞一个教练,驾校就减少2万元的年终奖金,开除100人会是多少?那500人呢?它开除的又何止是500!”2月4日,孙仲青告诉长江商报记者,“出了驾校门,就进仲裁门”,近年来东方时尚教练离职后起诉公司的案例越来越多。   一位东方时尚内部人士告诉长江商报记者,2015年,东方时尚每月招进的新教练大概有100人,全年有1200人。公司招股书显示,2014年,东方时尚的教练人数是2762人,这意味着其教练流动率接近50%。   “我知道的,教练员考科目二的通过率只有30%”。2月4日,东方时尚教练吴有平(化名)告诉长江商报记者,由于教练员的高流动率和低门槛,东方时尚的教练员水平参差不齐。   而每辞去一个老员工,东方时尚就可以省下一笔2万元的年终奖。另一方面,每新进一位新教练还会带来一笔“隐形”收入,即农村就业补助金。由于教练员所需的学历较低,东方时尚招聘的很多教练都是校区附近的农村劳动力。相关政策显示,自2013年4月1日起,北京市用人单位招聘一个登记失业人员或农村就业困难人员,并签订满一年合同,可以申请享受的岗位补贴标准是5000元,补贴期限最长可增至5年。而不少教练证实,东方时尚每新招一位教练,补助应该在7000—10000元。   此外,东方时尚还有严格的教练扣款制度。吴有平告诉长江商报记者,“每年东方时尚对教练的罚款都在2000万元左右,这只是教练的场地事故罚款,此外还有合格率罚款,一个学员没有过,老师就扣50元,每个月可以扣到600元到800元。”   在诸多条款的工资克扣下,相比于东方时尚招募书上公布的每月7000元以上的平均员工工资,不少东方时尚教练的实际工资却每月只有1000元到2000元。   “我们有明确的奖惩机制,对合格的教学课时进行奖励,对教学不认真的课时进行一定的处罚。事实证明,这种奖惩机制是行之有效的管理方法。”在接受记者采访时,王玉红坦诚东方时尚确有自己的一套奖惩机制。   同时,东方时尚教练的工作时长也早就遭媒体质疑。有媒体根据其公开招募书测算,按照东方时尚每年毕业的人数,以64课时 人的人均时长来预估,4年以来平均每天每位教练工作的时长都超过了14小时。   事实上,东方时尚教练的现实工作状态也符合上述预估情况。2月3日,长江商报记者拿到一份东方时尚教练员工工作时间安排表,从表上显示的信息来看,不少教练的工作时间是从早上7点到晚上9点,也就是说,除去上下班时间,仅仅是教练每天在东方时尚校区工作的时间都达到14个小时。   “东方时尚的高事故率很大程度上都是因为教练的疲劳上班”,2月1日,一位接近东方时尚的相关人士告诉长江商报记者。不过,王玉红说,由于驾培行业的特殊性,东方时尚的工作时间采用综合工作制,有几种工作时间安排,由教练员自愿选择工作时间。   学员披露:考“倒库”时教练帮其过关   训练时间缩水、培训教练水平参差不齐、训练场地高事故率,那东方时尚如何保证学员的驾考合格率?   公司股权招募书显示,2012年至2014年,东方时尚的学员培训合格率每科都在80%以上。然而,这个数据与东方时尚部分教练和学员反映的情况并不一致。   2013年,学员李曼(化名)很顺利地从东方时尚毕业,只是每科都顺利通过的背后有东方时尚的暗箱操作。2016年2月4日,他告诉长江商报记者:“当时我们倒库都没有进去,摄像头全部关了,侧方是助考给做的,我都没有握方向盘”。经过东方时尚多位教练证实,像李曼这样“幸运”毕业的学员不在少数。不仅大字不识几个的学员可以轻松通过理论考试科目一,科目二的考试场地4、5、6考道也完全可以顺利通过。   酒店出身的东方时尚实际控制人徐雄,非常强调服务理念,不仅一反驾校行业内教练拿回扣的潜规则,还设立学员投诉制度。东方时尚官网的学员培训协议显示,“在培训中有任何不满均可到值班校长或有关部门处投诉,一经核实,将得到甲方给予的奖励。”如此一来,和学员做朋友、“哄好”客户成为很多教练努力的方式,教学质量退为其次。   “东方时尚是以服务起家的,所以不管学员会不会,只要开心就好。”2月3日,东方时尚学员沈画萍(化名)告诉记者,因为一个教练如果被投诉就会失业,而且这种投诉是没有审核机制的(即顾客投诉就成立)。   据了解,作为北京最大的驾校,东方时尚本身就有考场,接受长江商报记者采访的教练说,这就留下了可供操作的空间。“我敢说,东方时尚的科目二学员考试,要是放到北京其他任何考场去考,通过率很难达到对外公开的数字。”孙仲青很肯定地对长江商报记者说。   opinion   当时我们倒库都没有进去,摄像头全部关了,侧方是助考给做的,我都没有握方向盘。——学员李曼 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Power handover game Google surpassed apple as global market value first – Sohu

Monday, June 4th, 2018

The transfer of power game: Google beyond apple into the global market value of the first Sohu technology with intelligent mobile phone sales piaffe, change trend of Apple’s performance and market value has changed a lot, the stock began to gradually down, at the same time, Google’s parent company Alphabet through the company split and search advertising business remains strong, prices continue to rise. On Monday, Alphabet lost its share of the world’s largest market value, and apple lost four and a half years. About a year ago, Apple had almost two times as much market value as Alphabet. What company is Alphabet? In August 10, 2015, Google announced that it would restructure into a new holding company, Alphabet, and adopt a new operating architecture. In October 2, 2015, Google announced the restructuring of the holding company, and Alphabet became the successor of Google. From the fourth quarter of 2015, Alphabet earnings were divided into two parts: Google and other businesses. Google includes the Internet and related business, hardware products and virtual reality products performance. Google’s Internet and related businesses include search, advertising, maps, YouTube, Android, Chrome, Google Play, etc. Google hardware products include Chromecast, Chromebook notebooks and Nexus phones. Other investments involve part of Alphabet’s other businesses, including Access and Energy, biotechnology company Calico, smart home company Nest, Life science companies Verily, Google Ventures (venture capital agency), Google Capital (Investment Fund) and Google X. Although Nest, Google, Fiber and X business losses, but Alphabet’s Google core business search, Android and YouTube performance is excellent, which is also the case of this year’s market volatility, Alphabet share price performance is so good reason. According to Monday’s closing price, Apple’s market value of $534 billion 500 million, Alphabet market capitalization of $529 billion 500 million, the price rose 8%, mainly is the total battalion of the fourth quarter surge, reaching $21 billion 320 million, higher than market expectations of $20 billion 770 million; a net profit of $4 billion 923 million in the period, more than $4 billion 675 million over the same period last year. The lack of innovation in the apple last year, although Apple played in the performance of a continuous, but the price has been lackluster, the annual decline of 15% per share, from July last year hit a high of $132.07, Apple’s market value has lost nearly $230 billion. In the past quarter, Apple’s most dependent smartphone business has been in place, other tablet PCs, personal computers have declined year on year. Multimedia points out,.

权力交接游戏:谷歌超越苹果成全球市值第一-搜狐科技   伴随着智能手机销量原地踏步,苹果业绩和市值的变化趋势出现了重大变动,股价开始逐步下行,与此同时,谷歌母公司Alphabet通过公司分拆以及搜索广告业务的持续强势,股价继续攀升。   美国时间周一,Alphabet的公司市值已超过了苹果,成为全世界市值最大的公司,苹果失去了占据四年半的这一称号。而大约一年之前,苹果的市值几乎是Alphabet的两倍之多。   Alphabet是什么公司?   2015年8月10日,谷歌宣布将重组为新控股公司Alphabet,并采用新运营架构。2015年10月2日,谷歌宣布实施控股公司重组,Alphabet成为了谷歌的继任者。从2015年第四季度开始,Alphabet财报分为谷歌和其他业务两个部分。谷歌包含互联网及相关业务、硬件产品和虚拟现实产品的业绩。   谷歌互联网及相关业务包括搜索、广告、地图、YouTube、Android、Chrome、Google Play等,谷歌硬件产品包括Chromecast、Chromebook笔记本和Nexus手机。“其他投资”部分涉及Alphabet的其他业务,包括Access and Energy、生物科技公司Calico、智能家居公司Nest、生命科学公司Verily、Google Ventures(风投机构)、Google Capital(投资基金)和Google X。   尽管Nest、Google Fiber和X等业务亏损,但Alphabet旗下谷歌核心业务��搜索、Android和YouTube表现极佳,这也是在今年大盘震荡的情况下Alphabet股价表现如此好的原因。按照周一的收盘价计算,苹果市值为5345亿美元,Alphabet市值为5295亿美元,后者股价大涨8%,主要是第四季度总营暴增,达到了213.2亿美元,高于市场预期的207.7亿美元;期内实现净利润49.23亿美元,超过去年同期的46.75亿美元。   缺乏创新的苹果   刚刚过去的一整年,苹果虽然在业绩上连续高奏凯歌,但股价却一直不见起色,全年下跌15%,距离去年7月份创下的每股132.07美元的最高价,苹果的市值已经蒸发了近2300亿美元。在过去的这个季度中,苹果最为依赖的智能手机业务出现了原地踏步,其他的平板电脑、个人电脑全部出现同比下滑。   诸多媒体指出,iPhone及其带来的苹果业务高增长时代,已经走到了尽头,苹果迫切需要下一个重要创新产品,来推动业绩和股价的继续增长。而悲催的是,随着苹果的产品线和商业模式逐渐成熟,华尔街已不再将其看作是成长型公司,而是一支价值股。   究其原因,是资本市场担心苹果过度依赖iPhone硬件销售的商业模式在未来难以持续,且苹果后续的新产品跟进乏力,更增添了这样的担忧。虽然前不久苹果股价创下新高,但iPhone在整个苹果公司的收入中所占比例越来越高,占比超过70%。这意味着,iPhone销售额停滞会带动整个苹果的收入也到了天花板。   苹果自身其实也表现出了类似的焦虑,早前库克曾表示,“全球经济的消退对苹果产生了不小的影响”。中国市场对当下的苹果来说已越来越重要,但有一个值得注意的是,这家公司正面临崛起的中国国产手机厂商的挑战。   苹果最近在疯狂进军虚拟现实、无人机、电动汽车等项目,这被媒体解读为加紧未来布局。这些项目都可能成为苹果未来的营收增长来源,但目前来看,短期内苹果很难从这些领域获得价值。   权力的交接游戏   谷歌的业绩主要依靠其搜索广告业务的贡献,全年营收90%以上来自于该部分业务领域,而在长期项目上,谷歌也不惜血本,砸下重金投入。苹果的业绩则主要依靠智能手机的带动,其在长期项目上布局相比谷歌则略有欠缺。   虽然谷歌近期宣布打算加强对Nexus系列智能手机设计的控制,并希望这款Android设备打造成象苹果iPhone那样的产品。但两家公司其实是两个泾渭分明的不同领域。   腾讯科技在一篇报道中表示:   总体而言,苹果是专注于硬件的科技公司,围绕着其智能手机、平板和电脑等硬件产品打造出一套生态系统,而谷歌则是专注于应用和服务的公司,从最早的桌面端搜索,到现在的基于移动端的安卓系统以及衍生出的一系列服务,同样营造出属于谷歌的生态圈。市值第一宝座的更替,背后更大的意义在于:这可能反映出科技行业新一轮趋势的变化,作为该行业中最重量级的两大巨头,它们的位置更替,意味着下一轮科技行业更迭的潮水正在涌动。   苹果和谷歌的权力交接,很大程度上说明了一件事情,伴随着智能手机发展而蓬勃兴起的移动互联网时代基本已经进入一个稳定期,接下来的科技业将会迎来的是一场全新的技术变革。相关的主题文章:

Xie Nan also gentleman Fan Wu called black teach baby both hands are hard – Liaoning Channel -barcarolle

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Xie Nan also gentleman Fan Wu called   black teach baby both hands are hard – Liaoning channel — original title: Xie Nan Fan Wu, the so-called black gentleman dipping teach baby hands very hard and Wu Jing’s wife Xie Nan, has always been to "black mother" image walking in micro-blog, often send some photos of the so-called black son Wu in micro-blog that is loved by the masses eat melon. The day before, Xie Nan and micro-blog, we are ready to see the new herd, jokes, the so-called little Wu found in Xie Nan careless, seemingly funny parenting style, has been silently to just two years old son led into a well bred young gentleman, adorable contrast gives you the shock, as to see Wu Jing handsome squat tank for lunch. The evening of October 8th, Xie Nan shared with his son Wu o-called children’s drama experience, micro-blog said: "with the so-called light Wu read several high quality children’s drama, but also simple and nice. Don’t worry, the child can be enough attention after a 45 minute show, some children are afraid of the dark, remember to bring some of his familiar sense of security of small objects, the dark time to appease." A gentleman in the public place to show the baby, how much will bring to the mother "glory", I believe that with the baby net friends are seconds to understand. Originally, the family business two pick Xie Nan, was a well versed in children’s psychological care mother, not only to spend time with children close to art, but also know how to let the children keep due respect and politeness in social situations, no wonder Xie Nan proudly said: "the so-called Wu recently very like that, I love you mom." There is a handsome and delicate mom, even if occasionally Wu called the "black" and what is the relationship with you, bother, so the little gentleman grew up, mother will wait for you to "black". (Judy Tang Long, commissioning editor: filial piety) 谢楠沾光绅士范吴所谓 黑娃教娃两手都很硬–辽宁频道–人民网 原标题:谢楠沾光绅士范吴所谓 黑娃教娃两手都很硬   吴京的老婆谢楠,一向以“亲妈黑”的形象行走于微博,常常在微博上发一些黑儿子吴所谓的照片,为吃瓜群众喜闻乐见。日前,谢楠再发微博,大家一哄而上,正准备看小小吴所谓的新笑料,却发现,在谢楠大大咧咧,看似搞笑的育儿方式下,已经消无声息地把才两岁的儿子引导成了一个有教养的小绅士,反差萌带给大家的震撼,不逊于看见吴京帅气蹲坦克上吃盒饭。   10月8日晚,谢楠在微博中分享带儿子吴所谓看儿童剧的经验,称:“沾吴所谓的光看过几场高质量的儿童剧,又简单又美好。不用担心,两岁的孩子就可以足够专注的看完一场45分钟的演出,有些孩子怕黑,记得带一些他熟悉的有安全感的小物件,暗场的时候安抚好。”一个在公众场所绅士范尽显的娃,会给老妈带来多大的“光荣”,相信带过娃的网友们都秒懂。   原来,家庭事业两头挑的谢楠,还是一个深谙儿童心理的细心妈妈,不但花时间带孩子亲近艺术,还懂得让孩子随时在社交场合保持应有的尊重和礼貌,难怪谢楠得意透露:“吴所谓最近很喜欢说,妈妈我喜欢你。”有个帅气又细腻的老妈,吴所谓就算偶尔被“黑”,又有什么关系,带你那么费神,等小绅士长大,亲妈就等你来“黑”了。 (责编:孝媛、汤龙)相关的主题文章:

Shaoxing vigorously promote illegal rural one household and more houses regulation — Zhejiang

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Shaoxing city to promote a strong rural illegal "more than one house renovation – Zhejiang channel — original title: Shaoxing city to promote a strong rural illegal" more than one house renovation (commissioning editor Zhang Liwei and Weng Dikai)

绍兴市强势推进农村非法“一户多宅”整治–浙江频道–人民网 原标题:绍兴市强势推进农村非法“一户多宅”整治 (责编:张丽玮、翁迪凯)相关的主题文章:

Electric vehicles will wipe out 13 million barrels of crude oil daily demand in 2040-midd-885

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Electric cars in 2040 will erase 13 million barrels of crude oil demand on U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes Sina warrants stocks Beijing time 29 days we are talking about electric cars will change the oil market face, real energy electric cars, or perhaps more than people imagine. Oilprice reported that Peng Boxin’s Energy Finance (BNEF) data showed that the cost of electric vehicle batteries decreased dramatically, which means that the battery will be cheaper than the internal combustion engine in the next few years. By 2020s, the price of electric vehicles will gain a competitive advantage over traditional cars, and this startling change will open up a new page in the history of the energy market. In 2015, the price of batteries fell by 35%, which was another significant step forward in technological progress. BNEF believes that within six years, the price of non subsidy electric vehicles will be reduced to the same level as ordinary gasoline vehicles, which means that in 2022, electric vehicles will usher in "sales take off node"". In fact, it is assumed that gasoline vehicles can make energy efficiency increased by 3.5% per year on the premise of evaluation. The report predicts that by 2040, electric vehicles will occupy 35% of the global automotive market share. The key driver of all this comes from the reduction in battery prices. The price of lithium-ion batteries dropped to only $350 per kilowatt hour in 2015, down by 65% compared with 2010. However, this decline is not far from the end, 2030 will be reduced to 120 U.S. dollars per kilowatt hour, less than half of the current. Since then, all the way down. The oil market has no reason not to be vigilant about it. BNEF said simply: "people will eventually find that the severity of the electric vehicle revolution, both the oil producing countries and the oil companies, is greatly underestimated." The revolution was clearly unexpected in the oil industry. Bloomberg Randall (Tom Randall) disclosure, ConocoPhillips CEO Lance (Ryan Lance) in 2015 had said to him, "have a substantial impact on electric cars in the next fifty years, said he is likely to see the electric car really become a threat to the day. The threat of electric vehicles in the oil market is severely underestimated, but BNEF estimates that by 2023, electric vehicles will be able to reduce the market demand for crude oil by 2 million barrels per day. It’s just the beginning, and the real blow comes after the sale of electric cars. BNEF estimates that electric vehicles will gain 35% market share in 2040, which means the demand for crude oil will be reduced by 13 million barrels per day. Now the crude oil market a miserable conditions, but in fact, every part of it is the pile up in excess of requirement 1 million to 2 million barrels, while the supply exceeds the demand of 13 million barrels of what will happen, it is hard to imagine. The threat of electric vehicles has been very practical. At the same time, the strong rise of 3 electric vehicles

电动汽车2040年将抹掉1300万桶原油日需求 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间29日讯 大家都在说电动汽车将改变原油市场的面目,可电动汽车的真正能量,恐怕还是超过人们的想象。   Oilprice报道称,彭博新能源财经(BNEF)的数据显示,电动汽车电池的成本降低的速度惊人,这就意味着未来几年内就将出现电池比内燃机便宜的局面。到了2020年代,电动汽车在价格上就将获得相对于传统汽车的竞争优势,而这一令人震惊的变化将揭开能源市场历史新的一页。   2015年,电池价格下跌了35%,这是技术进步取得的又一重大进展。BNEF相信,六年之内,无补贴的电动汽车价格就将降低到和普通汽油汽车相当的水平,这就意味着2022年的时候,电动汽车将迎来“销售起飞节点”。事实上,这还是事先假定汽油汽车能够将节能效率每年提升3.5%的前提下做出的评估。   报告预计到2040年,电动汽车将占据全球汽车市场35%的份额。   这一切最关键的推动力还是来自电池价格的降低。锂离子电池的价格2015年降低到了每千瓦时只有350美元,较之2010年时低了65%。不过,这下跌还远没有到结束的时候,2030年将降低到120美元每千瓦时,还不到现在的一半。此后,还是一路走低。   原油市场没有理由不对此提起警惕。BNEF简单明了地说:“人们最终会发现,对于电动汽车革命的严重性,无论是各产油国政府还是各家石油公司,都大大估计不足。”   这一革命显然是出乎石油行业意料之外的。彭博的兰德尔(Tom Randall)披露,康菲的首席执行官兰斯(Ryan Lance)2015年时曾经对他说过,“电动汽车未来五十年内都不会有实质性影响”,还说他很可能看不到电动汽车真正成为威胁那一天。 石油市场对电动汽车的威胁严重估计不足   可是,BNEF估计电动汽车到2023年,就足以让市场上的原油需求每天减少200万桶。这还只是个开始,真正的打击是来自电动汽车销售起飞之后。BNEF估计,电动汽车2040年将获得35%的市场份额,而这就意味着原油需求每天减少1300万桶。现在原油市场一片凄风苦雨,而实际上,每天供过于求的部分不过是100万到200万桶而已,而供应超过需求1300万桶会发生什么,简直是难以想象。电动汽车的威胁已经非常切实了。   与此同时,电动汽车的强势崛起意味着电力需求将急剧窜升,毕竟2040年卖出的4100万部电动汽车都是要充电的。这些汽车预计每天需要1900万亿瓦时电能,大约相当于2015年全球电力需求的8%   当然,前述这一切还都是预期而非现实。如果有人熟悉国际能源署、能源信息署或者是欧佩克的情况,他肯定会告诉你,所谓预言没有一条是完全准确的。可是在这里,未来的市场份额到底会是25%、35%还是45%,其实都已经不再重要了。关键在于趋势,在于电动汽车将迎来增长拐点,让市场对原油的需求急剧缩水。   伴随制造工艺和化学技术的持续进步,电池成本必然会持续走低。石油公司当然也能降低成本,但是商品价格的变化轨迹终归与技术进步不同。自然资源伴随日益稀缺,成本只能上扬。如果是真正着眼于长期,没有人会相信石油价格会永远保持30美元。或者哪怕未来油价真的长期低迷,那也只能是因为技术进步彻底摧毁了需求的缘故。要知道,我们走出石器时代,可不是因为石头用完了。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章:

Bayer signed $66 billion to buy Monsanto final

Monday, June 4th, 2018

Bayer signed a $66 billion acquisition of Monsanto’s final agreement U.S. stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants to view the latest market Sina stocks Beijing time 14 evening news and agricultural chemical giant Bayer and Monsanto announced that the two parties have signed a definitive merger agreement with Monsanto Bayer per share stock the price of $128 acquisition of Monsanto, the total valuation of Monsanto stock for $56 billion, total revenue for Monsanto shareholders of $66 billion. Bayer and Meng Shandou said the transaction price was about 44% higher than the closing price of Meng Shandou stock in May 9th, the day before Bayer initially disclosed that it was interested in acquiring Meng Shandou. Bayer’s acquisition of Monsanto will constitute the largest overseas acquisition in the history of German companies, as well as the world’s largest M & a transaction so far this year. After completion of the merger, the world’s largest seed and agricultural chemicals manufacturer will be born. Bayer has signed a final agreement to buy Monsanto for $128 per share, Reuters said earlier, citing unnamed sources. The acquisition is pure cash acquisition. The agreement includes a $2 billion transaction termination fee. The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. If the deal was rejected by the antitrust agency, Bayer agreed to pay a $2 billion breakup fee for the failure of the deal. Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, JP Morgan chase and other five banks agreed to provide $57 billion transaction bridge loan. Editor in chief: Guo Mingyu SF008

拜耳签署660亿美元收购孟山都最终协议 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情 查看最新行情   新浪美股北京时间14日晚讯 农业和化工巨头拜耳及孟山都宣布,双方已签署最终合并协议,拜耳以每股孟山都股票128美元的价格收购孟山都,对孟山都股票的总估值为560亿美元,给予孟山都股东的总收益将高达660亿美元。   拜耳、孟山都称,上述交易价格较5月9日孟山都股票的收盘价溢价约44%,当天是拜耳最初透露有意收购孟山都的前一天。拜耳收购孟山都将构成德国公司史上最大规模的海外收购交易,同时也是今年迄今全球最大的并购交易。   合并完成后将诞生一家全球最大的种子和农用化学品厂商。路透稍早时援引不具名知情人士消息报道,拜耳已签订了以每股128美元收购孟山都的最终协议。本次收购为纯现金收购。   协议包含了20亿美元交易终止费。预计交易将于2017年底前完成。若该交易被反垄断机构驳回,拜耳同意为交易失败支付20亿美元的分手费。   美银美林、瑞信、高盛、汇丰、摩根大通等五家银行同意提供570亿美元的交易过桥贷款。 责任编辑:郭明煜 SF008相关的主题文章:

黄石冷热冲击试验机 斯派克生产高低温试验箱服装商机中国服装网-9c8996

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

黄石冷热冲击试验机 斯派克生产高低温试验箱

温度冲击试验箱是广州斯派克环境仪器有限公司(SHIPAC)是一家集研发、生产、销售高为一体的中国环境可靠性试验设备行业最早的国内外知名品牌,是经国家相关部门批准注册的企业,企业所属行业为国家扶持的机械产品开发用先进试验及检测技术和设备行业。 “厚德 求是 创新 可持续”——“企业文化” SHIPAC本着“客户的需求是我们经营的导向”之宗旨,企业成立以来一直以精美的外观设计,精细的品质管理和完善的售前售后服务体系,赢得了客户良好的口碑,产品得到了国内外广大客户的青睐与好评。 温湿类:恒温恒湿试验箱、高低温湿热试验箱、快速温度变化试验箱、步入式高低温湿热试验室、冷热冲击试验箱、低气压试验箱、高温老化房、温度湿度振动综合试验箱、高温试验箱;

耐候类:盐雾试验箱、淋雨试验箱、砂尘试验箱、臭氧老化试验箱、厌氧老化试验箱、紫外老化试验箱、氙灯耐气候试验箱; 力学类:模拟运输振动台、垂直水平振动台、三向六自由度振动台;(与哈尔滨工业大学技术合作) 节能类:企业能源诊断、能效测试、节能规划与申报、节能评估与改造;(与华南理工大学技术合作)   SHIPAC本着“客户的需求是我们经营的导向”之宗旨,企业成立以来一直以精美的外观设计,精细的品质管理和完善的售前售后服务体系,赢得了客户良好的口碑,产品得到了国内外广大客户的青睐与好评。 本企业产品广泛应用于航空航天、汽车制造、造船、塑料、电子电工、通信技术、五金机械、仪器仪表、石油仪表、石油化工、医疗、汽摩等领域,产品得到各军工、企事业单位、各高校科研机构的广泛好评。公司以“环境试验,节能环保”为自己的经营课题,遵循“品质第一、客户

  公司秉承“只有产品质量量的积累,才有品牌质的飞跃”之经营理念,有专业的工程技术,高素质的管理人员,作风硬朗的职工队伍,以先进的制造与检测技术,用“想用户所想,急用户所急”的营销理念和服务精神,竭诚为您服务。用“想用户所想,急用户所急”的营销理念和服务精神,竭诚为您服务。 热忱欢迎各界朋友前来参观、考察、洽谈业务!详细请登陆 温度冲击试验箱产品详情请联系以下方式。谢谢!


9.8元-25.8元秋冬新款百搭修身长袖T恤、长袖开衫针织衫批发 服装商机中国服装网-nrf905

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商机详情   4.5元起女装T恤批发,5元-20元韩版T恤、雪纺上衣批发,11.8元大码胖子T恤批发,20元-30元韩版时尚连衣裙批发,25.8元针织毛衣、风衣外套等,一年四季做货,货源不断。   本厂自产自销,满足实体服装、网络、摆摊的货源,另有中高档欧美风时尚套装、欧日韩连衣裙货源供微信、空间、淘宝一件代理。   从“中低档女装”至“中高档女装”应有尽有,无论是追求低价位还是追求高品质的各地批发商或零售商,我们均能满足您的需求,请联系我们。 大家关注 巴鲁特 立即咨询 澳恬国宝级童装动漫服饰诚邀您的加盟 TITI女装:古典优雅气质 + 现代时尚美感 服装品牌推荐: V&Z 相关的主题文章:

玉云裳品牌专卖店玉云裳女装实体店地址 -中国服装网-magicq

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品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 深圳市南山区登良路商服大厦416 联系电话: 15820777595 联系人: 薛少碧 同类品牌推荐 大众时尚韩版女装首选淑女时代 花禅服饰:全球华人都有一件中国风服饰 BEIN芘筃-女装的"海澜之家"模式 深圳十大女装ZOLLE诚邀您共赢 红了樱桃,绿了芭蕉–凡恩 相关的主题文章:


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韩星模特企业介绍   广州市韩星模特经纪有限公司成立于2002年,总部位于亚洲潮流之都韩国首尔。2006年成立广州分公司——广州市韩星模特经纪有限公司(以下简称为:韩星)。韩星由资深经纪团队、顶尖模特团队、时尚创意后期… [详细] 广州市韩星模特经纪有限公司   韩星模特经纪公司致力于品牌规划,韩国明星、演员、模特代言等尖端商业服务,同时经营中大型影视广告、平面广告及T台走秀等各类活动。自成立以来,韩星秉承着“客户至上,诚信合作”的高素质服务宗旨,已拥… [详细] 凯盛网络旗下云商来微商系统,让微商如虎添翼!   时至今日,微信用户已经突破11亿,日活跃用户已到达5.49亿。随着微信公众平台的推出及微信公众平台API接口的开放,微信现在已经名副其实成为移动互联网的入口了,同时也已成为轻量级APP平台。 … [详细] 致企业——明星代言行业了解   很多企业,像布森、七匹狼、秋水伊人等,聘请明星代言。这种宣传方式不光可以增加产品知名度,还能通过粉丝对明星的喜爱而去关注产品,最重要的一点是能够通过明星的特质,… [详细] 上海服装设计哪里好,普陀服装裁剪培训学院 上海服装设计哪里好,普陀服装裁剪培训学院。 服装设计培训|上海时装设计师上海服装设计师|时装设计培训|时装设计师培训学校|cad打版培训学校|服装cad培训|手绘服装设计|手绘服装培训学校|手绘… [详细] 色彩顾问学习哪里好|形象顾问培训课程|整体形象提升服务 色彩形象顾问行业现状与人才需求:    随着生活水平的提高,使人们从追求温保的生活,改为追求生活品质的人生,外在形象就至关重要,据调查统计,生活中有百分之70%的… [详细] 2015中国国际全民健身体育用品博览会   2015中国国际全民健身体育用品博览会   2015 China International Fitness Sporting Goods Expo   时间:2015 年 7月 17-19日… [详细] 广州木兰服饰有限公司2015春夏产品展示会暨订购会   木兰服饰2015年春夏季产品展示会暨订购会将于2014年12月10起在广州海珠区逸景路珠江国际纺织城A3栋17楼木兰公司总部举行。   木兰服饰将推出精心设计的首期80多个款式,产品类别有连… [详细] 上海丽华服装培训中心~沪上最老牌的服装培训学校   上海丽华服装学校创办至今,已经成功为各大品牌公司输送不少设计师、专业打版师裁剪师、样衣师,技术得到服装界同行的认可和赞誉。丽华服装学校的出现,带来了服装版型、制版手法的革命。学校不仅注重高端女… [详细] 上海纺织面料培训   上海纺织面料培训   服装是由款式、色彩和材料三要素组成的。其中材料是最基本的要素。服装材料是指构成服装的一切材料,它可分为服装面料和服装辅料。这里,主要给大家介绍服装面料的一些知识。   课… [详细] 相关的主题文章:

【肯索】肯索招商加盟KONSUL招商加盟肯索男装加盟费加盟条件 -中国服装网-下北glory days

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  ①省级加盟形象店不小于80平方米,专卖加盟店不小于60平方米,门面宽不少于6米。商场专柜不小于45 平方米。














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化人米雅•时尚品牌规划是国际化专业综合性品牌规划公司 「化人米雅•时尚品牌规划」作为业内领先的「品牌营销」机构以整合见长,以实效出众,是坚持以行动营销为宗旨,集品牌营销、广告创意、时尚摄影、VI、SI 视觉设计、微视频制作、电子商务、公关活动等诸多服务为… [详细] 中纺标(北京)检验认证中心实力认证,服装,鞋包专业检测,为产品提供品质保障   《纺织标准与质量》由中国纺织工业协会主管,中国纺织科学研究院主办和出版,是公开发行的纺织标准化和质量管理的综合指导类的专业科技期刊(双月刊),是纺织服装行业的主流媒体和优秀期刊之一,逢双月25… [详细] 天雅女装大厦招商   天雅女装大厦招商优势:   开业13年的稳固地位   创新发展的经营理念,先进完善的服务管理体系,优美的购物环境   大红门商圈客流保障,600余优质品牌女装资源   交通优势   … [详细] 服装检品验货 一、出货前检验 产品生产完毕,包装并准备出货时,我们的验货员将按照国际抽样标准ANSI/ASQCZ1.4等,随机抽取样品,检验产品的数量、外观工艺、功能、安全、颜色样式、尺寸及包装、运输标记等 … [详细] 「化人米雅•时尚品牌规划」将品牌价值提升作为我们不懈的追求   「化人米雅•时尚品牌规划」自成立以来便专注于产品品牌与企业品牌的整合营销,将「营销策略」与「视觉美学」完美结合,运用高端「视觉营销」在多方面为企业提升「品牌形象」及「产品价值」,… [详细] 天雅女装大厦楼层定位   B1 / 女人“饰”界   汇聚精品配饰、精品女鞋、精品箱包、帽子、围巾补充大厦主营业务,倡导一站式消费闭环理念,打造可持续循环的商业生态模型。   F1-F2 / 欧韩快时尚女装   汇聚… [详细] 天雅女装大厦加盟   天雅女装大厦经过13年的规范运营与服务管理,大厦先后有50多个品牌被“中国纺织工业联合会分会”分别评选为“中国服装优秀渠道品牌”与“中国服装成长型品牌”,从而成为首批中国服装品牌孵化基地。近年来大… [详细] 中纺标为纺织服装质量检验把关   中纺标是集标准、检验、计量、认证四位一体,专业从事各类纺织品和服装的检验及产品认证服务。中纺标已在北京、深圳、浙江三地分别建有实验室,并在包括香港、台湾在内的全国10余个省市区建有工作站,同时… [详细] 2016北京天雅女装大厦加盟   天雅女装大厦地处首都北京服装集散优势区域——木樨园商圈,自2003年开业以来,一直坚持品牌化的运营路线,汇聚国内外设计师品牌、厂家批零直营店、华北、内蒙、山西、东北等区域总代理,定位国内中高端女装… [详细] 2016年伊朗国际母婴及孩童用品展MBC   伊朗母婴儿童世界展览会(Mother, Baby & Child)是中东地区规模最大的婴童用品及玩具行业贸易展会之一,由伊朗知名的Milad-e Noor Co.展览公司主办。此展会自20… [详细] 相关的主题文章:


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采购男短裤 采购男短裤(内裤):一、.采购量:50万条;二、材料:全棉布;三、规格:按工艺单加工制作;四、价格:工厂自报价(完税后港口价,含1%代理费);五、包装:详见采购明细… [详细] 工厂处理的一手外贸尾货服装货源,品种齐全,量大更优惠 本库房新到数万件杂款,童装,成人装,品种齐全    工厂处理的一手外贸尾货服装货源,品种齐全,量大更优惠   本库房新到数万件杂款,童装,成人装,品种齐全,整款时尚女装,开衫,披肩,吊带,连衣裙,牛仔裤,时… [详细] 茶山zara_优惠的KM男装供应,就在KM   茶山zara_优惠的KM男装供应,就在KM   KM现有库存量为99999件的KM男装,我们服装鞋帽类产品的最小起批量是999件,请有需要的客户悉知,以便购买时照成不必要的麻烦,在交易达成后… [详细] 本库房现在便宜批发尾清仓夏季3元男女服装体恤牛仔裤雪纺衫连衣裙特价清仓库存批发女装外套   春夏装 新款上短袖T恤、春装毛衫、冰丝市,全北京最低发价,款式多,样式齐,关键是价格便宜,供应外贸尾单,大量批发各种外贸服装,库存服装整款,杂款,男装,. 3元外贸尾货,地摊便宜… [详细] 厦门好豆供应新款男式西装:男式西装代理商    厦门好豆供应新款男式西装:男式西装代理商   厦门好豆始终本着公平交易,优质提供,用心服务的交易原则。为了能够更好的给男士提供男式西装,我们与江苏扬州高邮… [详细] 牛奶蛋白纤维:男女商务衬衫(现货) 衬衫面料含有25%牛奶蛋白纤维75%长绒棉混纺。有男女长短袖衬衫和面料现货,我们可以为您制作您需要的各种款式、规格的长短袖男女商务衬衫。面料规格:60s*60s/173*1… [详细] 深圳摄影马甲订做   深圳威琪服装厂专业生产各类制服马甲。款式多样,价格实惠,欢迎来电定购。   我司是一家集设计、生产销售及售后服务于一体的大型综合性企业。公司拥有… [详细] 外贸服装库房批发明星同款小怪兽棉服低价走量    外贸服装库房批发明星同款小怪兽棉服低价走量   库房批发明星同款小怪兽女士棉服。网络爆款,质量好,款式新,反季囤货价格便宜,最后1000多件… [详细] 男式西装代理加盟_口碑好的男式西装哪里买   男式西装代理加盟_口碑好的男式西装哪里买   公司信息   厦门好豆有限公司是一家集生产加工、经销批发的独资企业,是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的男式西装企业,公司以雄厚的实力、合理的价&#… [详细] KM男装哪个厂家好,推荐KM_KM男装专卖   KM男装哪个厂家好,推荐KM_KM男装专卖   公司信息   广州卡门实业有限公司是一家集生产加工、经销批发的个体经营,是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的KM男装企业,公司以雄厚的实力、合理的… [详细] 相关的主题文章:


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关注 所属企业: 晋江市春水衣架有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】 成立于1992,晋江市春水衣架有限公司是一家大型现代化,出口型企业,集设计,研发,生产,分类和回收。我们生产各种衣架,和我们有超过20年的经验,专业设计,研发,生产和销售。我们有标准园生产基地,并建立了成熟的品牌运营系统相结合的城市生产和销售外。我们的业务涵盖五大洲包括欧洲,美国,亚洲,非洲和澳大利亚,我们的产品质量是世界上许多著名服装品牌认可,我们是他们的指定供应商。 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:15880894444 关注 所属企业: 闽派模特儿衣架有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】   闽派模特儿衣架有限公司位于“中国休闲服装名城”——石狮市,是一家产品齐全的服装道具有限公司,专业生产和销售中高档时装模特、衣架、裤架、挂烫、展示架、货架、商场促销车等“闽派”品牌系列产口,被认定为“全国衣架、模特产品质量公证十佳品牌. 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:0595-88558586 关注 所属企业: 石狮千姿模特儿衣架贸易有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】   模特道具作为服装陈列最有效的展示方式之一,有着不可替代的作用。上个世纪七八十年代,自服装模特道具引入中国大陆以来,就如同春风一般,短短几年内传遍中华各地、大江南北。模特道具以其“千姿百态,万千造型”的特点,相当有效的将各种服饰风格展现的淋漓尽致,因而得到服装行业和广大消费者的广泛认同,成为最有效的服装表现方式之一,“千姿”模特由此而来。 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:0595-86723022 关注 所属企业: 海燕(福建)衣架厂 品牌简介: 【详情】   海燕(福建)衣架厂由香港明辉注资,分别在中国福建省泉州市和江西省瑞金市两地投资建厂,规模宏大,实力雄厚。 年产衣架上亿支专供制衣行业。 公司更以管理严格,品质优良,货期准时著称于同行。 对顾客诚实负责,服务周到是海燕每一员坚决遵守的天条。 我们一直实践着做好自己,配合他人,诚信厚道,自强不息的信念。经过十多年艰辛实在的耕耘,海燕公司凭着言行一致得到广大客户的肯定。 其中包括成为国 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:0595-22420198 关注 所属企业: 春水衣架有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】   晋江市春水衣架有限公司成立于1992年,是一家集设计、研发、制造、分类与回收等专业的现代化大型业出口型企业。旗下生产多种类型的衣架,具有20年的专业设计,研发和制造的销售经验,公司拥有标准化的花园式的生产基地,在国内外各大中城市建立起成熟的产销结合的品牌运营体系。产品遍及美亚非等多个地区。 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:0595-85780888 关注 所属企业: 泉州季平衣架有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】   泉州季平衣架有限公司作为一家专业的衣架设计及制造商,拥有现代化的厂房、生产设备和研发生产队伍,始建于1990年,致力于开发生产各类衣架及鞋服配件,产品畅销世界各地。   公司聘用优秀的企业管理人才,通过了ISO9001:2008认证并坚持推行,坚持“以客为本,诚信创新”的理念,不断引进先进技术,开发新产品,提升产品质量,提高服务品质,推广环保理念, 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:0595-22477282 关注 所属企业: 亿银(福建)家庭用品有限公司 品牌简介: 【详情】 亿银(福建)家庭用品有限公司是世界优秀的五金产品专业制造商之一,始创于法国巴黎,现已发展成为以晾衣架为主导、其他家庭用品为依托的企业。至今共创造了多款卓越品质的晾衣架,使“亿银”牌、“豪享佳”牌晾衣架脱颍而出,是全球晾衣世界中的经典精品。  产品源于中国,品质胜人一筹。设计师凭着其专才,一系列新的产品包括各式晾衣架、家用梯、布衣柜等将“亿银”及时抓住这一瞬间的“时势”,利用优质的惰钢等五金材料和采 所在地区:福建 泉州市 联系电话:13459546886 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

  天涯路厂家直销,2.7-16元,最新夏款,男女装,韩版便宜时尚短袖T恤,休闲潮流韩版T恤,韩版T恤批发,夏季男女短袖T恤,纯棉T恤,短袖纯棉T恤,仿牌运动装,韩版时尚T恤,女式棉质T、男式针织,纯棉T恤,款式潮流、大众化,做工精细,多款多色配货,适合服装超市,服装店批发,门市批发,网店开店拿货。早市,夜市,赶集销售群体。投入少,成本低,利润高,可上门看货看款,外省物流发货,一两百件,费用估算是50元左右.具体欢迎来电或QQ洽谈。 早市赶集服装批发夜市服装货源批发适合摆摊的服装批发便宜秋季服装批发开服装店到哪里找货源女装店卖什么服装好秋冬季什么服装最好卖厂家直接批发的服装批发 大家关注 相关的主题文章:

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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 广东深圳市福田区车公庙泰然八路安华工业区9栋3楼 联系电话: 0755-23902399 联系人: 招商部 同类品牌推荐 HON.B,与优雅同行的女子! 洗尽铅华,水墨生香 大众时尚韩版女装首选淑女时代 实力内衣品牌桃花季诚邀您的加盟 吉米赛欧女装:时尚姿态,气场着装 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

经销商黎××的信息 斯妲黛莎–时尚女装典范 青花语qinghuayu 淑女装诚招经销商 中国服装网 熟女气质尽情展露–丹蓓姿品牌内衣 “POSSNEY”(保时霓)打造一线高端女装行业“体验站式购物” 重要提示: imili 艺梦来时尚女装诚邀加盟! "Eall.cz意澳" 女装诚邀您的加盟! 唯简尚WJS女装-您身边的时尚生活馆! ZIMMUR女装意大利美丽之源 红颜最爱"香影"服饰 佧茜文–品味雅致生活,时尚我做主 丹诗格尔女装向全国诚邀加盟商 时尚女装T&W诚招加盟联营 全国快时尚女装领导品牌-依然秀期待您的加盟 天雅女装大厦 一路时尚引领魅力展现 笛莎 越位 佩琪 艾莜加盟 蓝黛圣菲 红贝缇 底色 欧拉维拉 杉杉 歌之秀 艾上乐品 蒂米丝儿 泰格 莲容包 卓娅佳人 爱戴 圣得西 衣讯 经典故事 MS 爱是我心,我心唯一。YDCOV依丁可唯原创设计师品牌 青花语qinghuayu 淑女装诚招经销商 斯妲黛莎–时尚女装典范 佰威奇男装——敢挑战! 新帽馆CHIHIRO帽子服饰诚邀您的加盟 相关的主题文章:

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企业介绍 reen,象征着顽强的生命力,也意味着时尚和环保。   舸林(格林公司)致力将传统的 塑料鞋 塑造出时尚和环保的概念,并融入皮鞋的时尚元素,让塑料鞋焕发别样的风格和魅力!这是格林人一直致力的方向。 优良的品质,不断的创新,这是格林人在市场拥有顽强的生命力的奥秘。 引导时尚,服务周到,这是客户给予的肯定。   当然有您的加入……..一切将会更加完美。 企业样品 相关的主题文章:

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??  品牌简介





  esons设计研究所地处著名设计创意区,品牌下设esons设计工作室; esons展示空间; esons裁剪工作室三个部门。








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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

  中山市宇星婚纱有限公司成立于1998年,其自建的现代化厂房坐落于美丽富饶的中山市三角镇。 公司专业从事婚纱、晚装、伴娘装、时装、花童装、妈妈装及饰品等之设计、生产、销售,公司拥有独立的进出口权。于2006年9月公司顺利通过ISO9000质量管理体系认证,并引进行业ERP管理系统,以保证产品的交期和质量。

  随着销售模式的改变和产业升级,于2013年5月中山市宇星婚纱有限公司又顺利转型升级成功,新注册 一家:中山市 蔓友商贸有限公司(经营范围:研发、设计、销售:服装、鞋帽、五金交电、机电设备、通讯器材、健身产品、电子产品、等等……)有自主的进出口权,可以帮助中山各商会的会员单位进行货物报关,备案,以及货物进出口。

  公司拥有四个品牌:2006年7月注册 成功的“天姿盼”NATURALHOPE适合18-25岁的中高消费人群。2010年9月注册成功的“丽宇星”Union Fashion Li 适合适合18岁-38岁之间的大都市现代摩登女郎,2013年1月份注册成功的“玛莎”MaSa适合高品位、甜美、青涩,高档次婚纱礼服。以及“娜珀莎”NaPosa适合适用于大龄、资产巨厚,深谙古董、古玩,追求增值的新娘用。

  “宇星人”、“蔓友人”不断融合中西方文化元素,努力将“宇星”和“蔓友”两公司建设成为现代 化和国际化的综合商贸企业。目前我们的业务已覆盖了国内各大城市以及海外十几个国家和地区。



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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018






Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

纯色大王衬衫 1CB01长袖衬衫 衬衫定制   纯色大王产品特色:   1.拥有业界最多色彩的成衣——全系列总数达到50种颜色,纯净、自然、高质量 。   2.国内最高环保布料认证,不含有害身体物质,放心又安心 。   3.无缝合线圆筒设… [详细] 高档polo衫定做   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 长袖白色polo衫   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 高档polo衫定做   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 上海polo衫定制短袖polo衫定做   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 高档polo衫定做_POLO衫印LOGO   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 短袖t恤polo衫_翻领t恤polo衫   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供售前、售中、售后一条龙的跟踪服务,设… [详细] 定做高档长袖polo衫,翻领t恤polo衫   注重开发差异化产品   现如今,国内polo衫面料 企业不断的开创符合时尚概念的新品,每年各类面料被大量开发出来,但是服装企业在采购的时候,更希望能看到那种能够让人“眼前一亮的… [详细] polo衫加工厂_全棉polo衫定做_男装短袖polo衫   大体上说来,简单、干净的装扮,获得的认同较高,俐落剪裁、色系简单的套装是较保险的穿著方式,新鲜人为避免穿著套装过于"老气",可以选择颜色比较明亮… [详细] 上海polo衫定制_高档polo衫定做_POLO衫印LOGO   文化衫是目前企业形象和企业宣传的方法之一,像百度的文化衫不但代表的企业的形象,而且送给客户也为企业做了有效的宣传.目前其他企业也逐渐再看到这一实际有效的宣传方式.   在中国,文化热߬… [详细] 上海polo衫定制 短袖polo衫定做 短袖polo衫定制 polo衫,这个词或许对我们来说很陌生,但如果说翻领t恤,也许大家都知道,其实外国人所说的polo衫就是我们所说的翻领t恤,那么polo衫有哪些经典搭配呢,我们来盘点一下:   清爽的波点宽松短裤配… [详细] 衬衣厂家 衬衣加工厂 衬衣牌子    polo衫,这个词或许对我们来说很陌生,但如果说翻领t恤,也许大家都知道,其实外国人所说的polo衫就是我们所说的翻领t恤,那么polo衫有哪些经典搭配呢,我们… [详细] 上海polo衫定制 短袖t恤polo衫   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产品.为了保障客户的利益,我们提供… [详细] 上海polo衫定制 高档polo衫定做 POLO衫印LOGO   艾一乐主要从事服装定制,定做t恤衫,POLO衫,衬衫,卫衣,冲锋衣,抓绒衣,风衣夹克,防寒服,衬衣,棒球帽,文化衫,棉服箱包等产… [详细] 定制POLO衫,恤衫,衬衣,衬衫,卫衣,抓绒衣,冲锋衣厂家,服装定制企业      艾一乐公司全名为上海艾一乐服饰有限公司,成立于2009年,拥有自己的服装生产技术部和网络技术团队.专注于为企业提供独特的团队服饰订制工作.已为多家世界五百强… [详细] 定制高档正装衬衫,夏季男正装衬衫定做批发   上海徽毫服饰是一家集创意、设计、制版、生产、销售为一体的服装公司,我们以“服务各行业”为宗旨,以“质量”为企业生命,将现代服饰风格与岗位特点有机结合为服务特色,全力将客户的企业文… [详细] 2014夏季新款男士短袖衬衫   上海徽毫服饰是一家集创意、设计、制版、生产、销售为一体的服装公司,我们以“服务各行业”为宗旨,以“质量”为企业生命,将现代服饰风格与岗位特点有机结合为服务特色,全… [详细] 2014夏季新款男士短袖衬衫定做   【定做衬衫】   衬衫:职业衬衫定做、休闲衬衫定做、女士衬衫定做、男士衬衫定做、白领衬衫定做、公司衬衫定做、长袖衬衫定做、短袖衬衫定做等   上海徽毫服饰是一家集创意、设计… [详细] POLO衫定做上海订做POLO衫    POLO衫的适用场合作用,作为休闲服饰历史上的经典传奇之一,POLO衫在西方男人的衣橱中一直享有很高的占有率。因为 它即不像无领T恤那样过于随便,又不像衬衫那… [详细] 上海衬衫定制厂家   上海俏依服饰是一家专业生产各种衬衫、T恤衫、商务衬衫、男女衬衫、POLO衫订做、订做衬衫、T恤、圆领衫、上海衬衫订做等各种衬衫、T恤衫一系列产品,衬衫以精良款式… [详细] 威斯康尼衬衫   产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: 912892794版型: 修身型领型: 尖领颜色: 白色/101尺码: 39(170/88A) 40(175/92A) 41(175/96A) 42(180/… [详细] 沙驰男装图片   产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: 811613013领型: 扣领尖领颜色: 31尺码: 48(170/92A) 52(180/100A) 50(175/96A) 54(185/104A… [详细] 沙驰男装正品专柜      产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: 811145009领型: 扣领尖领颜色: 36 2尺码: 48(170/92A) 52(180/100A) 180/100A 185/104A 170… [详细] 沙驰男装衬衫   产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: 810611099领型: 扣领尖领颜色: 62尺码: 42(180/100A) 43(180/104A) 180/100A 43(180/102A) 175/… [详细] 杨浦区提踏舞西班牙舞服装租赁上海男士舞蹈服装出租 杨浦区提踏舞西班牙舞服装租赁上海男士舞蹈服装出租 上海舞蹈服装租赁/来样订做公司/演出服装租赁|订做第一品牌 上海弘如服装租赁公司----唯一家最大,五店直营服装租赁公司! 上海唯一一家拥… [详细] 圣大保罗衬衫|圣大保罗衬衣  产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: YW12WH023版型: 修身型领型: 方领颜色: 灰蓝色-K6尺码: 40(170/84B) 41(175/88B) 42(180/92B) 43(185… [详细] 乔治阿玛尼衬衫    产品参数:袖长: 长袖货号: 20-360-2723领型: 立领颜色: 白色尺码: 39 40 41 42 43 44 45品牌: GIORGIO ARMANI基础风格: 时… [详细] 圣捷罗男装价格   S.ANGELO的创作面向新世代,以“洗练,简约,历久弥新的男装搭配为母本”(suits),通过版型的革新,材质的创新,颜色的富新,使得timeless之美与当代潮流相映生辉,打破风Ċ… [详细] 中山装五四青年服装出租|上海演出服装租赁丨杨浦舞台表演服装租借 中山装五四青年服装出租|上海演出服装租赁丨杨浦舞台表演服装租借中山装五四青年服装出租|上海演出服装租赁丨杨浦舞台表演服装租借中山装五四青年服装出租|上海演出服装租赁丨杨浦舞台表演服装租借 乐队演… [详细] 上海熊猫、狮子、兔八哥、KT猫卡通租赁 手机:13651884966 电话:021-55082823 企业官方网站: 上海熊猫、狮子、兔八哥、KT猫卡通租赁上海熊猫、狮子、… [详细] 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

服装ERP管理软件厂家供应   如何选择服装ERP软件?   1、做到知己 服装企业是实施服装ERP系统的主体,是ERP软件的买主,因此首先要弄清楚: 企业在全球竞争中所处的地位是什么?同国内外竞争对手的差距是什么?影响企… [详细] 服装企业如何适合自己的服装软件   在服装软件行业也是此起彼伏,各大知名的服装软件公司,也是白热化的抢占市场,网上的搜索引擎当中的,搜索出来的也不一定是好用的软件,或者有用的软件,这给消费者很大的盲区。就有点像去年抢火车票,玩起了智… [详细] 服装erp介绍   服装ERP-中山市前卫软件科技有限公司主营产品,在国内外服装企业应用客户有近千家,是一套成熟完善的服装企业管理软件。   此软件的功能模块可有选择的使用,适合不同规模的制衣厂。   经历了十六… [详细] 服装管理软件厂家供应   功能介绍:前卫服装管理系统,在国内外服装企业应用客户有近千家,是一套成熟完善的服装企业管理软件。此软件的功能模块可有选择的使用,适合不同规模的制衣厂。经历了十六年的不断完善和发展,结合了几千家服装… [详细] 诺迈迪顾客致富系统   拥有系统创业操作流程:   点(诚信)进入网页付VIP38元,然后再购买诺迈迪一件文胸1780元。   (诺迈迪文胸功能可上网百度了解或* *身边穿诺迈迪健康文胸的朋友)  还为胸小而烦吗… [详细] 维富友,专注服装行业ERP软件十多年,诚邀合作   深圳市维富友科技发展公司:   主营产品:DRP分销管理系统、PM生产管理系统、Feshop电子商务系统、CRM客户关系管理、HR人力资源系统、终端店铺管理系统   服装DRP分销管理系统、服… [详细] 服装鞋业管理软件厂家直销   服装鞋业管理软件厂家直销   1.库存管理(保证货物无丢失,预警备货,减少积压)颜色尺码管理   2.销售开单(三联单据 打印,留底规范化,对账)   3… [详细] 博克服装超级排料系统供应 博克服装超级排料系统材料 本公司生产的服装超级排料系统热销于安徽;江苏;上海;浙江各地区,不管是自主产品还是代理产品都已经达到国家同种产品中的高级;中级;低级产品,深受服装厂的信赖与支持,博克… [详细] 易神服装ERP软件,服装进销存软件供应   广州市易神软件科技有限公司(总部)成立于一九九九年,总部设在中国十大软件园之一的广州天河软件园区内。公司从成立之日起便致力于服饰… [详细] 维富友专业服装ERP管理软件供应 主营产品:DRP分销管理系统、PM生产管理系统、Feshop电子商务系统、CRM客户关系管理、HR人力资源系统、终端店铺管理系统服装DRP分销管理系统、服装PM生产管理系统、讯商云电商系统、电… [详细] 相关的主题文章:

南茜·高品牌加盟电话南茜·高女装公司电话 -中国服装网

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

旗下品牌 南茜·高 联系人 市场部 加盟热线 0571-82830707 传真 0571-82830707 地址 浙江省杭州市萧山经济开发区北塘路6号 邮编 网址 EMAIL 品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 浙江省杭州市萧山经济开发区北塘路6号 联系电话: 0571-82830707 联系人: 市场部 同类品牌推荐 相关的主题文章:

CHICHIKAKA新款秋冬装-216506正品新款图片 -中国服装网-coscoqd

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018




Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

更多 姓名 内容 联系方式 金× 点击查看 袁× 无经验,想了解女装方面服饰信息,风格活力、激情、浪漫、时尚,适合20-35岁时尚都市女性,中档价位,希望有信息资料参考。 点击查看 杨×× 需要童装品牌方面的资料做参考,打算做12岁以下的童装,价格在中档的。投资额在20万以下的。 点击查看 许×× 无经验,想代理童装方面品牌,适合0-15岁儿童,中档价位,望有相关资料参考。 点击查看 M×××× 想加盟女装品牌,适合时尚白领女性,25-40岁之间。 点击查看 和鹰云智造-引领新生活 新帽馆CHIHIRO帽子服饰诚邀您的加盟 菏巴途视觉策划、广告摄影–诚邀合作! 重要时刻/永恒铭记唯有dede 创创营销,一切只为你的结果,诚邀您的加盟。 化人米雅·时尚品牌规划 金嘉利钻石诚邀您的加盟 新申亚麻 xinshen ——开创亚麻新时代 乐淘有品诚邀您的加盟 EFOCUS:点亮女人之美 女装招商加盟 男装招商加盟 休闲装招商加盟 运动装招商加盟 童装招商加盟 内衣招商加盟 羽绒服招商加盟 皮革招商加盟 服饰招商加盟 鞋业招商加盟 家纺招商加盟 针织毛衫招商加盟 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

专业工作服加工定做西服 13661580510 服装品名:高档工装套装 面料成份:棉65%涤纶35% 产品描述:我公司是生产厂家。一般是根据客户的要求来定制制服,图片上的款式供您参考,如果您有多个款式需要定做,我公司要求每个款式的最小起订量不得少于20件。我公司长期致力于“R… [详细] 上海定做工作服 13661580510 服装品名:高档工装套装 面料成份:棉65%涤纶35% 产品描述:我公司是生产厂家。一般是根据客户的要求来定制制服,图片上的款式供您参考,如果您有多个款式需要定做,我公司要求每个款式的最小起订量不得少于20件。我公司长期致力于“R… [详细] 上海定做工作服 13661580510 服装品名:高档工装套装 面料成份:棉65%涤纶35% 产品描述:我公司是生产厂家。一般是根据客户的要求来定制制服,图片上的款式供您参考,如果您有多个款式需要定做,我公司要求每个款式的最小起订量不得少于20件。我公司长期致力于“ROLON… [详细] 专业定做西服工作服 定做西服工作服,各类各款服装定做,定制各类各款服装,各类各款服装定制, 敬请关注上海瑞朗服装有限公司。 公司主页: … [详细] 专业工作服加工定做西服 定做西服工作服,各类各款服装定做,定制各类各款服装,各类各款服装定制,敬请关注上海瑞朗服装有限公司。 公司主页: … [详细] 相关的主题文章:

世达运动装品牌口碑世达怎么样好不好评价 -中国服装网

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 山东省青岛市崂山区海尔路18号 联系电话: 0532-88701770 88701780 88702437 联系人: 招商部 同类品牌推荐 相关的主题文章:

【全垒打】全垒打招商加盟HOMER招商加盟全垒打运动装加盟费加盟条件 -中国服装网-peepsamurai

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

全垒打运动装品牌故事 产品:   公司主要生产各类梭织面料运动休闲服,其拳头产品包括:运动套,风衣,夹克,背心,休闲裤,滑雪服,沙滩裤等。以运动套为例,年产量可达到250万套之多。 认证与自有品牌:  公司通过ISO9001,ISO2000质量体系认证和ISO14001环境管理体系认证。   公司拥有两个自有品牌:HOMER(全垒打)和AIRNESS(爱力狮)。 展开 留言内容: 我对贵公司很感兴趣,想了解更多相关信息,请通过下面的联系方式,联系我。 【经销商】 留言内容: 泉州迪尔服饰有限公司的业务员没有单跟吗? 【经销商】 留言内容: 我想了解您们公司的业务是否稳定,最经常做的是什么单?您们公司是采取什么样的作业流程?每小组月产值平均能达到多少?工人有些什么样的福利待遇?组长的的工资又是怎么算的?我有十几个人,想到您们公司又要找谁。 【经销商】 留言内容: 请问一下贵公司是否需要东北地区沈阳的代理商,具体的代理条件是什么呢?我司现在沈阳五爱等市场具备相应的通路,希望能与您合作.谢谢! 【经销商】 留言内容: 对贵公司服装(爱力狮)很感兴趣,请尽快寄资料给我! 【经销商】 留言内容: nihao;woshishandongdezhouyuchengde; woxiangyaoguigongsideziliaohejiamengfangan 【经销商】 留言内容: nihao;woshishandongdezhouyuchengde; woxiangyaoguigongsideziliaohejiamengfangan 【经销商】 留言内容: 我的手机号是******** 请与我联系 邮寄画册光盘等相关资料 【经销商】 留言内容: 我是福建漳州商业城批发商。想* *一下贵公司的服装款式价格和代理事项,谢谢。 【经销商】 留言内容: 中国涵江服装城 中国涵江服装城,位于莆田市涵江汽车总站边上商业圈的核心地段,是一座符合区政府立足涵江、向南发展、面向全国的新型国际化、规范化、现代化综合服饰批零市场。服装城一、二、三层已爆满,年营业额近18亿元人民币。现四层正在热烈招商中,欢迎经营生产服饰的厂家、商家及有识之士,进驻发展、经营与批发。 招商办* *:********、******** ******** 扫一扫,关注全垒打品牌 企业客服中心 您好!欢迎加盟代理意向者咨询洽谈! 在线留言 洪征评:0595-88703300 相关的主题文章:

【兰雁】兰雁招商加盟lanyan招商加盟兰雁休闲装加盟费加盟条件 -中国服装网-headache怎么读�

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018


“兰雁”商标是我国牛仔布系列及牛仔服装行业中第一个“中国驰名商标”。企业还相继通过了ISO9001质量体系认证、ISO14001环境管理体系认证、OHSAS18001职业健康安全体系认证和SA8000社会责任管理体系认证。并获得了欧盟Oeko-Tex Standard 100国际生态纺织品认证。企业先后荣获 “全国五一劳动奖状”、“全国纺织管理优秀企业”、“全国纺织工业科技进步先进单位”、“全国环境保护先进企业”、“中国服装名优企业”、“山东省管理创新优秀企业”“山东省质量管理奖”等称号。






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更多 姓名 内容 联系方式 胡×× 有经验。了解休闲装品牌。男:时尚休闲大众化。女:气质大众休闲端庄。30-55岁。春夏售价:300-800元。有店铺。投资金额5-10万左右。先考察一段时间。 点击查看 谢× 无经验。了解运动休闲装品牌。18-40岁,运动休闲,鞋子也包含的,男女都包含的。有店铺。80平米商场,投资金额10w左右。希望尽快选好品牌。 点击查看 宋×× 无经验,了解休闲装品牌,20-40岁,中端的,运动风,鞋子服装一起的,售价秋冬服装100-500元,无店铺,投资金额10w以下,先考察一段时间 点击查看 王×× 无经验,了解休闲装品牌,时尚中端,无店铺。投资金额20w.目前已有意向品牌在考虑。 点击查看 胡×× 无经验。了解休闲装品牌。年轻化。18-30左右。中端。有店铺。30平步行街。投资金额20-30w 点击查看 相关的主题文章:


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    公司2006年成功引进法国品牌“FACILE”, 通过组建高效专业的营销团队,凭借与国际同步的设计企划能力、丰富的产品结构、时尚大气的形象与视觉营销系统、完善的服务体系、快速运转的物流系统,立志打造专业、高效、时尚的知名女装品牌。





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商机详情   2015最新款外贸专柜秋冬装新款以全面接受倾销批发   2015年最新款外贸专柜秋冬装新款以全面接受倾销批发,品牌包括【only,vm,HM,FOREVER 21,美千代,Zara,拉夏,百家好等上百国个日韩欧美国内专柜品牌】,有意者可电话预约上门看货拿货 大家关注 相关的主题文章:

比奇汉箱包品牌秀场发布会人物采访视频 -中国服装网-g227

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

我要给比奇汉箱包留言 孕婴童展童装展 叮当猫童装加盟热线:4001516178 实力内衣品牌桃花季诚邀您的加盟 SIEGO西蔻时尚女装诚邀加盟 BEIN芘筃-女装的"海澜之家"模式 相关推荐: 相关的主题文章:

芬亚尔童装品牌秀场发布会人物采访视频 -中国服装网

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品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 湖南是吉首市芬亚尔服饰有限公司 联系电话: 0743-2180678 联系人: 田源 同类品牌推荐 吉象贝儿elephant kids品牌童装,爱与时尚、优雅绽放 精彩人生 从T100开始 泰迪熊品牌精彩缤纷的童趣生活 昊鑫凯.德金诚邀您的加盟 女子卉色诚邀您的加盟 相关的主题文章:

拉雷尼LARANY男装样品-147847正品新款图片 -中国服装网

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

零加盟 LARANY品牌隶属于上海拉雷尼服饰有限公司,授权制造商为石狮市利美斯制衣有限公司。利美斯公司是一家大型外商独资企业,公司拥有标准化、信息化、专业化的工业园和先进的电脑自动化生产设备,汇聚了大批营销、研发、设计、生产等高端管理技术人才。 LARANY品牌自创立以来,一直秉承快时尚设计的理念,接轨国际流行时尚元素,以其简洁、时尚的风格,吸引了众多追求时尚男性的目光,逐渐发展成为独具时尚魅力的个性男装品牌,赢得了良好的市场口碑和品牌美誉度,成为时尚男装界异军突起的一匹黑马,代表了快时尚潮流的男装品牌。 拉雷尼 2015春夏装男鞋 相关推荐: 拉雷尼 , 拉雷尼加盟 , 拉雷尼代理 , 拉雷尼招商 , 拉雷尼品牌故事 , 拉雷尼新款图片 , 拉雷尼口碑 , 拉雷尼门店导购 , 拉雷尼专卖店图片 相关的主题文章:

CONATUS珂尼蒂思冬装新品来袭 温暖冬日 如影随形服装招商资讯中国服装网-douke

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2015年12月24日 13:48:25 [ 导读 ] CONATUS珂尼蒂思冬装新品温暖上市,追求卓越品质与经典品味,其艺术精髓在于将产品和咖啡的艺术魅力巧妙结合,营造全新的艺术氛围…      幽香的咖啡,浓郁而清新、华丽而雅致,CONATUS创导新时代女性向往的经典与时尚、优雅与休闲的生活方式;咖啡文化的缩影流淌在CONATUS的产品设计之中,追求卓越经典,赋予系列产品以高雅的生命气息。 “时尚派对 女王甄选”,特别的品牌特别豪 私人衣橱宁波慈溪店将于7月29日盛大开业!一场史无前例的时尚派对,全城限量200位女王火热招募中…… [更多] 预祝淑女日记韶关南雄店开业大吉生意兴隆! 预祝淑女日记韶关南雄店开业大吉生意兴隆!淑女日记品牌服饰的宗旨就是让淑女日记成为美好生活的一部分… [更多] FolliFollie芙丽芙丽专注20载 丨默守流年,用心成就每一个细节 作为全球领先,亚太地区最具规模和影响力的孕婴童展会,第16届上海CBME孕婴童展一直依据行业和市场变化不断创新。2016年7月20日于上海启幕,携手来自全球的专业观众,汇聚了来自20多个国家和地区的参展商及3673个孕婴童品牌,关注消费需求与理念升级,以创新驱动提升产品力,探讨产业趋势动向,提升全渠道商贸对接效率。 [更多] 相关的主题文章:


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库存面料服装回收 价格合理的物业服装定制|duang的一下就认准诺思菲尔品牌 微商代理女装,Wo发誓,女装代理免费钜惠来袭,不行动就亏了! 神彩慧数码印花面料真丝素绉缎PS-SB12 珍珠纤维:针织面料厂家直批 独具特色的行政装定制,最新推出的制服定制物美价廉 神彩慧数码印花面料真丝斜纹绸PS-SA19 纺织品服装GB18401检测 上门收购各种库存面料(石狮) 薄荷纤维纯纺混纺针织面料定织生产 imili 艺梦来时尚女装诚邀加盟! 巴鲁特,新中产的轻奢生活!诚邀您加盟! "Eall.cz意澳" 女装诚邀您的加盟! 全国十大牛仔品牌-美酷思ME&SKI诚邀您的加盟 佰威奇男装——敢挑战! 唯简尚WJS女装-您身边的时尚生活馆! 贝克狮丹商务休闲男装诚邀您加盟 泰迪熊品牌精彩缤纷的童趣生活 ZIMMUR女装意大利美丽之源 红颜最爱"香影"服饰 曼维尔 娅茜 伊点 柯妮丝麗 吉象贝儿 保时霓 中纺标 水墨生香 MYMO 泰迪 澳恬 土巴兔 艾米 集韩号 凡恩 皇卡 爱迪·丹顿 化人米雅 朝暮之恋 艾露伊 奥菲曼 babymary 伊美丽人 亲闺密语 小猪班纳 西蔻 翡翠男装 牧柔 因为 久久厘米 相关的主题文章:

欣贺新品牌QDA,加速快时尚升级陈列设计资讯中国服装网-super bass

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

  QDA由欣贺股份有限公司首次联手全球最大的奢侈品集团法国LVMH所赞助的私募基金L Capital Asia所共同创立的品牌。目前在国内已拥有4家店铺,且一般选址于商场1楼的绝佳位置。2013年11月份,将在宁波新开第5家店铺。近日,在深圳海岸城QDA店铺开业之际,《服装店》对欣贺股份有限公司总裁罗永晖进行专访,其分别从品牌定位、品牌特色、未来发展等方面做了深入的剖析。




  QDA来自于Quality、 Design及Art三个英文字缩写,坚持品质最关键,设计最新颖,美感最出众及将艺术融入生活,是QDA品牌无法妥协的理念。在经过长期观察中国消费者对于日常服饰的需求及生活习惯,QDA规划了三大商品结构,分别是Smile柔美亲和、Star个性风格、Holiday时尚休闲等三条产品线路。一方面以平价流行锁定都市时尚青年这一消费群体,另一方面紧随国际时尚趋势并以精品品质俘获时尚达人们对服装品质的高标准要求。







  A:就欣贺而言,其始终致力于创造优雅、时尚、精致的高级品牌时装,旗下拥有JORYA、JORYA weekend、GIVHSHYH(巨式国际)、ANMANI(恩曼琳)、CAROLINE(卡洛琳)、AIVEI六个享誉市场的高级时尚女装自有品牌。我们希望欣贺旗下品牌能形成金字塔的格局,最高端有JORYA、JORYA weekend,其次GIVHSHYH(巨式国际)、ANMANI(恩曼琳)、CAROLINE(卡洛琳)拥有偏高端的定位,再次是中高端定位的AIVEI,而新推出的QDA品牌位于金字塔的底部,为大众流行品牌以满足大部分客群。这7个品牌,彼此都是很好的补充。
















贝娅品牌店面形象设计贝娅女装专卖店橱窗陈列展示【实图】 -中国服装网-brock lesnar

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

唯简尚 香影 PUCCA 丹诗格尔 依然秀 天使韩城 依路佑妮 朵朵可可 迪奥 蓝色倾情 wonderfulbeauty ikCOLLECTION 卡瑟蒂 绮籽 华姿韵 黑白伊人 衬茉 …minette ECA 迪·笛·欧 庄玛 素肯 子容 百吉丽 瑞内尔 韩潮丽影 音爱美 薇芙季 衣植自然 D2M 闲然 WW.JS.DEER 彩衫 季索 迦堤 女装热门地区 广州女装 深圳女装 东莞女装 杭州女装 宁波女装 温州女装 北京女装 上海女装 武汉女装 相关的主题文章:

卓娅佳人内裤-246842正品新款图片 -中国服装网-alienware m17x

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

卓娅佳人内裤,新品上市。黑色面料,白色波点,简约又时尚。 品牌口碑: 5星 主营行业: 官网网站: 地址: 深圳市龙华新区大浪街道办美宝路新桥塘工业区2路30号卓娅佳人工业园 加盟热线: 400-0083-888 / 0755-61665556 联系人: 招商部 联系方式 我要留言 您或许还喜欢… 2014春夏装牛仔服 卓娅佳人 卓娅佳人加盟 卓娅佳人代理 卓娅佳人招商 卓娅佳人品牌故事 卓娅佳人新款图片 卓娅佳人口碑 卓娅佳人门店导购 卓娅佳人发布会 同类品牌推荐: 丹蓓姿 服务项目 | 会员专区 | 诚聘英才 | 荣誉资质 | 法律声明 | 联系我们 相关的主题文章:

【ESTAWOM】ESTAWOM招商加盟ESTAWOM女装加盟费加盟条件 -中国服装网

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

  ESTAWOM体现了设计三大方针:可穿性(W)、原创性(O)及市场化(M)。品牌一直贯彻时尚简约的品牌风格,以易穿易配搭的mix & match 概念,让女性有更大的自主权去配衬衣服。   年龄定位:25-45 ;   价格定位:RMB300-3,000 ;   风格定位:时尚简约且容易搭配 ;   消费群体定位:中高檔消費者,追求時尚和自我形象。有合作意向可直接电话联系。 留言内容: 我对贵品牌很感兴趣,请尽快回复我! 【经销商】 留言内容: 喜欢你家的简介风格,不知道河南省郑州市这里有人代理吗,如果没有,我想做河南省这边代理,请与我联系详谈,谢谢。 【经销商】 留言内容: 我对贵品牌很感兴趣,请尽快回复我! 【经销商】 留言内容: 【经销商】 留言内容: 我对贵公司很感兴趣,想了解更多相关信息,请通过下面的联系方式,联系我。我对贵公司很感兴趣,想了解更多相关信息,请通过下面的联系方式,联系我。请问哪里有你们的店面形象可以看?请告诉我加盟费用和细则。我想加盟,请尽快来电。请问对加盟商有什么要求吗? 【经销商】 留言内容: 我对贵公司很感兴趣,想了解更多相关信息,请通过下面的联系方式,联系我。我对贵公司很感兴趣,想了解更多相关信息,请通过下面的联系方式,联系我。请问哪里有你们的店面形象可以看?请告诉我加盟费用和细则。我想加盟,请尽快来电。请问对加盟商有什么要求吗? 扫一扫,关注ESTAWOM品牌 eva wong:853 28825643 相关的主题文章:


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Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

] 达芙妮盈警上半年转亏 跌幅加剧,加速关店步伐 [ ] 卡瑟蒂女装凭独特设计和精致手工艺成为行业典范 [ ] 年轻人不买Tiffany了,问题出在哪? [ ] 停牌涉并购重组 星期六鞋业探路网红IP经济 [ ] 男鞋市场大变脸 个性化定制受热捧 [ ] 打败麦包包,aza如何成为淘品牌快时尚第一包 [ ] EFOCUS伊点深国投店开业盛典来袭,携手伊粉佳人优雅亮相! [ ] 听“XUAN PRIVE”创始人兼设计师宣佐聊创业之路 [ ] 国货潮牌回力启动“终端直供+电商”营销模式 [ ] 祝贺百岁坊重庆西城天街店正式开业! 商机 ] 卓依尔女装,加盟零风险!零库存!诚邀您的加盟 [ ] T&W 设计师时尚品牌女装-2016联营火爆招商中…. [ ] 深圳西蔻SIEGO女装加盟-知性、睿智、个性、摩登 [ ] 【LOEY艾露伊】淑女轻奢女装诚邀加盟代理商 [ ] 卡度尼品味休闲男装加盟-来自欧洲的时尚潮流风尚 [ ] 西蔻SIEGO个性时尚摩登文艺女装诚邀加盟 [ ] 零库存、联营优势模式 袋鼠DaiShu男装诚邀加盟代理商 [ ] 1943S快时尚潮流男装-2016火热加盟中 [ ] 2016联营女装招商加盟-T&W时尚女装邀您轻松加入 [ ] 袋鼠男装联营诚邀加盟-零库存优势诚邀您的加入 香港服装 更多 和鹰云智造-引领新生活 新帽馆CHIHIRO帽子服饰诚邀您的加盟 菏巴途视觉策划、广告摄影–诚邀合作! 重要时刻/永恒铭记唯有dede 创创营销,一切只为你的结果,诚邀您的加盟。 化人米雅·时尚品牌规划 金嘉利钻石诚邀您的加盟 新申亚麻 xinshen ——开创亚麻新时代 乐淘有品诚邀您的加盟 EFOCUS:点亮女人之美 服装 乐轩Banana baby精致女性,美丽优雅 衬茉女装突破500%回报率! 熟女气质尽情展露–丹蓓姿品牌内衣 derli galam戴莉格琳服装诚邀您的加盟 follifollie国际品牌诚招实力代理加盟 服装招商加盟: 女装招商加盟 男装招商加盟 休闲装招商加盟 运动装招商加盟 童装招商加盟 内衣招商加盟 羽绒服招商加盟 皮革招商加盟 服饰招商加盟 鞋业招商加盟 家纺招商加盟 针织毛衫招商加盟 关于中国服装网 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

我要留言 服装,鞋包检测,为产品提供品质保障 姬龙雪Guy Laroche皮具 诚邀您的加盟 富绅品质男装,助力梦想腾飞! “POSSNEY”(保时霓)打造一线高端女装行业“体验站式购物” 叮当猫童装加盟热线:4001516178 相关推荐: 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018 商机详情 双层雪纺X无袖 打造宽松时尚大牌感 轻柔的雪纺面料。双层设计,与下节包僻祖拼 接设计,打造出宽松的款型,更显下身的完美 曲线, 独特的剪裁,简单的款式设计。让你在行走的 瞬间形成强大的时尚大女人气场,圆领与无袖 的设计,更显帅气干练。夏天更加爽。 更多细节请看:http://www.jxzart.com 大家关注 韩国服装正品代理 重庆服装 合作 品牌 相关的主题文章:

snoopy内衣品牌口碑snoopy怎么样好不好评价 -中国服装网

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

品牌口碑: 0星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 上海市闵行区万源路2163号 联系电话: 021-64058276 联系人: snoopy 同类品牌推荐 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

] JOSFOND商务休闲男装,古典简约中透露着质朴风范,由内而外散发着独有的西班牙热情浪漫气质,庄重洒脱的设计风格,正满足了当下人们对新时装的追求。   3月即将过去,你的衣橱里是否已经换上了应季的春装?“ JOSFOND杰思梵 ” 男装 2015春夏系列现已面世,一起来看看都有哪些特别款式吧。   作为职场男性,你绝对需要一款简约大方的、裁剪精良的衬衫。杰思梵的这款衬衫无疑是你最佳的选择,深蓝色展现男人的睿智稳重,修身合体的剪裁,抛弃了所有的冗余,只为展现人体自然美感。百搭款式让你不再费心思搭配,时尚的最高境界就是做减法。   波点POPL衫,让沉稳的色调多了一丝青春的活力,是男人也需要的减龄利器。   深蓝色西装外套传承了JOSFOND品牌古典简约的精髓,同时也融合了现代设计的修身风格,让整体更具美感,展现自信男人运筹帷幄的沉稳气质。    杰思梵 服饰 代表着型格、优质及西班牙人的所有生活态度。钟情冒险和自由,展现出男士总是领导潮流,不落时装俗套的智慧。在完全掌握之内,既能独立思考散发人格魅力,更时刻享受秀丽人生。 声明:以上JOSFOND杰思梵男装:运筹帷幄,秀丽人生内容由“中国服装网内容部”收集整理自互联网,并对有明确来源的内容注明出处,如果您对本文版权的归属有异议,请联系我们,一经查实,我们会马上更改! “时尚派对 女王甄选”,特别的品牌特别豪 私人衣橱宁波慈溪店将于7月29日盛大开业!一场史无前例的时尚派对,全城限量200位女王火热招募中…… [更多] 预祝淑女日记韶关南雄店开业大吉生意兴隆! 预祝淑女日记韶关南雄店开业大吉生意兴隆!淑女日记品牌服饰的宗旨就是让淑女日记成为美好生活的一部分… [更多] FolliFollie芙丽芙丽专注20载 丨默守流年,用心成就每一个细节 作为全球领先,亚太地区最具规模和影响力的孕婴童展会,第16届上海CBME孕婴童展一直依据行业和市场变化不断创新。2016年7月20日于上海启幕,携手来自全球的专业观众,汇聚了来自20多个国家和地区的参展商及3673个孕婴童品牌,关注消费需求与理念升级,以创新驱动提升产品力,探讨产业趋势动向,提升全渠道商贸对接效率。 [更多] 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

] 达芙妮盈警上半年转亏 跌幅加剧,加速关店步伐 [ ] 卡瑟蒂女装凭独特设计和精致手工艺成为行业典范 [ ] 年轻人不买Tiffany了,问题出在哪? [ ] 停牌涉并购重组 星期六鞋业探路网红IP经济 [ ] 男鞋市场大变脸 个性化定制受热捧 [ ] 打败麦包包,aza如何成为淘品牌快时尚第一包 [ ] EFOCUS伊点深国投店开业盛典来袭,携手伊粉佳人优雅亮相! [ ] 听“XUAN PRIVE”创始人兼设计师宣佐聊创业之路 [ ] 国货潮牌回力启动“终端直供+电商”营销模式 [ ] 祝贺百岁坊重庆西城天街店正式开业! 商机 ] 珠海【奥伦提ORITICK】女装加盟-“0加盟费”100%调换货 [ ] 【凡恩时尚少淑女装加盟】-深圳十佳时尚女装品牌 [ ] BANANA BABY女装加盟-时尚、典雅、浪漫、性感 [ ] ZIMMUR女装2016诚邀加盟-低门槛 0风险 高收益 [ ] 杭州佧茜文时尚女装2016火热招商加盟中… [ ] 欧美时尚个性女装加盟首选【佧茜文女装】 [ ] 音非YINFEI混搭、个性设计师品牌女装-6大加盟优势邀您加盟 [ ] 卓依尔女装,加盟零风险!零库存!诚邀您的加盟 [ ] 创创营销2016诚邀事业合作伙伴 [ ] T&W 设计师时尚品牌女装-2016联营火爆招商中…. 陕西服装 更多 姓名 内容 联系方式 张×× 商场招商。了解女装、男装、童装品牌。五证一书。中高端。 点击查看 刘× 点击查看 路×× 点击查看 毛×× 点击查看 M××××× 点击查看 更多 和鹰云智造-引领新生活 新帽馆CHIHIRO帽子服饰诚邀您的加盟 菏巴途视觉策划、广告摄影–诚邀合作! 重要时刻/永恒铭记唯有dede 创创营销,一切只为你的结果,诚邀您的加盟。 化人米雅·时尚品牌规划 金嘉利钻石诚邀您的加盟 新申亚麻 xinshen ——开创亚麻新时代 乐淘有品诚邀您的加盟 EFOCUS:点亮女人之美 服装 它钴男装2016年秋冬新品 "Eall.cz意澳" 女装诚邀您的加盟! 巴鲁特,新中产的轻奢生活!诚邀加盟! 叮当猫童装加盟热线:4001516178 夺宝奇兵服饰邀您加入夺宝之路 丹缇施时尚女装 火热招商中 服装招商加盟: 女装招商加盟 男装招商加盟 休闲装招商加盟 运动装招商加盟 童装招商加盟 内衣招商加盟 羽绒服招商加盟 皮革招商加盟 服饰招商加盟 鞋业招商加盟 家纺招商加盟 针织毛衫招商加盟 关于中国服装网 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

采购男短裤 采购男短裤(内裤):一、.采购量:50万条;二、材料:全棉布;三、规格:按工艺单加工制作;四、价格:工厂自报价(完税后港口价,含1%代理费);五、包装:详见采购明细… [详细] 工厂处理的一手外贸尾货服装货源,品种齐全,量大更优惠 本库房新到数万件杂款,童装,成人装,品种齐全    工厂处理的一手外贸尾货服装货源,品种齐全,量大更优惠   本库房新到数万件杂款,童装,成人装,品种齐全,整款时尚女装,开衫,披肩,吊带,连衣裙,牛仔裤,时… [详细] 茶山zara_优惠的KM男装供应,就在KM   茶山zara_优惠的KM男装供应,就在KM   KM现有库存量为99999件的KM男装,我们服装鞋帽类产品的最小起批量是999件,请有需要的客户悉知,以便购买时照成不必要的麻烦,在交易达成后… [详细] 本库房现在便宜批发尾清仓夏季3元男女服装体恤牛仔裤雪纺衫连衣裙特价清仓库存批发女装外套   春夏装 新款上短袖T恤、春装毛衫、冰丝市,全北京最低发价,款式多,样式齐,关键是价格便宜,供应外贸尾单,大量批发各种外贸服装,库存服装整款,杂款,男装,. 3元外贸尾货,地摊便宜… [详细] 厦门好豆供应新款男式西装:男式西装代理商    厦门好豆供应新款男式西装:男式西装代理商   厦门好豆始终本着公平交易,优质提供,用心服务的交易原则。为了能够更好的给男士提供男式西装,我们与江苏扬州高邮… [详细] 牛奶蛋白纤维:男女商务衬衫(现货) 衬衫面料含有25%牛奶蛋白纤维75%长绒棉混纺。有男女长短袖衬衫和面料现货,我们可以为您制作您需要的各种款式、规格的长短袖男女商务衬衫。面料规格:60s*60s/173*1… [详细] 深圳摄影马甲订做   深圳威琪服装厂专业生产各类制服马甲。款式多样,价格实惠,欢迎来电定购。   我司是一家集设计、生产销售及售后服务于一体的大型综合性企业。公司拥有… [详细] 外贸服装库房批发明星同款小怪兽棉服低价走量    外贸服装库房批发明星同款小怪兽棉服低价走量   库房批发明星同款小怪兽女士棉服。网络爆款,质量好,款式新,反季囤货价格便宜,最后1000多件… [详细] 男式西装代理加盟_口碑好的男式西装哪里买   男式西装代理加盟_口碑好的男式西装哪里买   公司信息   厦门好豆有限公司是一家集生产加工、经销批发的独资企业,是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的男式西装企业,公司以雄厚的实力、合理的价&#… [详细] KM男装哪个厂家好,推荐KM_KM男装专卖   KM男装哪个厂家好,推荐KM_KM男装专卖   公司信息   广州卡门实业有限公司是一家集生产加工、经销批发的个体经营,是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的KM男装企业,公司以雄厚的实力、合理的… [详细] 相关的主题文章:

丹妮丽人女装:品质与时尚的完美结合,诚邀加盟服装商机中国服装网-exit safe mode

Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

    东莞市丹妮丽人服饰有限公司是一家集设计、生产、销售、服务于一体的现代化时装品牌公司。经过多年的努力耕耘,成就了女装品牌“丹妮丽人”今天的市场影响力,深受广大女性青睐,拥有良好的知名度和美誉度。   精于剪裁和缝制的“丹妮丽人“,它秉承意大利服装明朗利落的风格,以简洁修身的线条和明快的色彩搭配,强调女性挺拔修长的身姿,典雅与含蓄、品质与时尚的结合;量身定做以满足女性不同场合的着装需求,让注重时尚的女性,无论是工作、约会、外出或参加舞会,在“丹妮丽人”都能找到适合的服装。   丹妮丽人力争以最前沿的潮流资讯,最敏锐的时尚触觉,最执着的品牌理念,最稳健的经营运作,打造出了一个极具市场潜力,倍受广大女性青睐的时尚品牌!欢迎有志之士代理合作! 联系我们 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

在线客服 中国服装网为您提供缔妒单店加盟的条件招商加盟信息,您可以直接联系品牌获取加盟资料,联系时请说明是在中国服装网看到的。 中国服装网建议您考虑网上商业贸易行为,注意互联网交易中的风险!   2016 缔妒 内衣经销商(专卖店、专柜等)加盟条件如下:   有独立承担民事责任能力的自然人或独立承担民事责任的企业法人   具备品牌意识,有长远的发展眼光,有相应的投资能力和风险意识   对品牌有一定的了解,理解并认同品牌文化、经营管理模式、经营理念   有一定的服饰或其它行业经营的经验,具备较强的品牌经营意识,有共同发展的信心   在当地具有良好的信誉和商誉,具合作意愿,能亲自参与经营管理,配合公司及时反馈市场信息   根据申请开设专卖店的区域及面积,要求专卖经营者具有一定的进货资金与流动资金   店铺要求在商业区的主要地段   店面严格按照总部提供的《专卖形象设计规范》进行店内外装修、安排室内外广告海报灯箱制作。   愿意接受品牌的系统培训和经营指导;   愿意执行品牌规定的价格体系、服务及区域保护等市场政策。 乔帛国际时尚品牌 孕婴童展童装展 红颜最爱"香影"服饰 相关的主题文章:


Sunday, June 3rd, 2018

] 在春夏这个花花世界里,悠媤莉的春夏新品大片,就是让你沉醉于花的海洋中,让你和花朵了一次浪漫的旅行!悠媤莉大片,以满满的花朵作为背景,显得清新明亮,给人一种花朵精灵的感觉。   在春夏这个花花世界里, 悠媤莉 的春夏新品大片,就是让你沉醉于花的海洋中,让你和花朵了一次浪漫的旅行!悠媤莉大片,以满满的花朵作为背景,显得清新明亮,给人一种花朵精灵的感觉。     鹅黄色,淡淡的暖色调,不张扬,带来清新宁静的感觉。悠媤莉鹅黄色短袖连衣裙,A字裙型,在视觉上收住你的腰部,不仅显小蛮腰,更显得下半身更修长,蓬蓬的裙摆,修饰双腿,更带来微甜、俏丽的感觉。     流行色静谧蓝,让你明目张胆来装嫩,当然还可以带来清新、如海洋般的蔚蓝。悠媤莉静谧蓝短裤,采用光泽感的静谧蓝面料,让蓝色更具光泽感,仿佛平静的海平面。而雪纺衬衫,宽松的版型,更可爱,橙色和白色的条纹搭配透视感的雪纺,而静谧蓝同样在衬衫上应用,相呼应。     淡淡的紫色,柔美、浪漫。悠媤莉浅紫连衣裙,露肩、荷叶边设计,甜美得不要不要的,而白色和黄色相交的小花朵,更增添清新气息,仿佛雨后的花园,清爽、让人 愉悦 。 声明:以上悠媤莉春夏新品:说花就花的时尚旅行内容由“中国服装网内容部”收集整理自互联网,并对有明确来源的内容注明出处,如果您对本文版权的归属有异议,请联系我们,一经查实,我们会马上更改! 新名城,汇聚世界淑女服饰潮流的中心 中山市,一个伟人的故里。沙溪,中国时尚服饰之都。以打造全国综合性大型时尚经营企业为己任的广东新名城商贸有限公司就诞生在这里。 [更多] 例格女装,多元衍生高贵典雅 女性的衣柜总是色彩纷呈,多元混搭,既有简约时尚的款式,也有优雅大方的款式,或者个性独特的款式,不一而足。风格的多元化,展示了不同的女性形象,时而温婉,时而率性。例格女装,多元混搭彩装百种潮流,随意搭配,不拘一格。 [更多] 蓝色倾情雪纺长裙,美得飘逸轻盈 雪纺本就轻盈,长裙更是飘逸,当雪纺遇上长裙,夏季就变得妙不可言。仙气十足,修身显瘦,时尚动人,还有多种风格,这个夏季,你也可以是“女神”。蓝色倾情摩登而艺术,独立而自我,雪纺长裙全新上市,带来无与伦比的美。 [更多] 相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018

巴鲁特 佰威奇 贝克狮丹 新升流派 法拉狄奥 昊鑫凯.德金 袋鼠 XEZO RED.P.G 爱迪·丹顿 佐纳利 皇卡 翡翠男装 空间 富绅 杉杉 沙驰国际 迪柯顿 曼维衬衣店 莎斯莱思 卡·度尼 久久厘米 它钴 凯帝龙驰 罗蒙 迪伍 璐仙奴 VA1883 意大利·阿尔皮纳 圣捷罗 相关的主题文章:

EUROLOOK NEW SPRING-春季新品上市商业资讯资讯中国服装网

Friday, May 4th, 2018 [ 导读 ] 马!上!就!要!过!年!啦!新的一年,新的气象,优洛可推出春季新款,女神气质、清新甜美、时尚流行、复古摩登……更多你想要的尽在EUROLOOK!   马!上!就!要!过!年!啦!   新的一年,新的气象,   优洛可推出春季新款   女神气质、清新甜美、时尚流行、复古摩登……   时尚字母打底毛衫 相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018











璞秀诚邀您的加盟服装商机中国服装网-brock lesnar

Friday, May 4th, 2018

商机详情 品牌内涵 品牌介绍 璞秀品牌完美融合流行元素与精致设计,以彩色、浪漫、创新、俏皮、精致为特点,代表都市女性的内心改变。品牌以“现代浪漫”、“独立转变”、“强烈对比”为精髓,融合现代感的浪漫,强调精致细节的创新设计,体现怀旧与时尚、大胆与温柔、玩味与优雅、女人味与干练的对比融合。 品牌风格 璞秀向25-35岁之间,活泼自信且有独立性格的都市女性给予美的引导,紧跟时尚潮流及市场最新动态,自然地融入流行与典雅、舒适与大方,配以简约流畅的线条、大气洒脱的设计,独具创意的细部处理,柔和的色彩搭配,尽善尽美的板型裁剪,演绎出东方女性浪漫的情怀。自由、丰富色搭配,上下装的组合,内力的陪衬及富变化、精巧时尚的包和鞋,都表现出富有活力、自由的一面,随心所秀。 品牌价位 春夏货品:129-599 秋冬货品:199-699 终端形式:专卖店,专柜 大家关注 郑州服装代理商 , 中老年服装创业加盟 , 胖太太服装代理加盟 , 服装厂招商 , 儿童服装不收加盟费 , 服装招商加盟政策 , 外贸服装代理加盟 , 运动品牌服装加盟 , 品牌服装代理招商 , 我要加盟服装 武汉惠品 立即咨询 爱戴代言,珍妮芬zhennifen 快时尚内衣招商内衣加盟 MYMO时尚女装诚邀您的加盟 服装品牌推荐: 相关推荐: 相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018













Friday, May 4th, 2018

性感时尚内衣-布迪设计Bodystyle2016“0加盟费”诚邀与您共赢   布迪设计Bodystyle一直坚守对工艺品质的承诺,每一件作品都独具匠心,巧夺天工的超水平工艺,让女性穿戴舒适、方便。布迪设计Bodystyle认为只有选择多的价格,才能让每个女… [详细] 爱戴内衣,广东省名牌产品,值得信赖!   深圳市爱戴内衣有限公司成立于2003年,公司通过ISO9001:2008质量管理体系认证。公司拥有庞大的设计研发团队。   爱戴品牌连续多年来被省市级相关部门评为“重合同守信用企业”“消费者最信… [详细] 100%免费铺货、100%调换货-高回报无忧创业-小妇人内衣现火爆招商加盟中….   小妇人集团LITTLEWOMEN国际内衣品牌现隆重招商,折扣2折+百分百免费铺货+百分百调换货=高回报无忧创业。欢迎各位加盟商前来考察。   广州市小妇人内衣有限公司 是台湾小妇… [详细] 伊美丽人——千店连锁 布遍全国!   伊美丽人内衣凭借强大的品牌知名度和美誉度,深受经销商和消费者的信赖。伊美丽人千店连锁,布遍全国,2016年伊美丽人招商加盟火热开启!   伊美丽人0风险加盟,货柜货品100%返还!成功加盟后… [详细] V21多品类时尚内衣品牌,加盟优势多!   V21时尚品牌以多品类经营模式在全国快速传播,与传统的内衣店不同的是品类不仅仅是内衣周边的产品,而是把女性所需的所有品类融入到V21生活馆当中,品类包括:内衣、女装、女包、家具服、饰品等等,给… [详细] 朝暮之恋品牌内衣,价格平价,诚邀您加盟!   暮之恋品牌内衣,价位在88—298之间,属于内衣行业的二线平价品牌!朝暮之恋把极致魅力带给25-45岁的成功女性,这种女性身上的特质是:脱离了青春的狂妄和浮躁,厌倦了都市辗转沉浮后,追求一份无… [详细] 艾慕内衣,十多项专利,品质服务,诚招加盟! 艾慕内衣背后拥有一批庞大、专业的设计研发团队。拥有科学、完善的销售、培训服务团队!公司秉持“客户至上,服务专业”的企业理念,为全国各地的加盟商和终端商提供充足、优越的合格产品和诚信服… [详细] 亲闺密语内衣加盟-新手更适合的品牌内衣加盟项目   亲闺密语内衣好吗?亲闺密语内衣主要生产的内衣系列包括:一片式文胸,粘合/贴合文胸,无缝内衣,短裤,泳衣,模杯等内衣产品,属于国内衣市场二线品牌。   亲闺密语内衣好吗?亲闺密语内衣加盟在设计… [详细] 十大内衣品牌-广州小妇人内衣诚邀加盟   广州市小妇人内衣有限公司 是台湾小妇人企业集团旗下在大陆设立的一家全资公司。集团公司以台湾新竹为企业基地,以中国大陆、台北、香港、新加坡、巴黎为中心的综合性全能办事机构与生产基地使小妇人旗下产… [详细] 布迪设计Bodystyle内衣加盟-0加盟费邀您共赢 Bodystyle性感内衣在2004年诞生于深圳,是一个与国际格调同步、拥有超高工艺水平、多维度物超所值的性感内衣品牌。   Bodystyle品牌结合东方女… [详细] 相关的主题文章:

青海配饰鞋垫供应商青海品牌配饰鞋垫企业青海配饰鞋垫厂家供应信息中国服装网-特命战队go busters

Friday, May 4th, 2018



(… [详细] 各类新款爆款女包男包批发   名圣皮具公司是专门从事男女高档皮包加工、批发的公司。   专门生产批发LV,gucci, 钱夹, 皮带,货源充足,做工精细,品质优良,   产品经得起时市场的考验,最重要的是性价比高,赢得… [详细] 供应中山环保袋,中山环保袋厂,中山环保袋生产厂家 供应中山环保袋,中山环保袋厂,中山环保袋生产厂家

(… [详细] 福建红点皮具批发 品牌女包批发代理 福建箱包诚招加盟商   福建泉州市圣衣美商贸有限公司位于泉州市鲤城区南环路万祥商城.在同行业中有代表性的一家皮具箱包销售公司。   公司的前身是泉州市皮具箱包销售和营销领域非常具有实力和知名度的“红点皮具”在泉州营… [详细] 供应佛山购物袋,中山购物袋,江门购物袋,珠海购物袋 供应佛山购物袋,中山购物袋,江门购物袋,珠海购物袋

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稳踏品牌专卖店稳踏鞋业实体店地址 -中国服装网-若槻ゆうか

Friday, May 4th, 2018

品牌口碑: 5星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 福建省晋江市西滨镇东亿工业园区 联系电话: 4006-992-789 联系人: 招商部 同类品牌推荐 相关的主题文章:

【锦涩内秀】锦涩内秀招商加盟锦涩内秀内衣加盟费加盟条件 -中国服装网-mentalist

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180 yuan monthly can specify 20 numbers for 30 days, call you dead (video)-soojin

Friday, May 4th, 2018

180 yuan monthly 20 numbers can be specified for 30 days "call you die" in life, you have been harassing phone bombing? Recently, several audiences have been hit by it. They have been continuously anonymous telephone harassment, these calls are often sounded, a few seconds to ring, a day can receive tens of thousands of times, seriously affected the normal work and life. In the face of such a phone, operators have two stalls, indicating that it is difficult to trace the source, but also can not afford effective solutions. In the process of loading, my brother’s colleagues are usually busy with each other, one by one, one by one, while the older brother is relatively low-key, usually the number of calls received by one hand in a day. Today, however, he left his cell phone for a little while and found dozens of missed calls. It’s disappointing that the call number is not a goddess; thankfully, it’s not the leadership of big eyed brother. But who is the unknown number? Just wondering, the phone rang again, but in a second, it hung up. Then he blinked two eyes, and the phone rang again. Big brother colleague smiled and asked: "is not receiving harassing phone calls?" Originally, this is big brother colleagues on the network to buy "call you die" service, in order to test the effect of the mice with big brother. Don’t mention it, it’s amazing. In just 1 minutes, big brother has received more than a dozen phone calls, one after another, you can say that this phone can not be used properly. Can you guess how much money my colleague spent? 180 yuan, monthly, you can specify 20 numbers, lasting 30 days without interruption bombing. Recently, the big brother received a number of colleagues reflected in the audience, said he was a telephone harassment bombing, miserable. Mr. Kim received a text message before mid autumn festival, urging him to repay the money. Then the cell phone was harassed by the phone. Mr. Jin is really crying without tears, because the message mentioned in arrears, he did not know, lying gun lying on this piece, it is also tragic enough. Miss Ling is also a victim of harassing phone calls. What is different, she received a reply message, she should pay 300 dollars to his mobile phone "redemption". Why? Miss Ling certainly didn’t agree. She got a complaint from the carrier. Operators: in accordance with our process, you pick up the phone, with the service password login online business hall reflect. Miss Ling: but I can’t get it up. I’ll hang up in less than one second. Operators: this kind of harassing phone call, if the background to analyze positioning, you must pick up, you can track this record. Mr. Kim also asked the operator for help. Operators: suggest that you install some mobile security software to evaluate the harassment number. Mr. Jin: is your technical level inferior to that of the third party software company? Operator: we will convey your situation backstage technical departments, they will analyze and track on the telephone harassment, if successful positioning, with related departments to intercept or shut down, it will take some time, please shaoanwuzao. Then, Mr. Kim’s phone rang for five days and five nights

180元包月可指定20个号码 持续30天“呼死你” 生活中,您有没有遭到过骚扰电话的狂轰滥炸?最近,有好几位观众就给碰上了。他们都遭到了持续不断的匿名电话骚扰,这些电话往往响一声就挂,隔几秒就响,一天可以接到成千上万次,严重影响到了正常的工作和生活。而面对这样的电话,运营商却两手一摊,表示难以追查来源,也拿不出有效的解决办法。加载中… 大眼哥的同事们平时一个个工作都很忙,电话一个接一个,而大眼哥比较低调,通常一天里接到的电话数目一只手就数的过来。然而今天,大眼哥才离开自己的手机一小会儿,竟发现有十几个未接来电。令人失望的是,来电号码并不是什么女神;令人欣慰的是,也不是大眼哥的领导。可是,这未知号码究竟是谁呢?正在纳闷之间,电话又响了起来,可就一秒,就给挂了。随即才眨了两下眼睛的功夫,电话又响了起来。大眼哥的同事笑眯眯地过来问:“是不是接到骚扰电话了?” 原来,这是大眼哥的同事在网络上购买了“呼死你”的服务,为了测试效果,拿大眼哥当了小白鼠。别说,这效果还真令人吃惊。短短1分钟里,大眼哥就接到十几个电话,此起彼伏,可以说让这台手机根本无法正常使用。你猜猜,大眼哥的同事花了多少钱?180元,包月,可以指定20个号码,持续30天无间断轰炸。 最近一段时间,大眼哥的同事陆续接到了多位观众反映,称自己遭到了骚扰电话的狂轰滥炸,苦不堪言。金先生在中秋节前收到一条短信,催他还钱。随后,手机就被电话骚扰了。金先生真是欲哭无泪,因为短信里所提到的欠款人,他压根不认识,躺枪躺到这个份上,也是够悲剧的。凌小姐也是骚扰电话的受害人。所不同的是,她接到了一条敲竹杠的短信,要她支付300块钱,来给自己的手机“赎身”。凭什么呀?凌小姐当然没答应。她找上了运营商投诉。 运营商:按照我们的流程,您接起电话后,凭服务密码登录网上营业厅反映。 凌小姐:可是我根本接不起来,响一秒不到就挂了。 运营商:这种骚扰电话呢,如果后台要分析定位,必须您接起来后,才能追踪得到这个记录的。 金先生也跟运营商求助过。 运营商:建议您安装一些手机安全软件,来对骚扰号码进行评比。 金先生:你们的技术水平难道还不如第三方的软件公司? 运营商:我们会将您的情况转达后台技术部门,他们会对这些骚扰电话进行分析和追踪,如果定位成功,会联合相关部门进行拦截或关停,这需要一定的时间,请您稍安勿躁。 然后,金先生的电话响了整整五天五夜。 金先生:你们有查到是谁干的吗? 运营商:请问您的电话最近还有在响吗? 金先生:骚扰停了。 运营商:那就好了。如果您在遇到类似情况,再向我们反映。 金先生很纳闷,这是运营商拦截成功了?还是不法分子自己停了? 这些骚扰电话究竟是如何实现的呢?大眼哥求助了通信专家,复旦大学信息科学与工程学院的凌力。专家解释,无号码呼叫其实是通过IP电话实现的。通信服务的提供商先和电话运营商中的一家签订合作协议,将服务器接入电话网络,运营商此时就会授权给他们主叫号码显示的号码段,而最高的权限就可以自定义显示号码。手机上显示号码、归属地等信息是根据国际标准的规则来显示的,如果提供商自定义的号码不符合国际标准,手机无法识别,就会显示为私人号码或无号码。不过,既然这种功能或权限是由运营商所提供开放的,也完全可以由运营商收回或关闭,从技术手段上不允许任意修改。理论上来说,即便骚扰电话只响一声就挂掉,运营商依然是有办法可以追溯的,但由于可能存在跨运营商或跨国拨打的情况存在,追溯定位的成本较大,难以做到每案必查。此外,从认定角度来说,即使一个号码在短时间内多次呼叫,也不一定就能认定为恶意骚扰。凌力呼吁,应该由通信主管部门建立一个统一的信息举报平台,建立更严格的管理制度,从源头上去防止不法分子获得这类可以修改号码的电话资源和权限,以免普通用户受到诈骗或是骚扰。》》》知了全民创作盛典 亿元投资寻找改变知识打开方式的你》》》今日推荐:房地产权证书停止颁发 颁发《不动产权证书》“地铁色狼”裸露下体骚扰女乘客 已被警方擒获上海一居民举报饭店光污染后家被人泼泔水行车碰擦引发纠纷 69岁妇女被殴抢救无效死亡邹市明称妻子在沪看急诊收费近两千 系非公立医院》》》图说上海:弄堂杂技团 只为台上完美“一分钟” 20秒1次来电 开锁公司直接被“呼死你”呼停业 (该视频仅供延展)动动手指,随时查询交通违法! 扫一扫下方二维码,关注腾讯大申网! 欢迎关注腾讯大申网微信(微信号:dashenw)相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018

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The pebble beach Sailiwei alone first single paired Spieth Day tied the 65- sports Sohu-dachiyouxiang

Friday, May 4th, 2018

The pebble beach Sailiwei alone first single paired Spieth Day tied the 65- sports Sohu Beijing time on February 12th, the total prize money of up to $7 million AT& T Pebble Beach occupation amateur tournament match in Pebble Beach, California, pebble beach, Spyglass hill, Monterey Peninsula Coast Village Club stadium three field into the first match day for. Occupation players, Levi played 63 of the Chez under par 8 rankings, Jordan Spieth and Jensen dey ranked tied for sixty-fifth. In the match, the four pairs tied for the first place, Baba Watson Verhoe Berg and Justin – Ross Justin – Timblerlake tied for the forty-first place. The pebble beach occupation amateur tournament match team consists of 156 players and 156 occupation amateur players, this game is still big gathering, amateur players, "Jia boss Justin – Timblerlake, Thomas – Keller, the gold master restaurant operator Larry, ACE village singer Jack Erwin and a number of film and television stars have joined them. In the paired total score, David – Freddie Hearn Du cloth, Jacobsen Luo hottes, Chez Levy Sweet and David – Vander Watt Nelson to par 11 ranked tied for first, Baba – Watson Verhoe Berg and Justin – Ross Justin – Timblerlake and Phil – Mikkelsen Verhoe Meyer ranked forty-first, par 5 parallel sixty-first, have third pairs of SPIs Erwin shot 69 under par 3, ranked tied for ninety-seventh with Patrick Reed – Dunn, Jensen – Mr. Lentz par 2 and ranked 114th. Occupation player, Chez Levi from the country club golf course of the Monterey Peninsula coast No. 1 hole starting in 4 holes and 6 holes has grabbed a birdie, 9 hole swallowed only a bogey round, the first 9 holes over 33 under par 1 grades. After the transfer, Chez Levi in 10 and 11, 12, 13 holes played birdie dasixi, after 15 holes again to catch a bird, 500 yards of the 16 hole 9 hole Eagle Liqin, after the surrender of 30 under par 7, the score of 63 under par 8 rankings. Justin Ross from Spyglass No. 1 starting, after opening with a back-to-back birdie on the 3 hole and 4 holes, 7 holes and 8 holes again back to catch a bird, the first 9 holes hit 32 under par 4 grades. After the transfer Justin – Ross once again to back-to-back birdies after opening, 12 hole bogeyed the only round a pole, Ross after the 5 hole par 18 hole, 408 yards again to catch a bird with 9 holes hit 34 under par 2, round shot 66 under par 6 bar, ranked tied for fifth. Phil Mikkelsen also from Spyglass No. 1 starting after the start, grab a birdie, catch the bird and continuous in 5 holes and 7 holes, 8 holes bogey, 9 holes hit 34 under par 2 grades. After the transition, Mikkelsen took birdie in cave 11

圆石滩配对赛利维单独居首 斯皮思戴伊并列第65-搜狐体育   北京时间2月12日,总奖金额高达700万美元的AT&T圆石滩职业 业余配对赛在美国加利福尼亚州圆石滩,圆石滩、眺远山、蒙特里半岛乡村俱乐部海岸球场三块球场进入到第一个比赛日的争夺。职业球员方面,切兹-利维本轮打出63杆低于标准杆8杆排名榜首,乔丹-斯皮思与简森-戴伊并列排名第65位。配对赛上,四对组合并列榜首,巴巴-沃森 维赫博格与贾斯汀-罗斯 贾斯汀-汀布莱克并列排名第41位。   圆石滩职业 业余配对赛的阵容由156名职业选手和156名业余选手组成,今年的比赛依旧大牌云集,业余球员方面,“贾老板”贾斯汀-汀布莱克、金牌料理大师托马斯-凯勒、王牌接线员拉里、乡村歌手杰克-欧文以及多位电影电视明星都加盟其中。在配对总成绩方面,大卫-赫恩 杜布、弗雷迪-雅各布森 罗霍德斯、切兹-利维 斯威特以及达维-范德瓦特 尼尔森以低于标准杆11杆并列排名第一,巴巴-沃森 维赫博格与贾斯汀-罗斯 贾斯汀-汀布莱克并列排名第41位,菲尔-米克尔森 维赫梅耶尔低于标准杆5杆并列第61位,已经第三次配对的斯皮思 欧文打出69杆低于标准杆3杆,与帕特里克-瑞德 邓恩并列排名第97位,简森-戴伊 兰兹低于标准杆2杆并列排名第114位。   职业球员方面,切兹-利维从蒙特里半岛乡村俱乐部海岸球场的1号洞出发,在4号洞和6号洞先后抓下小鸟球,9号洞吞下了本轮的唯一一杆柏忌,前9洞交出33杆低于标准杆1杆的成绩。转场之后切兹-利维在10、11、12、13号洞打出了小鸟球的大四喜,15号洞再度抓鸟之后,500码的16号洞力擒老鹰球,后9洞交出30杆低于标准杆7杆,本轮打出63杆低于标准杆8杆排名榜首。   贾斯汀-罗斯从眺远山1号洞出发,在3号洞和4号洞以背靠背小鸟球开场之后,7号洞和8号洞再度背靠背抓鸟,前9洞打出32杆低于标准杆4杆的成绩。转场之后贾斯汀-罗斯再度以背靠背小鸟球开场,12号洞吞下了本轮的唯一的一杆柏忌之后,罗斯历经5洞保帕,408码的18号洞再度抓鸟作结,后9洞打出34杆低于标准杆2杆,本轮打出66杆低于标准杆6杆,并列排名第五位。   菲尔-米克尔森同样从眺远山1号洞出发,开局抓下小鸟球之后,又在5号洞和7号洞连续抓鸟,8号洞吞下柏忌,前9洞打出34杆低于标准杆2杆的成绩。转场之后米克尔森在11号洞以小鸟球开场,14号洞再度抓鸟之后,后9洞打出34杆低于标准杆2杆,本轮68杆低于标准杆4杆,与罗相昱、保罗-邓恩共同排名并列第16位。   达斯汀-约翰逊在眺远山1号洞以小鸟球开场,3号洞吞下柏忌之后,他又在7号洞和9号洞连续抓鸟得手,前9洞打出34杆低于标准杆2杆的成绩。转场之后达斯汀-约翰逊在11号洞以小鸟球开场,178码的3杆洞12号洞他因为被罚杆而吞下双柏忌,紧接着的13号洞又吞下柏忌,虽然在14号洞和16号洞连续抓下两只小鸟球,但达斯汀-约翰逊还是在后9洞以36杆勉强平标准杆,本轮打出70杆低于标准杆2杆,与亨特-马汉、卢克-唐纳德一起并列排名第39位。   乔丹-斯皮思发挥不佳,在眺远山1号洞出发的他开场3洞保帕,在4号洞以柏忌开场,随后的5号洞和8号洞,美国小飞侠连续抓下小鸟球,前9洞打出35杆低于标准杆1杆的成绩。转场之后斯皮思在12号洞以柏忌开场,14号洞抓住小鸟球之后,130码的3杆洞15号洞错失保帕机会再度吞下柏忌,16号洞成功抓鸟,后9洞36杆平标准杆,本轮打出71杆低于标准杆1杆,与李真明一起排名并列第65位。   一同排在这个位置的还有简森-戴伊,他从眺远山的10号洞出发,11号洞以小鸟球开场之后,12号洞和13号洞背靠背吞下柏忌。14号洞,戴伊再度抓鸟,却在18号洞又以柏忌作结,前9洞打出37杆高于标准杆1杆的成绩。转场之后戴伊在4号洞和7号洞两度抓下小鸟球,后9洞打出34杆低于标准杆2杆,本轮打出71杆低于标准杆1杆,与尼克-泰勒并列。   帕特里克-瑞德在眺远山的10号洞出发,开局吞下柏忌之后,528码的5杆洞11号洞力擒老鹰球。随后瑞德经历5洞保帕,17号洞再度吞下柏忌,前9洞36杆平标准杆。转场之后瑞德在2号洞和3号洞以背靠背小鸟球开场,但是4号洞和6号洞的先后两杆柏忌葬送了他的全部努力,后9洞同样36杆平标准杆,本轮打出72杆平标准杆,与肖恩-劳瑞、卫冕冠军布拉德特-斯内德克尔、詹森-杜夫纳并列排名第82位。   巴巴-沃森在眺远山的1号洞出发,2号洞以小鸟球开场之后,5号洞吞下柏忌,6号洞吞下双柏忌,9号洞抓鸟作结,前9洞打出37杆高于标准杆1杆的成绩。转场之后沃森在11号洞和13号洞以小鸟球开场,560码的5杆洞14号洞他被罚杆吞下双柏忌,16号洞吞下柏忌之后,17号洞抓住小鸟球,后9洞36杆平标准杆,本轮打出73杆高于标准杆1杆,与大卫-林默斯并列排名第105位。戴维斯-拉夫三世吞下2柏忌,排名并列第126位。   (Alse)相关的主题文章:

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Friday, May 4th, 2018

  上海柏朗亚高服饰有限公司创始于1997年,公司将意大利著名的男装品牌“PAL ONGACO”引入中国市场。PALONGACO致力于设计和制造高级商务休闲男装。在设计风格上,立足意大利,紧抓国际潮流,在市场需求和优雅时尚之间创造出一种近乎完美,令人惊叹的平衡。其设计风格不单纯局限于潮流与传统两种明显的界限,决不盲目地追求时髦。在每个季节,都能结合市场的特色,利用最新的流行趋势,紧紧围绕自身的品牌特色完美地演绎出最新的款式。







Friday, May 4th, 2018

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ZF700手术无影灯(多棱镜… [详细] 相关的主题文章:

“一心两翼”引领虎门服装向高端发展产业基地资讯中国服装网-jodie foster

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Friday, May 4th, 2018

重庆春阳服饰有限公司是一家经国家相关部门批准注册的企业。拥有自主知识产权(保健电热鞋专利号:ZL200920125733.2 保健电热衣专利号:ZL200920125732.8)。是国内领先的保暖保健产品研发商、生产商和销售商,其位于著名的中国西部鞋都-重庆。




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Friday, May 4th, 2018

相关女装秀场推荐 坤斯朵丽&爱特蓝斯2013-2014秋冬发布会走秀 迪斯廷.凯2016秋季新品发布 格蕾诗芙2014冬装时尚秀 专访宁波太平鸟女装总经理陈红朝 摄像:向佳 后期:向佳 POSSNEY 绽放优雅,活出美丽 视频:“琢梦·赢未来”雅奴天使十周年庆典 LIYALISA新品发布会 雅奴天使2013夏季时装发布会 “金蝶茜妮”-广州国际服装节广东卫视采访片段 思迹时尚女装品牌 直播szic2013·专访深圳百多尔时装有限公司营销总监陈锦麟 直播2013CHIC•专访北京五色风马服装服饰有限责任公司董事长马磊 广东浩生集团发展史宣传片 E&you 2015春夏形象大片拍摄的精彩瞬间 艾沸 时尚女装欣赏 汉天蔓露卡2013秋冬新品发布会 小魅娘 相关的主题文章:

Primary school mathematics teacher of Chinese sports popular private schools into the campus to grab-innawoods

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Primary school Chinese, mathematics, physical education teachers are very popular, private schools into the campus, "rush", public school entrance examination has not yet begun, private schools, training institutions are "first hand is strong", enter the campus ahead of time grab people. 11, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University held a special recruitment meeting, the normal class graduates can be described as "not anxious, not slow" looking for work. Primary school mathematics teacher of Chinese sports popular private schools into the campus "grab" people Southern News Network (correspondent reporter Li Tong       Tan Jie) into the test series of public schools has not started, private schools, training institutions are "pre emptive", enter the campus before robbing people. 11, Nanjing Xiaozhuang University held a special recruitment meeting, the normal class graduates can be described as "not anxious, not slow" looking for work. Nsfz at Jiangning this year to recruit 18-20 teachers, subjects related to the number of language, sports, career planning etc.. Nsfz Jiangning branch responsible for personnel recruitment Xing Qian teacher, the school from primary school to high school, 15 years of integration, in recent years the development of good, this year’s recruitment numbers slightly higher than last year. As a private school, their treatment is very attractive, undergraduate annual income of 6-8, the research survival is higher, if the teacher in charge, the annual income is expected to reach 12-15 yuan. Nanjing foreign language school Xianlin Campus is out of the more than 100 positions, in addition to language, mathematics, English, science, and art, music, sports and other more than 10 jobs, the total amount of recruitment of more than 100 people. Responsible for the recruitment of teachers, talent demand is so big, and because of the two child policy, the school has more than 20 female teachers in labor; two is because the school is about to open branches in Yanziji, need to reserve a certain talent. Reporters noted that the school teachers are very superior, indicating the advertisement, the new teachers’ annual income can reach 100 thousand yuan, at least 5 years of work on the enjoyment of housing, the school has also set up the basic pension benefits, ensure that the teacher retirement treatment not less than the public teachers. "Our treatment, in the city of Nanjing is the highest in all primary and secondary schools," responsible for the recruitment of the teacher said, but she also admitted that, even so, this year’s recruitment pressure is not small, "this year we will stay at home to publish recruitment information, this is the first time into the campus recruitment. This year, the number of public teachers in Nanjing is more than that of last year, and this year, Nanjing has added a number of private schools, which are in urgent need of a large number of teachers." The English major students, Wu Xianlin outside nsfz Jiangning branch voted resume, she told reporters that he is also preparing for the examination in six districts of Nanjing, want to find a job is not difficult." Xiaozhuang College Recruit department deputy director Zhou Hongxia said that this year the recruitment site to provide nearly 8000 jobs, the education industry is recruiting large, accounting for about 30%, and this year the school teacher graduates only 900 people. The employment situation of normal college students is very good. According to the employment data, 90% of the normal students in the past year can enter into the preparation, and the compiled teachers’ positions are the first choice for most people, followed by the private schools, and finally the training institutions. From the subject, the primary school language, mathematics, body. 小学语文数学体育老师吃香 民办学校进校园“抢”人   公办学校的进编考试还没开始,民办学校、培训机构则“先下手为强”,进入校园提前抢人。11日南京晓庄学院举行的专场招聘会上,师范类的毕业生可谓“不急不慢”找工作。   小学语文数学体育老师吃香   民办学校进校园“抢”人   南报网讯(通讯员 童莉 记者 谈洁)公办学校的进编考试还没开始,民办学校、培训机构则“先下手为强”,进入校园提前抢人。11日南京晓庄学院举行的专场招聘会上,师范类的毕业生可谓“不急不慢”找工作。   南师附中江宁分校今年打算招18-20名教师,涉及到语数外、体育、生涯规划等多门学科。南师附中江宁分校负责人事招聘的邢茜老师介绍,学校从小学到高中,是15年一体化的,这几年发展很好,今年的招聘数字比去年略有增加。作为民办学校,他们的待遇很有吸引力,本科生年收入在6-8万,研究生还更高一些,如果担任班主任,年收入有望达12-15万元。   南京外国语学校仙林分校则一下拿出了100多个岗位,除了语文、数学、外语外,还有科学、美术、音乐、体育等10多个岗位,总招聘量超过100人。负责招聘的老师介绍,人才需求量这么大,一是因为和二孩政策有关,目前学校有20多位女教师在待产;二是因为学校即将在燕子矶开分校,需要储备一定人才。   记者注意到,该校的教师待遇十分优越,招聘广告上标明,新教师年收入能达到10万元,工作满5年就享受房补,学校还设立了养老补助,基本确保老师退休后的待遇不低于公办教师。“我们这个待遇,在南京市所有中小学中是最高的,”负责招聘的老师说,不过她也坦承,即使这样,今年的招聘压力也不小,“往年我们就呆在家里发布招聘信息,今年是第一次走进校园招聘。南京今年公办教师招聘数量比去年多,而且,今年南京一下子新增了多所民办学校,都急需大量老师。”   小教英语专业的吴同学仙林外校、南师附中江宁分校都投了简历,她告诉记者,自己还在准备南京六城区的进编考试,“想找个工作不难。”   晓庄学院招就处副处长周红霞介绍说,今年招聘会现场提供近8000个岗位,教育行业是招聘大户,约占30%,而学校今年的师范专业毕业生仅900人。师范专业就业形势非常好,根据就业数据,往年90%的师范生能考进编制,有编的教师岗位是多数人的首选,其次是民办学校,最后才是培训机构。从学科看,小学的语文、数学、体育学科老师缺口最明显,比如去年,仅江宁区就招聘40名体育老师。周红霞建议,非师范专业的学生也可以考虑报考教师资格证,多一个就业方向。相关的主题文章:

欧丝蒂雅文女装 优雅与时尚的好品味品牌资讯中国服装网-4000dy

Friday, May 4th, 2018 [ 导读 ] 好的服装可以提升一个女人的气质,将她的内在美一同表现出来。欧丝蒂雅文女装是一家做优雅时尚风格的女装,他们追求美与精致,力求将女性展现地更加有女人味。   好的服装可以提升一个女人的气质,将她的内在美一同表现出来。 欧丝蒂雅文 女装是一家做优雅时尚风格的女装,他们追求美与精致,力求将女性展现地更加有女人味。   Soodyoow.Collection让女人更优雅、时尚、奢华为品味、追求生活品质的现代女性而定制的奢华女装,其华丽的风格来源于英国名门的蓝雪精髓,同时融合伦敦左岸开放、特立独行、精致的当代艺术气质,以及新贵女性的自信风采,是贯穿始终的主题,将社交名流女人的魅力无限得到自然显露,以极具女性韵味的细腻风格,让女性美在富世生活中得到完美的回归。 声明:以上欧丝蒂雅文女装 优雅与时尚的好品味内容由“中国服装网内容部”收集整理自互联网,并对有明确来源的内容注明出处,如果您对本文版权的归属有异议,请联系我们,一经查实,我们会马上更改! 最挣钱电商网红女装排行榜 网红比明星更值钱? 5月23日,第一财经商业数据中心发布《2016中国电商红人大数据报告》,预计2016年红人产业产值预估接近580亿人民币,远超2015年中国电影440亿的票房金额。 [更多] 揭秘全球最大的运动超市 门店竟是迪卡侬5倍 Intersport于1968年由十家欧洲运动品牌采购机构组合而成,目前在44个国家有超过5500家门店。 [更多] "高端H&M":行业批Burberry日本策略 CEO背黑锅 Burberry Group PLC 博柏利一位前日本高官甚至将Burberry称为“高端H&M”,上述言论显然主要由于Burberry Group PLC 博柏利在日本市场的主要业务一直采取授权而导致。 [更多] 相关的主题文章:

奥库品牌店面形象设计奥库运动装专卖店橱窗陈列展示【实图】 -中国服装网-yezimei

Friday, May 4th, 2018

品牌口碑: 4星 主营行业: 网站网址: 地址: 福建省福州市仓山区金山工业园建新北路152号 联系电话: 400-000-9808 /13003880012 联系人: 奥库招商经理 同类品牌推荐 创创营销,一切只为你的结果,诚邀您的加盟。 绮籽(qizi )的美 可以阅读 重要时刻/永恒铭记唯有dede 吉象贝儿elephant kids品牌童装,爱与时尚、优雅绽放 follifollie国际品牌诚招实力代理加盟 相关的主题文章:

H&M2013秋季女装样品-40463正品新款图片 -中国服装网

Friday, May 4th, 2018

秋季服饰有着永不过时的简朴的时尚,曲线优美的裙装和夹克衫搭配优雅的蕾丝和流线型上衣构成随性高雅,摩登经典。 品牌口碑: 5星 主营行业: 官网网站: 地址: 上海市黄陂北路227号中区广场19楼1901-1903室 加盟热线: 021-2330 5200 联系人: 招商部 联系方式 我要留言 您或许还喜欢… 2014春夏装帽子 相关推荐: H&M , H&M加盟 , H&M代理 , H&M招商 , H&M品牌故事 , H&M新款图片 , H&M口碑 , H&M门店导购 , H&M发布会 同类品牌推荐: 唯简尚 服务项目 | 会员专区 | 诚聘英才 | 荣誉资质 | 法律声明 | 联系我们 相关的主题文章:


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厦门收购外贸库存童装鞋服   福建鸿达公司是华南最具实力的库存收购公司,主营业务为:回收库存童装 收购库存童装,于高价 诚信 快速 现金交易为你服务—回收休闲童装 -牛仔童装-外贸童装-婴儿服装-品牌童装等我们秉着“诚信经… [详细] 厦门鸿达库存童装回收 积压尾货童装男女装高价回收 厦门鸿达库存回收  厦门收购店面童鞋 厦门收购尾货童装 童装厂家库存 回收积压库存童装 厦门品牌回收童鞋 服装收购抵债尾货 厦门高价收购品牌服装 福建收购内衣… [详细] 相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018

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新疆少数民族服饰―锡伯族 – 旗袍 男装 丝绸 – 中国服装网

Friday, May 4th, 2018

大 2004-10-21   新疆的 锡伯族 ,是1764年由清政府抽调来的东北锡伯八旗兵丁一千多人及随军家属约3千多人,他们在伊犁地区驻防,西迁的锡伯族先在这里定居,繁衍逐渐发展成现代的新疆锡伯族。他们大部分居住在伊犁河流域的察布查尔锡伯族自治县。    锡伯族 男装与满族人有相似之处,但也保留本民族特色。锡伯人常穿对襟长袍,下摆左右开衩。质料以丝绸或布料为主,以青、蓝、棕色为主色调。中老年妇女仍保持传统式的旗袍装,款式多吸取满族旗袍装与其它民族特点,质料以色泽鲜明的绸缎或方格布为主。 来源: 版权声明 相关专题: 更多关于 旗袍 丝绸 的信息 尼泊尔银饰特色店(图) 相关的主题文章:

DILUNNUNA女装招商 零库存,原创女装品牌招商服装商机中国服装网-pgd-426

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Friday, May 4th, 2018

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The danger signal of oil price Cushing’s oil storage space is close to exhaustion-sql2005安装图解

Friday, May 4th, 2018

The danger signal: Cushing oil storage space nearly exhausted the famous American energy information supply and data analysis firms Genscape report "situation" in the global oil market covers the core issues of concern to the market in the market, for the issue of inventory, the report said, U.S. crude oil inventories are close to the critical value, according to 19 data released in the United States EIA crude oil inventories last week increased to 50 million 410 thousand barrels, refresh the historical record, compared with the same period last year increased 18%. Crude oil inventories in Cushing, the main delivery site of US crude oil futures in Oklahoma, hit a record high of 64 million 700 thousand barrels last month in Cushing last month. Genscape said that the Cushing area oil storage equipment is almost full load operation state, the utilization rate is about 80%, if the current speed expansion, the remaining storage space will be exhausted after 4-5 months. The U.S. EIA refinery equipment utilization rate has climbed to 88.3% in February 12th. The size of oil inventories in the United States and oil prices are the opposite: Although the Midwest crude oil inventories increased by 2 million 250 thousand barrels last week, to 155 million barrels a record high level. But in the hub area, Cushing’s inventory increased by only 36 thousand barrels. This means that Cushing has consistently rejected requests to increase storage facilities. Damien Courvalin, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, warned in the 17 issue of the research report that the short-term risk of crude oil inventories in the Midwest of the United States is extremely high: large scale crude oil and finished product oil storage have made the utilization of storage equipment in central and western regions close to the highest level in history. Despite the recent central region should help reduce refining margins of refined oil storage space to avoid breaking the limit, but with the final product oil loss occurred, this would probably result in the next few months, crude oil inventories accelerated growth, oil prices will fall further in the Midwest, inventory growth will spread to the Mexico Bay area. Further decline in oil demand or exports, or higher storage profits, or eventually rebound crude oil imports or production will lead to more storage space, which will stimulate oil prices to further decline, resulting in the central region and Canada to reduce production. As we have said before, this persistent stock shortage problem should exacerbate the volatility of oil prices and storage profits. However, the problem of storage space has not deteriorated to the point of despair. There’s still a glimmer of hope: there’s plenty of free space from Cushing to the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. Crude oil market is under the dual pressure of both supply side and demand side. EIA expects oil production in the Gulf of Mexico will increase by 1 million 790 thousand barrels per day in 2017, even though oil prices are still low, reaching 1 million 900 thousand barrels a day in December, hitting a record high. The region’s output will account for 18% and 21% of the total US output in 2016 and 2017, respectively. EIA data show that the demand for crude oil in the United States is rapidly declining. The figure below is the distillate fuel oil market theory

油价的危险信号:库欣储油空间接近耗尽   美国知名能源信息供应及数据分析公司Genscape在市场报告《全球原油市场现状》中覆盖了市场关心的核心问题,对于库存这一焦点问题,该报告称,美国原油库存正接近临界值,   根据19日公布的数据,美国EIA原油库存上周增至5041万桶,刷新历史最高记录,较去年同期大增18%。   位于俄克拉荷马州的美国原油期货主要交割地库欣(Cushing)原油库存则在上个月触及6470万桶的记录高位。   Genscape表示,库欣地区储油设备几乎是满负荷运营状态,利用率约为80%,若以当前速度扩增,则剩余存储空间将在4-5个月之后耗尽。而美国2月12日当周EIA精炼厂设备利用率也已经攀升至88.3%。 美国原油库存规模和油价走势恰好相反:   尽管美国中西部地区整体原油库存上周增加了225万桶,至1.55亿桶的记录新高水平。但其中,枢纽地区库欣的库存仅增加了3.6万桶。这意味着,库欣一如既往地拒绝了增加存储设施的请求。   高盛分析师Damien Courvalin在17日发布的研报中警告称,美国中西部地区原油库存问题短期风险极高: 大规模的原油和成品油库存已经令中西部地区的存储设备利用率接近历史最高水平。尽管近期中部地区炼油利润减少应当会帮助避免成品油存储空间突破极 限,但随着成品油最终发生亏损,这很可能只会导致未来几个月原油库存加速增长,中西部地区油价将因此进一步走低,库存增长态势将蔓延到墨西哥湾岸区。 进一步下滑的成品油需求或出口,或者更高的存储利润,或者最终反弹的原油进口或生产会导致存储空间更加紧俏,这将刺激油价进一步走低,继而导致中部地区和加拿大削减产量。正如我们此前所表示的,这种持续的库存紧张问题应当会加剧油价和存储利润的波动。   不过,存储空间问题也并没有恶化到令人绝望的地步。事情还存在一丝希望:从库欣到墨西哥湾海岸沿线还有很多空闲的管道空间。   原油市场目前处于供应端和需求端的双重压力之下。EIA预计,尽管油价仍处于低位,但美国墨西哥湾原油产量2017年日均将增加179万桶,在当年 12月达到每天190万桶,触及记录新高。该地区产量在全美总产量中的占比将在2016年和2017年分别达到18%和21%。   EIA提供的数据显示,美国原油需求正快速下滑。下图为美国馏分燃料油(distillate fuel oil)市场供应情况: 那么,假设美国原油库存空间真的耗尽,会发生什么情景呢?   大量无处可去的原油可能进一步压低现货价格,WTI原油期货期货升水(contango)曲线可能进一步陡峭。   此外,对于库欣地区满溢的储油设施问题,解决方案可能并非来自于解决存储能力方面,而是在原油生产方面。目前较低的油价可能已经在部分生产商的成本 线之下,且有可能进一步走低。而存储空间约紧张,相关存储费用就将飞涨。最简单的解决办法就是暂停油井运营。一旦价格反弹或者存储状况好转,页岩油生产商 可以很快回归市场。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

The rise of xenophobia, the political crisis, the refugee crisis and Merkel’s downfall – Sohu news-segotep

Friday, May 4th, 2018

Xenophobic sentiment impact political refugee crisis let Merkel to step down – the Sohu news [Global Times reported] France’s "world news" said, because the fermentation of the refugee problem that many European countries public opinion being reversed, forcing some governments, political parties and politicians to take tougher measures, Denmark announced since January 21st, more than 10 thousand refugees will be confiscated crown fortune. It is worth noting that this legislation is not to promote the far right Danish people’s party, but the Danish cabinet minister Stow GA Berg. Not only in Denmark, in many European countries, the momentum of rising anti folk refugees, extreme right-wing support rate increase, forcing the mainstream political parties did not dare to take the risk of losing votes to the traditional refugee policy. In Sweden, immigration minister Johansson said on January 31st, will take more stringent verification method of "unattended refugee minors" real age. The Swedish news agency said, "the Swedish very inclusive and generous refugee minors". According to the law, these refugee minors cannot be repatriated. So many refugees lose their identity, conceal age. Local netizens said, after stabbing female staff called 15 refugee children, is taller than the translation, considered lied about her age. "The refugee crisis is that German Chancellor to step down the road". A new German "focus" magazine reported that the agency Insa poll, in view of the refugee crisis, nearly 40% of the respondents of the German Prime Minister Merkel to step down. To quell the growing criticism, Merkel said in January 30th that Germany is "a term for refugee asylum". She said, in accordance with the "Geneva Convention" to protect refugee status of refugees is a time limit, valid for 3 years, "the parties must know they only have a temporary abode". "We hope that when the Syrian peace came, they can return to their hometown." However, this argument, the Germans generally do not believe. German TV two "political barometer" according to the survey, 80% of respondents do not believe that the solution can quickly find the limit of refugees. "Who are refugees speak, is a fool or visionary childish; those who oppose these refugees, soon to be classed as extreme right-wing or nazi". Deutsche Welle 1 commented that the two kinds of extreme political debate has derailed. Europe commented that no one knows what to do next. This brings the unpleasant side effects of two kinds of Politics: European unprecedented unity, unprecedented boycott of Germany and Merkel. At the same time, the right-wing and right-wing extremism forces are imperceptibly grow into a political force. [global times in Sweden, Germany, Britain, Canadian journalist Chen Xuefei Aoki Chen Shuangcheng Ji Tao short housing Yiliu straight]

排外情绪高涨冲击政局 难民危机让默克尔走向下台-搜狐新闻  【环球时报综合报道】法国《世界报》称,由于难民问题的发酵,欧洲许多国家民意正发生逆转,迫使部分国家政府、政党和政治家采取更强硬措施,丹麦自1月21日宣布,将没收难民超过1万克朗的财富。值得注意的是推动这一立法的并非极右翼丹麦人民党,而是丹麦内阁阁员斯托贾博格。不仅在丹麦,在欧洲许多国家,由于民间反难民声势高涨,极右翼支持率大增,迫使主流政党不敢冒失去选票的风险坚持传统的难民政策。   在瑞典,移民大臣约翰松1月31日表示,将采取更多方法严格核查“无人监管的未成年难民”真实年龄。瑞典通讯社称,瑞典对未成年难民非常“包容和慷慨”。根据法律,这些未成年难民是不能被遣返的。因此许多难民丢掉身份证件,隐瞒年龄。当地网民称,此前捅死女工作人员的所谓15岁难民儿童,个子比翻译还高,被认为谎报了年龄。   “难民危机正在让德国总理走向下台之路”。新一期德国《焦点》周刊封面报道认为,调查机构Insa的民调数据显示,鉴于目前的难民危机,近40%受访的德国人要求总理默克尔下台。为平息日益高涨的批评之声,默克尔1月30日表示德国对难民的庇护是“有期限的”。她说,依照《日内瓦难民地位公约》给难民提供的保护是有期限的,有效时长为3年,“当事人必须清楚他们只具有临时的居留权”。“我们希望,当和平降临叙利亚,他们能够回到自己的故乡。”不过,对此说法,德国人普遍不信。德国电视二台“政治晴雨表”调查结果显示,80%受访者不相信能很快找到限制难民的解决方案。   “谁为难民说话,就是幼稚的傻子或幻想家;谁反对这些难民,很快就被归类为极右翼分子或纳粹”。“德国之声”1日评论称,这两种极端化的政治争论已经脱轨。评论称,欧洲没有人知道接下来该怎么办。这就带来了两种令人不悦的政治上的副作用:欧洲空前未有的不团结,空前未有的抵制德国和默克尔。同时,右翼和极右主义力量正不知不觉地成长为一股政治势力。   【环球时报驻瑞典、德国、英国、加拿大记者 陈雪霏 青木 纪双城 陶短房 陈一 柳直】相关的主题文章:

佰仕爱品牌加盟电话佰仕爱女装公司电话 -中国服装网-月丘うさぎ

Friday, May 4th, 2018

旗下品牌 佰仕爱 联系人 张洪硕 加盟热线 021-34622368-603 传真 021-34622365 地址 上海闵行区虹梅路3203号(近红松路)力纬科技大厦206室 邮编 EMAIL 佰仕爱 相关的主题文章:


Friday, May 4th, 2018

























Friday, May 4th, 2018

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Friday, May 4th, 2018

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