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Wall and floor cracks causes and how to deal with the new home decoration – Sohu is likely to be a wall cracks, regardless of the wooden floor contraction, different material interface slotted similar problems, the owners often wait to start repairs, however, these problems are due to changes in temperature and humidity and exposure to appear the spring and summer, already decorated the room after entering the fall, due to dry and frequent temperature changes, moisture evaporation and shrinkage cracking and crack formation at different levels, these problems can not be finished before the essential repair in water. Suggestion: maintenance cannot act with undue haste because of the fall, the wall cracking is due to the wall of water evaporation is gradually formed, even when repair cracks, water is still volatile, it will find a new "way", the wall is still possible to crack again. So, the maintenance need not worry, wait until spring next year, and by significant changes in temperature, cracking and deformation will no longer continue to expand, and then the one-time repair can be done without leaving troubles. In addition, we can not blindly pursue rapid completion. Many owners choose to decorate in this time period, want to stay at the end of the year, so very concerned about the progress of the work of the workers, only fast, but neglected the most important quality problems in the decoration. Recommendation: the acceptance of the project must be serious, autumn decoration of many people, the construction team and workers often in order to catch up with the work and ignore the quality of the project. In addition, the autumn and winter is China traditional festival season, home workers are home for the holidays, so this time they worked faster, so compared with other season, autumn workers drag period the phenomenon is relatively rare, but in such a way that the work will inevitably be rough. Thus, the owners must be careful when accepting the project, strict checks. More decoration knowledge, decoration case, please pay attention to Chongqing Europe also decorated the public number oyezs023 (long press can be copied directly).相关的主题文章:

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