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Chaoshan area full alert "Meranti" to prevent the 47 years of the news agency of the new network in Guangzhou – Guangdong strongest typhoon in September 14 Xinhua: Chaoshan area full alert "Meranti" to prevent the 47 years the strongest typhoon this year Shen Zhao author Li Yiqing Chen Qiren No. fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" (super typhoon class) is expected to make landfall in Fujian and Guangdong the coastal area 15 am to noon, or since 1969 the strongest typhoon landed in East guangdong. At present, the Chaoshan area departments are actively deployed, take effective measures to prevent typhoon "Meranti" attack. According to the Guangdong Provincial Meteorological Bureau 14, 11 bulletin, in the morning of the 8, the Bashi Channel of the typhoon "Meranti" center is located about 470 kilometers south-east of Shantou City, near the center of the largest wind above 17, reached the wind speed 62 meters a second, minimum central pressure of 91 thousand kPa, 8 large wind radius of about 240 kilometers. For strikes against anti typhoon "Meranti", the Guangdong provincial flood control headquarters issued a notice, the relevant area shall take timely shutdown, closed, stop, stop, suspend and other emergency measures to strengthen maritime, transportation, tourism safety management, eliminate luck, carry out the transfer of personnel and defense measures. Requirements 14, before 12, sea leisure, fishing and other marine tourism activities will be stopped, beaches, islands tourist attractions and entertainment projects suspended. "I took all the tools out of my house, and for the first time in decades I have used so many tools." Chaozhou three hundred Hong Kong a Lin fishermen said yesterday he has reinforced its own fishing boat, see the news last night, or do not feel at ease, today again to continue to reinforce, tied a lot of cable for the fishing boats, fixed on the dock. 14 morning, the reporters came to Chaozhou to see the three hundred port, dock is very lively, many fishermen bring tools busy reinforcement boats, dock has been broadcast the latest typhoon circulation play, adjust the position in some fishing boats in the harbor, in order to better shelter. Shantou City Xinghua bridge Yamay estuary has a similar scene, crowded with sheltered fishing boats near the mouth. Lim said he and fellow fishermen, who know that the typhoon hit the news, early in the morning and will ship to the nearest shelter here. The reporter learned from the railway sector, by the strong typhoon, the 15 day of Xiamen Shenzhen line EMU all the outage. 14 to 16, from Shantou and Guangzhou, East, Meizhou, Zhanjiang, Wuchang and other times the speed of the 15 train outage. Railway departments said that with the approaching typhoon, the affected railway lines may be further increased. In addition, Jieyang Chaoshan International Airport canceled 15 Chaozhou from Taipei CZ8325 flight 6. From 14 noon to 12 o’clock, Shantou Nan’ao bridge ban on the bus and the same kind of truck on the bridge, depending on the situation or the bridge area will be a full bridge. Connected to the north shore of Shantou Bay Bridge, stone bridge, the bridge deck winds reached 10 when the bridge will be closed. ? at present, Shantou city tourist scenic spots have been closed and cancel all festivals, Shantou city kindergarten, nursery, primary and secondary schools will be closed all day since 14. While in the city of Chaozhou, one of the four ancient Chinese bridge Guangji Bridge 14 days 11 when suspended on)相关的主题文章:

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