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Chengdu Metro Line 9 project built at the end of   it is expected to open in 2020 – Sichuan channel — original title: Chengdu Metro Line 9 project built at the end of September 27, 2016 is expected to open in 2020 to 29, the Chengdu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu municipal government investment project evaluation center commissioned by the Guangzhou Metro Design Research Institute Co. Ltd. in Chengdu hosted the "feasibility study" of Chengdu Metro Line 9 project assessment and evaluation by experts. Chengdu Metro Line 9 is located in Chengdu City, three ring, a ring ring between the lines, is the City Express City rapid rail transit in the hierarchy, with line length, node number, transfer station spacing, the target value of speed is high, mainly responsible for the rapid cutting between the groups connected to the periphery, to achieve the radiation between the passenger contact, strengthen the center city and peripheral group contact, has a larger transfer function and passenger distribution effect, is an important part of the role play the whole function of Chengdu rail line network. The first phase of line 9 starts from the east station of the financial center (including), and from the northwest to the CAC group station (including). The line along the main road, Jin Yue Jin cluster Road, Jin cluster Road, Wuhou, Wu Qing Road, Wu Qing Bei Lu, Fei Lu clockwise laying, covering Jinjiang District, Wuhou District, high tech Zone, Qingyang District, Shuangliu District, the line length of about 22.7km, both underground lines. A total of 11 stations, all of which are underground stations, including 9 transfer stations. A project of a section of a, respectively, Wu Qing and Wah Yuen vehicle parking lot; control center is located in Shen Jia Qiao near Xinmiao control center, sharing and line 10, line 11, line 17. The project will adopt full automatic driving technology, plans to start construction at the end of 2016, opened operation in 2020. (reporter Jiang Yao) (commissioning editor Luo Juan and Gao Hongxia) 成都地铁9号线一期工程年底开建 预计2020年开通–四川频道–人民网 原标题:成都地铁9号线一期工程年底开建 预计2020年开通   2016年9月27日至29日,受成都市发展和改革委员会、成都市政府投资项目评审中心委托,广州地铁设计研究院有限公司在成都主持召开了《成都轨道交通9号线一期工程可行性研究报告》评估会并通过专家评审。   成都轨道交通9号线是位于成都市三环、绕城之间的一条环形线路,是城市快速轨道交通层次中的市域快线,具有线路长、换乘节点多、站间距大、速度目标值高的特点,主要承担了外围组团间的快速切向连接,实现各条放射线之间的客流联络,加强中心城区与外围组团的联系,具有较大的换乘功能和客流集散效应,是发挥成都市轨道线网整体功能作用的重要组成部分。   9号线一期工程南起于金融中心东站(含),西北至成飞集团站(含)。线路主要沿锦悦路、锦簇南路、锦簇北路、武侯大道、武青南路、武青北路、成飞路顺时针敷设,覆盖了锦江区、高新区、武侯区、青羊区、双流区,线路全长约22.7km,均为地下线路。共设置车站11座,均为地下车站,其中换乘站9座。一期工程设置一段一场,分别为武青车辆段和元华停车场;控制中心位于沈家桥附近的新苗控制中心,与10号线、11号线、17号线共享。本工程拟采用全自动驾驶技术,计划于2016年年底启动建设,2020年开通运营。   (记者 江瑶) (责编:罗娟、高红霞)相关的主题文章:

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