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Children’s play: IS’s new strategy or desperate move?   News – Sohu; Wen Shu Hu as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (IS) in retreat, adult combatants continue to die, they increasingly rely on children to play. On Sunday, Iraqi security forces arrested a 16 year old man in Kirkuk, hiding in his suit, which contained more than two kilograms of explosives. On the same day, another boy of his age detonated a bomb outside a Shiite mosque in the city, killing 6 people. This is a strategic adjustment of IS in case of adverse situation. UNICEF spokesman Zhu Li (Juliette Touma) area said, "the region (Iraq and Syria) the number of children in the recruiting is on the rise. Children’s role is becoming more and more active…… Accept the use of heavy weapons training in the front pipe guard, was used as a sniper, in some extreme cases may even be sent to bomb Dutch act." Although IS claimed responsibility for the attacks and did not explain the bomb’s age, but children who play the Iraqi security forces found more and more, as compared to the battle for young men, a minor degree of freedom of action in Iraq is much greater. In their implementation of the deadly attack in Baghdad in March this year, the southern village of AI as Luria village is the most serious – – with a look of not more than 16 year old people playing in a football match ceremony detonated his bomb. The attack killed 43 people, and many of the children died.   northern Syria La Province, the boys who follow the handheld IS map. On Saturday (21) night wedding bomb attacks on Kurdish identity, Turkey President El Erdogan says he is not more than 14 years old. Turkey’s prime minister Binet? Gjerde Salem is relatively cautious, he said Monday it is still unable to determine the specific identity of the attackers. But witnesses at the scene said the bomb was a minor, and if so, it would be the first time that IS had been attacked by a minor in Turkey. IS’s predecessor – Iraq base organization has used young people to fight against the U.S. invasion of the United states. Today, IS borrowed the same strategy and called them "Khalifa scouts."". The researchers say the reason they do so may be: to fill the loss of children with a child; to retain the adult soldiers; or simply want to make it easier for the attack to escape the army’s eyeliner. 28 last month, the United States anti IS Global Alliance for president of the United States special envoy Magk (Brett McGurk) on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee report, IS has lost it in 47% of Iraq’s occupation and in the occupied territories of Syria 20%. Since two years ago, the United States began to lead the air strikes against IS, 45000 IS fighters have been destroyed.   within a year, the control area of the IS (black block in the picture) was significantly reduced. Source: liveuamap. analyst Hisham (Hisham Al-Hashim)"相关的主题文章:

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