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China Innovation Forum for Baishishan Global Innovation Summit – technology – September 30 Beijing Xinhua (Zhao Zhuqing) in recent years, US innovation dialogue and high-level Sino US cultural exchanges and consultation mechanism, provides a new platform and opportunity for Sino US cooperation in science and technology innovation. As one of the results of the consultation mechanism, China Innovation Forum for Baishishan Global Innovation Summit 28 -30 days in Laiyuan Baishishan Hebei province held in Baoding. Fermi National Laboratory scientists, global innovation center chairman Ye Gongping, academician, China Academy of engineering, University of Hong Kong professor Chen Qingquan, the president of the Council of National Center for sustainable development of the United States Michel? Stanley, Shandong University President Zhang Rong and other experts and scholars made a keynote speech at the opening ceremony, the global innovation center consultant gidan, chairman of the Truman center and the Truman Research Institute and the national security chief executive Michael? Brian and other foreign representatives, national ministries and government departments, universities and scholars, well-known enterprises responsible person to participate in activities. Participants on the new energy development and cutting-edge technology trends, Tianjin Environmental Governance of new technologies and new methods, bio pharmaceutical and health industry, the wisdom of the city and its application and innovation of economic and financial topics in-depth exchanges. The forum, the Hughes satellite company, ENFOS software company, Korea INNOMD company, SEBA group and a number of innovative companies contract settled build science and Technology Department of Hebei province Baishishan US National Science and Technology International Innovation park. (commissioning editor Wei Yan and Zhao Zhuqing)相关的主题文章:

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