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China SFC combat pass rumors behavior of securities and futures rumors: open 3 ticket – China News Agency in Beijing on 14 October, Xinhua (reporter Chen Kangliang) Chinese Commission spokesman Zhang Xiaojun 14 in Beijing informed the 3 cases fabricated and spread false information in the case of securities and futures, including the popular "China national team. Money" disinformation pass rumors case. According to Zhang Xiaojun introduction, WeChat public "Midas" by the financial wise financial services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. actual operation. "Midas" content center editor Li Hui wrote: "the national team in February 24, 2016, vice president of China Merchants Bank is calling you to repay" the night "Midas" officially released the text, and widely spread. In this paper, the title does not conform to the actual attract readers’attention, subjective speculation and interpretation interpret out of context and the true meaning of spokesman situation also exists on the content. Accordingly, the commission ordered Li Hui, financial wise corrections, and were sentenced to a fine of 200 thousand yuan. Zhang Xiaojun pointed out that the capital market is a market pricing based on information, common false or misleading information, not only caused the securities and futures price volatility, but also seriously disrupted the market order, or even cause financial risks, the mobile Internet is widespread in the current background, information dissemination speed, wide range, high impact, fabricated and spread false information is aggravated, more strict control. In Zhang Xiaojun view, the current case of fabricating and disseminating false information has the following characteristics and trends: including illegal subject popularization, fabricating techniques diversification, communication network, to the complexity and harm degree of expansion etc.. On the day of notification of another "March 1st gem full stop audit case, Zhang Xiaojun pointed out that the rumor from individual to WeChat after each web site and a brokerage analyst at sina micro-blog to spread widely, one trading day Shanghai Composite Index fell 6.41%. Zhang Xiaojun stressed that the current commission to combat fabricated and spread false information on Securities and futures has initially formed a deterrent, persistent, normalized pattern of law enforcement. Since 2015, the Commission filed fabricated and spread false information behavior 19, an administrative penalty 11, transferred to public security organs 5, specifically deployed in the fight against fabricated and spread false or misleading information of special law enforcement actions. Next, I will further increase the intensity of monitoring and found clues to securities and futures rumors, serious harm to the market order, seriously affected the confidence of investors and expected to fabricate and disseminate false information behavior severely punished according to law, the alleged crime firmly transferred to public security organs for criminal responsibility, and pay attention to the existence of any market manipulation pseudo, market value management, interest transfer behavior." Zhang Xiaojun said. (end)相关的主题文章:

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