China strives to complete 73 million 330 thousand hectares of afforestation by 2020

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China strive to 2020 and completed the afforestation of 73 million 330 thousand hectares of new social network in the new – August 29 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Ding Dong) the State Forestry Bureau, Chinese Zhang Jianlong said on the 29, China will strive to promote the major ecological restoration projects, increasing greening area, and strive to 2020, completed the task of afforestation of 73 million 330 thousand hectares, 140 thousand hectares of wetland restoration. 10 million hectares of desertified land. "12th Five-Year" period, China on ecological construction promote land greening process, completed a total of 30 million hectares of forests, the voluntary tree planting 12 billion 600 million, forest tending completed 40 million 860 thousand hectares, the forest coverage rate increased from 20.36% to 21.66%, the forest area reached 208 million hectares, forest volume reached 15 billion 100 million cubic meters. According to the "13th Five-Year" plan, Chinese will carry out large-scale afforestation operations, to 2020, China forest coverage rate will increase to 23.04%, forest volume increased to 16 billion 500 million cubic meters, forestry nature reserves total land area is more than 17%, which means that the afforestation area will reach two times in 12th Five-Year "period. Zhang Jianlong said, to carry out afforestation first to promote the major ecological restoration projects, the implementation of the national ecological security barrier protection and restoration, afforestation action, land comprehensive regulation, natural forest protection, a new round of grain of returning farmland to forest and grassland, desertification and comprehensive control of soil erosion, and restoration, wetland protection of endangered wild animals plant rescue protection projects and 100 key ecological protection area restoration project to concentrate on improving ecological conditions in the country as soon as possible. According to the day before the release of the national forest management plan (2016 – 2050), China will according to local conditions, measures to increase the total forest area, and improve forest quality, enhance forest efficiency, accelerate the national forest city group, forest city construction, strengthen the city, city and city groups around the green, to strengthen the construction of Forest Forest Township, village to construct the urban ecosystem with vegetation and wetland as the main body, the integration of urban and rural areas. Zhang Jianlong stressed the need to focus on Belt and Road Initiative, Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative development, the Yangtze River Economic Belt Construction of the three national strategy, build a strong regional ecological barrier, promote the sustainable development of regional economy and society; on the two screen three zone construction, river source of ecological protection and restoration, safeguard the national ecological security framework to build up as soon as possible turn around; precise poverty, fully completed a major strategic well-off society, identify the forestry force, strong and excellent, and the cause of forestry. (end)相关的主题文章:

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