China’s inbound tourism annual report issued a tour service trade surplus of 9 billion 150 million U-e3300

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The annual report released Chinese inbound tourism: tourism service trade surplus of $9 billion 150 million — Jiangxi channel — original title: China released annual inbound tourism: tourism service trade surplus of $9 billion 150 million in September 30, Beijing by China Tourism Research Institute and Visa company jointly organized the "China inbound tourism development annual report 2016" conference in Beijing at. Dai Bin, the president of China Tourism Research Institute and Yang Wenming, vice president of Visa in China, delivered keynote speeches respectively. The representative group of Li Chuangxin of China International Tourism Research Institute released the core idea and main data of the report. The "report" that, gradually realize the national economic and social development and the "Chinese dream", the implementation of visa, customs clearance, tax, traffic rights facilitation policy, China and South Korea, India, China – East European tourism, especially the innovation efforts of the national tourism administrative departments in the global promotion and destination marketing, continued growth for the inbound tourism market to provide a basis for protection and new energy. In 2015, China’s inbound tourism began to step into a new normal growth. The report shows that in 2015, China received 133 million 820 thousand and 400 inbound tourists, an increase of 4.14% over the same period. In 2015, China’s foreign exchange income for inbound tourism was $113 billion 650 million, and the trade surplus of tourism services was $9 billion 150 million. In 2015, China received 56 million 885 thousand and 700 overnight visitors, an increase of 2.30% over the same period, and the total market size ranked fourth in the world, behind France, the United States and Spain. According to the report, in 2015, Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan remained the main force of the mainland (mainland) entry tourism market, accounting for 80.58% of the total market share. The top ten travelers to China are: Korea, Japan, Vietnam, USA, Russia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore and India. Among them, the tourism of Vietnam to China increased by 26.40% year on year, and the increase was the most significant. The report shows that the hierarchical and close range characteristics of the inbound passenger flow are significant, and the path of the passenger flow diffusion continues to diversify. In 2015, the overall evaluation of the tourist service quality of the inbound tourists was significantly higher than that in 2014. The "report" survey of 10 domestic tourist city typical results show that inbound tourists in the first visit to China mostly tourists, understand the special culture and the main purpose of China sightseeing is inbound tourists visit, travel expenses, travel and transportation, travel safety is the most concerned about the decision-making factors of inbound tourists, landscape scenery, culture the art of cooking, delicacy is the most favorite tourist items for inbound tourists. The "report" that, for organic complementary inbound outbound and domestic three markets, continue to promote the visa, air traffic rights, shopping and tourism facilitation policy, relying on inbound tourism data and global tourism development to promote the reform of the supply side, with well-known research based on the optimization of national and local tourism image marketing. "The annual report" Chinese inbound tourism development as Chinese Tourism Research Institute "1+8+X" series of annual report data analysis, always adhere to the forward-looking policy oriented, solid market research, rigorous perspective, in-depth focus is currently on the market China inbound tourism for the most authoritative, the most abundant annual research report the amount of information. The report has long been highly concerned by the national and local administrative departments of tourism administration, related travel enterprises, tourism universities and scientific research institutes. Conference, the World Tourism City Association Deputy Secretary General Yanhan, "Tourism Tribune" executive editor Zhang Lingyun, China Institute of Geographic Sciences and natural resources research institute researcher Zhong Linsheng, Beijing City Tourism Commission Public Service Director Wang Qing, School of tourism management Beijing International Studies University President Li Xinjian on the "Chinese inbound tourism facilitation and quality improvement" the theme of the in-depth discussion. (commissioning editor: Qiu Ye, Shuai Jun)

中国入境旅游年报发布:旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元–江西频道–人民网 原标题:中国入境旅游年报发布:旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元   人民网北京9月30日电 由中国旅游研究院与Visa公司联合主办的“《中国入境旅游发展年度报告2016》发布会”在京举行。中国旅游研究院院长戴斌、Visa中国区副总裁杨文明分别发表专题演讲,中国旅游研究院国际所李创新代表课题组发布了该报告的核心观点和主要数据。   《报告》认为,国家经济社会的发展和“中国梦”的逐渐实现,签证、通关、免税、航权便利化政策的实施,中韩、中印、中国-中东欧旅游年,特别是国家旅游行政主管部门在全球推广和目的地营销方面的创新努力,为入境旅游市场的持续增长提供了基础保障和全新动能。2015年,我国入境旅游开始步入稳步增长的新常态。   《报告》显示,2015年中国接待入境游客13382.04万人次,同比增长4.14%。2015年中国入境旅游外汇收入1136.5亿美元,旅游服务贸易顺差91.5亿美元。2015年中国接待入境过夜游客5688.57万人次,同比增长2.30%,市场规模总量位居世界第四,仅次于法国、美国和西班牙。   《报告》显示,2015年中国香港、澳门、台湾仍然是是内地(大陆)入境旅游市场的主力,占全部市场份额的80.58%。排名前十的旅华入境客源国分别是:韩国、日本、越南、美国、俄罗斯、马来西亚、蒙古、菲律宾、新加坡、印度。其中,越南赴华旅游同比增长26.40%,增幅最为显著。   《报告》表明,入境客流扩散的等级性与近程性特征显著,客流扩散的路径持续多样化。2015年入境游客对我国旅游服务质量的整体评价较2014年有明显增长。   《报告》对国内10个入境旅游典型城市的调研结果显示,入境游客中首次到访中国的游客居多,了解中国特色文化以及游览观光仍是入境游客访华的主要目的,旅行费用、旅游交通、旅行安全是入境游客最为关注的决策参考要素,山水风光、文化艺术、美食烹调是入境游客最为喜爱的旅游项目。   《报告》建议,寻求入境、出境和国内三大市场的有机互补,持续推进签证、航权、购物等旅游便利化政策,依托入境旅游大数据与全域旅游发展推进供给侧改革,以知名度调研为依托优化国家和地方旅游形象营销。   《中国入境旅游发展年度报告》作为中国旅游研究院“1+8+X”年度报告书系之一,一贯坚持前瞻性的政策导向、扎实的市场调研、严谨的数据分析,深入的热点透视,是目前研究中国入境旅游市场方面最为权威,信息量最为丰富的年度性研究报告。该报告长期以来受到国家和地方各级旅游行政主管部门、相关涉旅企业、旅游类高校和科研院所的高度关注。   发布会上,世界旅游城市联合会副秘书长严晗、《旅游学刊》执行主编张凌云、中国科学院地理科学与资源研究所研究员钟林生、北京市旅游发展委员会公共服务处处长王清、北京第二外国语学院旅游管理学院院长厉新建等围绕“中国入境旅游便利化与品质提升”主题展开了深入研讨。 (责编:邱烨、帅筠)相关的主题文章:

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