China’s investment in slum areas in Kenya to improve relations with the local people – Sohu news

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China’s investment in Kenya slum areas to improve relations with the local people – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 20th, British media said, hello!" Kenya, a group of students shouted in unison they are a house, in front of the mountain to climb. Liu Yimeng Han teacher happily smiled and said, "this is some of our new students, Chinese is their most love course." According to the Broadcasting British Corporation website reported on November 16th, is located in the Kenya ghetto EVA Mansare hope primary school within Robbie only 15 minutes away from downtown, but make people feel there is a world of difference. The nearby kiosk selling Chinese coloring books, snacks bubbles in a hot oven, students carry canvas bags from Beijing. Reported that this is one of the poorest communities in Kenya. Chinese companies to invest here, roads, residential areas. Many companies are now turning to investing in education to teach Mandarin Chinese to poor children in the capital suburbs. Liu Yimeng Han teacher said: "this is a way to understand different cultures. In addition to learning new languages, we also teach them the way we live. Next year, we hope to bring the children from Kenya to China to practice Mandarin in china." Reported that now living and working in Kenya, the Chinese people have more than 40 thousand people, culture and language is a major obstacle affecting the communication between the Chinese and the local people. "China house" is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote the contact between Chinese companies and Kenya society. Lucy, an organization, said it was important to overcome these obstacles. She said: China and Kenya culture is very different, especially our views on boundaries and time, it is difficult to bridge this gap. We all look at others from our own perspective, so it is sometimes difficult to communicate. Everyone needs more patience." Wildlife conservation, she says, is also a cause of tension. "Ivory trade has made China’s image in Kenya poor, because we are still one of the world’s largest ivory markets," she said." (compile Liu Zongya)相关的主题文章:

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