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"China’s new song" aired this week, the bird’s nest sprint night   six strong competition – Jiangxi Channel – People’s network, "China’s new song" broadcast this week, the bird’s nest sprint night   the fierce competition for the top six – Jiangxi Channel – People’s network

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21:10 Friday night, Zhejiang satellite TV "China new song" is about to open the nest sprint night, four tutors of twelve trainees for six seats in the nest competition fierce competition. Although the competition is intense, but the site supervisor, students can still maintain a relaxed humor challenge, laugh joke words. For the scene with students performing choreography props also upgrade again, Swiss Design Award.


"pilfering" and the bad sister Harlem Yu tongshicaoge

in the sprint night nest filled with tension on the field, for the tension program group to create new styles, four "fan the flames" mentor for the draw link. The draw is different from the usual, not only the order of the sign, that is, the order of the students play, but also a new increase in the function of the signature, the signature of the function of the tutor in the draw if it is reasonable to use the signature is likely to change the order of the students play. In order has been regarded as the important factors affecting students’ performance, this part of the program group increased the scores will undoubtedly make more whirling.

Jielun first draw a function sign, "bonus" winners can choose a lottery in order to sign the order of competition and Exchange Supervisor. The privileged Jielun is in no rush to exercise their rights, but the other one by one test supervisor. Harlem Yu himself, asked Jielun whether to get a magic. Jielun immediately put on a not to say yes or no, the hand piece standard smile said: "no, just the teacher found Wang Feng ass up." Always serious Wang Fuzi received this inexplicable praise quickly: "Jielun bad!"


to draw the signature of the mentor is Harlem Yu. He smokes in tongshicaoge, which is drawn is entitled to choose a mentor, to put relentless 30 seconds. Is the "dog", Harlem Yu chose this session with his ally, the elder sister. The elder sister always gentle and warm heart is not familiar to put relentless this behavior, beginning to allow Harlem Yu on its claws. But immediately attribute that sister domineering began to appear, Harlem Yu responded favorably. Look at the side of the lively Jielun excitedly said: "fight up." However, at the end of this part, has been the sentiments of Harlem Yu laments: "put relentless!"

(commissioning editor Lorna and Mao Siyuan)

original title: "China’s new song" broadcast this week, the bird’s nest sprint night six strong competition


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