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The South China Sea Chinese is alleged to have three branches of maritime forces a secret weapon – the Sohu military channel according to the U.S. daily communications website reported on September 24th, China Navy and coast guard are often pay close attention to the outside world, but there is also a Chinese maritime forces. The army has been hidden from the sight of the people for many years, and it is even more destructive to other countries. China sent three troops in the South China Sea maritime militia paramilitary organization on Thursday, Navy War College Professor Andrew Erickson in the Senate Armed Services Committee China pointed out that in order to achieve their goals in the South China Sea, sent a total of three ships. The three ships were the Navy’s gray ships, the white ships belonging to the Chinese coast guard and the blue ships belonging to the maritime militia. The Navy’s warships are so threatened that they are vulnerable to outside attention and lead to escalation of the conflict, so China usually limits their activities. The coast guard ship and maritime law enforcement ship is Chinese ships used to resolve disputes. During the 2010-2016, China appeared a total of 45 Sea disputes, and to participate in one of the 71% maritime police vessel. The center for strategic and International Studies Center scholar Bonnie Glaser said, China surveillance ship size is gradually expanding. Sometimes, the Navy will also China warships grey painted white, posing as police vessel. As the third force of the sea, China’s maritime militia is a paramilitary force, often in the forefront of the activities, but it is hidden in the eyes of the identity of civil institutions. Marine militia are often disguised as fishermen, but rarely fishing. They drove blue ships for naval operations. Erickson stressed that: "there is no doubt that the maritime militia is a mature training, the national nature of the armed forces, the direct command of military institutions." The maritime militia once troubled U.S. destroyer new ships installed Chinese maritime militia have been involved in several gun maritime disputes and conflicts, such as: distress on a U. S. surveillance ship in 2009; in 2011 destroyed two Vietnamese surveying hydrographic survey ship; occupy the island of Huangyan in 2012; in 2014 to stop Vietnamese boats near the China platform is located in the disputed waters; harassment in 2015 entered the South China Sea area in the United States on the USS lassen. Erickson said: China has developed a new round of action in the development of maritime militia. For example: the primary purpose of establishing maritime militia Sansha is to build a professional paramilitary forces, followed by the fishing industry." China’s maritime militia has recently been equipped with several new types of larger ships. Compared with the previous vessels, the new ship is more rugged, with special guardrail and water cannons, have been deployed to the South China Sea area. Generally, fishing boats do not need these equipment. The new improvement measure is more suitable for collision between ships, the sea water driven militias use foreign forces to leave a specific area. Zhoushan garrison commander Ceng Pengxiang explained that the militia is a component of Chinese marine defense forces, mainly for the maintenance of maritime rights Chinese"相关的主题文章:

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