Chinese and foreign scholars after 70 years to see the trial of Tokyo to defend the justice of civil-musiland

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Chinese and foreign scholars after 70 years to see the trial of Tokyo: to defend the justice of civilization trial – Sohu news agency, Shanghai, November (Xinhua) (reporter Xu Jing) Tokyo trial this year ushered in the 70 anniversary. The trial in Tokyo formally sentenced 68 anniversary, from China, Japan and the United States, Britain and other countries of the 12 international historians and jurists gathered on the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, explained how the Tokyo trials continue to influence today’s international community, to explore the "war and peace" is an eternal theme. The Tokyo trial was the trial of the Japanese war crimes against the Second World War in Tokyo, Japan, from 1946 to 1948. It was held in the Asia Pacific region around the B, C class war crimes tribunal, a profound impact on the establishment and continuation of the Asia Pacific region after the Second World War, and become one of the most critical legal cornerstone. The same day, the Tokyo trials and world peace international academic forum held in Shanghai Jiaotong University, the famous painter Li Bin painting scroll "Tokyo trial" in the Forum on public display for the first time the local frame, reproduce Tokyo court scene. The 95 year old Gao Wenbin who came to the forum site, a former Tokyo judge and prosecutor Chinese procuratorial group translation secretary he is currently the only surviving China, full participation in the Tokyo trial witness. The old man wearing a suit, her hair was, people have continued to shake hands with him, photo, conversation, the reporter chased him, listening to him talk about that particular experience. "Tokyo trial is a trial to defend civilization, is justice", the old high passion to recall the Far East International Military Tribunal prosecutor Keenan in June 4, 1946 opening statement in a paragraph, convinced that any attempt to reverse the tide of history will not succeed, justice will prevail over evil. Gao Wenbin has always had a wish, is hoping to establish in Shanghai, Tokyo and the trial of the post-war Memorial hall. "I hope to see it in my lifetime." The Tokyo trial attorney currently serves as the honorary director of the research center of Shanghai Jiaotong University Tokyo trial to zhejun son to Long Wan, bring a good news in an interview with reporters, to build a memorial is the common aspiration of their descendants, and are actively preparing. Although the 92 year old Murayama Fuchi did not personally to Shanghai, he still through its representative, Japan Murayama chairman Fujita takakage, published a video speech at the opening ceremony of the forum, once again expressed deep remorse and condolences to the war of aggression and colonial rule. Author: Xu Hui相关的主题文章:

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