Chinese will launch in November the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite – Politics –

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Chinese will launch in November the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite – Politics – original title: China will launch in November the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite in October 13th fifth learned from the Research Institute of Aerospace Science and technology group, the hospital will be in November this year to launch the world’s first pulsar navigation test satellite (XPNAV 1), its purpose is to explore the universe in the most mysterious pulsar, verification of X ray pulse spacecraft autonomous navigation technology based on Star feasibility, in order to seize the commanding heights of the world space strategic frontier technology. The pulsar is a dead star, the neutron star belongs to the high-speed rotation, the typical radius is only 10 km, between its quality is 1.44 to 3.2 times the sun, is the largest body density besides black holes. It is worth mentioning that the pulsar has a very stable period, the stability of the most stable than the current hydrogen atomic clock is more than 10 thousand times higher, known as the most accurate astronomical clock in nature. That’s why pulsars can be used. Aerospace Science and Technology Group Five pulsar navigation test satellite science mission system designer Shuai Ping said, and the same principle of gyro, pulsar fast and high quality, small radius, so it’s very stable every rotation. Up to now, more than 2 thousand pulsars have been discovered and catalogued, of which about more than and 160 pulsars have good X – ray radiation characteristics. Different from the traditional satellite navigation, pulsar navigation can not direct navigation on the ground, but on the near earth orbit satellites, deep space exploration and interplanetary spacecraft navigation. This is because X rays are high-energy photons that are difficult to travel through the earth’s dense atmosphere and can only be observed in the outer space of the earth’s atmosphere. To make an analogy to generalize the pulsar navigation principle is: X ray pulsars in the universe as the "Lighthouse", rely on the polar X ray pulse signal stability for self generated, for near earth and deep space exploration and interstellar spacecraft provide high precision position, velocity, time and attitude of rich autonomous navigation the information service, so as to realize the long time high precision spacecraft autonomous navigation and precision control, has a broad prospect of Engineering application. "If we are able to achieve the pulsar navigation, no longer from the ground to the satellite tracking measurement, it will self organize the data back, tell the earth where I am." Shuai Ping said, a satellite of the annual maintenance costs up to $60 million, including equipment, ground station layout, but if the implementation of autonomous operation, will greatly reduce the burden of ground station, cost and workload, however, he also stressed that to achieve this point is very difficult. Shuai Ping mentioned that the pulsar navigation test satellite will solve three problems – visible, measured quasi, use". That is, in orbit test to verify the self-developed X – ray pulsar detector, X – ray pulsar observation, verification pulsar navigation system, explore new navigation technology. As the aerospace science and Technology Group five research and development minister Huang Xianlong day said, in 2005, the concept of the first five starting pulse satellite navigation technology, from the concept, research)相关的主题文章:

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