Chongqing seven party members and cadres in violation of the provisions of the eight were removed

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Chongqing seven party members and cadres violate the provisions of the eight subject to dismissal and other sanctions – Beijing, Beijing, September 14 Chongqing Xinhua (reporter Liu Xianglin) Chongqing Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection 14, informed the five cases in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems, because public funds to travel, Gongjusiyong etc. 7 people including a discipline inspection cadres, by the party warning or dismissal and other sanctions. Five typical problems are: Chongqing District opened south gate of the Town Commission for Discipline Inspection Gui Xiaowei violation of public funds tourism. November 2013, Gui Xiaowei, Guangdong, Shenzhen province to participate in the work of the outflow of drugs, from Shenzhen to Guangxi Guilin tourism, travel expenses reimbursed by public funds. In February 2016, Gui Xiaowei by the party warning, no longer serve as the Town Commission for discipline inspection duties, shall be ordered to make restitution related costs. Tongliang District, Chongqing Education Commission, deputy director of the Education Commission Zhou Gao illegal gifts. Zhou Gao, in charge of infrastructure logistics work. November 2014, Zhou Gao received the core of the New District of Tongliang District, the new construction project contractor Jiang sent Moutai. On June 2016, to carry out the relocation project of Tongliang District primary school in Tongliang Nancheng District Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhou Gao will take the initiative to Moutai wine back to jiang. August 2016, Zhou Gao by the party warning. Chongqing Xinlong town Nanchuan District Jinhua village Party Secretary Zhou Wenyan violations make arrangements for his mother birthday problem. In June 18, 2016, Zhou Wenyan in Nanchuan District in a restaurant for his mother to make arrangements for the 80 year old birthday party, do a total of 92 banquet tables, accepting management service are gifts of gold 7500 yuan. In July 2016, Zhou Wenyan by the party a serious warning, ordered to lay off accepting management service are gifts of gold 7500 yuan. Illegal public funds issue Alan Chongqing District Banan Town Village board. At noon on January 30, 2016, more than 20 village cadres in the village board meeting after Alan zhenmou restaurant meals and drinking, meal cost of village collective funds reimbursement, adverse effects. In August 2016, Alan Town Economic Development Office of the assistant researcher and board the village Party Secretary Liao Caibin affected party a serious warning, removed from the post of Party Secretary of the village; Deputy Secretary of Party committee of the village village director Wu Xianyi Su Xianqiang, were subject to Party warning. Shall be ordered to make restitution related costs involved. Chongqing Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau Public Security Management detachment vice captains Shen Juan violations Gongjusiyong problem. In January 8, 2016, Shen Juan, without driving the bus to the unit Luneng Bashu middle school door to take his son home. March 2016, Shen Juan by the party a serious warning, removed deputy captain. Chongqing City Discipline Inspection Commission stressed that the Mid Autumn Festival, National Day holiday approaching, the city party organizations at all levels should learn a lesson from the discipline briefing, resolutely stop the illegal public funds, public funds tourism, illegal use of official vehicles equipped with, send and receive gifts gifts shopping card products, illegal payment of the occurrence of various types of subsidies in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental problems illegal. Chongqing City Commission for Discipline Inspection pointed out that the discipline inspection agencies at all levels should adhere to the discipline and rules is in front of, do not accept the hand not only, knowingly violate, found together with the investigation, and to be informed of the exposure giving names, alert and dare not strengthen the atmosphere. To close.相关的主题文章:

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