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Web-Development First keep in mind, Google is great but why you know? Well, Google is most popular search Engine among the all search Engine such as Bing, Yahoo, and Ask etcSo, what is secret behind Google. Even, I do not have any idea, why Google is great. Google has unique algorithm that can it to better. Google gives clean and appropriate web search result of users search query. Google has preferred those web results which are matching with their rules and regulation. So first thing is clear that, if you want to develop website then it is very important to match your website with Google guideline. Once again question is arrives, which CMS and development Platform are preferred by Google. So, Here WordPress is a best Open source Content management System as well as SEO Friendly development Platform use to develop highly professional, user friendly and dynamic Website. WordPress provides full control to the user; user can easily add, delete and manage your website content as per their needs. It is used worldwide to develop personal blog or websites, E-.merce Website, social networking Websites, educational websites, News Portal and much more. WordPress has wide range of features and functionality that help to increase website ranking position in search engine such as Google, yahoo, Bing etc… All the WordPress functionalities are in the form of Plug-in and all these plug-in supports Google. By using WordPress SEO Plug-in, You can develop .pletely SEO Friendly Website. Google is giving importance to SEO friendly Websites if your websites are SEO Friendly then its great chance to rank in Google search engine and if your websites is in good search engine ranking Position then obviously you get lots of visitors and expand your Business Worldwide. There are number of SEO friendly advantages for WordPress Website Development. WordPress has feature called clean permalink structure that can help to create SEO friendly URl. So Googlebot crawls and index more pages of blog or websites at single visit. Improve the operation of the site by managing redirections or caching the pages to speed up loading WordPress URL customization features help to increases relevancy in search engines It helps to boost your website Google Page Rank It increase importance of your blog for a specific keyword Google can determine your blog niche easily So, all these significant factors prove that why we have to choose WordPress based web development and gives the answer of why Google loves WordPress. So if you are planning to develop website then you must preferred WordPress as a development platform that will really help to get good search result without do any search Engine optimization activities. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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