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City traffic police and other jointly set up "occupying" demolition of lock – Beijing         Nanfang Daily News 9, Dali Town, West City office led, urban management, traffic police, municipal and other departments jointly carry out special rectification action to curb parking in the western town of dali. From July this year the establishment of special rectification group has parking space, Dali Town, West ice cream cleared a total of 13 primary and secondary roads 105, pier 149, demolition of lock 10.         special rectification team first came to Dali Xinfeng road. Inspections found that the public parking spaces on both sides of the road has been designated most of the full stop. Some of the remaining white parking parking line placed flowerpot, pier, stool, some shops are still in front of the hoop, pipes and other settings.         for on-site investigation, urban management, traffic police, municipal staff and other departments of the joint action, the illegal occupation of parking spaces in the section of the demolition of the object. Some shops in order to attract customers, with pots, piers and locks occupying, leading to the public consumer shopping only when parked the car in the middle of the road, it is very easy to cause traffic congestion and safety problems." Dali Town West City Office Deputy Director Zou Dabiao said.         as of now, in the town of Dali West parking space special rectification actions, action group for Park Road, Yuying Road, prosperous road, Zhenxing Road, sports road, 13 primary and secondary roads to carry out special rectification actions.         not just the Dali Town, in October this year, Guicheng Urban Management Bureau joint police, village (neighborhood) to strengthen inspections of Guicheng City, the pile kangaroo locking phenomenon, on the East, the new East Pingxi benign and two village center in the area of a total of 83 piles, lock clean up. Li Huijun Li Xin Ren相关的主题文章:

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