Civilization 6 released the 25 anniversary edition of the global limited content of 20000 luxury ravbin

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Civilization 6 released the 25 anniversary edition of the world’s limited edition of the contents of the luxury 2K and Firaxis Games announced the civilization of the 25 anniversary of the edition of the edition of. This is to celebrate the twenty-fifth years since its launch in 1991, is now entering the first year of the "Mel civilization" series and special sale of the limited edition, the global limit of 20000 sets. "Civilization 6" anniversary edition will be available only through a cooperative retailer offering PC version 25. "6" 25 anniversary edition includes the following contents: 6, "civilization" game, the display box special 25 anniversary commemorative coins, a group of "civilization chronicles all characteristics of digital content, 25 anniversary edition, exquisite box and digital deluxe edition included" (Civilization Through the Years) 100 page hardcover collection the album, Aztec civilization pre order bonus generations of game player have played the award-winning "civilization" series of games, now, 2K was honored in October 21st will be the new "6" civilization to the hands of game player, "said Gorman 2K vice president of marketing for Matt. "Civilization 6" for the world to sell a total of 35 million sets, the type of strategy to the peak of the game and change the face of the "civilization" series set another milestone. In "VI" city civilization, the actual expansion on the map, to create a new and deep level strategy, in addition, the positive research of science and technology and culture will be able to unlock new gameplay possible; there are many leaders will be based on the individual characteristics of every kind of history to the pursuit of self purpose, and the game player can win the game victory by way of your own choosing. "The game" civilization "show the rich vitality and enthusiasm, excellent game player community feedback, make each design team for the game are racking their brains to inject new concept," Firaxis Games, creative director Sid Mel said, "we hope that the game player can enjoy the development team for the latest work brought many new and live in the world characteristic. I am very proud of the work of the development team, they enjoy the process of developing the game, I hope you can enjoy the process of playing civilization VI. Let’s face the next 25 years!" By Firaxis Games development of civilization 6 game software is scheduled for October 21, 2016 global offering. Windows PC version of "6" civilization has to accept pre proposal, price of 199 yuan. Only sell 265 yuan price concessions tied with "6 civilization" digital Deluxe Edition, contains a complete game, the 25 anniversary of the main digital soundtrack, and downloadable content packages will be introduced in the game after the listing of four sets (additional new maps, new scenes and new civilization and a new leader), allowing you to further expand the territory of civilization. (source: ali213 editor: DY) Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

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