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Clearing away heat, high calcium and high protein, suitable for the baby to eat fish food – Sohu whitebait Fried Eggs since last week finally found mother sold whitebait supermarket was a get out of hand, the practice of whitebait study on nutritional components of several whitebait so high, rich in calcium and protein is important for its thorn less do not have to go to the bone compared to other fish offal production easier. This is a Fried Eggs whitebait today very classic whitebait practice Oh mom told me a lot of treasure in their home in Taihu, ready to catch the rhythm is to eat fresh, do not want to really envy dead I like us to eat local the baby can also buy fresh seafood to eat fish dry, with blisters open, made of steamed eggs or silver Fish Fried Eggs (authentic translation should be run whitebait eggs it) compared with the traditional approach, I also added many other vegetables more suitable for babies yo for example, add milk Chinese cabbage has a good effect of clearing away heat which you eat whitebait to me, also share the shopping list ~ recipe: egg 3, 100g, 50g, whitebait milk Chinese cabbage melon 50g (suitable for a family of three): no seasoning cooking methods: fried reference month: the degree of 12 months or more difficult: no difficulty for the ingredients that are not allergic to the baby. * * 1 approach to prepare ingredients: 3 egg, anchovies, 100g 50g, 50g 2 melon milk Chinese cabbage and whitebait in advance water soak wash shrimp. PS: whitebait after soaking can gently stir to make dirty things precipitation, followed by the small screen picked up according to this method, rinse three or four times. 3 hot water boil, add cabbage, boiled in hot water. PS: come again? So what ha, like green leafy vegetables, remove pesticide residues of the most simple and most effective way is to use hot water boiled vegetables again, put in about 30 seconds, see some soup out to turn green. 4 milk cabbage to drain excess water, and then chopped. PS: cabbage short fiber, taste sweet, very suitable for children to eat. 5 melon slices, then cut wire. PS: the selection of melon, to pick the surface dark green, smooth surface without pit package. Cut melon slices, we can use your fingers gently touch, if it feels soft, then the estimate is long time slightly, slightly harder to pick. 6 bubble whitebait wash, cut into 1 cm long. PS: a little bigger baby will not cut, you can eat the whole bar. 7 whitebait, white gourd, cabbage bowl were put into standby. Pour a little oil in the pot 8, 50% hot into whitebait fry, then set aside. 9 beat 3 eggs in a bowl and stir well. 10 add whitebait, milk Chinese cabbage and white gourd. 11 mix all ingredients evenly, set aside or filter the surface foam..相关的主题文章:

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