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Cold season comes, to master the five steps of Sohu – fix cold baby mother after the frost, the temperature lower, around a sick baby moment more, especially to have a fever, colds, cough and other respiratory tract infection situation. The baby body out of the situation, parents began when all worried, runny nose, sneezing, have a fever, cough and other symptoms more frequently, mother will inevitably mess up. In fact, most of the time, although the cold looks menacing, but also a phased development, if we can know the cold in various stages, and the right way to deal with, no injections do not take medicine, baby can heal faster. Today, we share the symptoms and treatment measures of different stages of the cold. Before the official talk about the various stages of the cold, I would like to remind mothers, we must control the diet, in particular, to strictly control the meat, sweets, snacks intake, a good diet. I found more and more deeply, the 90% suddenly ill baby sick before have the status of deficiency of yin or indigestion. If the yin deficiency or indigestion has not improved, one day a little bit cold, the baby will soon get sick. So, if you find that children have red bags, red tongue but no tongue, hands and feet have hot situation, this is the baby Yin’s performance. You can click on the specific "if the child eye changes such as this, the mother must pay attention to, most of the cold and cough with this" article. The severity of yin deficiency and the incidence of the disease is closely related to the baby. The more severe the disease, the more rapid development of the disease. To put it simply, in the absence of Yin is not serious, when the baby gets cold, may only be manifested as playing a few sneezing, runny nose, some children will cough a few. These conditions do not need special treatment, until noon, the temperature will be better. But the baby is not the same as a serious Yin deficiency, in the case of yin deficiency, it is likely to be a little cold, the baby will immediately out of the situation. Entering the first phase of a cold. The first stage of a cold body cold cold hands sneezing constantly accurate to say, baby colds are "hot" encounter "cold". When the body is subjected to cold invasion, the human body is the first to feel the skin, pores and other parts. This is because the main lung Xuanfa lung qi, weak, lack of power, nutrients could not be delivered to the body, the body cannot be nourished, then the surface of the skin will be in the tense state of suppression, chills, skin tight. So if you feel that children with Yin deficiency cases appear ungenerous cold, you must be vigilant. When the baby cold hands and feet, most parents will stop the baby run, will ask them to be quiet, locked up inside. To stop them from getting cold. In fact, this approach is wrong. The baby is the body of pure Yang, Yang sufficient, as long as they play, the body will soon heat up, then the state can immediately improve the skin chills, cold can be naturally expelled. So do not because the weather is cold, the child’s hands and feet cool, limiting the child’s action. The more the baby hands and feet cool, the more people want to相关的主题文章:

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